La Piloto Thursday 4/13/17 #28


And we’re back to the beginning. Yoli gets shot down near Chocó. She wakes up on a Colombian military base at the mercy of one Coronel Arnoldo Santamaría who can’t fathom what a pretty young thing like Yoli would be doing flying a plane full of cocaine.

Back at Camp Lucio, Oscar sees that the position of Yoli’s phone hasn’t changed. Zuli’s convinced she’s dead, but Oscar thinks if the plane had exploded, the phone wouldn’t be working. Therefore, he’s worried she’s still alive.

The second time around, it’s a little less impressive that Yoli barely flinches when Santamaría puts his gun to her head. This time we know she’s had plenty of practice with Oscar. Yoli starts telling Santamaría her story about how she always wanted to be a pilot.

Zuli thinks the important thing is that Dave showed up and made Yoli look bad in front of John. Oscar agrees…but how did Dave end up there anyway? Zuli doesn’t know. He was at Cielito Lindo because of Olivia’s dad.

Yoli wraps up her story, but Santamaría doesn’t believe her. Yoli’s sure John is sending people to come looking for her and it’s not going to go well for Santamaría. But if he lets her go, John would be willing to pay a lot of money…. “Are you threatening me or bribing me?” He decides it’s time to throw her into a cell, but Yoli says she needs to go to the infirmary–her back hurts. Santamaría says she needs to get cleaned up first, then the infirmary.

Oscar tries calling Salvador. He mentions it’s really not a good time to talk, but Oscar wants to know about the downed plane. Yeah, Salvador heard from a cop friend that a small plane was shot down near Chocó, right about at the time their plane left. Oscar wants to know what happened to the pilot.

Oh, right, Yolanda. Well, Yolanda owes him one. He had a prisoner at the hacienda who went missing right at about the time Yolanda left. He’s sure she helped the woman escape. But the bad part is, it was a city councilwoman, so the cops will probably be descending anytime now. He and his guys are going to have to make a run for it.

Oscar presses him to find out what happened to Yolanda. OK, Salvador will go check things out, but he knows the guy in charge of that area is Coronel Santamaría, so Yoli’s probably dead.

To celebrate, Zuli crawls into John’s bed. She’s here to comfort him after Yolanda’s tragic crash.

Yoli takes a shower and cries while Santamaría lurks outside. He pops the door open and takes his sweet time tossing her a towel. He tells her to take care–around here if you’re not careful you might have even your soul stolen from you.

The young medic who checks Yoli out in the infirmary says she looks ok to him–no broken bones, no obvious injuries. She must be a very good pilot. It’s a miracle she survived that crash, but he’s afraid it would have been better for her to die than end up in the hands of Santamaría. He’s not a good person. They captured a woman who was helping the narcos and the things those pigs did to her….

No, he can’t help her. Does she know what would happen if the Coronel found out?


Estela laments her empty wallet…er, manila envelopes…whatever. Rosalba tries calling Yoli at the number in her address book, but the number is out of area. Estela hears her begging someone to answer the phone and comes creeping out of her room. Rosalba hears her and puts the address book away, but Estela finds it and finds Yoli’s number. She writes it down on a blank page and pockets it.


Monica gets a call from the lab–it was Omar’s blood at the bar. He was probably killed there. She asks Dave to hold on a sec and calls Dean to ask him if he’ll go pick up some lab results for her. Yes, she knows he was on his way here (a crime scene at a parking garage) but it’s important. Dave asks what’s up with that and Monica says she’ll tell him somewhere with fewer people.

Back at the hotel, Monica invites Dave into her room while they complain about Dean. Dave just thought Dean was incompetent, but now it all makes sense. No wonder they always got everywhere too late. Monica’s like “Dude…I SLEPT with him!”

Dave certainly isn’t going to tell anyone. They need to gather some proof against him. Monica suggests tapping his phone, seeing who he calls. Dave tells her to work on it and stay calm.

Dean’s sneaking a look at those lab results when he gets a text from Vergara, asking him to call Oscar. Yeah, Oscar knows who he is. He’s expecting Dean to apologize for the feds showing up at his place, but Dean’s all “It was a difficult situation! They were watching me!”

Yeah, whatever. Oscar wants to know how they ended up there in the first place. Dean says it was a coincidence. Dave was following up on a lead about Omar Nieves and he saw a plane. Oscar doesn’t believe in coincidence.

So is Dave still suspicious? Dean says he’s not convinced they’re not there, but he doesn’t have any proof that they are. Oscar wants him to kill Dave, but Dean’s having a “That’s not how this works” moment. Oscar makes a disparaging remark about Dean lacking the pantalones (“pants”; guts) to do it, but…whatever. He’s supposed be keeping them informed, so now that he has Oscar’s number, Oscar expects to be kept informed. (As if one boss wasn’t bad enough…I almost feel sorry for Dean, but I’m sure that feeling will pass.)


Santamaría does some math. I mean serious math, on a chalkboard, with equations and graphs and stuff. His underling comes in to say he’s dropped Yoli off in the infirmary. So now what?

Santamaría starts making a list of his options. He could negotiate with John Lucio, who would probably pay him a good reward. He could hand her over to the authorities, get another medal, and improve his chances of advancement. However, there’s a third option he likes best–use her to get all the capos in the region.

Caicedo, the underling, sees a fourth option. He could let the guys have her, like he did the campesina last week. Caicedo hasn’t had “Mexican food” before. (DIAF, the both of you.) Santamaría says nobody’s touching Yolanda unless he says so, got it?

From her cell, Yoli can hear Santamaría giving out orders for next week. She hears there’s a helicopter being sent in the next few days, but they don’t know exactly when. (I swear I could feel Yoli’s ears perk up at the sound of the word “helicopter.”)

Cielito Lindo

Dave calls Capitán Argüelles to ask if he’s been by Aerotours and the bar. Yeah, yeah, it’s all quiet. Dave tells him about Omar’s blood being there and that’s as may be, but Argüelles swears his body sure wasn’t. Dave is convinced if Omar was there, Olivia was there. Argüelles quite reasonably says he may have been there, not found Olivia, and got caught up in this bar fight. But sure, he’ll keep an eye on things. Dave thanks him–he can’t do it because they know his face.

Inside the bar, everyone’s exhausted and wondering why Zuli’s not there. They can’t keep working these hours. Cindy says Zuli told her if she wasn’t back by closing, to just close up without her.

Amanda, Olivia, and Lizbeth can’t figure out how Cindy suddenly knows more about Zulima than they do. And why is Zulima acting so weird? They feel like she’s abandoned them and they really need Yoli to get back.

Camp Lucio

In John’s bed, Zuli smokes and gloats. She’s going to keep Yoli away from John and have him all to herself. (I roll my eyes in her general direction.)

Oscar finds Roberto in the hangar, checking out his array of guns. Roberto just loves guns. He’d like to learn how to use more of them. Oscar’s ex lurks as Oscar tells Roberto if he’s a good boy, he might just tell Arley to give him some lessons. He smarms about how the Lucios like people who are loyal and do as they’re told. Oh, Roberto’s all about that. (And they say chicks bring the drama. Wait…who said that? Oh, I know! Oscar!)


Dean gets back to the hotel and starts trying to get frisky with Monica, but gosh she’s so tense. She’d love a drink. Dean checks out the little booze bottles and says they just happen to have her favorite whiskey. Monica reminds him she likes it on the rocks…and she saw an ice machine outside. “The things I do for you,” Dean quips, as he goes outside with the ice bucket.

Monica checks his phone and calls Dave–there’s nothing on it. They’ll have to find something else.

Casa Bochas

El Bochas, aka Eladio, aka Obnoxious Narco, scolds Argüelles the Elder for the feds nosing around. Look, there’s only so much he can do. They were suspicious about the shooting at the bar, so he had to take them there. And then he had to take them to Aerotours, because one of them got the idea in his head that it belongs to the Lucios.

Yeah, Eladio had the same thought, which might explain why the two guys he sent to collect rent never came back. About that…Argüelles says they were pulled out of the river this morning.

OK, that’s it, now Eladio really needs to know if Aerotours belongs to the Lucios so he can go right for the jugular. He tells Argüelles to look into it. “Nobody messes with El Bochas!” (Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.)

Villa Antigua

This morning, Dean’s awfully eager to go by the bar. Didn’t Dave say the flight attendants work there? He’s sure they could find some clues! Dave doesn’t want to spook them. Oh, but they wouldn’t recognize Dean. He could take a taxi and be totally incognito. Dave sighs and tells him to do that. Get a car to take him out there and let him know if he needs backup.

Monica can’t believe Dave’s letting him go out there after everything they talked about last night. Well, Dave wants to know what Dean does when he’s alone.


Caicedo, the guy who only manages to be smarmier than Santamaría because he can’t imagine a woman could have any use at all besides being his victim, brings Yoli a uniform. She has to scream at him multiple times to turn around while she changes.

In the mess hall, Yolanda has breakfast with Santamaría. She looks around and notices a few other guys looking at her, including Caicedo.

Caicedo and the medic are sitting at a table with some other creep who’s all “Check out the hottie…just what the doctor ordered.” Vasquez, the medic, says he saw her, but he doesn’t follow up on the creep’s comments. Caicedo says the guys who saw the accident said they couldn’t figure out how she isn’t dead, which means she must be a great pilot. (I’d almost call that respect, but I’m not sure Caicedo’s capable of feeling that for a woman.)

Yoli thanks Santamaría for the clean clothes and the food and letting her out of her cell. He says any decent person would have done the same.

At the creep table, Caicedo says Santamaría gave orders Yolanda’s not to be touched. He doesn’t want to “share” her.

Santamaría tells Yoli to take advantage of the freedoms he’s giving her now. It won’t be the same in prison. Yoli asks if he’s handing her over. “That depends on what you’re willing to do so I don’t hand you over and I set you free.” Yoli glares at him.

As they’re talking, the creep at Caicedo’s table gets a call over the radio and identifies himself as “Rubio.”

Camp Lucio

John wakes up in the morning wondering what the fregado Zuli’s doing in his bed. Zuli completely misreads him and keeps trying to offer to take care of him, but all he wants is to be ALONE. He kicks her out of his room.

Amanda, in the kitchen, hears Zuli and her bells jingling angrily out the front door and watches her walk out.

Salvador calls Oscar to tell him he sent his guys out and they found the wreckage of the plane, but they didn’t find any merchandise or Yolanda. Oscar asks him to have them keep looking.

After breakfast, Lizbeth and Olivia hassle Amanda. She hardly ate, she’s acting upset–is it Arley? The baby? Amanda tells them about seeing Zuli coming out of John’s room. (The horror! The horror!) Yes, she’s sure it was Zuli. But it makes no sense…Zuli and Yolanda are friends. Lizbeth hopes this has nothing to do with the fact that Yolanda isn’t back yet.

Oscar whipped up a little hangover cure for John. “I swear, I’m never drinking again.” Yeah, Oscar’s heard that one before. Dave asks about the feds and Oscar says he talked to their inside man, Simpson, and Simpson confirmed that they were right. Yolanda ratted them out. (I don’t know whether to glare at Oscar for lying or laugh at him because now he’s given John the false impression that they’re completely safe with Yolanda gone.)

OK. And has he talked to Salvador? Does he know anything about Yolanda? Oscar says they found the plane completely destroyed and Yolanda’s dead. John tries to act like he’s not upset and says he never wants to hear her name in this house again. And they’re cleaning house, starting with the flight attendants.

Oscar’s all about that. He wants to go after Tía Rosalba. John tells him to go for it–and while he’s at it, find Estela and get rid of her too. Everyone who knows about this place, everyone who had anything to do with that traitor, John wants them gone.

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