Guerra de Ídolos Tuesday 4/25/17 #3

Mas Allá de la Sangre

Gilda’s pretty distraught after the surgery. She ends up crying on Rafa’s shoulder that it doesn’t matter how it goes. Her brother will never sing again. Her family is falling apart. Rafa comforts her–her family’s been together through good times and bad.

But where’s Mateo? Gilda all but tells him Mateo went after Gabriel Treviño.

The gun battle’s still raging in front of the radio station and other than Mateo it’s tough to tell who else has gotten hit. Even Treviño’s getting in on it, though his guys try to keep him behind the closest SUV. Valentín decides he’s going to try to get to Treviño and end this thing while Chalino makes a run to who knows where. Mateo’s just…out. Propped up behind the truck.

Having Rafael tell her that Treviño’s not just some radio station guy, he’s a mafioso, doesn’t help with Gilda’s worry. He asks her to try to call Mateo so he can talk him out of it, but he’s not answering. Her supervisor asks to speak to her and she begs Rafa to help as she’s walking away.

Rafa calls Amado. He ignores the question about whether he’s going to help with the campaign or not and tells Amado this has gone too far. Mateo doesn’t believe the “fan club president” story and he went after Treviño. Hm, too bad, might as well consider him dead now, in Amado’s opinion. Rafa’s freaking out that they’re going to be implicated. Amado’s just happy he’s starting to think in “we.”

Rafa doesn’t accept that. Amado dragged him into this and now he’s at the hospital with the press outside and the family breathing down his neck. How are they going to deal with this?

At the station, Treviño’s henches have decided to call inside and tell everyone NOT to come out and try to get Treviño inside. Team Mateo are running out of ammo. Treviño agrees to go inside, but he wants ALL of them killed. They start moving and Valentín pops up from behind some bushes where the weren’t expecting him and hits Treviño.

Chalino drives up, having stolen an SUV and tells everyone to pile in and help the ones who can’t make it. I think they might have left a guy behind, but it’s hard to tell.

Loose end

Amado gives Fierro orders to kill Victoria before she can talk. And I mean orders like he’s just saying “I’ve had it with those boring sandwich platters. Bring back some tacos from that new place for lunch.” Like this is just a minor annoyance to him and he’s not asking anything unreasonable, he just expects it to be dealt with.

In jail, Victoria’s grandma is out of patience for her “I love Julio César” talk. That’s what got her into this mess in the first place, and all the evidence points to her. Victoria sobs that she’d give her life for Julio César to survive.

Julia checks out the news and hopes Victoria gets what’s coming to her. “If she did it,” Manara adds, moodily. Julia thinks she’s upset over David’s “firing.” She ignores Manara’s denial and says she’s off to do homework–if Manara hears from David, will she let her know? She likes him too, you know…not as much as Manara does, obviously.

Victoria meets with her lawyer and grandma wants him to tell them what the chances are that Victoria gets out of this. If Julio César survives and testifies that Victoria didn’t do it, they’re good. They’re also waiting for the results of the “Harrison” test to see if she fired a gun (correction: if she was in the area when a gun was fired. I have not forgotten that one long second-degree murder trial I had to sit on a jury for where we heard way too much about that test) and maybe she can get out on bail.

Fierro sends Jiménez to Houston to off Victoria. And he wants Jiménez to do the job himself.

What now?

Team Mateo gets back to their bar HQ and Chalino starts telling the guys to move the trucks and set up watch in case Treviño’s men come looking. Mateo’s still bleeding, but they obviously can’t go to a doctor, so Dylan gets the idea to call Gilda. Valentín backs him on that–they need help.

Gilda so did not need this. Dylan gets right to the point–Mateo got shot, he’s bleeding, and he hit his head when he fell so he’s unconscious. He wants her to tell him how to stop the bleeding. She has them check for an exit would and then tells him to put a cloth, anything, over the wound and apply pressure. Rafa hears her end of the conversation and wants to talk to Dylan, but the call gets cut off.

The guys are applying ice to Mateo’s wound. Valentín’s friend, the bar owner, is starting to get nervous about having them there, but they don’t know where to go and Treviño’s likely going to be watching and waiting for them.

Casa Matamoros

Amado cleans his hands with baby wipes and Agustina collects…dare I say, “the evidence”?…in a plastic bag. She asks about David, but he doesn’t answer. Amado makes it clear that he values blood family over everything else. David was “like” family, but he wasn’t family. And the girls aren’t Agustina’s family. He reminds her that he comes before them and starts snogging her on his office couch.

Manara knocks and they spring apart. She came to ask about David, but she doesn’t believe that Amado fired him and he left.

She’s about to walk out when Amado calls her back. Rafa lost his godson, so Manara needs to take advantage of the void Julio César left. It’s her “last” chance. Amado reminds her that she’s got the voice, the body, the talent…but not the age. She’s getting too old and she’d better have Rafa help her or give up on being a singer. (This guy! Hey, maybe if politics don’t work out he could write ad copy for a beauty brand.)

Rafa calls and Amado lights up. He brags that he and Manara were just talking about him and she wants to say hi. While Manara glares at Amado, she tells Rafa she’s so sorry about Julio César. It must be rough.

Rafa’s suddenly looking a lot more chipper, even though he just said Julio César will never sing again. As they say, the show must go on. He can’t stop thinking about that song she sang for him the other day…he’s got big plans for her. She thanks him and hands the phone back to Amado.

For Amado, he has no smiles. Mateo went after Gabriel and got shot. Treviño will obviously be out looking for him. Amado says once he finds out where Mateo is he has two options–tell Treviño and get in good with him or go down to Monterrey and bring Mateo back and score points with the family. Amado thinks either way benefits them, so he’ll leave it up to Rafa.


Rafa goes for the second option. He tells Gilda he’d do anything for them. They can take his private plane down to Monterrey…sure, she can go with him. Gilda tries to call and see if anyone will answer this time.

Dylan puts her on speaker and says he stopped the bleeding. Gilda asks where they are–a friend of the family’s going to come get them. Chalino asks if it’s someone they can trust and Gilda doesn’t hesitate to say it is, but (a) she doesn’t mention Rafa’s name and (b) I don’t think she knew about the buyout.

Celestina’s still watching over Julio César. Gilda tries to say he’s still alive, but Celestina says his whole life is singing. Gilda begs her to calm down–they don’t want her to get sick. Gilda says she’s going to meet with some…colleagues…who are working on his case. Isaac, lurking near the doorway, makes one of those faces like he sees right through her.

Mateo regains consciousness. Chalino breaks it to him that Gabriel’s probably looking for them. Valentín’s taking them to an airstrip where Gilda and a “friend” will come pick them up. Mateo doesn’t want them to come, but Dylan says it’s the only way to get him out of here alive. Mateo downs a shot of tequila. (Because what’s a little dehydration after all that blood loss? At least he’ll be too tipsy to care.)

Oh yeah, Isaac knows Gilda lied and he wants to know where she’s really going–so Gilda tells him. She asks Isaac to come with her, but he won’t leave their mom alone. Dad’s out talking to creditors about their debt. Gilda agrees to call him with any news.

Isaac fills in the earnest reporter about the Julio César-Selva-Treviño-Mateo drama. She offers to publish something denouncing Treviño, but he thinks it’s better to let everyone keep thinking it was Victoria. Even if it was Gabriel, if they say anything, he’ll destroy them in the press and Celestina’s already not doing so well….

But how can he tell her this and then expect her, as a journalist, not to say anything? He tells her to decide–is she a reporter or is she his mujer? (This is the second time he’s called her “Grandota” which amuses me. At least he’s not insecure about his height! I just wish he’d use her name for once.)

Radio station

Treviño has his pet doctor patch him up. It was just a scratch. Because I’m a terrible person, I’m disappointed. Alexis says he kept everything quiet and kept everyone entertained inside, so nobody knows what happened. And Gabriel should probably go say hi to Pepe Aguilar.

One problem, though. Selva knows what was going on and she wants answers. She knows Mateo came here “with the guts you don’t have” to confront him about ruining his brother’s life. Gabriel slaps her.

Something about that particularly shocks me and I don’t know what it is. That she’s an adult? His daughter? That she’s his employee and he just slapped her with the door to his office open and guys milling around outside?

He doesn’t even try to say he’s sorry, and he might as well not because I’m pretty sure the only thing he’s sorry for is that she found out in the first place. He yells at Alexis for opening his mouth and tells him to go out there and convince Selva that he (Gabriel) had nothing to do with it.


At the airport, Rafa sends Gilda on ahead to the waiting area…

In his living room, Ernesto is rehearsing Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar (and it’s him on the album recording, not the family version from the party) when Rafa calls. Santiago picks up and says he knows how Ernesto gets when they interrupt rehearsal, but ok….

Ernesto’s cranky about the interruption and cranky about Rafa going to do something so dangerous. Well, that’s what Rafa’s calling about–he needs his help. Ernesto won’t help unless Rafa tells him the truth about who shot Julio César.

Rafa doesn’t want to talk right now, but they both know Treviño’s capable of it. It’s not going to be good for either of them if the bomb explodes, right? Ernesto accuses Rafa of blackmailing him. Rafa insists he just doesn’t want blood on his hands. The Solars are his partners. So are they going to do what they can to help or not?

Ernesto reluctantly says he’ll call, but he’s not promising anything. Santiago follows his grandpa past the hallway full of gold records and newspaper clippings and into his closet that looks like a corner of a menswear shop, with trajes on display and folded and tags on clothes. Ernesto goes to his safe to pull out the phone from which he makes super-secret calls and asks Santiago to give him some privacy.

Somehow, Ernesto manages to ask Gabriel, as a favor, to let Rafa go in and get Mateo without any retaliation without sounding like he’s groveling. He gruffly says Gabriel could consider it his present to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ernesto’s career. And he’ll come visit later so they can talk “business.”

“Only because you’re asking, Neto.” the only problem is he already gave the orders and everyone wants to collect the bounty. So hopefully, Rafa will make it. And he’d better get “the Tejano” out quickly or he’s going to have guys coming after him too. (That hardly seems worth having to owe this sleazeball a favor.)

Mateo’s still drinking and thinking. He remembers Victoria demanding to see Julio César and getting dragged into jail and screaming she didn’t do it. He tells Chalino he’s sure it wasn’t her–it was Treviño. “One thing at a time, man.”


Victoria’s lawyer walks her back to her cell. She’ll be there until she gets transferred. And soon they’ll come do that test they talked about (uh, must not be the one for gunpowder residue, then, because talk about unreliable results at this point). He says he’ll do what he can for her before heading out.

The earnest reporter reports that Victoria is the principal suspect in the shooting. She’ll be giving her testimony shortly.

A guard tells Victoria they’ll be bringing her sheets in soon. “That’s ok, I don’t need to lie down.” Jiménez comes in with sheets twisted around his hands and strangles her.

Fierro reports the deed is done. It’ll be set up to look like a suicide. Amado promotes him to head of sibling security.


Gilda declares the bullet didn’t hit anything important. Why couldn’t he just wait?! “Good to see you too, sis.” She praises Dylan’s excellent nursing skills and he glows. He just, followed her instructions and hey, all he lost was a shirt. Awkward glances are exchanged.

Gilda’s threatening to give Mateo a shot when Rafa comes in and says it’s too late–his dad tried, but there are already guys out looking for them. They’ve gotta go. Mateo’s pissed that he’s here, but Gilda tells him to shut it. It’s thanks to Rafa he’s getting out of here.

The hospital calls and Gilda steps away to take the call. Rafa asks Mateo to please let him help and Mateo shakes his hand and agrees.

Moisés finds Celestina and Belinda in the hallway. The doctors kicked them out of Julio César’s room. Something about the machines beeping, Celestina says. He’s surprised to hear that Gilda isn’t there. She’s surprised Mateo isn’t with him. Isaac arrives with food and Moisés gives him one of those “dad” looks and says, “You know where your siblings are, right?” *gulp*

Mateo’s insisting on everyone leaving together, even though Valentín only has one fear and that’s airplanes. Yeah, they’re all going together and they’re going to get themselves organized and find Treviño–Gilda cuts him off and tells him to stop acting like a macho schmo. Julio César is agonizando (dying). So would he rather go after Treviño or say goodbye to his brother? Mateo shuts up and hugs her.

Casa Matamoros

Manara’s remembering David. She rips off the necklace he gave her. When Julia catches her crying, she says she just misses their mom. Julia does too, but she thinks Manara takes care of her the way their mom would have. Julia swears she’s not going to let anything happen to Julia.

Manara’s working out when Julia interrupts her to show her a lovely news article online with the headline “Julio César will never talk again” and a cross section of neck anatomy, plus a badly written blurb…unless that’s meant to have been written by a fan? (And no, the thoracotomy had nothing to do with him potentially no longer singing–that’s the incision into the chest.) Julia’s distraught.

She wants to meet the Solars. She says Manara’s got to meet Mateo, who’s not only handsome, but the ídolo of ídolos (uuuuugh, the blurb). He’s the one who made Julio César who he is. Can’t Manara imagine what a success she’d be if he were her producer?


Gilda, Mateo, and Rafael arrive at the hospital and Moisés is waiting for them like they missed curfew, all “Where were you?” and “You’re gonna answer me right now!” and “Did you go pick a fight with Treviño?” Gilda glares at Isaac for ratting them out. (So, Isaac’s the oldest and the shortest? It’s hard for me not to feel some solidarity. He ratted you out for your own good, yo!)

Gilda goes to check on mom while Mateo admits he did. Moisés starts in on the scolding. Of his adult son. In the hospital waiting area. Isaac interrupts with the news La Grandota just sent him–Victoria (allegedly) committed suicide in her jail cell.

Moisés tells them NOT to say anything to their mother. About anything! Mateo says he won’t. And can they just leave things in peace for a while. “Peace? Peace is what your brother deserves from the person he loves most.” Uff–Isaac’s jealous face.

Flashback: Isaac is in the studio with Julio César, in front of a mic. He tells Mateo, in the booth, they can just cut that guitar solo out and let him sing the second verse. But Mateo’s already decided that Julio César is a solo act and having a duet will confuse people. Isaac’s going to manage the band. And Julio César sighs and says Mateo’s in charge. Isaac is sick of the two of them always agreeing on everything. He smashes a guitar for effect and walks out. Julio César complains to Mateo that he just doesn’t feel as close to Isaac as he does to Mateo. And Mateo insists the three of them have to stick together.

In Julio César’s room, machines are beeping. Mateo kisses him on the forehead and starts talking to him. Everyone gets excited that Julio César’s eyes are moving under his closed eyelids.

In the hallway, Rafa looks at his fancy gold watch and cries, remembering everything that happened after he got it–the buyout, telling Amado he wished Julio César would die.

Celestina is hopeful that if his eyes moved it means he’s going to wake up. But the beeping starts to get erratic. Gilda shoves Mateo out of the way and shouts for a doctor as she’s grabbing the defibrillator. They don’t even try to get the family out of the room. Gilda shocks him as Mateo keeps screaming at her to “do something.” Gilda’s supervisor pulls her away after the second try. She starts to cry, but stops when she pulls Mateo away from Julio César and tells him there’s nothing more they can do.

Mateo remembers telling Julio César they’re all just planets in orbit around him, Julio César telling him Belinda is pregnant and he wanted Mateo to be the first to know. There’s a mix of shock and anguish on everyone’s faces. They start to say their goodbyes.

Rafael goes stumbling out into the hallway. He runs into La Grandota and says “He’s left us.” She hugs him.

She gives her report with her usual calm and lack of sensationalism. “Those of us who have loved and admired him know that his music and his legend will go on.”

Days later

Despertar plays over the footage of the funeral cortège. Rafael’s singing it to Julio César in his open coffin, on stage, for a big public memorial service.

Moisés thanks everyone for being there to say goodbye to Julio César. “They say there’s nothing worse than losing a child and they’re right, but I’d rather remember him smiling and singing.” As long as people keep listening to his music, he’ll still be alive.

Mateo didn’t join the others. He’s in the dressing room, watching on the TV. When Gilda arrives he says this is awful what they’re doing with Julio César–displaying his body like that. “If we didn’t, the fans would kill us.”

“You have no idea how what I think of the fans right now. Las fans.” She says he can’t still be thinking Victoria didn’t do it. Mateo says he can’t get Gabriel’s face out of his head. Gilda keeps insisting Victoria killed Julio César and begs him to let their brother rest in peace. Mateo insists that Julio César’s memory has nothing to do with justice –he was killed! Gilda tells him to quit being stubborn–Julio César’s gone and there’s nothing else they can do.

They should be thinking about what they’re going to do. Their dad is a crappy administrator. He’s spent all the money already. She begs Mateo to cambiar el chip (change the chip; get those thoughts out of your head) and focus on promoting artists and getting the record label going like Julio César wanted. He’s gone, but they can still build his empire.

Rafa pulls Moisés aside and asks if he was able to return all the advance money. We all know the answer to that. He’s going to have to wait for more royalties to come in. Rafa says he’s opened an account in both their names and put $4M in it. He needs to resolve this problem first and then they can talk about business.

Gilda thinks Mateo needs to accept Rafa’s help, or his investment or whatever. Take advantage of him, his money, his contacts. She thinks Isaac’s too “weak” for this, but she’ll help if he wants her to. She’d do anything right now for him, for the family, for Julio César, for Belinda’s baby. Mateo agrees to talk to Rafa and let her know what happens.

Amado smarmily announces to Manara and Julia that Rafael got them an invite to tonight’s event in Houston at Julio César’s house. Manara questions the “we” and tells him to go himself–he’s the one who’s building their record label offices. He could use the press, but she has nothing to do there. Julia wants to go–she wants to honor him, as his fan. She begs and Manara says she’ll go.

Before she can go upstairs to get ready, and with Julia out of earshot, Amado stops Manara to thank her for “supporting” him and brag that they’re both going to triumph now, each in their own way but together. “Trust me.” Manara glares and walks away.

He calls Rafa to warn him he’s bringing Manara tonight. You know, just in case Rafa was thinking of bringing his wife. Oh, of course he’s not bringing his wife if Manara’s going to be there! (Y’all are both gross.)

Rafa tells him he took his advice about what to do with the money the Solars gave him. Amado’s practically salivating over what they’ll be able to do with all the royalties from “the dead guy.” Amado will talk to him about some of the stuff he wants to do with it when he sees him later.

Mateo approaches Rafael and thanks him for the song. Oh, no need to thank him. They agree they’ll talk tonight about “the future.” Rafa says Mateo’s the best producer in the industry and it will be a pleasure to do what he can for him. Mateo brushes off the compliment, but Rafael insists–he admires and respects him and they’re not just partners from now on, they’re allies.


When los Matamoros arrive at Julio César’s house Amado leaves his sisters standing on the sidewalk to go get into Rafael’s SUV and chat. (So much for security? And basic manners.)

So what’s the deal with the record label? Amado says he wants to launder money, like it’s NBD, and to promote his campaign. But it’s also going to help Rafa get back on top. All he needs to do is get rid of the Solars.

Rafa thinks it’s the other way around–when they get their money back they’re going to pay him back and get rid of him. Amado disagrees–to launch the label they need someone big and Rafa’s the ideal person to replace “the dead guy.” I can’t decide if Rafa’s smiling or grimacing.

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Visita/ Guest

Wait, is JC really dead or just telenovela dead? I thought he was a main character since he’s in the opening credits, but maybe he’ll be in flashbacks instead?

Autora/ Author

Not gonna lie, I got choked up at the funeral. I’m also shocked that Julio César is dead.

I’m gonna be so recap dependent for this one. Is it just me or is there and overwhelming amount of intrigue and backstabbing going on? I’m not a detail oriented person and my head is swimming and it’s only the third episode. Still, I’m really enjoying this and the recaps.

And yes, Amado and Rafa are so gross.