Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 4/26/17 #4

Tributo al Ídolo

While Amado and Rafael have their little talk in the SUV, Manara and Julia are waiting on the sidewalk. Manara doesn’t know who he’s talking to, but she knows Amado’s going to talk until he gets what he wants. Julia thinks Manara should do the same–Mateo Solar is in there and Manara has everything it takes to be a star.

Rafa tells Amado to go on inside without him, have his moment. Not that Rafa knows how he can just walk in there after what he did to those people. Amado says he just…does it. What about Rafa?

He gets out without waiting for an answer and escorts Manara and Julia inside after stopping to pose for the photographers.

Belinda has decided to name the baby after Julio César. And she wants Mateo to be the baby’s godfather. Gilda thinks it’s best to wait until they’ve done some tests and if everything’s ok, then they’ll tell their parents. Mateo promises Belinda and the baby won’t want for anything. He goes off with Chalino.

Rafael pops up just after the Matamoros have given Moisés and Celestina their condolences, with varying degrees of sincerity. Rafa introduces them, explaining that Amado is the one who’s doing the construction on the record label project.

Marked for death

Chalino tells Mateo that Valentín and his cousins are hiding out. Valentín says Treviño’s guards got a look at him and they’re not going to let this slide. Mateo wants to take advantage of the fact that the Boricuas are here and help Valentín out.

Treviño’s going to keep his word to Ernesto and leave Mateo alone, but he wants everyone who was with him dead so Mateo suffers. Blah blah blah, he defied me, macho BS.

Selva’s gone missing. Gabriel thought she was with Alexis, but Alexis hasn’t seen her since early this morning.

Surprise guests

Selva wants to talk to Mateo and showed up at the…what is this, a wake? Post-funeral reception? Her driver asks her to wait until the press leaves.

Dylan tries to hit on Gilda. He offers to be her private nurse. (Well, that’s…different….) Gilda tells him he’s acting like a clown. Sorry…she’s just not in the mood for jokes. Mateo asks to speak to him privately and Gilda walks off.

Mateo tells Dylan that Treviño’s guys are looking for Valentín and Dylan immediately gets that Mateo wants his help. Chalino’s getting ready right now, actually.

Rafa shows Julia and Manara the room where Julio César kept all his awards and mementos.

Moisés introduces Amado to Mateo. They hadn’t met, but Mateo met his employee…Daniel? David. Yeah. Rude guy. Amado says he’s not working for them anymore. And he’s going to personally make sure there are no more construction delays.

Itzel shows up. Oops. Moisés thinks Rafa’s around here somewhere….

He’s still in the memento room with Julia and Manara. Julia goes off to find Mateo and give him her condolences personally. Amado comes in to grab Rafa, which suits Manara just fine. She stays in the room, studying a plaque with the lyrics to Fuego Cruzado

Amado tells Rafa his wife showed up. If he’s going to get rid of her, he’d better do it quietly–a scandal wouldn’t do. (Uh…he means ask her to leave…it occurs to me with Amado I probably need to specify that.)

First meeting

Julia finds Mateo and not only gives him her condolences, but tells him her sister is a singer and if he could just meet her for one second…she takes him by the hand and pulls him away and Mateo is helpless to resist.

Just like Manara couldn’t resist the temptation to sing Fuego Cruzado from the lyrics on the plaque. Mateo waits by the door to listen to her and keeps Julia from interrupting. Manara turns around when he applauds and I’m just cynical enough to feel like this was all perfectly orchestrated by both sisters, even though Julia’s the one making all the obvious efforts here. Julia makes the introductions like she’s already imagining her future nieces and nephews.

Mateo stumbles over Manara’s name and Julia says it again for him and explains it’s an Arabic name that means “light,” which is perfect for her sister because she illuminates everything. Manara tells her to cut it out. “She’s my sister. Can you tell?” She gives Mateo her condolences.

Julia thinks they need to set up a meeting so Mateo can hear her sing properly because, you know, she sings like a goddess. Oh, Mateo is all over a second meeting. Manara gives him the big eyes and says it would be such an honor for a producer like him to listen to her. Manager!Julia tells him to just set a date and time and she’ll get Manara there. “Julia!” Manara scolds. (Give it up, Manara.) Mateo says he will absolutely get in touch with Julia soon.


Rafa claims he didn’t ask Itzel to come so he wouldn’t steal the spotlight. Now everyone’s going to be speculating about why they arrived separately. Yeah, right. Who’s the golfa? He’d better ‘fess up right now or she’s going to go out there and cause a scene.

Not only is Itzel willing to go out there and put an end to their marriage, she’ll tell the press what she thinks really happened to Julio César. Because she’s not buying the sad padrino act. Rafa tells her to cut it out–what does she want from him? “I want you to treat me like your wife. With dignity and respect, not like something disposable.” Rafa promises they will talk, later. But she refuses, until she’s met “the golfa.”

Selva finally makes it inside the house and tries to give Gilda her condolences. Gilda’s shocked–Mateo and her dad nearly killed each other. Selva tries to say that was just a misunderstanding, but now that everyone knows that fan…Gilda interrupts, Mateo doesn’t “know” any such thing. Gilda begs her to leave without letting anyone see her. Selva refuses to leave without talking to her parents or Mateo.

Gabriel’s office

Gabriel can’t believe Selva went to the Solars’ house. His hench, with all due respect, says he knows how Selva is when she decides to do something. (You’d think this jerk would be proud. She’s just like her daddy, without the homicidal impulses.)

The hench has found out the name of the guy who shot him–Valentín Vargas. And he’s supposed to be singing in Reynosa tonight. Well, Treviño wants him taken out. He wants everyone, including Mateo Solar, to know that they shouldn’t have messed with him.

Hiding out

Valentín and the primos are nailing boards up over windows. Básico doesn’t see what the point is. What are they going to do against a cuerno de chivo (lit “goat horn”; AK47)? Tito says they’ll make confetti. (Which cracks me up, because he’s usually so quiet.) The guys bicker about getting the work done before they head to the palenque for the performance. The sooner they get away from his mom, the better.

Básico thinks it’s the sooner they get away from his mom, the sooner Treviño’s guys will come after her. Excuse you, but mamá can take care of herself! Plus she has…La Aureliana. Valentín’s face: “Mom, did you just pull a gun out of a box?” Yessir, his daddy named this gun La Aureliana. So those boys had better get out to the palenque and sing because otherwise there’s no money coming into this house.

Valentín decides he’d better stay with his mom and the primos can go to the palenque. As soon as he can move his mom somewhere safe, he will. Básico says they’re taking some guns with them. Mamá approves.


Julia’s looking around the memento room and asks why these two pictures are enmarcadas (framed). Manara’s like “Seriously, this isn’t a tour!” She tells Mateo to feel free to go attend to his other guests. Nah, he doesn’t really like the people upstairs.

He explains those are his brother’s two favorite pictures and he took them to every concert, like a good luck charm. There’s a picture of the three brothers with dad by a tour bus. It was one of their first tours. And the other is a picture from the first time he met Rafa. He sighs that you need a padrino in this business. Mateo misses beginnings. Julio César’s never coming back.

Manara says he’ll always have the songs and his memory, so buck up. Amado returns and Mateo says they met upstairs. He says Amado’s sisters are incredible.

“Grandota” arrives and Celestina thanks her for how well she handled the reports. Moisés tells her Isaac’s out dealing with some business.

The creep’s outside in a car making out with Leticia. So what does he get out of this? Sex? Because what she’s getting out of him is the promise of a record deal with the new label. He says his dad just put him in charge of everything. (Seriously?) Under those circumstances, Leticia’s happy to let him go back inside.

Manara tries to give Mateo an out to go attend to his other guests just as Chalino asks to speak to him. Julia’s giving Manara the “Oh yeah, he totally likes you” look behind Amado’s back. Manara says she’s going to get another drink and Amado grabs her arm. First thought: “Oh, crap, he noticed her and Mateo eyeing each other!” But no, he just wants her to stick close to him so there’s no drama with her and Rafael’s wife. “Why would there be? I’ve got nothing going on with him.” Amado tells her to listen to him and keep things quiet.

Leticia calls Renzo with the good news. Not only does Isaac not suspect them, he doesn’t even seem to care what happened to his brother. She thinks they can forget about him. Renzo tells her to get back to the bar–they’ve got a busy night.

At the bar, Renzo tells Jiménez that Isaac doesn’t suspect anything and the cops have already closed the case. So…when does he get to meet the big boss? Jiménez laughs. Even he hasn’t seen the face of the guy who runs the “business.”


Cristian’s dealing with his nerves by sitting on the front of the truck singing Cuando te Veo. Diego does not approve. He doesn’t understand how Cristian can even do that when he knows what they’re about to go do. Cristian shrugs it off–that’s the debt they’re paying to Mateo for taking them under his wing.

Mateo gives Dylan some cash for expenses. Chalino says Valentín’s with his mom, but the primos went to a palenque. Mateo seems disgusted with them for going.

Dylan calls to check in with the guys and Cristian says Diego’s cranky. Diego’s got a good point–Mateo seems to like them more as killers than musicians and this is not what Diego signed up for. Dylan tells him to shut it. Mateo’s going to make them great, just trust him.

They’re supposed to be on their way to pick up Dylan, but they’re still bickering over the radio. Diego snaps at Cristian that he’s nervous. Cristian makes a crack about “that time of the month.” (Twerp.) He puts on Tequila Pa’La Razon to try to soothe Diego. Diego gets out of the truck and succumbs to Cristian’s preferred method of relaxing in the face of impending doom. They dance it out.

Dylan’s getting directions to Valentín’s mom’s house. Mateo knows this is all about Treviño getting back at him. What if they get Rafa and his dad to try to calm him down? Chalino says if he’s going to do it, he’d better do it fast. Gilda bursts in to tell them Selva Treviño’s here.


In the memento room, Selva remembers Julio César playing La Protagonista in the studio. Alexis brought him into her office afterwards. They were already involved, but Alexis didn’t seem to know that. Selva and Julio Cesar snogged in her office. Then she remembers sobbing and ripping up her wedding dress.

Mateo interrupts her memories and tells her to get out. She swears this is the worst day of her life. Oh, on what grounds–finding out her daddy’s a killer or that it’s her fault they killed Julio César?

Selva tries to tell Mateo this is as difficult for her as it is for any of them. He knows her. He knows she wouldn’t be here if she thought her dad had killed Julio César, especially when she knew he was going to be a father. She knows that’s why he left her. No, she doesn’t know if her dad knows. They’re not getting along.

Oh yeah, Mateo’s all broken up about that. He says Gabriel saw her suffering and killed his brother. Selva swears he didn’t! She knows he did see her suffering. The wedding was all planned. She had a dress, and he called the whole thing off. (And somehow the entire world didn’t know about this?) She had to beg him to tell her why and he didn’t do it until recently. Mateo says her dad’s a [bleeped] and she’s the only one who doesn’t know it. And now he wants her to get out.

Disgusting creeps being disgustingly creepy

Rafa introduces Amado to his wife as the future mayor of LA. Amado introduces his sisters and then pulls Rafael aside to talk. He’s not worried about leaving them alone–Manara will know what to say. Amado definitely doesn’t want Manara with Rafa while he’s still married. Rafa whines that the divorce is going to take some time.

Amado smarms that Mateo got a look at Manara and he likes her…but she liked him too. Rafa scoffs–if he tells Mateo to stay away from Manara, he’ll do it, as a friend. Right, but what about Amado? Because with or without Manara, he needs Rafa working on his campaign or he’ll have to go to his Plan B.

“Julia.” The screaming starts in my brain. Amado knows Ernesto’s proclivities and he plans to offer Julia to him. He knows Ernesto would do anything for him in return. The elections are soon and he needs someone important by his side. If it won’t be Rafa, it’ll be Ernesto. “What do you think?” (I think you’re a disgusting piece of filth and I don’t care who takes you down–the sooner, the better. Thanks for asking.)

Rafa’s not even disgusted or pointing out how morally reprehensible this is, but I don’t know why I expected either. Instead his argument is “My dad hates you.” Rafa practically begs him to respect the deal they made at his house. Of course he wants to be the partner of the next mayor. Plus he needs a new life. He needs to start over. Amado agrees to stick to their bargain.


Gabriel’s hench reports that his brother has tracked down the guys who shot at him. Gabriel tells him to take them all out. And tell Alexis to set it up for the crime magazines.

The primos and Valentín check in. Valentín’s waiting for Mateo’s guys to come pick up him and his mom. The primos are waiting to get picked up at a bus stop and Básico’s going to sing everything tonight, even if it sets the dogs to barking. Valentín notices the dogs barking on his end. They end the call.

Two SUV’s full of guys pull up and ask for Valentín Vargas.

The party’s breaking up

Mateo walks Selva out and asks her not to come back until everything is settled between their families. She agrees–she just hopes they can look at each other without anger someday.

Rafael comes to find Mateo–someone said he was looking for him?

In the kitchen, Gilda gives instructions to the caterers. Belinda comes stomping in, griping that she heard Selva Treviño was here. She knows Selva had something going on with Julio César. She wants to throw her out. Gilda hisses that she’s pregnant! She can’t be doing that! Isaac wonders when they were planning to tell him he was going to be an uncle.

Manara tells Julia Amado’s already waiting for them outside. Julia’s been talking to Itzel, so OBVIOUSLY Itzel heard that she’s a singer. Itzel’s a fashion designer. Maybe she and Manara can work together sometime. “Uh, sure.”

Julia says Manara can’t leave without saying goodbye to Mateo. Itzel gives them both a speculative look.

Mateo wants Rafa or Ernesto to tell Treviño to leave his friends alone…or else! Rafa can’t believe Mateo’s still on about this when it was obviously Victoria who killed Julia Cesar.

Rafa abruptly changes the subject to “I like Manara enough to leave my wife for her, so…just saying, bro.” Mateo looks like he’s trying not to laugh, but he says if Rafa gets Treviño off his back, he’ll avoid Manara.

They’re shaking hands when Manara and Julia come in to officially take their leave and Manara and Mateo trade another one of those smoldering glances while Rafa glares. As Rafa walks the sisters out, Mateo says it’s on him to carry out their deal.

Selva’s still out front, ignoring a call from her dad, when Amado comes out of the house and greets her. He brags that he’s remodeling the Solars’ studio in LA. And soon he’ll be running for mayor. So there’s almost nothing left of that bodyguard she used to know. Selva’s polite, but she acts like they were never that close and he’s looking at her like he’s calculating what it would do for his campaign if he were married to her.

Rafa walks Manara and Julia over to Amaro and Itzel. The Matamoros are finally leaving and Itzel thinks they should be going too. As she watches them walk out, she tells Rafa she thought for a second Manara was the one Rafa was hiding, but once they mentioned Mateo she figured it out. Manara must want Mateo to produce her album.

Gabriel’s office

Gabriel leaves Selva an angry voicemail. Ernesto has arrived at his office and he tells Alexis to let him wait. He wants to know what the reporters they sent to the reception had to say. He gloats as Alexis says the family’s broke–they spent all the advance money already. It might be a good time to do what they planned…. (Aw, Alexis. You too, huh?)

Ernesto tries to explain to Gabriel that his son is vain and competitive. Sure, he knows Rafael has been in contact with Amado, but that’s all he knows. Gabriel tells him when he suggested Amado do business with Rafael it was so Ernesto could feed him information–not so the two of them could make deals without him. Ernesto asks for time to keep investigating.

Gabriel warns him that Rafa’s at the top of his blacklist. How dare he show up to save Mateo after his guys shot at him! They deserve to die! Ernesto says he knows he owes Gabriel for that–that’s why he’s here.

Gabriel wants to host an event at the radio station celebrating Ernesto’s 40-year career. The “official” homage. And Ernesto’s going to do it for free. If this calms things down and gets Rafael off the blacklist, he’ll do it. Oh, sure, Gabriel agrees–but only Rafa. The rest are still going to pay. He goes off to bring Alexis in to share his ideas for the event.

Bad business

Moisés gives Chalino two envelopes full of cash–one to give to Isaac and the other for Chalino to deliver himself. This is the last of their cash. Moisés is going to accept Rafa’s offer to take back the $4M he tried to use to buy him out. He complains about having to fix what Mateo did with Treviño.

Chalino begs him to understand–Julio César was everything to Mateo and Mateo’s smart. He’s getting Rafa to negotiate with Treviño. Moisés doesn’t want him to do that. He has other things he needs Rafael for.

Mateo wants an update on Valentín from Chalino, but he still hasn’t heard anything. Mateo figures he can ask Rafa, but Chalino says his dad doesn’t want him to. His dad’s pissed off at him and worried about their debts. Chalino’s supposed to go pay off some “unconventional investors” if Mateo knows what he means.

Mateo’s furious that with all the money they’re making somehow it’s all gone. His dad is a lousy businessman! Chalino tells him to regain Moisés’ confidence, build the record label…and try to make sure he’s the one running everything. “Tell it to my dad, because he only listens to Isaac.” Chalino says Isaac’s a saraguato (a howler monkey?) and he and Mateo are going to have to be careful, do everything right, got it?

Isaac is getting impatient with all these people still hanging around the house and not leaving. Gilda ignores his griping and tells him NOT to say anything to their mom about Belinda’s pregnancy. He promises not to say anything to anyone, not even his Grandota.

Who he now greets. His dad comes up to ask how it went and Isaac gets to make himself sound all important, saying he talked to their creditors and they’re going to give them another week. He’ll talk to the rest tomorrow. Moisés brags that his son is talented both in music and business. (I’m not sure he’s qualified to say that.) “I learned from the best.” (SMH)

Gabriel doesn’t do mercy

The guys at the bus stop are still demanding someone answer their question. Tito gives Básico the nod and Básico starts reaching for his guitar case….

Valentín’s mom scolds him. She knew he’d get into trouble as soon as he got out of prison. He tries to tell her he’s about to do what he always wanted and Mateo’s the best…all while he’s peeking between the pieces of wood nailed up over her windows because yes, he did get his sorry self into trouble. Mamá’s starting to worry about how quiet it is.

Ernesto calls Rafa to say he’s out of this. If Rafa wants to beg mercy for Mateo, Ernesto will hand over the phone as soon as Gabriel comes back into the office and Rafa can ask Gabriel himself. But remember–with Gabriel, you pay for your favors. So is he going to risk it for his friend and his friend’s friends? Rafael thinks about his deal with Mateo.

Valentín gets a text–Chalino’s guys are outside, but they can’t get past the dogs. He and his mom are going to have to make a run for it. (NOOOOOOO!)

Rafa tells Mateo he’s sorry, but his dad isn’t answering his phone. He might have gone on vacation. Of course he’ll keep trying–this is personal. They’re family.

At the bus stop, the creeps are still waiting for someone to admit to being Valentín. When nobody does, they shoot every guy at the bus stop–the mariachis, the food vendors, and the primos. Tito, still conscious, reaches for his gun as the leader stalks toward him….

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Visita/ Guest

I just found out that Telemundo is uploading the full episodes to their Youtube accounts, with both Spanish and English subtitles. Finally!

I haven’t watched the most recent episodes yet but I skipped around to find out what their English translation of saraguato was: damn chimp

Autora/ Author

Thanks, Kat. So much going on and I watched too close to my bedtime. Toward the end I was fading. Glad I had this to fall back on.

Oh and Amado can go straight to hell. Pig.