La Reina de la Canción Thursday 4/27/17 #8

It’s time for the second night of Duelo de Reinas! We have four more performances to go and then one member of each team is going home.

The judges agree it’s been tough to choose the contestants who are at risk of elimination, especially in some of the duos.

Sandra I and Dayanna – El Sinaloense (#teamhoroscopos)

In rehearsal, the key change possibility comes up again. Vicky’s pushing for it to go up a half step, but Sandra I is still worried it’s going to be too high for her. Still, they agree to try it.

So far, Sandra I seems to be doing ok with the key and I’m not seeing any nervousness from Dayanna, which makes me happy. They both do a really solid job. Sucks to be Vicky and Marisol.

Poncho tries to take credit for starting Sandra off. He appreciated hearing this song in their voices. Vicky thinks they did a good job as a team. Marisol noticed Dayanna’s confidence–she thinks Dayanna could win this thing.

But they have to choose…and for a tiny bit of pitch problems, Dayanna’s at risk of going home.

Irene and Liliana – Como la Flor (#teamrecodo)

Ack! The tone needed work in rehearsal. Poncho’s not feeling like they’re working together. Irene’s worried that the nerves are going to get to them. Poncho tries to get them moving in a way that doesn’t emphasize their nerves. He really wants to see Liliana loosen up.

I…am not enjoying this one. They’re not doing Selena’s version and they’re not really making it their own, either. They’re not blending on the harmonies and the multiple endings were just too much. I feel terrible for saying that.

Vicky praises their stage presence and dancing, but she says the “d” word…desafinación. But she didn’t think it was as bad as I did. Poncho agrees about Irene’s pitch problems at the start. He did feel like Liliana made a lot of progress since the rehearsals.

And Irene’s at risk of elimination. And he reminds her it’s just risk.

Olivia and Lluvia – No Me Se Rajar (#teamhoroscopos)

In rehearsal, Olivia and Lluvia were having trouble getting their starting note at the beginning, so Vicky and Marisol have them work on that. And they demonstrate. They just both start singing, in harmony like “See, you do it like this” and I’m like…is anyone else feeling a little intimidated right now? Olivia’s having trouble remembering the lyrics.

Eek…they started out a capella and in harmony and it wasn’t very solid at all. Once the band gets going with them it’s pretty awesome.

Vicky admits the beginning was rough. And she thought Olivia had some pitch problems. Marisol digs her outfit, though. And she’s not sure who forgot the words for a second in the middle. Poncho agrees about the intonation and forgetting the lyrics.

Olivia’s going up for elimination. Excuse me while I go have a cry.

Yohanny and Deyra – El Amor Más Bonito (#teamrecodo)

Yohanny’s concerned about some little “changes” she wants to make that Poncho insists aren’t “changes” she’s just adding her little touch. But you can’t do it all over the place or it’s oversaturated. And bless him for saying so! Poncho wants them to remember this is a fight. Deyra’s feeling some nerves, but she’s determined to get them under control.

Alejandra reminds us that Poncho has already decided he’s going to save Yohanny. I did not need that reminder.

They’re definitely bringing it with the dancing. There are moments where everything seems to line up perfectly and others where I don’t know what’s supposed to be happening.

Vicky liked it. Marisol says it’s definitely what you want to see as an audience member. Vicky agrees, they had a good little sway there that didn’t get into vulgar territory. And yes, she heard intonation problems. (Seriously, I would be so intimidated to sing for her–she hears EVERYTHING.)

Poncho isn’t going to put Deyra up for elimination. And since Yohanny was already promised the save, that means only 9 are at risk.


Gah! I’m not ready! I thought we’d have until Monday!

OK, the ones who are at risk of going home are:

  • Stephanie (#teamhoroscopos)
  • Beatriz D (#teamhoroscopos)
  • Jazmin (#teamhoroscopos)
  • Dayanna (#teamhoroscopos)
  • Olivia (#teamhoroscopos)
  • Verónica (#teamrecodo)
  • Flor (#teamrecodo)
  • Marcela (#teamrecodo)
  • Irene (#teamrecodo)

Alejandra says she knows it was tough to get to this point, but they’ve got one more choice to make.

Las Horóscopos get to start. Vicky reminds them that they picked people because the had to. They’re keeping Jazmin and Beatriz D.

Poncho says the same thing–they did a good job, but somebody had to go. For now, Marcela is staying.

And we’re down to 3 and 3 and Alejandra says we’re going straight to which one is going home.

Vicky says all three who are left–Stephanie, Dayanna, Olivia–had intonation problems. The one they’re sending home has a great voice, but needs more experience. Stephanie’s going home. *SOB* Dayanna and Olivia start talking about how they’re going to make sure they’re not there again.

Oh, don’t tell Stephanie not to cry! Stephanie can cry if she wants to! Stephanie thanks them for the opportunity. Vicky tells their little chick they still believe in her. We get a recap of all the Stephanie moments. She says she knew this was going to happen. (But it huuuuuuuurts!)

Poncho’s turn now. He’s sending Flor home. She gets hugs from Verónica and Irene. She thanks everyone for the opportunity, for getting to sing again after not being on stage for ten years–she enjoyed the nerves, she enjoyed the intonation even. Arriba México and Arriba Sinaloa. Flor agrees with the critiques she got, but she’s happy with her performance and happy she got to this point. Awww, that’s classy. Bye, Flor.

Everyone goes back to the house so Flor and Stephanie can pack and everyone can cry and hug and impart wisdom to the baby chick.

Next week: another challenge, Charly Perez and Geovanni Mondragon, A. B. Quintanilla.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

K why can’t there be a show where ppl sing and learn to sing and we actually get to see that but no drama and no eliminations, they all just stay and improve till the end. Maybe nobody else wants to see that, but I’d like it better than the traditional reality show format.
Also, how long has it been for the contestants? I know for us its only 2 weeks, is it longer for them?

3 years ago


You aren’t alone. I would watch that!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

I like the idea of points that would be tallied at the end to choose a winner, but the way they have it now is so bad. It makes it so the women aren’t just competing against the other team, each woman is also competing against the woman she’s teamed up with and I’m worried that’s gonna make things get real ugly. On the other hand, fastforwarding the drama could make the show shorter *shrugs*

3 years ago

FINALLY the episode was uploaded. Thanks so much for this Kat. I’m already hoping they give us another season of this. What? They did multiple seasons of Nuestra Belleza.

Como la flor. It was… difficult to watch. But I say that just as a listener. I have no musical background. Oddly I felt like the stronger singers were on Wednesday. Maybe I built up the second group in my head and there was no way they were going to meet my expectations.