Books, Books, Books!

Time got away from us and Kat and I realized it’s been a while since there’s been a book club.

Here are the suggestions that have been made so far:

Short Story Collections:

Ficciones” Jorge Luis Borges

Bestiario” Julio Cortázar

The following collections of short stories may or may not have been suggested. Some comments disappeared after some technical difficulties and I had failed to write down the suggestions because technology never fails, right? I’ve learned my lesson! So all I could recall was a book of short stories was suggested and these three collections showed up on the results of my half-assed Amazon search.

Short Stories in Spanish: New Penguin Parallel Text

Spanish Stories / Cuentos Españoles

Great Spanish and Latin American Short Stories of the 20th Century


Memoria de mis putas tristes Gabriel García Márquez
The Tía Lola Stories by Julia Alvarez: These were originally written in English and then translated to Spanish. These are actually middle grade books (geared to 8-12 year olds), but I confess I enjoy books for this age level.

A Lupita le gustaba planchar Laura Esquivel

Las Muertas by Jorge Ibargüengoitia

Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo

So, what books would you be interested in reading and discussing?

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Thank you for recreating the list and getting us going again, Sara!

Uff! I’m no help…they all sound good. I guess I’d lean towards the ones it’s easiest to get my hands on a copy of. I don’t have any of these on my shelves right now.

I did check out free Kindle samples of the first Tía Lola book in English and in Spanish and you can definitely tell it was originally in English, so I almost think that’s how I’d rather read it. And I think I’m reading those either way–summer is good for “kid” reads 🙂

Visita/ Guest

Hmmmm. . . I can do any of the cuentos. An anthology like “Great Spanish and Latin American Stories of the 20th century” could be fun because it contains both Peninsular and Latin American authors so there should be a lot of variety. As for the novels, I am partial to “A Lupita le gustaba planchar” because I have started it. I am not in a “Pedro Páramo” mood.

What do you think?