Launch Pad (April 29, 2017)

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Last week

This week’s Música Mondays post was Amar y Vivir by La Santa Cecilia.

We posted recaps and summaries for

Amar es Primavera,
La Reina de la Canción,
Guerra de Ídolos, in its premiere week
La Mujer del Vendaval, and
La Piloto.

We also posted video of Ricardo Arjona’s performance at Premios Billboard with a few of the lyrics.

What’s happening this week

Tonight (Saturday) there’s a Guerra de Ídolos special.

Sunday we may or may not get a repeat of the sneak preview of La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo.

Monday afternoon, a rerun of Destilando Amor starts on UniMás in place of the rerun of Mañana es Para Siempre.

Monday night, Blue Demon 2 has its last weeknight episode. After this, it’s moving to Saturdays starting May 6.

Also Monday night, the Gran Final of La Doña on Telemundo.

Tuesday night is the Gran Estreno of El Bienamado on UniMás. ***UPDATE: Look for an open thread for El Bienamado to go up on Monday night.

It appears the Gran Estreno of La Candidata has been postponed until May 16.

Also Tuesday night, the Gran Estreno of La Querida del Centauro 2 on Telemundo and the schedule gets shuffled. From this point on the evening lineup on Telemundo is El Capo, followed by Guerra de Ídolos, then La Querida del Centauro 2. ***UPDATE: Look for an open thread for La Querida del Centauro 2 to go up on Monday night.

Friday night, the Gran Final of Vino el Amor airs on Univision. ***UPDATE: The Gran Final will air on Monday night in place of Reina, with no late-night repeat, right before the premiere of Doble Vida.

Next week, they’re wrapping up Amar es Primavera and starting Gonul (a Turkish thriller) and La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo.

Check the Horario for the regular schedule of telenovelas and series, the Calendar for events (including pre-emptions and schedule changes), the Proximas list for upcoming shows, and the Streaming page to keep up with what’s available on Netflix, Blim, and the Univision Now app.

Known technical issues

None at this time.

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Autora/ Author

I wonder if they will do some sort of recap of season 1 of La Querida del Centauro. I vaguely remember what happened. I am looking forward to season 2.

I’m excited about El Bienamado.

Visita/ Guest

I am bummed about having to wait for “La candidata” to air but do admit it will be nice to have two weeks of nightly novela viewing dedicated to “El bienamado”.

Sara, you were so right about Televisa having divided up their talent between these two shows. One thing I do like about “La candidata” is that the story centers on those who are middle aged or beyond. Interesting concept these days. : )

Autora/ Author

“Interesting concept these days. ”

Almost a foreign concept I’d say! 🙂

Autora/ Author

I was just poking around the UNow app and saw a dramatic series “Cuenta Pendiente”

From the app:
Cuenta Pendiente
Roberto es un empresario que ha dañado a mucha gente. Un día sufre un accidente que lo lleva a encontrarse con “La Muerte” y ésta le ofrece un trato.

16 episodes. Looks interesting.

Autora/ Author

So I just noticed that Amazon has National Geographic en español, NG Historia, Muy Interesante (US, Mexican and Spanish editions) and Vanidades available for kindle. I had always used Zinio for that so maybe they’ve always had them, but I swear I’d never noticed before. So I thought I’d share… por si acaso.

Visita/ Guest

It could be relatively new. They sent me a notification on my phone talking about free issues of stuff…but none of it is in Spanish. They may be trying to expand more into magazines. I haven’t tried a magazine on the Kindle yet…but they sure want me to!

Autora/ Author

Ummm… Does anyone have plans to check out Doble Vida de Estela Carillo? I watched 5 minutes on the app and my head sort of exploded, but the song on the promos….