La Reina de la Canción Wednesday 4/26/17 #7

Yay! Tonight is All The Singing! My favorite part!

OK, so we’re doing Duelo de Reinas. Two teammates will sing a duet and immediately get feedback on which one can relax and which one might be going home. In this round only one contestant from each team is getting eliminated.

Mary and Stephanie – Si Una Vez (#teamhoroscopos)

They got a chance to rehearse for the captains on the stage. Stephanie’s still having tuning issues…gah! Vicky tells them to keep reacting even when they’re not singing.

It’s not overly complicated, but I like that they have a little choreography. Damn. Stephanie’s sounding out of tune to me. At least she’s bringing it on the chorus. The harmony’s off.

Poncho noticed Stephanie’s nerves, but he thought Mary was in her element. Marisol noticed the intonation problems. She was better in rehearsal. She thought Mary did an incredible job and Marisol still thinks she sounds country-regional. Vicky wants to cut Stephanie some slack for being young, but yeah, she needs better vocal control.

And Stephanie’s at risk of going home. (Eek!)

Beatriz M and Verónica – ¡Ay Jalisco, No Te Rajes! (#teamrecodo)

During rehearsal, Poncho asks which one of them is taking the lead on this. Beatriz says she’s trying to be there for Verónica, but Verónica made it sound more like Beatriz was vetoing all her suggestions. Not that she doesn’t appreciate Beatriz’s experience. Poncho imparts his wisdom: in this business he’s learned you’ve gotta look out for yourself first…and second. Beatriz realizes maybe she’s been a little too nice–especially after what Veronica said.

They started right off in harmony, before alternating lines, which I like. And they seem like they’re having a good time. Did they get a little off with the conjunto there near the end?

Marisol thinks Verónica got them both a little behind and she noticed Beatriz was trying to get them back where they needed to be. Poncho thinks they were jumping over each other, but at least they came back together.

Poncho puts Verónica up for elimination. Verónica says she knows she messed up.

Beatriz D and Susett – México en la Piel (#teamhoroscopos)

Vicky and Marisol work on things like telling Beatriz to go down instead of up on the long held notes if she doesn’t think she can make it. And Marisol shares her “slow walk” trick with Susett.

¡Échale con los low notes, Susett! They do sound good together. And damnit, I want a pink traje like Beatriz’s.

Seriously, what can the judges say after that? Everybody’s on their feet. Poncho can tell they did their homework. Vicky can’t even pick on anything but a tiny bit of pitch problems with Beatriz and Susett could have maybe looked at the audience a little more and…

Beatriz is at risk for going home because Susett made some major strides and they have to pick somebody. Susett looks like she’s in shock. I don’t think Beatriz is going home for this but I’m still like “NOOOOOOO!” But then also “F yeah Susett!”

Flor and Sandra C – Tu Lo Decidiste (#teamrecodo)

Sandra forgot the words in rehearsal. I can’t even look at Poncho. He’s got that look on his face, doesn’t he? Yeah, I can’t look. Flor says Sandra keeps singing over her when she’s not supposed to be and when Sandra gets off, it throws her off. Poncho warns Flor to hold the mic closer to her mouth.

I love that Sandra’s wearing that dress to tell off some loser who left. Flor’s bringing it with the attitude, but vocally…? I may be biased. I just like Sandra’s voice better.

Marisol thinks Flor got a little out of tune and Sandra kept from getting dragged into it until the very end. Poncho thanks Las Horóscopos for giving him Flor, first off. Yes, she had intonation problems.

Flor is at risk of going home.

Jazmin and Carmen – Ando Bien Pedo (#teamhoroscopos)

Jazmin is determined to do whatever she can to win. Vicky gives her permission to add a high note, as long as it doesn’t get in Carmen’s way. Yeah, Carmen’s not even worried about that, she’s just gonna do her thing.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song before, but it feels really off to me, like they’re both out of rhythm and out of tune or maybe I’m just not understanding the relationship between the vocals and the accompaniment? The audience and the other contestants enjoyed it.

Poncho doesn’t have much to say. Vicky’s fond of Carmen’s sparkle and Jazmin’s growl. And Vicky and Marisol don’t agree on who to put up for elimination.

They end up choosing Jazmin.

Marcela and Janine -¿Porqué No Le Calas? (#teamrecodo)

Poncho does a little staging with the two of them. He reminds them this was a Jenni song. (Oh yeah, no pressure.)

That was another really good performance. I don’t even know what they’ll find to complain about.

Las Horóscopos think they’ve both got great voices. Poncho’s just going to have to pick somebody and it’s not even that one person did better than the other.

He picks Marcela.

After night 1 of Duelo de Reinas

From Team Horóscopos, Mary, Susett, and Carmen are going on to Round 3. Stephanie, Beatriz D, and Jazmin are at risk of going home.

From Team Recodo, Beatriz M, Sandra C, and Janine are moving on. Verónica, Flor, and Marcela are at risk.

And still to sing:
Sandra I and Dayanna – El Sinaloense (#teamhoroscopos)
Olivia and Lluvia – No Me Se Rajar (#teamhoroscopos)
Yohanny and Deyra – El Amor Más Bonito (#teamrecodo)
Irene and Liliana – Como la Flor (#teamrecodo)

¡Hasta mañana!

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Autora/ Author

This show just makes me so happy… except for the fact that people get eliminated.

There were some fabulous pairings in this episode, but I do think Beatriz and Susette owned their song and stole the show. And yes, Susette has made major strides to being more comfortable.

Still, I wish everyone could stay and just earn points every week.

Also, I hope some of the ladies decide to form a professional duo!