La Piloto Monday 4/17/17 #30


Vasquez sneaks into Yoli’s cell with water…but also to get that phone back. Instead he gets busted by Caicedo, who assumes he’s there because he’s sexually interested in Yolanda, because el león cree que todos son de su condición.

Before he can get into too much of a fight with Vasquez, he gets a call that Santamaría wants all the troops assembled on the patio so they can do a search of the dorms. I guess that doesn’t include Vasquez. Caicedo lets him stay there, with the door unlocked, which gives Vasquez time to retrieve the phone…

And give it to Yoli to hurry up and make her call now because he’s sure they’ve noticed it’s missing. (WHAT?! NO! Just take the phone and get out! Do this some other time!) And then the phone doesn’t work and he stands there fiddling with it.

For some reason it’s Rubio who’s getting blamed for the missing phone. As Santamaría’s scolding him he notices Vasquez running away from the building and goes after him. He catches Vasquez trying to hide the phone in a gap under some concrete steps and radios Caicedo to stop searching. Vasquez swears he can explain….

Santamaría starts out by punching him, then repeatedly dunks him in a barrel of water under Yoli’s window. He keeps insisting he just wanted to call his girlfriend to wish her a happy birthday. After the third dunking, Yoli shouts out her window that she’ll cooperate with Santamaría.

Santamaría goes up to her cell to ask what made her suddenly decide. Rather than answer, Yoli asks if he wants to find Salvador Moreno’s hacienda or not.


Argüelles agrees to work “with” the Lucios and Oscar hands him his first paycheck. But before Argüelles can claim the two big stacks of cash, they want a favor. They’ve been missing their BFF El Bochas and they’d like Argüelles to find him for them so they can give him a hug. Argüelles says he’ll look into it and get back to them. OK, but they want him today. They’ve reeeeeally been missing him. Argüelles agrees.

Oscar says the guys outside will give back his gun. John tells him to smile at the camera before he goes. He’d better not open his mouth or he’ll end up on national TV. They tease him about looking like an actor.

Arley comes in as Argüelles is leaving and says the job’s done. They’ll have to find new flight attendants.

‘Sup, dudes?

Dave gets to Rosalba’s house and finds the gate and the front door open. The sound of a ringing cell phone leads him to the little room where Cañego is still tied up and Dave rifles through his pockets to find it.

“You’re calling at a bad time, Oscar….Don’t you recognize my voice?” Oscar calls John over and waves the other guys out of the hangar so he can put Dave on speaker. John says hi and Dave starts in on where’s Yolanda and why is there a killer in Rosalba’s house. He threatens to kill John and Oscar himself if they hurt Yolanda. Oscar tells him to come on, then, because Yoli’s dead.

He hangs up on Dave and John asks what he’s doing. Well, Oscar wasn’t going to stand around talking to him all day. Oscar reminds him Yolanda’s been working with Dave for a while now, obviously, and if he knew where Rosalba was, that means he’s protecting her. John says Cañego never saw him there. “Well, he showed up by surprise.” Oscar figures he killed Cañego.

John realizes they need to find Rosalba. If she were dead, Dave wouldn’t have been so calm.


Estela and Rosalba end up at Flor’s house. Estela asks if they can stay there…and borrow her phone…and have a drink. Estela wants Rosalba to call Yolanda, assuming Rosalba had the number memorized, but had to admit to having a stolen copy. Rosalba tries, but the phone is still out of area.

Dave has the local cops come pick up Cañego. He tries to ask where John and Oscar are, but Cañego sticks to his story–I didn’t do anything! As he gets loaded into the back of the patrol car, Dave calls Monica and tells her what just happened–finding Cañego, Rosalba and Estela being gone, talking to Oscar.

Even Monica’s upset at the thought Yolanda might be dead. Dave’s not sure if Oscar was telling the truth, but he’s convinced they have to find her, Estela, and Rosalba.

Dave asks how Dean is doing. According to his tracker, he’s been at the bar all day. Dave’s been thinking at the bar–if it was a turf war between Bochas and the Lucios, then Bochas can lead them to the Lucios. Monica says she’ll look into it.

Villa Antigua

Bochas sits at his baby grand piano, fussing about Argüelles not returning his calls. He’s not, like, playing it or anything. I think it’s just a convenient height for him to snort coke from. He wants Coco, the hench, to go find him and tell him to answer his phone.

At the station, Argüelles ignores his ringing phone, telling Argüelles the Younger it’s just some wrong number caller who’s been calling all day. Anyway…they’re going to get organized because things are going to change around here. They’re going to bring order to the area.

Argüelles the Younger says that’s what they’ve been trying to do and getting nowhere. Maybe it’s time to let the feds help. The Elder is appalled at the suggestion! They can do this on their own! And Raúl’s job is going to be to clean up Bútaro.

But Bútaro is where all the bars are. Raul complains he’d spend all his time dealing with fights between drunks and prostitutes. He’d rather be assigned to San Miguel where he can help with the narcos. Capitán Argüelles flips out and says nothing’s going on in San Miguel. It’s an order and that’s all there is to it!


Monica checks on Dean. His little blip is heading for Aerotours. One of the Villa Antigua officers comes up to give her their files on El Bochas. He also mentions there was a report of shots fired in San Miguel, out by the vineyard.

She calls Dean and he admits to being at Aerotours. He says no one was at the bar so he came over to check things out. And there’s nothing going on. Is that all she called for? Monica says she also heard there were shots fired at the vineyard. Maybe he should go take a look. Dean says he’ll do that…

And then tells the Lucios and Zuli that it’s all good, the waters are calm. John laughs, asking if it’s true Dean’s, uh, sleeping with Monica. Only he uses the word “escabechaste” meaning “ploughed.” Laughs all around.

Dean’s ready to go now, and he keeps being all buddy-buddy with John, slapping him on the arm, telling him everything’s taken care of, that he’s being well-paid by the cartel to attend to their needs. Even when the three of them say they’re glad to hear that because they don’t like mediocrity, Dean just laughs like “Awww, you’re trying to scare me? How cute!” and says he’ll see them later. (I’m sure Oscar has killed guys for less.)


Lizbeth makes it into town, walking down a street lined with women who may or may not be attempting to offer their sexual services in exchange for money. Two guys start accosting her and she says she’s not a sex worker. “What are you then? An economist? An engineer?”

They corner her and one guy prepares to rape her in broad daylight. Since they’re both busy looking around to make sure they’re not being watched, Lizbeth has an opportunity to grab a discarded glass bottle and smash it over one’s head.

Before they can chase her, a patrol car comes around the corner, giving a friendly little toot of the siren. Raúl drives slowly on by.

Olivia makes it to that vineyard everybody keeps talking about and watches a worker load crates in the back of a truck. Dean drives up and asks about the gunshots that were reported. The worker says they came from that direction, by the river.

As soon as he drives away, Olivia climbs up onto a deck where she can sneak into the back of the truck and wedge herself between the crates. The worker gets in without noticing her and starts driving.

Cristian is on the bus to Villa Antigua, thinking about seeing his dad in his coffin and hearing the body came from Villa Antigua. He checks his gun and then shoves it back into his backpack.

Cindy’s walking down some old railroad tracks, presumably on her way to the bar, while talking to her mom on the phone. She begs her to understand that she needs the money, but as soon as she can she’ll find another job. She notices something and asks her mom to hold on.

It’s Amanda, lying in a shallow spot where the river is barely a stream.


Cañego’s in interrogation in Altamirano and completely ignoring Dave’s pleading and threatening. Dave tries jumping the desk and throttling the guy, asking if Yolanda is alive. He’s nearly in tears by the time another officer pulls Dave off and the lawyer gets there. It’s the same lawyer Dave’s seen before.

Once they’re alone, the lawyer asks what happened at Rosalba’s house. “I’m fine, thanks for asking.” He was just carrying out his boss’ orders and he got hit from behind. He didn’t see who it was, but he’s sure it wasn’t one of the cops. That guy practically choked him to death for not talking–no way those guys know where Rosalba is.

The information goes from the lawyer, to Oscar, to John. John thinks you’ve gotta be really useless to be taken down by a woman. Just for that, I hope it’s not Dave who kills him. He tells Oscar to call their people in Altamirano to find her and take her out. And call “the gringo” (Dean) and tell him he’s supposed to be letting them know where Dave is.

Oscar says this has happened before. He thinks they’ve got a mole. John says they’ll keep that in mind. For now, he wants Dean checking on Rosalba. If she talks to the cops, they’re going to have to move again. And John likes this town.

Casa Flor

OK, It’s been a few minutes and probably a few tequilas and now Flor wants to know why they’re here. Estela says a few days ago a cop was shot in her house and just now a guy got into Rosalba’s house. And it’s not them–this is all Yolanda’s fault! (I’d suggest a drinking game where every time Estela says something is Yolanda’s fault you do a shot, but I think my liver would end up more shriveled than I assume hers is at this point.) She’s gotten into some bad business and now they’re the ones paying for it.

“So they’re looking for you.” Estela says they’re just taking precautions and it’ll only be for a few days and Flor has nothing to worry about. Estela sends her to the store for some ham sandwiches and beers, Estela’s treat.

Meaning she’ll pay for them as soon as she has the money. Flor grumbles as she gets her keys and heads out the door.

Rosalba’s upset that Estela said Yoli was into some bad stuff. “Well, I’m not going to lie to cover for her!” Rosalba says all she did was make Flor feel uncomfortable. And it IS a risk. Rosalba wouldn’t blame her for throwing them out. She begs Estela to think of a way out of this.

But all Estela wants is for YOLANDA to get them out of this by sending them money. Well, Rosalba’s getting a bad feeling that something happened to Yolanda. “Yeah, and to us, too!” Estela says. She tells Rosalba to give thanks that Estela saved her life. Rosalba starts praying. (Somehow, I don’t think that’s what she meant.)


Yoli wants some kind of assurances that Santamaría’s not going to turn her over to his superior officers as soon as she helps him find Salvador’s place. He can’t give her anything more than his “word” (which is probably worthless) and he pressures her to give him an answer because he’s got a “friend” waiting downstairs.

Outside, Yoli watches as Santamaría gives the guys their orders. He wants Salvador alive, but he’ll settle for “dead with a still-recognizable face” for the news. He tells them not to spare ammunition. He sends Caicedo to get Vasquez.

Santamaría walks Yoli out to a jeep and waits for Caicedo to parade Vasquez past them before telling Rubio to put a hood over her head. Yoli objects. Didn’t they have a deal? He tells they did, and she’s going to be a free woman, but for now she’s going to get in the jeep. She gets in without the hood and Rubio handcuffs her to the bar before putting the hood on.

On the bumpy road to Salvador’s place, Santamaría starts trying to win Yoli over, saying he’s impressed with her. If she wasn’t so solidaria (caring) she would’ve let Vasquez die. Yoli tries to say she doesn’t know what he’s talking about but Santamaría says he doesn’t like it when people treat him like he’s stupid. Plus he saw Vasquez leaving her cell when he went to hide it.

When Yoli doesn’t say anything, Santamaría quips to Rubio that you know what they say, silence is assent. In the jeep in front of them, Caicedo pulls out his gun and puts it where Vasquez can see it.

Santamaría decides they’re close enough to Salvador’s and Yoli should guide them in the rest of the way. Uh huh, and is he going to take the hood off or is she supposed to guide them with this thing on her head. When they start moving she tells them to take off the handcuffs, too. Santamaría does it with an excess of sarcasm, even offering her a hand out of the jeep. Yoli ignores it and jumps down on her own.

She walks down the road and looks around, but she says it’s not going to work like this. He remembers she was here in a plane…there’s a bit of a difference between the way things look up high, you know. He gets grumpy with her for starting to climb up on one of the jeeps without asking permission first.

From up there, she points in a direction. Yeah, she’s sure. Santamaría tells her not to worry that her boyfriend will find out she’s selling out all his friends–he won’t say anything. He holds up the handcuffs again, saying it’s time to go. Rubio grins. (You are all going to die and I am not going to be sorry. Except for Vasquez, but I’m pretty sure he’s dying too.)

Some mole you are

Oscar calls Dean and tells him he screwed up again. Dave’s in Altamirano and he captured one of their guys…and once again, Dean gave them no warning.

Well, that’s because he didn’t know. Oscar says that’s funny–they’ve got an inside man who doesn’t know what’s going on inside! Dean reminds Oscar he doesn’t work for him–he works for the cartel. Oscar says they had a deal. Dean was supposed to keep him informed.

Dean says he’ll find out now and–no, too late for that. They already know what Dave was doing there. He was looking for Rosalba. Who has gotten away and has enough info to screw them all over–the Lucios, the cartel, and Dean too. And then Oscar hangs up on him.


John and Zuli have sex again. Which does not excuse her from needing to go manage the bar. Zuli tries to whine to him that it’s dangerous for her to keep working there. What if the feds come back and realize it’s the Lucios’ place.

John says he’ll buy that, but he can’t close the bar. It would be too suspicious. He tells her to find a replacement, but her only option is Cindy. So far, all she knows is that it’s the Lucios’ place and they all live together. And she helped them when the feds came by. John says if she trusts Cindy, then she’ll be vouching for her–with her live. Zuli gives him a nervous “mhm.”

Terrible idea

Cindy brought Amanda to her mom’s house. Mami can’t believe she’s getting herself involved in other people’s problems. She gets a bad vibe off that girl. And isn’t that the one who nearly left Cindy bald?! Just call an ambulance and get her out of here. If she dies here, they’ll be blamed!

Cindy says they can’t. She can’t go to a hospital and they can’t go to the cops. Amanda and her friends work for the Lucio brothers.

Now mom’s really freaked out. Cindy hits her with, “I’m involved too. They own the bar where I work.” (Way to rip off that Band-Aid!) Mom gets all whiny, but Cindy says all they have to do right now is help Amanda. She’s going to go to the bar and tell her friends that Amanda’s here and then it’s over.

Mom still worries about the killer showing up here, but Cindy reminds her no one knows Amanda is here. If she wakes up, tell her to call Cindy on her cell.

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