La Piloto Friday 4/14/17 #29


Rubio brings over the sat phone/radio thing–there’s a call for Santamaría. Santamaría tells Rubio to take Yoli back to her cell.

Santamaría’s boss asks about the crash and he BS-es about having just barely finished the arduous search. Nope, no bodies found. The river must have carried them away, so as far as they’re concerned that means “no survivors.”

The General also wants him to find a narco’s hideout–the one Amparo escaped from. She gave an approximate location. Santamaría whines about a ten km radius not being that accurate, but when he hears capturing the narco will score him major points, he’s in.

On the way to her cell, Yoli starts asking Rubio for a favor. Oh, Rubio would just love to help the mamacita–but they get interrupted by Vasquez. He told Yoli she’s supposed to be taking these pills two times a day and what did she do? Left them in the infirmary.

Yoli’s confused for a second, but recovers and plays along. Vasquez says he’ll walk her back the rest of the way since he’s gotta examine her anyway. Rubio’s all jealous, but what’s the point, since even he reminds Vasquez that she’s “for” Santamaría. Yeah, yeah, he knows. And as for Yoli’s favor…she says she was going to ask him to take her to the infirmary to get the pills.

Once he’s gone, Vasquez warns her that Caicedo and Rubio are Santamaría’s two most faithful “dogs” and whatever favor she was going to ask, he would have been informed immediately. He assumes it’s the cell phone she wants. And ok, he’ll help, but she has to tell her boyfriend not to come down here and stir up trouble. He tells her to wait in her cell and he’ll come by later.

Vasquez comes by to hand Yoli a cell phone through the bars of her cell. He says she has three minutes and then she should throw it out the window and come by for it later.

Yoli barely has time to hide it before Santamaría comes in. He’s been thinking about it and he’s decided not to turn her over to the authorities. If she really knows where Salvador Moreno’s hacienda is, then she tells him, he captures Moreno, and she’s free. (Yeah, right.)

Around the corner, Vasquez lurks and quietly despairs as Yoli says she won’t do that. Yes she’s loyal to the narcos–has he forgotten she’s John Lucio’s partner? Santamaría doesn’t think John’s shown her any loyalty. Where is he, after all? Yoli asks why he won’t just take the money she offered.

Because around here, he’s the one in charge and things go the way he wants them to. He calls Caicedo in and says Yoli’s looking a little pale. Take her out for some sun.

As soon as they’re gone, Vasquez tries to get into the cell and retrieve his phone, but it’s locked.

Camp Lucio

Team Sobrecargo confront Zuli about coming out of John’s cabin naked. Zuli turns on the waterworks.

Oscar has decided to test Roberto by having him kill Olivia and the others. Arley asks what they’re supposed to do when Yoli gets back and they’re gone–just out of curiosity, you understand, because Arley’s all about following orders. Oscar says she won’t dare come back. OK, then.

Zuli tells the others that John raped her. They’re horrified and ready to do something about it. They can’t let him get away with this! Zuli says John already warned her not to bother saying anything to Yolanda. That she didn’t care and he could have any woman he wanted.

Before the conversation gets any further, Arley comes in to tell them Yoli’s in the hospital in Villa Antigua and wants to see them all. She had an accident and they’re not sure if she’s going to make it.

Argüelles wanders in the woods near Camp Lucio and sees Team Sobrecargo coming out of the cabin. He recognizes John when John comes outside and tells Zuli he wants to talk to her. The others don’t want to let her go. They’re still arguing about it when Arley and Roberto come outside. I’m pretty sure Zuli knows she’s sending them off to die when she tells them she doesn’t want to make things worse. She’ll see what John wants and catch up to them. “Say hi to Yolanda for me.”

As the SUV drives off, Argüelles sees Oscar and complains that he’s still alive. (Maybe someone needs to spend more time at the range and less time at Eladio’s….)

Tres Fuegos

Margot finds Cristian packing. He says he’s going to Villa Antigua to find Olivia and the guys who killed his dad. Margot begs him not to, but I guess she doesn’t have any way to stop him. He’s sorry, but he has to go avenge his father’s death.


So Rosalba’s cooking for Cañego now? She tells Estela he’s…their new neighbor. He’s a widower and the poor guy can’t even boil water. Estela’s furious at her for sharing their already-scarce resources with him. She’s off to have a bath before Rosalba invites the entire neighborhood over for one and they run out of gas.

Rosalba waits for her to leave and tries Yoli’s number again. It’s still out of area. She starts to pray.

Dave’s walking through the hotel lobby when a desk clerk grabs him and says he has a call waiting. The police station in Tres Fuegos is putting through a call from Altamirano–Rosalba.

Dave’s surprised to hear that Rosalba’s at her house. He immediately asks about Yolanda, but she hasn’t heard from her in long enough to start worrying. She called to ask him if Yolanda’s a suspect in skeevy uncle’s death. Rosalba doesn’t think she’s capable of killing another person. Dave agrees, she’s a good person, but she was pushed by the circumstances. He’s sure it was self-defense. He begs her to tell him where Yolanda is…

But Estela sneaks up and starts making innuendos about Rosalba having a boyfriend and she hangs up.

Dave tells Monica it was Rosalba on the phone. She’s at her house in Altamirano and he thinks Estela is with her.

Monica thinks Rosalba is lying, she and Estela are voluntarily together, and they both know more than they’re saying. (How anyone who has met Estela could think someone would hang out with her on purpose is beyond me.) Dave disagrees. Why did Rosalba call him if she supports what Yolanda is doing? Why hang up when he heard Estela’s voice?

He decides, since they can’t trust anybody, to go to Altamirano himself. He tells Monica to stay here and keep an eye on Dean. No problem, especially since he stuck that tracker on Dean’s rental car.


Oscar calls Cañego and tells him to kill Rosalba and get back to Villa Antigua. “Can I ask why?” No. Cañego says she’s important to Yolanda. Oscar says “they” are the Lucios and Yolanda is no longer working for them.

Ex-boyfriend comes to find Oscar, saying he was giving orders to the guys at the bottom of the hill (he seems to do that a lot). Oscar says his pants are ugly and he needs ex-boyfriend’s help with something.

Cañego comes over to Rosalba’s with a shopping bag, but he’s not talking. He apologizes to Rosalba before pointing his gun at her.

Cañego’s sorry, but he has his orders and if he doesn’t carry them out, they’ll kill his family. Estela whacks him with a frying pan…but now what?! Estela decides they should tie him up. Good thing Rosalba has rope and duct tape.

Estela asks why he was going to kill her, but Rosalba’s too upset to answer. They get him tied up…sort of…and drag him into a room off the kitchen.


John tells Zulima he’s not apologizing, he’s just admitting he might have crossed a line with her. (Which part? The letting her crawl into bed with him? The kicking her out in the morning?) He’s not having her killed because she was loyal. Zuli swears she always will be and starts macking on him. John would rather they move the party to his cabin.

Argüelles reports that there’s nothing weird going on at Aerotours. I was going to complain about the lousy security, but in the next second he’s surrounded by three armed men in masks.

Argüelles’ capture interrupts John and Zuli’s incipient nookie. Thanks for that! When Zuli hears his name, she tells John that’s the guy who was questioning her at the bar. He seemed very insistent that the bar belonged to the Lucios, but she didn’t get the impression he was very honest.

John and Oscar welcome (*roll eyes*) Argüelles at the reception cabin. John invites him to relax and sit a spell.

So, yeah, John and Oscar are offering Capitán Argüelles a job. Not that it’s really an offer. If he doesn’t agree, he’s not getting out alive.


Yoli is strung up in an archway, in the sun, standing on an overturned bucket, like we’ve see in every promo for the last week. (Really, is it necessary to start telling us on Monday what’s going to happen on Friday?) It’s all designed to get her to cooperate…or, really, to accept that Santamaría’s in charge. Vasquez lurks again.

Santamaría’s supervising target practice when Caicedo comes up to say the M60 has arrived. He goes to check it out, boasting that if John Lucio comes around he’s going to get fumigated like the roach he is. Caicedo says the other ametralladora (machine gun) is also in place.

Vasquez interrupts, attempting to make a case for Yolanda still being resentida (hurt) after the crash and he doesn’t think–yeah, Santamaría doesn’t want him thinking. They’re going to do whatever HE wants with the prisoner. Vasquez yessirs and makes a run for it.

Vasquez sneaks over to Yolanda to give her water and asks where the cell phone is. He gets busted by Caicedo, who apparently didn’t hear their conversation, and says he was hydrating her, duh! Or is the point supposed to be to kill her? Caicedo gets rid of him. Santamaría steps out of the shadows.

Santamaría praises Yolanda for lasting longer than the ten minutes he assumed she would. She’s way better than the losers he’s surrounded by, all waiting to stab him in the back. Too bad she’s showing all this loyalty to John Lucio and Salvador Moreno.

Caicedo has a couple of guys take her down and then tells her to get up off the concrete. She’s too weak from being in the sun all day. He has them take her to her cell and tie her up. As her boots drag on the ground, Caicedo laughs. Vasquez contemplates his life expectancy.

Time’s up

In the SUV, Lizbeth, Olivia, and Amanda are starting to panic. This isn’t the way to the hospital and Arley and Roberto aren’t answering their questions. Arley finally pulls the SUV over and says it’s their time. He turns around and points his gun at Amanda first.

Arley’s driving the car again and letting Roberto point the gun. Raúl’s patrol car is coming from the opposite direction and Arley warns them not to try to get help. Raúl gets a request for backup and is focused on that. Plus he can’t see through the dark tinted windows of the SUV.

Arley finally stops the SUV and he and Roberto drag Amanda, Olivia, and Lizbeth out of the back seat. I notice Roberto’s focusing his efforts on Amanda. Olivia gets Amanda away from Roberto and tells him to just shoot her already. But no, there are apparently procedures to be followed and Arley pulls her away from Roberto and shoves the three of them down a path to a wooded area. (I mean, obviously, they’re not trying to give them the chance to escape, right? But it sure does look like it.)

So, it’s through the woods to a clearing, where Arley tells them to kneel and tells Roberto to shoot. He starts with Olivia, but he can’t do it. While he and Arley are arguing, Olivia scrapes up a handful of dirt and twigs and the others do the same. Arley thinks he’s going to demonstrate how easy it is, but instead the women thrown dirt in their faces and make a run for it. Arley starts shooting at random.

Amanda gets separated from Olivia and Lizbeth and Arley chases her down, screaming at her to stop. Like that’s gonna happen.

Olivia’s falling behind and tells Lizbeth to go on without her. If they split up, at least one of them has a chance. They hug for what I assume is the last time. Roberto catches up to Olivia first and fires in her direction, squinting into the sun.

Amanda keeps scrambling over large rocks to the river. Arley catches up to her and she begs him not to shoot.

Roberto missed, but now Olivia stops behind a tree and he shoots her in the arm.

Amanda tells Arley she’s pregnant, but he doesn’t believe her, assuming she’s lying to keep him from killing her. Amanda says she was going to tell him the day she caught him with Cindy. She swears if he lets her go he’ll never hear from her or the baby again.

He decides he can’t do that and asks her to forgive him, but he only shoots her in the chest. Once. And walks away.

Roberto loses Olivia. Arley calls him on the radio and he fires his gun into the air a few times and then answers the call and says they’re dead. (Score one for the incompetence of henches!) Arley tells him to hide the bodies and meet him back at the SUV.

He complains about all the shots Roberto was firing off, but Roberto gets cranky with him–did he not want them dead? He says he tossed the bodies over the barranco (cliff; ravine) and tells Arley to check if he doesn’t believe him. No, they’re out of time. They need to get back.

Arley’s equally cranky when Roberto dares ask about Amanda. He asks the questions around here! The two dumbasses climb into the SUV.

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