La Piloto Monday 4/10/17 #25

After the fight

John rushes outside to find Oscar lying on the concrete. He shouts for Carlina and has the guys load Oscar up in the truck. Before he drives Carlina and Oscar back to camp, he tells Arley to bring Yolanda to him and not let her talk to anyone.

Arley goes back inside to face a grieving Olivia. Not that he cares. He didn’t know that was her dad–he thought somebody was trying to kidnap her. He has no patience for her screaming and threatens to shoot her.

Yolanda pulls her away. She orders whoever’s staying her to tell the cops that a couple of their clients got into a fight. But who’s staying? The words “above my paygrade” come to mind, since the only options are Zulima and everybody wearing the hypothermia-inducing server uniforms. Yoli threatens to do it herself, but Arley says Zulima will do it. John’s orders. (*snort*)

They start cleaning up the bar, moving the bodies. Roberto helps put Omar’s body in the back of the truck, then asks what to do with the motorcycle and the car. Arley calls one of the guys over and tells him to put the bike in the river. As for Roberto…nice knowing you, pal.

Olivia panics and grabs him. Yolanda’s so seriously over Arley and his “kill ’em all” attitude. She tells him to cut it out. Robert’s coming with them. She’ll take responsibility for him. She tells everyone to get in the truck and put a hood on Roberto. She pulls aside one of John’s guys who’s still at the bar and tells him to get rid of the trucks, the cell phones…anything to do with the Lucios.

John gets Oscar back to camp and has the guys carry him in so Carlina can work on him, and now there’s nothing left for him to do but angst over when Arley’s going to arrive.


The cops are clearing bodies out of the bar. Raúl’s there, officially, but he seems more worried about whether Lizbeth is OK than anything else. She tells him a couple of drunk guys with guns got into a fight. His dad walks in, trying to act all badass detective, saying it sucks how people don’t just talk things out.

This gets everyone’s antennae up. When he turns around, the servers and Zuli are facing him in a solid wall. He smarmily asks who all these beautiful women are. Lizbeth glares at him and says they’re the servers. Subtext: “This has been a supremely shitty day. Don’t piss me off any further.”

Argüelles Sr asks to speak to the owner and Zulima tells him she’s the manager. So far, so good.

In the office, Zulima plays the poor beleaguered bar manager who really can’t do much about these guys with guns who come in and get drunk and shoot up the place. Argüelles tells her to cut the crap–he saw Oscar Lucio. This place is a front. He’s sure it’s full of guns and drugs. Zuli chuckles–where would she be hiding them? He’s been watching too many narconovelas.

She invites him to search the place, but Argüelles the Younger has already done that and reports all they found were five bodies. He gets a scolding from daddy. Of course there were bodies! Did they find guns? Nope.

The servers try to clean up behind the bar. Raúl tells his dad he’s sure this is a narco turf war involving El Bochas. Oh, no worries. Daddy’s going to investigate. (Good grief, the walls look like Swiss cheese!)

Zulima asks if he needs anything else from her. “Depends on what you’re offering,” he smarms. Um, she just offered him the answers to every question he asked back in the office. So can they close the place up and go get some rest or what? Daddy says “no.” Sonny says “yes.”

OK, fine, they can go…but they’re going to get called to give statements later. Zuli says there’s no problem and promises their cooperation. Which Argüelles the Elder treats like a come-on.

Liz and Cindy walk them out. Raúl offers Liz a ride home, but she and Cindy convince him they can walk. To the apartment they all share. He gets a call over the radio and reminds Liz she can always come find him at the police station if she needs him. When the cops have finally gone, Zulima tells everyone to hurry and get changed before they change their minds and come back.

Tres Fuegos

Dave checks with Barros, his new guy in Altamirano now that Lopez is dead, but Barros seems to think Rosalba’s house is still abandoned so he’s either incompetent or a liar.

Dean and Monica shag. She’s distracted. He notices. She denies anything’s wrong.

That must have been some unsatisfying sex because while Dean is in the shower, what Monica’s thinking about is the blood stain on his boots. She decides to search the apartment, but finds nothing. Dean wonders what she’s doing on the floor when he gets out of the shower, but she says she was looking for her earring…which she found.

Dave dreams about the last time he saw Yolanda. He’s agitated. We know this because he’s sweaty and topless and writhing in bed.


Margot and Olivia’s brother have been trying to reach Roberto and Omar and having no luck. Margot gets a call from the funeral home telling her Omar’s body has arrived. (Yeah, really. Just like that.)

Little brother goes into dad’s armoire for the box where he kept his gun.

Monica looks like crap. She and Dave agree they both had a bad night. And she admits hers had to do with Dean. In her office, she makes him promise to be discreet and tells him about the blood stain on Dean’s boot. She never believed his explanation and the boots weren’t at his house when she checked. Dave’s convinced Dean is their mole.

Margot calls Dave and tells him about the call from the funeral home. She says Cristian took Omar’s gun and went running out of the house. She begs for help and Dave and Monica head over to her house.

Change of plans

John gets a chance to talk to Yolanda, finally. He’s sure Oscar will be up and around in a few days, but he’s worried about the shipment Capi was supposed to take to Colombia. He’s going to have to do it himself. Yoli asks him to let her take it. It’s her job. And she wants to use half her pay to give to Olivia’s family. John’s worried about the risk.

Zuli checks on Oscar. She tells him he can’t die yet and does her thing with the cigar smoke and bells.

John explains that it’s not just a plane trip, she has to drive to the pickup, get the merchandise, and bring it back to the plane. And that area in Colombia is where he was shot down before. Yoli remembers. After all, that’s how they met. She asks how much this shipment is. $5M. And is he working with the Cartel de las Sombras on this one?

John wonders why she’s asking so many questions. Hey, she’s just trying to learn about the family business, but if it bothers him she can stop. John tells her not to worry about it…OK, she’s got the job. He radios the guys to get her plane ready.

A lead

Cristian goes to the funeral home looking for his dad. The guy at the desk says he’s already been prepared and he’s in the first room at the top of the stairs. He can tell Cristian’s not doing ok, so he follows him up there. Cristian tries to use the gun to demand that the guy tell him how his dad died, but he says he doesn’t know anything except that the body came from Villa Antigua.

Potentially, that’s a good clue for Dave and Monica, who have just arrived. Dave gets Cristian to give up the gun, telling him to think of his mom–she already lost her husband. He doesn’t want her to lose her son. He gently takes the gun and Cristian’s backpack while Monica asks if he knows where Roberto is.

Cristian repeats the thing about the Spanish embassy, but Monica and Dave pretty quickly put together that he must have been meeting Olivia and Omar must have figured that out and followed him. And if the body came from Villa Antigua, then that’s where she is, that’s where Yolanda is, and that’s where the Lucios are.

Dave and Monica try to ask the funeral home guy about the body, but he avoids their questions. They arrest him after he says he won’t talk without his lawyer and he doesn’t want any trouble.

Monica tried to get a team together to go to Villa Antigua, but the boss calls and says they can’t do it. Not without proof the Lucios are there. All they can do is use the local cops for backup. Monica suggests they not tell Dean about this lead.


Eladio has his breakfast and complains to Capitán Argüelles about it feeling like some big joke. He’s got the Lucios for neighbors? OK, sure, Zulima didn’t admit it, but he SAW them there, in the middle of the fight! Um, hello, Argüelles knows that–he shot Oscar Lucio. That’s the only reason Eladio and ALL his guys aren’t lying by the river with their mouths full of ants.

The hench suggests Eladio go apologize to the Lucios. “Are you stupid?!” (Too easy.) Eladio’s not about to lose the respect of his people. Plus he doesn’t know if Yolanda’s John or Oscar’s partner. They’ll just have to wait for a reaction.

Flight prep

Arley loads up a bag with cash from the bar office. Cindy walks up as he’s leaving and hides before he can see her.

John reviews the directions with Yolanda. She’s all set to grab her stuff and go, but he stops her and tells her not to use her cell phone for anything not work related again. It was the call home that got Olivia’s dad killed. If she needs to call her mom or her aunt, she needs to tell him. Yoli agrees. Neither of them mentions the call to Dave. Yoli goes back to the cabin to pack.

Arley brings the bag of cash and John tells him to put it in the copilot’s seat so Yoli can keep an eye on it. Arley asks about the new guy…Roberto…he doesn’t think they should keep him around. John agrees. He tells him to wait for Yoli to leave and then get rid of him. Quietly.

Roberto goes into the house and ends up getting busted by Oscar. I guess he’s feeling better. Oscar threatens to blow his brains out. He figures Roberto came in here to ask permission to leave with Olivia, but he swears that’s not it. He wants a job. He’s a big fan of Oscar’s and he wants to work for the organization.

Oscar wants to hear more about this “fan” business, but he asks him to hold on a sec. Arley’s outside with a couple of guys shouting about finding Roberto (you call that quiet?) and Oscar opens the door and says Roberto’s in here with him. He’ll take care of him. It’s all cool. Arley goes along with Oscar, but he doesn’t look too happy about it.

Just go already!

Yoli stops by to check on Olivia. She’s still crying. She wants to talk to her mom. Yoli and Zuli both tell her she can’t call. Yolanda says if John finds out he’ll kill them all. She can’t lend her the phone.

Oli calls her mom at the funeral home. Olivia admits she knows her dad is dead and it’s her fault. She’s the one who told Roberto where she was and he brought her dad. She can’t tell her mom where she is, but Margot asks if she’s in Villa Antigua.

“Where’d you hear that?” Margot says the police heard it from the funeral director. She supposes Olivia wants to know if the cops are on the way, but even if she knew, she wouldn’t tell her. She’s not going to let her ruin her life. She’d rather see her in jail than in a coffin like her dad. Olivia says she’s sorry and to tell Cristian she loves him.

Outside, Yoli and Zuli wait for Olivia to finish her call. Yolanda’s sure the guys from last night will be back, but Zuli doesn’t think so. Olivia comes out and begs Yoli to talk to John–they have to leave. Yoli says she’ll do it when she gets back from Colombia, but now is not the time.

Yoli’s ready to leave (like, for real this time). John hands her a cell phone. He doesn’t want her to use the radio. A guy will pick her up to drive her to the hacienda. But if anything happens, she should ask for Salvador Moreno, hand over the merchandise, get the money, and come right back.

Yoli says she’s got it, but why is he calling her Yolanda? Is he nervous or something? He always calls her morra. He admits he’s worried, but she says it’s all going to be fine. Everything she does from now on will be for both of them. He waits for Yoli to get into the plane and mutters to her that she’d better not betray him.

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