La Reina de la Canción Wednesday 5/03/17 #11

Yay! It’s singing time! And two people are going home, but let’s not think about that.

I must first convey some sad, sad news–the bit with the PA listening to Awesome Mix Vol. 2 was just a reminder that there will be a special preview of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 later. Baby Groot will not be judging. Chris Pratt will not be stopping by to show the contestants some dance moves. It’s all very disappointing, but we will persevere.

Ale gets the ball rolling and checks in with the judges who, yes, are all looking very fine and presenting an aesthetically pleasing combination of outfits. Marisol says they’re going to be really demanding tonight. Vicky says all the contestants were good to begin with, but they’ve all improved and we’re getting a conciertazo tonight. Poncho shares his “surprise,” which we already knew. He’s going to lose one member of his team and trade another.

But Ale also has a surprise for us, tonight we’re going to have Joss Favela on stage (um, I guess we knew that too at the end of last night, but as I’m not familiar with Señor Favela all I knew was “cute guy comes to visit”).

And now on to the singing!

Cucurrucucú Paloma – Beatriz M, Deyra, Sandra (#teamrecodo)

We hear about how the song is special for Beatriz. She was in a contest in Mexico and her dad was dying. She got to see him before he died and then went back to the contest and performed Cucurrucucú Paloma. It was like she was telling herself “no llores.” (Yeah, I’m crying. I’m a softie.)

OK, first of all, can we have a moment of appreciation for these gowns? Like, they’re not even singing yet and I’m already impressed. And then they sing. I don’t want to say everybody else should pack up and go home, but…damn, they set the bar high.

Marisol gives them a 10. Vicky was missing the 3rd harmony a the end, but that is her only complaint. Poncho says this was a gift. He’s feeling really proud right now. They all have voices with a lot of personality.

But still, he has to pick someone to put at risk and he picks Sandra. I’m not even going to worry. Sandra’s not going home.

Y Aquí Estoy – Jazmin, Beatriz D, Sandra I (#teamhoroscopos)

Sandra Itzel has been struggling with this song since they assigned it. She has kind of an Ana Gabriel phobia. It looks like the rehearsals consisted of trying to find a part that Sandra could sing in the same key as Ana Gabriel. She feels like everyone else is getting to sing things that are in their typical style, but for her it’s a constant challenge.

Now, in performance? I would not have guessed any of that. They did lower the key for her and I thought she had some moments to shine. It was Jazmin who sounded like she was pushing her voice in directions it didn’t want to go.

Poncho thought they sounded exquisite. Vicky is happy with the way they worked together. She and Marisol spend a lot of time looking at their list and tapping their pencils since it’s not like they can discuss this out loud.

The pick Sandra I. Not that they were disappointed with her work.

A special interlude with A.B.

Selena being Selena, the production thought it would be good to give all the contestants some time with A.B. so they got everyone together for another mentoring session with A.B.

Marcela’s question: As a producer, what do you look for in an artist?

A.B. looks for someone who’s buena onda, a good person, who gets along with the rest of the group. If they treat you well, they’ll treat the public well.

Deyra says even now looking at videos of Selena, it’s obvious she lit up the stage. What advice does he have for them about how they can do that?

A.B. says next time you watch a video, watch the way she used every part of the stage. She was constantly in motion.

Irene asks why he thinks people fell in love with Selena.

A.B. thinks it was the movie. That people fall in love with dreams. The movie has been a way for Selena to reach the entire world.

Susett asks what advice he has for people who have never been in the industry so that no matter what happens they don’t ever stop dreaming.

A.B. says go to karaoke bars. If you hear anyone who sounds better than you–get your ass in gear!

El Me Mintió – Yohanny, Irene, Marcela (#teamrecodo)

Are we ever going to get past the disastrous rehearsal and get the performance over with? Are any of them any good at taking direction? Are we just seeing what happens when you get that many people in a room who are convinced they’re right, but don’t actually want to tell anyone else what to do?

This time we get the bit where Poncho says it was terrible and he knows they know it because they all had their “WTF was that?!” faces on.

And between the rehearsal and the visit to Principal Poncho’s office there was more backstabbing at the house, with Irene complaining to Marcela about Yohanny needing to learn some fucking humility and how Yohanny was forcing Irene to take a part she didn’t want and how Marcela should just shake off what happened in rehearsal because Yohanny’s fucked up her two previous performances. And those were her words, not mine.

Which really makes it worse because it means that instead of being honest with each other or with Poncho after he’d gotten pissed off enough to feel the need to talk to them they just sat there and lied and blamed it on needing more practice.

And so this week, Irene got to take the Reinamobile out to decompress. Whatever.

I’d like to say they were able to get over it and not let it affect their performance, but no. They sounded best when they weren’t all singing together or they weren’t harmonizing. *sigh* I liked their dresses. I mean, visually they were a lot more coordinated than vocally.

Vicky liked when they were harmonizing in two parts, but once it got to three sometimes the third part was there, sometimes it was back to first. There was progress between the rehearsals and now. Well, ok, that’s a good point.

Poncho says Irene was off on her entrance, behind a little. Marcela wasn’t sure on her entrance and she was out of tune. He thinks the song was perfect for Yohanny–Irene shoots her a look–she was comfortable with it. He thinks they could have done it better individually.

And Marcela goes up for elimination. Con todo respeto, I’m going to be really pissed off if she goes home, because this seems less a failure on her part individually than her being part of a really bad team.

Joss Favela comes to visit

So, Joss shows up at the house while they’re getting ready or in between takes or something. He hangs out in the Mega Bedroom, borrows Susett’s guitar, sings for them, signs Yohanny’s notebook.

Carmen uses the two meanings of “tocar” to talk about how it was nice that Joss played Susett’s guitar (que le tocó la guitarra) but she wishes he also would have touched her (que me tocara)…. What? Touched her book that she writes in, pervs!

Joss likes that the show is giving an opportunity to all these talented contestants.

Joss comes to the stage and performs Porque No Te Enamoraras. Ah, Joss, isn’t that a question for the ages?

Tomorrow: the last three trios, drama, eliminations.

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Ok. I’m not even past the first performance. I am blown away. The voices, the gowns the stage presence. Just damn! The three of them need to take their act in the road.