La Reina de la Canción Tuesday 5/02/17 #10

I’m listening to Alejandra’s introductory patter about nerves and it’s all sort of floating over my head and then…I swear she says Daniel Arenas.

Well, that was random

It’s workout day. Susett learned a very important lesson–never tell the trainer you don’t work out or you’ll have all their attention. She says later she enjoyed parts of the workout, like sitting down and drinking water. I’m seeing yoga mats on concrete and feeling terrible for everyone’s knees. Beatriz D was reliving her feelings of being that kid who couldn’t keep up, but she stuck with it.

And he’s coming back tomorrow at 5am so they can all go running. Yay? (I’m going to try to be charitable here and assume he’s a qualified professional and consulted with everyone individually to find out about any limitations and doctors cleared them for physical activity and all that responsible stuff, but I’m still giving his major side-eye.)


Back at the house, Yohanny decides she needs to talk to her teammates about how they felt about Poncho saving her at the last elimination. This feels like needless controversy.

Except then we get a flashback to the rest of them sitting around the dining table saying they didn’t like how Poncho saved Yohanny while she’s right there in the kitchen. So she’s been saving this up.

I must be feeling cranky tonight, because I feel like Jazmin’s “I just don’t think he should have done it that way, he should have waited until after you sang” is a cop-out. Or maybe I’m just annoyed with people who talk behind other people’s backs and won’t own it. Like, seriously, she was standing right there and she heard them.

Mary talks to a producer about either getting some kind of immediate care or going home. She’s definitely got an infection and it sounds like they need to do more testing before they can find out if she has cancer.

The metroPCS challenge

So, the challenge doesn’t involve singing. They’re going to have to pick three team members to compete before Alejandra has even told them what the challenge is.

From #teamhoroscopos: Sandra I, Susett, Dayanna
From #teamrecodo: Yohanny, Janine, Marcela

And THEN they find out that the challenge is acting and Alejandra invited Daniel Arenas. I dig the facial hair. He explains he’s going to be giving them a workshop that includes three elements of telenovelas: tears, slaps, and kisses.

They get to use their smart phones to find videos and get “inspired.”

Oh, no fair, we don’t get to hear the actual workshop, we’re just going straight to everyone improvising scenes!

Crying: Sandra I vs. Yohanny

They have to improv a scene that includes a rich brother who they haven’t seen in years and they have to give him bad news. Sandra’s a pro, of course, but Yohanny’s not half bad either.

Slapping: Marcela vs. Susett

They apparently had to tell Dan they cheated on him and then slap him when confronted. I think Susett’s slap looked like it should have knocked his head right off. And they both looked like they were trying not to laugh.

Kissing: Dayanna vs. Janine

So now that Daniel has gotten bad news from his sister and found out his wife cheated on him, his secretary gets to comfort him. Dayanna gets the giggles after snogging Dan and practically runs off “stage.” I think I heard her say “Did that really happen?”

And the award goes to…

Daniel gave Marcela (#teamrecodo) the win on the slap challenge, Dayanna (#teamhoroscopos) wins the kiss challenge for having “more passion,” and Yohanny (#teamrecodo) wins the crying challenge.

So here we go again–Poncho gets to save or trade. (Let’s hope he does it in a team-approved manner this time so we can avoid further drama. /snark)

Ale gets Daniel out of there before the contestants …do something to him.

Mentor workshop/performance
Team Horóscopos – A.B. Quintanilla

Olivia thanks A.B. for having come to Eloy and gets a hug.

Carmen asks him for advice about how to have an exemplary career like he’s had. He says for him it’s about hunger–without it, you don’t do anything.

Lluvia says she heard he’s a fan of José Alfredo Jimenez, so they decided to sing El Rey for him. He heard Susett’s voice down on those low notes. (Damn right he did!)

And his last bit of advice for them is to never stop singing. We need more singers in this world. (His words, not mine…but I agree.)

Team Recodo – Geovanni and Charly

Geovanni and Charly sing Vale la Pena for the contestants.

Janine asks how they manage, with 17 in the band, not to fight with each other. Charly says they’re all human and they all learn from each other.

They can tell when each other is in a bad mood and they steer clear. They can’t afford to fight with people they spend more time with than they do their families.

Geovanni encourages them to think of this is a team. They’re not here to fight, but they’re here to win and do it without jealousy. They have to support each other. He’s got his buddy here and who’s one of his best friends if not the best and that speaks to what a good team they are. When they have problems, it’ll help to talk to each other and keep it from getting better.

Beatriz M asks how difficult it is away from their families–how do they deal with it. Charly says you have to get used to it, but don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. Nobody said this would be easy–if it was easy, anyone would do it and they’re not just anyone.

Geovanni encourages them to love themselves first and not be jealous of anyone else.

Sandra asks how it is working with Poncho. They say he’s a good leader, but he’s a joker. He likes playing pranks on the bus. So if they’re ever missing one of their ténis and it turns up in the fridge….

And then they bid the contestants goodbye with La Mejor de Todas.


Mary, Lluvia, and Dayanna are working on their trio back at the house and it’s sounding really good. Vicky and Marisol show up to correct a few notes, but they really want to talk to Mary.

She explains she was in pain for a week before she couldn’t take it anymore and went to the ER. She’s been spending her time since then sleeping, singing, reading, or talking to someone because otherwise she starts to worry that she’s got cancer.

Nobody seems to be making a decision at this point, other than that Mary needs to take care of herself, sleep as much as she needs, and let them know if she needs anything.

Hangin’ out

Janine and Dayanna get care packages. Janine jokes that Dayanna’s mom sent a whole suitcase full of clothes, so she obviously expects her to be here for a while…and her mom sent three outfits. They show each other pictures of their families.

Jazmin and Lluvia both lost their sisters and they bond over that. Lluvia wears a Virgen de Guadalupe medal her sister gave her. Jazmin wears her sister’s ring.

It looks like a rehearsal, but it’s drama

Poncho listens to Yohanny, Irene, and Marcela on El Me Mintió and it’s worse than the last time. Poncho was kind of expecting it. He doesn’t like Yohanny saying she just switched to this part twenty minutes ago and says the world is full of people who make excuses. He doesn’t want them to make excuses.

He calls them into his office later. There’s, like, a call over the loudspeaker so seriously it’s like “Report to the principal’s office immediately!” So now Poncho wants an explanation for what happened. He’s disappointed in them.

Yohanny says this is a special song for her that she sings with her family, but she’s not used to singing it in a group like this. She says since her voice is higher–and Irene shakes her head–she said she’d take the third part and she’s been trying to blend, but they didn’t really make that decision until twenty minutes before the rehearsal.

And if I’m getting this right, I don’t know what to say. Maybe they’re messing with the timeline, I don’t know. I really don’t see a reason why a decision like that got stalled until twenty minutes before rehearsal.

Poncho tells them to get it together–they can’t sound like that tomorrow. And they all assure him they can do this.

So they work on it and they try to work together, but Irene’s telling the camera you just can’t force it and one of them wasn’t being flexible. So she’s just trying to do the best she can.

Yohanny tells Jazmin and Beatriz D that Marcela is the one causing the problem, coming in late, not concentrating.

Poncho! Quit bringing the drama!

Poncho shows up at the house, getting them all pumped about how the winner is going to come from his team. So for the good of the team, he’s decided that this week he’s going to trade.

Tomorrow: some cute guy shows up to sing, more drama, performances, coordinated outfits.

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Thanks for this Kat. I totally FFd through the exercise. And the telenovela challenge. And much of the drama.

“This feels like needless controversy.”

Yup. And I know that they were openly discussing it in front of Yohanny, but it still felt contrived. A lot of it does actually. It’s a little annoying because I would still watch even if there was never drama. I guess I’m boring. I would love to see more of the rehearsals. There’s probably some drama there that doesn’t feel fake.