La Piloto Wednesday 4/12/17 #27


Richie checks out the outbuilding, where Amparo is still tied up. He jokes that he’s going to be relieving her boredom soon and walks back out. Amparo flips a knife open in her hand and cuts her ropes.

Ooh, Richie has one of those fancy money counters like they use at the bank. All the money’s there, so Yoli’s free to take the big honkin’ stack of bags full of high-grade coke. After an uncomfortable pause, Salvador tells Richie to tell the guys to load it up in the truck (but who’s going to get it on the plane?). And where’s his lunch?!

He invites Yoli to have lunch with him. Nobody ever turns him down, plus she’s not going to get on the road with an empty stomach! He’s even got some beers chilling in the freezer. Yoli says she’d rather go home sober. He offers his hand to shake and says next time it’s a date. She prefers to say it’s a deal and Salvador doesn’t argue.

Over lunch, Salvador gives Yoli an alternate route to take back to the airstrip. He warns her her cargo is hot. And the aguacates (“avocados”; cops) around here do retenes (checkpoints) with no warning. And by the way, what happened to her driver?

He hears the story and says he did think it was weird the way she showed up–that’s why he’s giving her a map and an alternate route. But is she sure she doesn’t want one of his guys to come with her? Yoli insists if she got there alone, she can leave alone. He reminds her that once she’s off his property she’s not longer his responsibility. He asks Richie to check on Pinto and make sure it’s been quiet at the airstrip.

As soon as Richie says Pinto gave the all clear, Yoli hops into the SUV. Salvador’s as polite as ever, saying she’s always welcome and it was nice to meet her.

When the guys start yelling about their kidnap victim getting away, Yoli takes off. Salvador can tell the rope was cut. He tells the guys to start looking for her. Richie swears he just saw her in here a little while ago!

Yoli picks Amparo up at the side of the road and they make their escape.

Cielito Lindo

Team Ex-Sobrecargo sneak out the back door and hide.

Cindy gets defensive with Dave–she doesn’t know the names of the people who died here and Capitán Argüelles should have that information. Argüelles agrees, they have all the bodies back at the morgue. Dave notices her nervous glances and asks what’s back that way. “Storage and the office.”

Dean jumps on that and says he’ll check it out. Monica goes with him. Dave tells Cindy to chill–they’re just routine questions. (Oh, shut up, Dave!) He checks again–she’s never heard of Omar Nieves? What about Olivia Nieves? She immediately says “No.”

Out back, the others are crouched behind a trailer and some random junk, griping that they can’t even call Aerotours since they’re not allowed cell phones. Cindy had better not rat them out! Zuli says she won’t–she’s implicated just like the rest of them. “You make us sound like criminals!” “Well, we’re not saints.”

Dave walks around with gloves and baggies, collecting physical evidence–or trying to look like it. Dean and Monica return. They didn’t find anything in the back. It all looks normal. To Dave, that’s a sign that it’s not.

Argüelles says, with all due respect, he gets the impression Dave’s questioning their work. He’s seen the list and yet he keeps looking for evidence that Omar Nieves was killed in this bar, when he could have been killed anywhere in Villa Antigua. Dave insists he needs to make sure Omar wasn’t here, in that case. Monica and Dave remind Argüelles that Omar would have been looking for his daughter Olivia, who works for the Lucios.

Dave says he has one last question for Cindy. Does she recognize the name “Yolanda Cadena”? Argüelles does, but he keeps a look of recognition off his face. Cindy says she’s never heard the name.

The cops leave the bar. Dave wants to hit the lab next and get the blood samples analyzed. But Papa Argüelles gets a call from sonny asking him to come down to the water, near the vineyard. They’ve got a body. In that case, Dave says they’ll come with him. Argüelles doesn’t take it too well.

Everybody comes back into the bar and Cindy fills them in–the cops were asking about an Omar Nieves, Olivia, and some Yolanda. (Wait, Cindy hasn’t met her?) Olivia says Oscar’s definitely going to kill her now. Lizbeth wants to make a pact to keep this between them. Zuli agrees. Because they’re friends. (Crap. Nice knowing y’all.)

Cindy wants to know when somebody’s going to explain to her what’s going on here! Zuli says she’s going to have to settle for knowing that the bar is owned by some serious narcos and it’s best she keeps her mouth shut.

Camp Lucio

Outside, the guys dine al fresco and I may be misreading what’s purely professional jealousy, but I really think what’s happening is that Oscar’s former lover is angry that he’s been replaced with Roberto. He starts talking smack about “real men” and Roberto makes a “your mom” comment and starts a fight.

Rather than breaking it up, Arley starts making bets while the other guys gather to watch. John comes outside, pissed off, saying they’re doing SRS BSNS here! Oscar scolds them and tells the other guys to lock them up.

Like nothing just happened, John asks Arley for a security report. Arley says nothing’s going on, just the usual patrols and [mumble] at the bridge, no big (he really needs to be fired for that). John gets a call on the radio, something about someone needing to land in a hurry and change their pajamas. John tells Arley to make sure the plane is unrecognizable. And no more fights, got it?


Down by the river, Raúl doesn’t even wait for Dave to get out of the car before he walks over and says this is definitely the work of Los Bochas and it’s about time they start helping! Dave is distracted by the sight of a small plane…does the name “Aerotours” mean anything to Raúl?

He says it used to rent small planes, but it’s closed now. “I think it’s been re-opened.” Dave tells Argüelles to take them there.

The plane Dave was watching lands and Arley yells at everyone to get the plane loaded and unloaded inside of five minutes.

Zuli heads for the bar office to call John with the cell phone SHE’S still allowed. She smarmily announces him that DEA Dave is in town. He was poking around the bar and he’s riding with a local cop. She casually suggests that maybe Yoli sold them out.

John tells Oscar and Carlina and everyone’s on their feet in an instant. Oscar says “I told you so.” (Oh, shut up, Oscar!)

Dave, et al, get a look at Camp Lucio from the top of a hill. They notice the plane didn’t land for long.

On the runway, it’s getting ready to take off again and John and Oscar come running. They all argue about what to do–call the plane back? Leave on the plane? Stick around and see what happens? John wants to let the cops show up and shoot ’em all. And yeah, he’s pissed at Arley for not telling him there were feds in town, even if they weren’t necessarily headed here. Oscar radios one of the guys and finds out they’re on their way now.

Dean and Monica are in Argüelles the Younger’s car. Dean complains that the airstrip has nothing to do with the Lucios and starts placing a call to Vergara, but Monica leans forward in her seat and notices. He says it’s nothing and, um, they should catch up with Dave.

One of the Lucios’ security guys watches the car pass and sends a text.

Arley gives orders to be ready for the fight. For once it’s Oscar who’s talking about staying calm and strategizing instead of just going off and trying to kill everyone.

When the cops pull up at Camp Lucio, they find the caretaker cleaning the outdoor area. He VERY nervously says he’s trying to clean right now and babbles non-stop while up in their hideout, John and Oscar argue again about what to do. John saw Dave and he wants to kill him. Oscar thinks they should leave and kill Dave some other day.

Dave introduces himself to the caretaker and asks what this place his–he nearly gets a sales pitch about their plane rental service. He cuts the guy off and asks to search. “Don’t you need a warrant for that?” Dave puts pressure on him. If there’s nothing going on here, then what’s the problem? The caretaker agrees they can have a look around if they’ll just excuse the mess.

Dave starts looking around the main house, which does look like it’s awaiting cleaning after some guests checked out, maybe in a bit of a hurry. (This makes me curious about the original Aerotours. Why the big house and the cabins? Were they all for the people who worked there or did they have people who stayed? The big house at least looks like it would be a nice place to stay with a group.)

Outside, Dean’s saying “I told you so.” Nobody has found anything and Dave is still insisting the Lucios are here. Dean and Argüelles the Elder are rolling their eyes.

Oscar is also saying “I told you so.” Because the cops didn’t find a thing. The caretaker hands over paperwork that says he’s the owner. Monica looks at it and goes over to ask Dave what his problem is. “Something doesn’t fit.” He may be right, but I think I’d be annoyed with him too, at this point.

Dave asks what Monica thinks. She definitely doesn’t trust the caretaker. Dean’s whining again about this being a waste of time. Dave asks Capitán Argüelles to keep an eye on this place, but they’re outta here.

John watches the cops get into their cars and calls Roberto up. He sends him down to talk to the caretaker and find out what the feds said, then make sure they actually leave. He tells Arley to have the guys do a sweep.

Oscar starts harping again on Yoli having just talked to the DEA. Does he still not see what’s going on here? John says this is probably over and that should be clear to Yolanda now. Oscar agrees with him. At least, I think that’s what they said.


In Colombia, Yoli stops the car to consult her map again. Amparo thanks her for her help and returns the knife Yoli loaned her. She’d been there for three days and she knows they were going to kill her. Yoli won’t tell Amparo her name.

There’s an impromptu, non-police roadblock set up. Yoli tells Amparo to get in the back and stay quiet. As she approaches, one of the guys in the road says “the boss” wants Yolanda alive, so don’t shoot. Yoli gets close and then steps on the gas. They scatter and have to climb into their car to follow her.

Yoli tells Amparo to stay calm and stay down as she swerves the car to keep them from passing. “I’ve got an idea. Just stay there.” She lets the guys force her off the road and feigns relief that it’s Salvador’s men. She thought it was the guys who attacked her this morning. No, she hasn’t seen anyone on the road…they’re the first ones she’s seen since she left. Open the trunk? Why? There’s just the merca back there.

She does it anyway and after a very superficial look the guy in charge apologizes for scaring her, but she understands, right? Orders are orders.

Yoli stops to let Amparo out from where she’s wedged under all that high-quality Colombian coke. She’s sure Yoli has her reasons for running drugs, but she can’t figure out what a nice girl like her is doing mixed up in this. And if she needs anything in Colombia, Yoli can count on her.


Cañego asks Rosalba not to be angry at him. He’s just following orders from Yolanda. “Am I in danger?” He tells her not to take it like that. Her niece just loves her and wants her to be safe.

Rosalba softens and invites him to come have a ham sandwich at a place nearby. He takes her shopping bags and offers her his arm. (Such a nice boy. If only he weren’t living a life of crime.)

Tía Rosalba and Cañego have their lunch and coffee and Rosalba asks how well he knows John. He seems like the kind of guy who always has a lot of women. Cañego admits he sure does and Rosalba cuts him off before he gets into details. Cañego says he thinks John’s different with Yoli. He’s sure John will take care of her.

Irrational decisions

John drinks and cries and whines and tells Oscar he’s going to give Yolanda what she always wanted. She wanted to fly? Then she can stay up in the sky. He makes a drunken call to Pinto to give him instructions….

Pinto’s not sure what John’s asking him to do. Bring the plane down? He nervously says he’ll do it, but what about the merca? John sobs that he doesn’t care about the merca…just load it up so she doesn’t suspect anything. Pinto says he’ll do it and keep John informed but he looks pissed off about it. He pops the hood on Yoli’s plane, strips down a couple of wires and wraps them around each other.

John, amid further sobs, tells Oscar to call the Colombian army to tell them there’s a plane loaded with coke leaving out of the airstrip. That way if Pinto doesn’t take the plane down, the army can. Oscar starts talking all grim, brotherly “We’re in this together and we’ll always be together and we’re the LUCIOS! No pilot is going to come between us!”

Except then John remembers Yoli saying goodbye before she left for Colombia and saying everything she did from now on would be for the two of them. And he cries some more.

Being a double agent is haaaaaaard!

The cops get back to the station in Villa Antigua, the younger cop who was talking to them down in the morgue eagerly asks if they found anything. Monica explains their next step is sending the blood samples from the bar to the lab to make sure they only match the bodies that were sent over. Dave asks to get a look at the people they assume are part of the Bochas gang.

Dean’s phone rings and he steps away to answer it, not realizing Monica is following him.

It’s Montgomery calling to yell at Dean for not informing him about the field trip to Aerotours. Dean whines that he was “surrounded” and couldn’t text them. Yeah, well Oscar was pissed. (So what’s new?) Montgomery tells him to keep Monica and Dave away from Aerotours and if they try to go back again, “handle it!”

Monica lets him walk back inside alone and thinks.

Back to the beginning

Yoli calls and tells John he was right–this was a difficult trip. She’ll give him all the details as soon as she gets home, “mi amor.” John says she’s never called him that before. Convenient.

Uh, is something wrong? John says it’s nothing. They had a rough day at home, too. He’s just tired. She jokingly calls him “Capitán” and says she’ll see him soon. John wishes “Pilot” Yolanda a good flight.

Yoli returns Pinto’s phone, says it’s been nice meeting him, and shakes his hand. He avoids her eyes. She asks if he’s ok and he says it’s just…being in the sun all day. He keeps looking guilty as Yoli thanks him and says she’ll be in touch.

Yoli looks nervously at her cargo and pulls out her gun. She gets a call over the radio ordering her to land at the military base. Yoli can’t figure out how they even saw her. “We know you have narcotics. Change your route for immediate landing or we’ll open fire.” Yoli kisses her medal and starts praying like her daddy told her to.

A fighter jet comes up behind her. Yoli remembers John telling her this was a dangerous trip and he didn’t want to risk her.

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