Guerra de Ídolos Friday 4/28/17 #5

Pacto de Traidores
Bus stop

It’s Básico, actually, who isn’t dead, not Tito. He wisely holds still and before Treviño’s guys can shoot him, the one in charge gets a call. He blithely says he shot everyone, just in case, and starts heading back. Básico watches them drive off and they never notice him lifting his head.

Treviño’s office

Alexis’ ideas for the homage to Don Ernesto are just that…a tribute to a beloved singer with a long career. He’s got a nice graphic on his laptop to show Ernesto. Ah, and then we get to the nefarious bit. He wants Rafa, during the homage, to sing a tribute to Julio César. And Gabriel suggests he invite the Solars, since he’s so buddy-buddy with them.

Ernesto hates the idea…but since Julio César died, it’s all anyone can talk about online and at his age he’ll take all the help he can get. He and Gabriel toast with their tequilas and Gabriel says he’ll get the event ready and Ernesto will work on getting the Solars to show up and bow their heads to him.

Memo, Gabriel’s hench, pokes his head in to ask to speak to Alexis. At the door, he whispers that those musicians were taken care of. Alexis tells him to get word to those from la nota roja (the crime tabloids) so they can get pictures while he keeps the police away.

Casa Matamoros

Rafael comes over to Amado’s. Amado almost gleefully shows him the cover of the latest edition of Treviño’s crime mag, saying sometimes he likes to publish photos of the ones he ordered killed himself. Rafa wonders who they are, but Amado says that doesn’t really matter…does it? Oh, right, sure, Rafa doesn’t care.

Hey, and he talked to Mateo about Manara and he agreed to back off. (That’s not what I heard.) The problem is, Mateo kept insisting Rafa help him with something to do with his friends and he COULD have, but…Amadeo tells him to stay out of it. Let them kill each other off.

Now on to their business. Amado has confirmed that Julio César’s legacy will indeed be a gold mine and Rafa can take it from the Solars “like candy from a baby.”

Rafa doesn’t think it’ll be so easy. Moisés and Isaac can’t handle the business, sure, but Mateo would put up a fight. Amado’s not worried. He figures they’ll rip each other apart and Rafa should just pretend to be nice to all of them.

Outside, Manara plays the acoustic version of Amor y Desamor for Julia. Julia thinks that’s the song she should play for Mateo. Manara’s sure he’s got people after him all the time about producing their albums. Julia’s really pushing him as a romantic partner…or is she interested in Rafa?

Manara repeats Amado’s toxic BS about needing to concentrate on her music because at her age it’s her “last chance.” Whatever, Julia can see they both like her. And Manara was looking at Mateo. She insists she was just…moved by his love for his brother is all.

Agustina comes up to say Rafael wants to talk to Manara.


Dylan shows Mateo that same crime magazine. He says one of the pictures inside shows Tito and Valentín’s mom hasn’t stopped crying–he was like another son to her.

In the hotel room, Ester is wishing she could have gotten to see Tito and give him a proper burial. Mateo arrives with Dylan and the guys. Dylan gives Ester something to calm her down while Mateo takes Valentín out into the hallway to talk.

Valentín tells him Básico made it out and let him know that the guys who showed up were asking for him (Valentín). He knows it was Treviño. He’s blaming himself for Tito’s death, but Mateo says it’s his fault. He got Valentín into this mess and he’s going to figure out some way to get him out of it.

Valentín suggests they ask for a truce with Treviño and apologize, if necessary. “What?!” Yeah, he’s used to having everyone bow down to him, so that’s what they’ll do–and then stab him in the back like he did to Tito and Julio César. “So, what do you say? Will you help me with this?” (*facepalm*)

Mateo’s in. He’ll set up the meeting with Treviño. Valentín tells him he and Básico will take care of it, but Mateo insists on going with them. He owes them that. If he owes them anything, Valentín would rather it be an album or a job in the music business–anything to get them out of this hell. Mateo nods.

Los Solar

Isaac’s on his way out to do something for which he’s especially concerned about his look. Gilda says it’s fine, but her face says she has doubts about that shirt. The other thing her face has doubts about is Moisés telling Celestina that he’s put Isaac in charge of the business in Houston while he takes care of things in LA. She says nothing, but yeah…that face.

So far Isaac’s big meeting is at the bar to mack on Leticia and show off the giant stacks of cash he brought with him to use at the card table. (Ohhhhh no….)

When Mateo gets home his dad starts chewing him out like he’s an errant teenager, griping at him about how the family needs him and Isaac’s the only one helping him and HE’S the one in charge. Mateo, rather than asserting himself, toes that party line about “family,” bites his tongue and says he’s here for whatever his dad needs. In that case, Moisés sends him upstairs to pack. NOW. Because they’re going to LA.

Celestina packed some bags for Moisés and Mateo and Moisés says it’s too much–they need to get back quickly to go to Neto Zabala’s big tribute at Treviño’s radio station. He wags that damn finger in Mateo’s face again as he says he’d better not have a problem with it. (Quit, Mateo. Just quit. Get out.) Mateo remembers his conversation with Valentín about setting up a meeting with Treviño.

Sick of this party already

Selva’s in Gabriel’s office. He’s not going to say anything about her visiting the Solars without his permission (except you just did, jerk) and he has a “humble” present for her. Selva looks at the gold and diamond necklace and asks if he feels that guilty for hitting her. He asks her forgiveness, but doesn’t wait for her reply.

He moves right to telling her about the homage to Ernesto and how the Solars are invited and he hopes they and Selva can see that he’s not hiding anything from them. Memo bursts in, saying Gabriel has a call.

“From your attitude I’d say it’s a call about your OTHER business.” Selva says she’s going to go visit her brother in LA. “Have a nice concert.”

It’s Amado calling to whine about that half-mil he was promised. Julio César’s dead and he needs it for his campaign. Gabriel invites him to the homage to pick it up himself. Amado agrees he’ll be there. (Greeeeeat, he’ll have all his enemies in one place….)

And sure enough, now that Selva’s not going to be there, Gabriel tells Memo he wants to get rid of Amado. He suggests an emboscada (ambush) once Amado’s drunk and relaxed. He tells Memo to set it up. Some new employee starts to come in and Memo asks for a second while he checks the desk for incriminating evidence before telling him he can come in and clean.

Trouble in…not paradise

Manara wanders into the living room with Rafa and sets her guitar on the couch. She sighs over the void left by Julio César. Rafa gives a flippant “The king is dead; long live the king.” That sounds to Manara like he wants to replace Julio César. Rafa says he wants to “honor” him and talks about his dad’s homage concert and the tribute to Julio César and how it’s going to get recorded on the new record label. He gloats about how it’s going to be a huge hit.

And when the record label is ready, he’s going to produce Manara’s first album. He’s sure she’ll be even bigger than Julio César was. She tells him not to mess around–he knows that’s her dream. And can she guess what his dream is, he wonders as he leeeeens toward her.

She says his wife is a very beautiful, very intelligent woman and he should respect her.

At the rancho, Ernesto gripes at Itzel for feeding the tabloids. (What, at the party?) She says she’s tired of his son screwing around on her. “You’re the cathedral–what do you care about the chapels?” Well, she’s reached her limit. He warns her not to overshadow his big anniversary. “And what if I do?” He just says she can’t manipulate him like she does Rafa and she’d better not defy him.

At Casa Matamoros, Rafa says he’s totally getting divorced. “Does she know? Because that’s important to me and you should respect me.” Ohhhh, he does–as a woman and an artist.

Huh. She’s not convinced about the woman part yet, but he can easily prove he respects her as an artist…by having her sing the tribute to Julio César with him.

Rafa laughs at her for being so abusada (clever) and agrees. Manara pushes, saying if it’s going to be one of Julio César’s songs, who better than Mateo to produce it? Ooh…Rafa’s face hates that idea. But he quickly agrees that of course, it would be obvious, and he and Mateo are totally friends. Of course they’ll work together on it!

LA bound

In the plane, Chalino hands Moisés the company balance sheets. Moisés breaks it to Mateo that he’s had to accept Rafa’s offer of the $4M back to pay their debts. Mateo’s sure that’s in exchange for giving Rafa his share of the company back. Of course. And Moisés is thinking of selling the plane….

Mateo tells him to hold up a sec. Julio César’s legacy is going to be a gold mine. They’re going to build the record label and they need investors–and in this business it’s not just what you have, but what it LOOKS like you have.

Moisés agrees. But to look like you have what you don’t, you need temple (level-headedness) and Mateo has proved he doesn’t have that after his shootout with Treviño. Mateo starts screaming at him that none of them know what it was like to have Julio César die in their arms–he was the only one there. (OK, not literally when he died in the hospital, but after he was shot.)

Mateo says all he wants to do now is build the record label. Like Julio César wanted, like they all want. And if he has to bow down to Treviño to make that happen, then so be it.

So much backstabbing

Amado meets with Alexis at the rock quarry. He’s here to sell him information…he shouldn’t go to the homenaje for Don Ernesto. Treviño’s planning to kill him.

Hm. Well, Amado’s going. And he wants Alexis to help him kill Treviño.

The house that Julio César built

At the studio, Rafa’s waiting for Mateo and Moisés. He says he’s arranged it so that Moisés can deal with the bank by himself, because he and Mateo have something else to work on. They grab hard hats and start heading inside, but Mateo hangs back to talk to Chalino.

Chalino’s not buying this “I’ll bow to Treviño” business. Eh, Mateo says he and Valentín are going to take him out–but for real this time. Chalino begs him to find “peace.” Yeah. So not happening.

He reminds Mateo that Rafa’s dad and Treviño are supposed to be BFFs. And that whole “My dad went on vacation and I can’t reach him” thing? Chalino was there when Don Neto called Moisés FROM TREVIÑO’S OFFICE to invite him to the homenaje. Mateo remembers Rafa insisting his dad wasn’t answering his phone. “So Rafa lied.” Yep.

Mateo mentions to Rafa that he got invited to Don Neto’s big shindig. He says if Treviño’s willing to make peace, so is he.

They’re both impressed with the progress on the studio and Rafa makes sure to downgrade Amado to “just an acquaintance.” But he knows Manara much better…and he’d like to get to know her better still and Mateo can help with that. He’s prepared this tribute for Julio César he wants Mateo to check out. Fierro watches them both walk past the construction zone and into the studio.

Did anyone not see this coming?

Isaac throws a tantrum in Leticia’s dressing room because he just lost all his money at the card table like we knew he would. She complains he’s going to have to pay for the stuff he’s breaking, but he’s like “DUH, I have NO MONEY!”

He considers borrowing some from Renzo, but she reminds him he already owes Renzo a bunch. He starts asking about some (presumably) tabloid reporter that hangs out there. What would that guy pay for an exclusive? He tells her to call him and tell him that Belinda’s pregnant with Julio César’s baby.

The surprise

Rafa explains that he had the idea to record the tribute as the first single for the new label and use it to introduce a new artist. Manara. Rafa says they’re going to do a duet and they want Mateo to produce it. “What do you say?” Nothing, because he’s too busy making googly eyes at Manara.

When he recovers he says he’s sure it’ll be a hit and he’d love to produce it. Rafa wants to get started right away. Mateo starts grabbing headphones as he confirms that, yep, this is the studio where Julio César recorded all his hits and hopefully where Manara will record hers.

Rafa tells him it was Manara’s idea to do Fuego Cruzado. Mateo says he heard her singing it at the house. He heard her before he ever saw her. Oh, Rafa thinks that must have made quite an impact–the voice of an angel in the body of a goddess. Manara has heard enough compliments. Can they get to work now?

Mateo goes to the booth and asks them to sing it in Rafa’s key and Manara can harmonize above it. They get up to the chorus and Mateo cuts them off. It’s good, but he wants to try something…. He wants to hear Manara sing it alone with an acoustic backing that Julio César liked to use.

Los Solar

As Manara records, Celestina looks at the pictures on the mantel. Gilda and Belinda come in to check on her. Celestina says Julio César was the family’s balance and they’re falling apart now. Gilda rolls her eyes and says she’s sorry, but that’s her dad’s fault. He’s treating Isaac and Mateo very differently and it was Mateo and Julio César who were responsible for the family’s success.

Celestina cuts her off. Her dad makes the business deals in this family. HE decides…or is she going to start questioning him too? Gilda insists she wants everyone to get along. Did Celestina take her pills?

Celestina snaps that she doesn’t need pills–she needs her sons to get along. Gilda tries to get her to go lie down and her mother yells at her that she’s just hypertensive, that’s all! (Yeah, and Gilda’s a doctor, so maybe when she tells you to lie down you could at least consider lying down?)

Gilda and Belinda agree this would be a terrible time to tell her about the pregnancy.

Isaac tells Leticia his one condition is that the reporter pays in cash, today. He wants her to call right now. Lucho says he remembers Leticia and her big…personality. She tells him she’s got some very big, very personal chisme about the Solars. What’s it worth?

Well, that depends on just how big and how personal. But if it’s exclusive he could maybe do $20K? Assuming she has proof.

Leticia covers the phone mic and tells Isaac he’s offering $5K, but only with proof. Stupid and desperate, Isaac agrees to it. And he’ll send the proof later. Leticia tells Lucho she’ll call him later to set everything up.


Manara finishes up the acoustic version and even Rafa has to agree, it was great. He doesn’t even seem jealous…until Mateo says if it were up to him, he’d record it just like that. Manara excuses herself to go take a break and Rafa reminds Mateo about their “deal.” Of course he hasn’t forgotten! He’s a man of his word…just like Rafa.

Oh, right, um, Rafa did try calling his dad again, but he’s still on vacation. He’ll try to call him again…and oh, look, Ernesto answered…he’s going to go take the call outside.

Manara gets back and Mateo asks if she’s ever recorded in a studio before. And whose idea was it to have him produce? Manara claims it was all Rafa’s idea. “And the truth is…? You don’t have to lie. Rafa and I don’t like each other that much and I prefer honesty.” Manara agrees, but sometimes the truth isn’t very convenient.

In the hallway, Rafa snaps at his dad that he told Mateo he was on vacation. One of his friends was killed last night. Whatevs. Not Ernesto’s problem.

He’s chatting with Rafa from his closet, which really does look like a menswear store now, with the tailor and hey maybe those were bolts of fabric on the shelves. Dude’s getting a suit made for his big party, I assume.

Rafa complains that Mateo’s not going to trust him. He tells Ernesto to stay out of his business.

And what exactly IS his business? Taking the Solars’ away from them? Ernesto sure hopes that in Rafa’s rush to eclipse him he doesn’t end up in jail–the embarrassment of the family.

Mateo pulls out a pair of his old headphones for Manara to use and asks again what the inconvenient truth is. OK, she admits it–she wanted him to produce the track. He asks what she’d say if he told her he wasn’t just excited about it because it was a song that he recorded with his brother, but because it’s the song she was singing when he met her…is that also inconvenient? Googly eyes are made on both sides.

Um, no. Not inconvenient, but maybe a little over the top?

OK, but that’s not lying, is it? Manara says he doesn’t have to exaggerate–just recording his brother’s song, with him, in this studio is the best thing that’s ever happened in her life.

Oh, really? Well, there it is–what connects them. Or is she going to deny there’s something that connects them? Manara asks what it is and Mateo moves in like he’s going to kiss her.

“That we both exaggerate.” He steps aside and starts adjusting Rafael’s mic.

Rafa’s furious at the way Ernesto’s talking to him about family –like he’s a kid. He has a family, his own kids, and he takes care of them! (If he wasn’t so determined to screw Mateo over, he’d probably find they have a lot in common.) Ernesto says he also has an out-of-control wife who wants to destroy their careers. Whatever, his wife and his career are HIS business. Rafa says he’ll pass the phone to Mateo so Ernesto can smooth things over.

Ernesto thanks Mateo for being part of his big show. Mateo thanks Ernesto and apologizes for…what happened in Monterrey. Hopefully he’ll take this collaboration as a symbol of peace?

Oh, sure, he does. He’s glad Mateo’s trying to make up with Gabriel Treviño. He says they need to concentrate on what’s important–the music. Ernesto ends the call, saying he doesn’t need to talk to Rafa again.


Itzel visits The Closet with the traje she designed for Ernesto. It’s a little…non-traditional for his taste, but he tells his tailor to pack it up with the rest and he’ll consider it. Itzel has also decided to postpone her wedding anniversary party. He suggests she postpone it until next year. He already told her this is HIS moment. He’s off to rehearse with the grandsons.

He leaves Itzel and her assistant in The Closet. Itzel tells Mirta to help her look for the key to Rafael’s armoire. She found a receipt for a super-expensive piece of jewelry she knows isn’t for her–he hasn’t given her a present in years.

Everybody plots

Mateo has Manara and Rafael singing together again with the acoustic backing track. They’re blending better this time, but his phone rings and he asks for a break.

It’s Valentín. Mateo says he’s working on the “truce” with Treviño. He still wants to be in on the actual killing, but Valentín insists this is HIS problem, he’ll take care of Treviño himself–all Mateo needs to do is deliver him. Mateo reluctantly agrees.

Valentín’s mom finally got to sleep after she took those pills Dylan brought. Valentín tells Básico about the plan to take out Treviño, but Básico is more worried about Tito. They won’t release his body and Valentín’s mom is very religious and it’s tormenting her that she can’t give Tito a proper burial.

Básico suggests they go steal his body from Reynosa. Valentín thinks that’s a terrible idea. A morgue in Treviño’s territory? It could ruin their whole plan. Básico says they can get Treviño some other time. What’s important now is giving their cousin a proper burial.

Treviño checks in with Ernesto and he says Mateo’s working on the tribute for “the dead guy” and wants a truce. Ooh, wrong word to use with Treviño “How accommodating of him.” But ok, he likes that Mateo knows who’s in charge here.

He ends the call and asks Memo how it’s going with all their nefarious plans. Well, Memo’s got the cops in Reynosa getting rid of the bodies of all the musicians. (Burn. In. Hell.) And he’s got two teams ready for the night of the party–one to watch Treviño and the other to ambush Amado when he’s on his way to the airport. Treviño’s hardly paying attention as he plays with his phone. He says he wants Memo with him that night.

And now he’s dismissed so that Gabriel can deal with his “artistic responsibilities.” (Ass.) At the quarry, Alexis’ phone rings. Treviño tells him that Rafa worked it out with the Solars and they’ll be at the party. Oh, Alexis was just talking to one of their Internet sponsors and he’s sure the guy will totally back them now. Before he was saying that Neto was getting old, but Julio César still sells.

Gabriel says he doesn’t care about Neto. What he wants is to be the first one to present the Solars. (I don’t know what he means, but I don’t like it.) Alexis says he’ll be coming back to Monterrey to help him as soon as he wraps things up here.

Amado scoffs at Alexis for calling Gabriel “Patrón.” His only boss is money, isn’t it? Alexis says it’s not that–he’s tired of putting up with Gabriel humiliating him. If Amado is going to try to kill him at the party, it won’t be easy.

Right, well, Gabriel tried to kidnap his sisters. So he’s not just going to kill him, he’s going to end up with his daughter and all his companies.

Can we get back to the music?

On the next take, Mateo has Manara get closer to the mic and Rafa get farther away, and they’re finally using the pop backing (Fuego Cruzado (Pop)). When they’re done, Rafa grabs Manara in an overly excited hug. Mateo’s ready to let them go for the day.

He’s going to hang out and see if he can get some friends to help him with a pista (track) that’s more urbana. He’ll call them in to record again when it’s ready. Rafa tries to rush Manara out of there. He’s all excited about driving her home.

Mateo’s phone rings as they’re leaving and he seems to drop his smile in relief. He asks Dylan to come over and record one of his brother’s songs. Sure, sure…but did Mateo listen to the message Dylan left?

No. He was recording.

Well…did he know the Mexicans were going to go get cousin Tito’s body? No, he did not. Diego comes up to the phone and tells Mateo there was a fight before they left and Doña Ester is worried. They’ll take care of the music for him, but he’s gotta take care of this.

Mateo calls Valentín and asks if he forgot to mention the change of plans. Well, Valentín’s not about to let them throw his cousin’s body in the trash. Mateo whines about screwing up the truce, but Valentín promises he’ll be in and out and Treviño will never know. He hangs up on Mateo as Mateo’s yelling at him that Treviño’s going to find out and everything’s going to get messed up and “don’t hang up on me! Valentín?!”

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