Guerra de Ídolos Tuesday 5/02/17 #7

Falso Homenaje
Los Matamoros

At Makeout Point, Fierro keeps the car advancing towards Mateo, never hitting him, turning it around when there’s nowhere left to go, and making a second pass at him on the way out of the parking lot. Mateo’s more angry than anything, but Manara’s freaked out and wants to go home.

Agustina brings Amado his evening tequila and he backhands her for being “chismosa.” He accuses her of trying to play the concerned stepmother and tells her to stop it. HE will be the one to “guide” Julia. He means “groom” and he admits it–if he can’t use Manara to get to Rafa, he’ll use Julia to get to Ernesto, but he “has” to have the support of the unions.

Agustina says he keeps talking about making “dreams” come true, but all he’s creating are nightmares. He starts choking her, forcing her to kiss him, then he tosses her on the bed and starts apologizing as he kisses her. (I hate this guy. I really really hate this guy.)

Back at the house Manara and Mateo say meaningless things about seeing each other at Ernesto’s thing and how he’s going to send her the backing track as soon as he has it. Manara turns down an offer to have their second date right this minute or show him the house. She starts to get out of the car and he pulls her back in for a kiss first.

Inside, Manara sits in the empty living room, in the dark, thinking about Mateo. Amado turns the lights on and interrupts her thoughts. I guess he changed his mind about it not mattering whether she goes for Rafa or Mateo, because now he’s worried about her pissing off Rafa and messing with “his” relationships. She throws his earlier words back at him–ever since he brought her into this they’re not “his” they’re “ours.”

Yep, he seems to have decided he needs both Zabalas for his “campaign” (I’m starting to roll my eyes every time he mentions it) and she has to help him. Look, she got his message–she knows that was Fierro driving the car tonight, but if he lays one finger on Mateo she’ll go to the cops. And if he wants to shut her up, he’ll have to kill her to do it, like she’s sure he did to David.

Los Boricuas

Dylan and the guys work on a version of Fuego Cruzado. I don’t know what Mateo asked for, but it doesn’t sound all that “urban” to me. They have beautiful voices and some very nice harmonies, but it sounds like an entirely different melody.

Cristian thinks they’re ready to do a recording on his tablet and send it to Mateo, but Diego starts griping about how they can’t make a crappy recording on his tablet when Rafa Zabala’s going to hear it. Dylan tries to talk him down. It’s just a maqueta (mock-up) and as soon as Mateo gives his approval they’ll do a proper studio recording.

The thing is, what Diego’s really upset about is not knowing when they’re going to end up in another shootout. The Mexicanos got their primo’s body back, but they shot another one of Treviño’s men. What does Dylan think is going to happen next?

Dylan tells him to go if he wants to and Cristian intervenes and begs them both to calm down. He reminds them Mateo chose them to do the music for the first ever single of the new record label and it’s such a huge honor and can’t they see the glass as half full?

Diego feels like Cristian and Dylan just don’t understand him. Dylan promises he does, and reminds him they’re not alone in this. Tomorrow he’s going to call Valentín and Básico and all five of them can put pressure on Mateo. They’ll get a big job out of this and then there’s nowhere to go but up. Diego’s somewhat mollified and they get back to working on the track.

El tremendo chisme

As soon as Isaac gets home, Gilda confronts him about the ultrasound. If the information gets into the wrong hands, it could not only hurt their mom, but the memory of Julio César.

Isaac accuses her of wanting to take advantage of the chaos and fight him for “power.” Gilda’s like “Seriously, bro?” She knows he’s been chasing after their dad, putting ideas in his head, criticizing Mateo and Julio César because they had talent and Isaac doesn’t. “Am I lying?”

Isaac says the only thing that’s true here is that the two of them have been fighting their entire lives. On that note Gilda tells him to watch out–if she decides to look into what he’s doing, that’s the end of his “show.”

Lucho and his assistant work on the article. There’s a knock at the door and he says it’s their “star witness.”

It’s Victoria’s grandma. Lucho gives his condolences, but she’s holding a grudge because he published the picture of Victoria’s body on the front page. He says it was nothing personal, but he’s offering her the opportunity to get revenge for her family and earn some money. All she has to do is say that before she died Veronica said that Belinda was cheating on Julio César. Abuela’s willing to do it to make Belinda suffer, after she made Veronica suffer. He and his assistant get right to recording her interview.

In the morning, Gilda’s sitting on the couch with Celestina, giving her oxygen. When Moisés and Mateo come in she explains that Celestina had a hypertensive crisis. Celestina mentions “scandal” and not being able to leave Julio César alone, even in death. Gilda has the paramedics take her upstairs so she can stabilize her before they go to the hospital.

Isaac wanders down and Gilda says this is his fault–the news is everywhere. And Veronica’s grandmother says that’s not Julio César’s baby. Mateo looks at the article on her tablet and asks when she went in for a sonogram. Isaac says he’s the one who took her–what’s the problem?

Gilda has to call her dad in to break up the fight. She goes upstairs to see her mom, giving Isaac a shove on her way. Moisés demands to know how the news got out and Mateo just points at Isaac and tells him to ask the one who’s going around doing things behind their backs. Isaac tells his BS story about just wanting to help “cure” his mom’s depression after he accidentally found out about the pregnancy…which Mateo didn’t even want to ell him about. (Hello…way to make it look like that was a wise choice!) Mateo tells him not to play the victim.

And what’s Moisés upset about? That they’re fighting. Dude, seriously? You think THAT’s the problem? Oh, and that it’s making their brother look bad. Not sure how that’s Mateo’s problem, but whatever.

Isaac says it was just him and Belinda who did the sonagram, so maybe she dropped the results or she lost them or something. Mateo starts to go after him for blaming Belinda. Moisés blames them both for not telling him as soon as they knew. He tells Isaac to go find Belinda and take her to see “your girlfriend” (Can we please give her a name already?!) for an interview to see if they can clean up Julio César’s image.

He tells Mateo to start praying nothing happens to his mother. “What did I do?!” He found out and didn’t tell Moisés and if he had, none of this would be happening (*snort*). Isaac agrees, Mateo had better pray. Mateo starts to fight with him again and Moisés tells them to break it up. (The sibling bickering feels so uncomfortably authentic.)

Radio station

Alexis tells Gabriel he send him some pictures of the setup for Ernesto’s homenaje. And he, while he’s looking at them on the computer he might want to look at the latest news on the Solars. It’s going to bring a lot of attention to the event.

Alexis grovels and apologizes for what he said to Selva (the “your dad takes things literally” thing? Are we still on about that?) and offers his Payola for the last few months, in cash, to make up for it. He could also set him up a little private party with some girls…. No, that’s for DJ’s. Gabriel prefers cash. He appreciates the money–it shows the respect Alexis should have for him.

Memo comes in, saying the guy who shot his brother goes by “El Básico.” Uh huh, well, they’ll let the cops do their job. Gabriel gives him the money Alexis just handed over so Memo can use it to bribe the cops. And they’re going to make Mateo pay anyway.

Alexis knows him, right? Alexis says Mateo’s the one who covered up for Julio César when he was cheating on Selva.

Casa Matamoros

Rafael whines to Amado about wanting to be independent, free from his wife and his father…so he wants to know how their business is going. Amado says they’re doing well and he’s glad Rafael is starting to embrace the idea of it being “their” business. He promises if Rafa goes all in with him he’ll never need anyone  else. (And also, I have this lovely bridge for sale….)

Rafa says he wants to shut Itzel’s mouth, so can Amado get him some drugs? The legal kind, of course. Amado says he can. And he assumes Rafa also wants help with Manara? That’s complicated.

Oh, no, Rafa knows how to seduce a woman. She’ll succumb sooner or later. He just wants to scare off Mateo. Not kill him, just…make him crawl back to the street where he belongs. Sure, Amado can totally do that.

Manara tries calling Mateo, but it’s a bad time. I guess she hasn’t been online yet. Eh, I’m sure Julia will tell her.

But instead when Julia runs into Manara’s room it’s to ask if she can finally get the chisme on last night’s date with Mateo. Because Rafa’s here and Julia wants to hear before Manara goes down to talk to him. Julia’s trying on her dress for the homenaje, but Manara didn’t think she was going to be allowed to go after all the fuss Amado made over her singing.

It really makes Manara suspicious to hear that Amado said she could go. And he helped her pick out this blush dress that’s less covered up than the black one that was Julia’s other choice.

Rafa comes to Manara’s gym, all cranky. Personal problems. He just wanted to stop by and tell her he’s excited about singing with her and he’ll see her in Monterrey. She admits she’s nervous, but he tells her not to be. His smile fades as he starts walking out.

Crisis averted

Celestina’s well enough to come back downstairs and Gilda dismisses the paramedics–she won’t need the stretcher. She wants to take Gilda to the hospital, let them run tests, and have her spend the night for observation.

Celestina wants to visit Belinda first and hear it directly from her–is it Julio César’s baby or not? Mateo says she doesn’t need to do that. The baby IS Julio César’s. He thinks about Julio César giving him the news and admits he knows because Julio César’s the one who told him Belinda was pregnant. And he was happy.

Now Celestina’s upset that Julio César didn’t tell her and she didn’t get a chance to hug him. Mateo says she has to take care of herself now–she’s going to be a grandma. He helps them partway to the door and then goes upstairs to talk to his dad.

Isaac’s up there saying he’s arranging the interview with Grandota. She’s busy interviewing Ernesto Zabala for his anniversary right now. When Mateo comes in, Isaac throws a pencil at him and accuses him of wanting to leave Isaac out of everything. What’s up with this single?

Uh, it’s a tribute to Julio César and Rafa’s going to sing it with Amado Matamoros’ sister Manara.

Isaac thinks HE’S the one who should be singing it because he’s Julio César’s brother. Not some stranger. Moisés makes that long-suffering dad face (which IMO, he’s brought on himself) while Mateo says this isn’t about family, it’s about talent. And Rafa’s the one who made the decision and he’s a partner in the label, right? Moisés has to agree on that and Mateo asks him to tell it to his son, the zángano (mooch, parasite). Mateo walks out after throwing Isaac’s hat. Isaac throws another pencil at him.

Isaac starts whining at his dad about Mateo, the “Tom Cruise of the frontera.” And does Moisés agree with him? Moisés just makes kind of an “I’m not even going to answer that” gesture.

It’s all about Gabriel

Ernesto does his interview with Grandota, talking about Rafa and Manara’s duet. Huh, Grandota thinks the homage came up pretty suddenly. And why did he pick radio instead of TV, given his popularity. Ernesto says it was Gabriel’s idea. Gabriel’s the one who believed in him when he was just a kid with a guitar. What better way to offer an homage to such an honorable person. (Uh…does he mean Gabriel or is he talking about himself?)

At the morgue, Gabriel gathers his top henches around the body and eulogizes Memo’s brother. If “We’ll get them all!” could be considered a eulogy.

Valentín sings Ángel con Colmillos for Tito’s memorial service, with Básico and the Boricuas backing him up with their sweet harmonies. Mateo sits by Valentín’s mom. He assures her he’s found a trustworthy funeral home so they can give Tito a proper burial. Ester says the boys risked everything for him. He owes them. (I say give Ester five minutes alone in a room with Gabriel Treviño. He’d never stand a chance.)

Fierro hands over the drugs Amado asked for. Amado has a sketch of the event venue with the ambush plan that Alexis sent him. Fierro can see they’re going to have most of the guys waiting in the parking lot and one guy encañonandolo (funneling Amado towards them). And Fierro and his guys are going to be inside, unarmed. It’s going to be tricky.

Amado has a plan. Fierro will take out the guys outside and Amado will deal with the ones inside. He tells him to go back to the guy he got the drugs from and place another order. He’s going to get rid of Treviño right there in front of everyone, just wait and see.

On the way out of the church, Dylan and Valentín flank Mateo. Is he really going to Monterrey with his family? Do they know about the latest trouble with Treviño? Mateo says it’s his problem and he’s about to end it. Either Treviño dies or he does, but he’s not letting anyone else die.

Except Valentín and Dylan have discussed this and they’re not leaving Mateo alone. They don’t want Mateo dying–he’s their friend and their producer, and like Doña Ester says, he’s their hope. Got it? Mateo insists he’s going to Monterrey alone.

OK, if they can’t kill Treviño they can at least give him a calambre (shock). Mateo doesn’t answer.

Days later

Celestina’s home. Gilda filled the house with flowers and Belinda brought some too. From the baby. She begs Celestina not to believe the gossip–this really is Julio César’s baby. Celestina does believe her and she’d like her to move in so they can all take care of her and the baby. They hug.

It’s time for the big homenaje. I don’t know if we should expect multiple changes of traje, but so far Ernesto’s wearing a white one with gold trim, not the flashy one Itzel designed. He walks in with his son and grandsons. Rafa went with a leather traje, Santiago is in cream and silver with contrasting dark blue on the inner parts of the legs. I’m trying to get a look at Nicolas’, but I think it’s just shiny leather, completely untraditional.

As Gabriel is greeting Ernesto, a server turns around and he and Santiago share a look of recognition that they carefully conceal.

Moisés, Mateo, and Isaac are on their way over in the plane. Moisés is impressed with all the publicity. Isaac snarks that they’re getting more attention than Zabala. Mateo’s upset they’re not getting paid, but that was Moisés’ decision. This is a trip to kiss ass and fix the mess with Treviño, so Mateo had better get with the program.

The Matamoros’ arrive. Manara’s quickly scooped up by Rafa while Amado introduces Julia to Gabriel.

On a nearby rooftop, Treviño’s guys note Amado’s arrival and start coordinating.

Manara keeps a smile on her face as she asks Rafa why they’re taking so many pictures of her. He says he arranged it with the family’s publicist to make sure her debut gets a bunch of press.

Amado introduces Julia to Ernesto as his biggest fan. She calls him “sir.” Amado starts in on how she’d love to come to his rehearsals. Manara overhears and quickly comes over to introduce herself and ask Julia to come with her while she does her sound check. Which is code for: You’re coming with me so we can get you away from the creeps.

Inside, Manara tells Julia to stay away from Ernesto Zabala and stick close to her.

Oh, hello, Nicolas is not just wearing a non-traditional shiny leather traje. It’s glitter. And no tie. And he comes over to introduce himself to Manara and Julia. Manara has no problem leaving Julia talking to him.

All he says is “Julia’s a pretty name” and Julia gets a bit flustered, and says it’s hot in here. She tells Manara they should get drinks and Nicolas is all “I’ll see you later, ok?” Um, yes dear, the cute boy was flirting.

Valentín and Dylan and the guys are somewhere they say is empty because everyone is at the party. Over the phone, Mateo tells them to burn it down and he’ll let them know when it’s a good moment.

The back of Isaac’s jacket says “Hell is my home.” Spare me. He, Moisés, and Mateo stop so Gabriel can greet them. Mateo sarcastically says he hopes tonight they can make up. Oh, Gabriel already considers everything settled. He thinks they should focus on honoring Ernesto and Julio César. He tells Mateo to consider himself the guest of honor.

On the roof, Memo complains about wanting to shoot Mateo now, but someone inside is supposed to do that. Memo says the boss wants him taken outside before the event. Memo thinks it’s too big a risk, but he’s not the one in charge. He calls down to Carmelo and tells him to keep a close eye on the boss and take care of the Tejano right after the show. (So…between the show and the after party?)

Itzel apparently has no intention of going to the homenaje. One of the guys stashes pills under the passenger seat of her car before handing her the keys. She says she’s off to the clinic. No, she’s not getting an operation! Just some Botox. Her assistant offers to drive, but Itzel angrily says she’s FINE! And it’s late.

The guy checks with the cops, who have a DUI checkpoint set up and waiting for her. Then he calls Rafa to check in.

Rafael introduces Manara to Alexis. Alexis tells her if her talent is 10% of her beauty she’s going to be a big star. (I hate that the only socially acceptable response to that is to smile and thank him for the compliment. It’s such a jerk thing to say.)

Rafa pulls Manara aside and apologizes for treating her like a commodity and says he’s been so awful to her and to Itzel both. But they’re officially getting a divorce now and Manara’s so right–he can’t be all over her in the middle of his divorce! Manara says there’s no apology necessary and she’s grateful for everything he’s done. Mateo sees them hugging from across the room.

Let’s get this thing started already

It’s still light out when the homenaje starts. Julia notices Mateo is missing. Alexis gets things started and asks for a round of applause for Ernesto.

Selva watches the event on live streaming and calls her brother over to take a look. She can’t believe there are still print media that don’t have an online version. Their dad is so prehistoric.

Bro says she’s the one who should be in charge–of the radio station and all the other businesses. Selva says it’s too much for her, but if he were to make peace with their dad, he could help. Um, no. Bro knows that with their dad it really means “bow your head.” Is that what she came here for? To try to talk him into that again?

Ernesto welcomes everyone and thanks Gabriel. The “visionary.” The one he owes everything to. He gets things started with Santiago and Nicolas, singing Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar. Gabriel pastes a smile on his face and tells Alexis through his teeth that he hates this song.

Nicolas looks down from the stage and smiles at Julia. Santiago looks at the server again. And sings his line with extra oomph…before looking over again to see if he noticed. Nicolas sings his line to Julia. It’s just Ernesto and Santiago on the chorus, but once again they cut us off…

To go to Itzel. In her car, agitated, demanding her assistant get her cell phone out of the car and check the feed to see if Ernesto wore the traje she made for him. He’s so stubborn! They’re both stubborn! She can’t believe Rafael is still treating her like crap after all these years! She asks the assistant to get one of her pills. And some water!

But first Mirta shows her the feed. He’s not wearing the traje. Itzel doesn’t even make it as far as the checkpoint. She ends up swerving and running the car into a tree.

In the kitchen, Alexis shows Amado the bottle…of Gabriel’s special booze? Amado tells him to take care of this personally as he empties something into it to mix with the alcohol. Alexis says if he can’t there are a couple of guys who have his complete trust. Amado tells Alexis to be alert–things could get ugly. (No. Really?)

Manara’s waiting in the wings. Mateo comes up and says once she gets up on stage her life is going to change. Is she ready for that? Sure she is. She listened to the track he sent and she’s ready to do all the stuff he asked her to. On stage, Alexis takes them into a commercial break.

Manara says she hasn’t just been preparing, she’s also been worrying. How’s his mom? He’s surprised by the question. She’s fine…but he thinks he might need some attention. He rented a plane to take them out of here as soon as this is over and they can go wherever she wants. “Without asking me?” That’s the point of a surprise.

Rafael comes over to pull Manara possessively to his side and ask if Mateo was just giving her some advice. He liked the work Mateo did on the track, by the way. Mateo thanks him…and sure, he was just giving some tips to a star on the rise. Rafa doesn’t need them, though. “Of course I do!” Rafa says he’s excited to work with Mateo on more albums, more projects. Mateo gives him a slightly-drunk pat on the arm while Manara avoids looking at either of them.

Outside, Fierro admiringly says everything is just as the soplon (whistleblower, snitch) said it would be. As soon as they get the order, they’ll start killing them off. It’s going to be tough. There are a lot of them.

Amado comes over to congratulate Gabriel. Gabriel hands over a check for what he owed from before…and also for the one being “honored” today. Amado puts it away while saying Gabriel’s a cínico (he’s shameless). Gabriel laughs it off. When the server who’s been making eyes at Santiago comes up with the bottle of Gabriel’s private-label tequila, Gabriel asks him to serve a glass for Amado too. Amado turns it down, but he’ll toast to life and to Gabriel.

The big moment

Alexis looks nervously down at Gabriel and Amado clinking glasses and Gabriel taking a sip of his tequila before he welcomes everyone back from commercial. He thanks his boss for providing them with the setup for today’s homage. And then he praises Ernesto for having such a big heart and wanting to offer a small tribute to the recently-departed Julio César Solar. He introduces Rafael and Manara.

Seriously, Rafa, it’s a breakup song…quit hitting on Manara while you sing!

At the crash site, it doesn’t look like Mirta or Itzel survived. Nobody’s really bothering to check on them or render aid. One police officer wanders over and pulls the bag of drugs out from under Mirta’s seat. He gives another couple of guys the ok to open Itzel’s door.

And all the while, Rafa keeps singing with Manara about never thinking he’d lose her smile the way he did. (Ouch, show!)

Julia’s over at the bar chatting with someone while Ernesto angrily tells Sebastian and Nicolas it’s obvious her brother dressed her like that to see who’d buy her. (Um, no. All the innuendo is coming from you and Amado, not the dress.) Nicolas is like “Dude…she’s just a kid. Don’t tell me you’d get involved with her.” Ernesto says he’d never lay a hand on a girl like that. He’s not a degenerate…she’s for one of them. Who wants her more? Neither of them answers.

While Mirta’s body gets loaded into the coroner’s van, one of the police officers tells another to call the ambulance again…Itzel’s not doing so good. (You mean she’s alive and y’all were just standing around like that?!) Another officer lays Itzel’s arms across her middle as she lies on the ground on a stretcher.

Another officer hands the bag of drugs off to the guy in charge…yet another hands over her ID. He recognizes the name–this is Rafael Zabala’s wife. He comments to the guy who found the ID that this is going to be a huge scandal.

Mateo gives the order to set whatever this is on fire. The guys light it up and drive off with all the neighbors just watching from across the street. He sits down next to Julia to finish watching the performance.

Gabriel tells Amado his sister’s very talented. Amado says he’s being facetious. Gabriel doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Amado says he tried to have his sisters kidnapped and sold to a brothel. He vows Gabriel will be remembering him in hell.

Memo says Amado has gone too far with the boss. He calls Carmelo and says there’s been a change of plans. Carmelo has a line of sight for both Amado and Mateo, so which one does Memo want him to shoot?

On stage, Manara leans awkwardly away from Rafa as he kisses her on the cheek and the audience applauds.

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Autora/ Author

Ok, first of all…as someone who is routinely behind, thank you for making it so easy to get to recaps… Especially on a mobile device. It’s a PITA to have to do a lot of scrolling.

Second, I had to pause my recording to read your thoughts on the “urban” version of Fuego cruzado. It’s definitely not urban, but I really liked it all the same.

Autora/ Author

Also, on that urban version part of me was like “Ohhhh. That’s what 3 part harmony should sound like. I sure didn’t hear too much of that on Reina this week.”

Seriously, between this and Reina I have a new found respect for harmony.