La Piloto Tuesday 4/11/17 #26

Camp Lucio

Roberto doesn’t really explain the “fan” thing, but he offers to work as Oscar’s personal bodyguard. Riiiiight…well, Oscar’s not really interested in someone who wastes his time on anything as frivolous as girlfriends. Roberto swears he and Olivia aren’t together. In that case, Oscar agrees to give him a chance. But he’s on probation.

Zuli comes in at the end of this…job interview…and Oscar dismisses Roberto for now. She starts in on “He’s cute” and Oscar tells her to cut that out. Robert’s going to be working for them from now no. Zuli jokes that he’s going to be Oscar’s personal assistant–what will Olivia think?

And speaking of Olivia, she borrowed Yolanda’s phone to make a call again. Oscar can’t believe she’s being that stupid. Zuli says that’s not all Yoli did–she promised Olivia, Lizbeth, and Amanda that when she gets back from her trip she’ll talk to John about letting them leave. Oscar realizes the “trip” is the run to Colombia. He laments John’s stupidity and tells Zuli to get out so he can think.

John sees Oscar up and about and scolds him for not resting. Oscar scolds John for sending Yolanda to Colombia with $5M. John reminds Oscar of all the things they have to deal with here–he just got shot, the bar got shot up, and they need to find out about El Bochas.

Oscar complains that at least here, they could keep an eye on her. Oh, and John IS keeping an eye on her. He’s tapping her phone and it’s got a tracker. The minute she makes a call she shouldn’t or deviates from the route, he’ll know. And he’ll deal with her himself. Oscar doesn’t think he’s capable of that.

Team ex-Sobrecargo are now gathering supplies so they can clean up the bar. Zuli says it’s better than cleaning up dead bodies…oh, sorry Olivia.

Olivia’s starting to wonder what happened to Roberto when he walks in, saying everyone’s waiting for them. Oli’s angry that he just took off and he’s supposed to be there for HER. He says he’s here because he works for the Lucios. I don’t know what to believe anymore, but Olivia thinks this was his plan all along–which means it’s his fault her dad is dead.

Oscar comes in when he hears all the shouting. He tells the women to do what they were put on this earth to do–clean and dust–and scoffs at Roberto for saying Olivia wasn’t his girlfriend. (It’s a damn shame Argüelles isn’t a better shot.)

So nothing weird is going on in Altamirano, and according to Arley nothing weird is going on in Camp Lucio, but none of that stops Oscar from whining about these damn women and how they’re going to end up regretting having brought them along. John tells him to quit being paranoid. Oscar says he’ll keep his paranoia, thanks, and sleep with his gun, fully dressed and ready to run out at a moment’s notice.

Bad bad guys meeting

At Casa Bochas, Capitán Argüelles says he’s gotta go meet with some federales at the station. He laughs when Eladio tells him to keep them away from him–the last thing he needs is federales coming after him. Argüelles laughs because of course, he’s going to take care of everything. I laugh at Eladio’s assumption that he’s important enough for that.

Before he goes, Argüelles wants to know what they’re doing about the Lucios. He worries, as does hench, about taking them on and running afoul of the Cartel de las Sombras. Oh, Eladio’s already thought of that…see, nobody’s going to know it was him. They’ll attack all stealth-like. (Hahaha…you keep thinking that, Eladio!)

Argüelles takes his leave and Eladio asks his hench what ever happened to those guys they sent to collect the rent at Aerotours. No, pues, they never came back. Hench assumes they took the money and ran, but Eladio has his doubts. He wonders if Aerotours has anything to do with the Lucios. (Got the hamster running again, did you?)


Yoli gets a call over the radio that she’s just entered Colombian airspace and needs to identify herself. She tries to put them off with “I made an error in my coordinates. I’m leaving Colombian airspace right now.” Yeeeeah, they still want to know who she is.

Pito, the guy at the airstrip in Colombia, calls John to tell him the plane just arrived. John shoots a gloating look at Oscar and tells Pito to go on with what they planned.

Pito challenges Yolanda with a “Who goes there?” and she gives him her call sign, Golondrina (Swallow). He jokes that if he’d known they were sending this kind of Golondrina he would have bathed. (Oh, these little narcos. Always so charming.)

Yolanda asks the guy driving the truck how much farther it is to wherever they’re going. He’s just told her it’s about 45 minutes when someone standing at the side of the road shoots at them. The driver swerves to avoid them and the shooter gets on the back of the motorcycle with another guy and starts following. Yoli tells the driver to step on it and lowers her window to shoot at the two guys on the motorcycle. They respond by swinging over to the other side of the SUV and shooting the driver through the side window.

Yoli struggles to shoot the guys on the motorcycle so it crashes and get the (dead) driver to pull the SUV over. When she realizes he’s dead, she apologizes and shoves him out the door. Her phone falls on the pavement next to him without her noticing and she takes off in the SUV.

Road trip

Dean tries to tag along with Monica and Dave when they leave the office, presumably headed for Villa Antigua, but Dave won’t let him. And he won’t tell him where they’re going either. Dean calls Montgomery to whine.

At the Villa Antigua station, Dave notices the front-page article in the town’s news magazine about the shooting at Cielito Lindo. (What was that, John? Low profile?) He’s showing it to Monica when someone calls them over to meet the local cops helping them with this investigation–Argüelles (the elder), Garrido, and Quiñones.

Dave explains to the three Capitánes that the body of one Omar Nieves was shipped home from Villa Antigua and they believe his daughter Olivia is here and she works for the Lucios. See, I think that’s way too much info–he could have just left it at Olivia, but now this sounds like a wild theory.

He asks about the shooting at the bar and Argüelles happily takes refuge in Zulima’s “two drunks with guns” story. Is Dave sure this isn’t all just a coincidence? Dave says they’re here to check it out either way, so Arguelles escorts them down to the morgue to check out the bodies.

Omar’s not anywhere on the list of the dead who were brought over from the bar. Monica doesn’t recognize any of the other names. The cop who gave them the list mentions that three of the five had gunpowder residue on their hands, in addition to gunshot wounds. He suspects they were with the Los Bochas gang.

Well, this being Argüelles’ territory, he must know all about them, right? Argüelles could not be less convincing as he says they totally know about Los Bochas and they’ve even captured a few key members of the organization. A few bodies didn’t have any gunpowder residue on their hands, which Argüelles says is understandable…collateral damage happens.

Dean shows up. He says he’s just following orders from Montgomery. “Is there a problem?” Awk-ward.

Dave makes it more awkward by calling Montgomery and complaining. Montgomery says it’s Dean’s job to be wherever Dave is.

So. Yeah. Dean’s staying. Like nothing just happened, Dean asks what their next move is. (Finding a way to get rid of you without getting blamed for it, I think.) Dave says Capitán Argüelles is taking them to Cielito Lindo.


Rosalba’s still working on her physical recovery on top of having to put up with Estela lounging around her house boozing it up all day. Estela whines that she needs to drink to forget what Yolanda did to her precious pile of slime. Rosalba doesn’t get it–why does she think Yoli was at the hospital on the same day. Well, that cop who works with Teniente Ortega told her…David Mejia.

Rosalba realizes she means Dave. She remembers Yolanda being worried because she hadn’t erased Dave’s number.

She goes out, refusing to tell Estela where she’s going, since putting up with her in the house is bad enough. Cañego calls John to let him know.

Rosalba tries calling Dave. She gets one of the other guys in his office, but he says he can’t give out Dave’s cell number. He’s willing to take a message…. Rosalba hangs up on him and struggles back up the road with her shopping.

Rosalba keeps making her slow way up the hill. She notices Cañego following her out of the corner of her eye and gets spooked. She hides in an alley and completely loses him, but she recognizes him and pops out to ask what he’s doing there.

Cielito Lindo

At the bar, Oli sobs as they clean up blood and glass and discarded lime slices. Amanda can’t help crying with her. Olivia swears revenge on Roberto and Arley. Liz tells her to keep calm and pray that Yolanda comes back and gets them out of this. Cindy looks confused as Olivia says “no tenemos dónde caernos muertas.” (“[we’ve got nothing,] we don’t even have a place to fall over dead.”)

Cindy pretends to clean in the office while she tries to find Arley’s hidden stash. She gets caught by Amanda, who doesn’t actually care what she’s doing there, but Zuli’s looking for her. Cindy decides to try to apologize for not knowing Arley was dating Amanda, but Amanda cuts her off. If Cindy doesn’t want her to lose her temper, she needs to just go.

Then she starts swaying on her feet and runs for the bathroom. Cindy gets a speculative look on her face.

When Amanda emerges from the bathroom stall, Liz and Olivia try to convince her to tell Arley she’s pregnant. Amanda says she hasn’t decided if she’s having the baby…but she knows she needs to be gone before she starts showing or Arley’s going to find out and he’ll kill her. They promise to help.

In the hallway outside, Cindy looks concerned.

Zulima tries to give the bar a spiritual cleansing, but I don’t think there are enough cigars and rum in the world for that. Raúl comes by and Olivia panics. Lizbeth says she’ll deal with him.

Lizbeth ends up outside drinking coffee with Raúl. He says he didn’t know she’d be here, but he figured someone would have to be, to get the place cleaned up. Yeah, speaking of…she’d better get back in there before she gets in trouble with her boss. Raúl asks for her phone number. “Are you going to call me in to give a statement?” (No, you doofus, he wants to ask you out!)

Liz says she doesn’t have a phone. She lost hers and just never got a new one. In that case, he gives her his number so she can call when she gets a new cell phone. She carries the two cups of coffee back inside with her and shuts the door.

When she looks out the window, Raúl is greeting his dad, Dave, Monica, and Dean. Liz calls out that they’ve been found and everyone but Cindy runs to see what she’s talking about.

Outside, Capitán Argüelles makes the introductions and Dave starts explaining why they’re here.

Inside, Olivia says they’re here because of her dad. Her mom told her the funeral home said the body came from Villa Antigua. Zuli smacks her for not saying something sooner.

Outside, Dave and Argüelles the Elder wrap up their explanations and Raúl says he’s at their service. Dean immediately starts scoffing at the idea that the Lucios would be hiding out in a bar. Argüelles the Elder gets a call over the radio about a truck in the river. He sends sonny out to deal with it while he attends to the guests.

Dean gets even more insistent–Argüelles is right, this was just a bar fight…. Dave cuts him off and says they’re checking it out. If Dean doesn’t want to, he can wait outside. Argüelles knocks, but nobody’s answering the door.

Inside, the others send Cindy to open the door, but she hasn’t seen anything, she hasn’t heard anything, she doesn’t know anything, got it?!

Cindy tries to keep some physical distance from Dave as he does his “good cop” routine, asking if she’s here alone and has she heard of the Lucio brothers and does she know Omar Nieves. He explains Omar was killed in Villa Antigua and Cindy asks if Dave thinks he got killed here.

The delivery

It looked like Yoli was lost, but she checked her map and directions and made it to the hacienda. John keeps trying to call her, but Yoli’s not picking up. She’s on her way to Salvador’s office. Even though he’s talking quite loudly to the mayor of somewhere or other about bringing him a donation for his next election, one of the guys guarding the door waves Yoli in.

She walks past the underwear-clad women in masks and gloves measuring out product to plop the money on Salvador’s desk. Salvador speaks sweetly to Yolanda, shaking her hand, inviting her to have a seat…all the same she wants to see the merchandise before she hands over the money.

He sweetly explains that that’s not how it works–first Richie here will count the money. Yoli says she’ll need to call John if that’s going to take a while. “Oh, don’t worry about that, we’ll let him know.” Yoli tries to keep the nervousness off her face and fails miserably.

Oscar meditates on ripping the head off the person who shot him and setting it on fire with a soplete (blowtorch). And he looks so peaceful, too. John says they’ll find him, but for now Oscar needs to recover. John will send him some food.

The coke dust is getting to Yoli and she asks to get some fresh air. Ohhhhh, Salvador would hate to have her run off on him. Yoli reminds him she’s not likely to leave without the merca. In that case, he gives her permission.

Oscar asks if John has heard from Yolanda. He admits she’s not answering her phone. He’s had no word since Pito called to say she’d landed. Oscar suggests checking with Salvador, but John doesn’t want to let on that they’re having problems. He reminds Oscar to never show his weaknesses. Now that’s the kind of talk Oscar likes to hear!

He invites John to hang out with him, but John’s off to get him some food. Oscar gets back to his meditating.

Yoli hears a noise and starts wandering away from the building to a path through the yard. In an outbuilding she looks through the grate at the top of the door and sees a woman, tied up, begging for help. She says her name is Ámbar Ruiz and she’s a concejal del municipio (city councilwoman) and they’re going to kill her. Yoli says she can’t help her–they’d kill her too.

Richie comes outside for a smoke break as Yoli is leaving the outbuilding. He hears the noise coming from that direction.

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