Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 5/03/17 #8

Trampa Para Tercos
The party continues

We start back at the final chorus of Fuego Cruzado. When the song is over, Alexis takes the program to commercial.

Gabriel asks what Amado’s planning to do, kill him right here? Oh, no, he could never. He puts his glass up again to toast and Gabriel drinks the tainted tequila. Amado assures him he’s not just being sentimental–he needs Gabriel’s guidance, he values his opinion. He just wants Gabriel to promise that David lied, that he didn’t want to kidnap his sisters.

Carmelo asks Memo what he’s supposed to do, but all Memo can tell him is to watch the boss for a signal and damn the consequences.

Gabriel can’t believe Amado would even think him capable of that. That he would believe David over him! Amado asks him to swear on Selva. Gabriel chuckles. Yes, he swears on Selva, he had nothing to do with it. He swears it looking Amado right in the eyes, so obviously he’s lying.

Look, there are a lot of people here. Maybe they could have breakfast tomorrow and talk? Amado agrees. For now, he’s going outside for some air. He walks by a confused Carmelo and Carmelo gets the “No!” sign from Gabriel.

Manara checks back in with Mateo. He says she’s fascinating…on stage. As an artist. He should probably sign her to the label. Rafa pops up, saying that’s a good idea. Mateo congratulates Rafa, too. But back to Manara…does she have her own songs? For an album?

Moisés asks Isaac what he thought of the song, as if I care about his opinion. Isaac’s too busy dealing with that enormous chip on his shoulder to think it was more than “ok.” He still thinks he should have been up there. And when the label is firmly established, he expects to be the next one launched. Moisés can’t imagine who else it would be. I say, get in line.

Selva gets the call at her brother’s place–the publishing house has gone up in flames. She leaves a frantic message for her dad and says she’s going to Monterrey now. Lorenzo, her brother, can’t imagine what she’s going to do with Monterrey being so far away. She snaps at him that she can’t believe he doesn’t care! She’s going to help her dad.

Mateo makes plans with Rafa and Manara to go back into the studio tomorrow and finish up the single. His cell phone buzzes and he gets up from the table to listen to the Boricuas and Valentín (Básico’s driving) crowing about how they lit that candle! Mateo, watching Treviño, says he must not have heard yet…no, wait…someone just told him. He says he’ll call them back.

Treviño rushes out, presumably with all his henches and thus calling off tonight’s planned bloodbath, telling Amado he’s having a problem with one of his buildings and he’ll see him tomorrow.

Julia hangs out with Nicolas…and his grandpa. Nicolas asks if she sings, but Julia says dancing is more her thing. Ernesto takes her by the hand and holds her at arm’s length, saying she has a dancer’s figure.

Manara’s over there in a flash, pulling Julia’s hand out of his and asking if her sister is bothering him…she’s just so YOUNG. Ernesto tells Manara not to pretend–he knows what they say about him, but he’s not a viejo rabo verde (dirty old man). And now he needs to get ready to go back on stage. He thanks her for her performance and excuses himself.

Julia tells Manara they were just talking about her song. Nicolas says he enjoyed it. The regional style’s not really his thing either. Before they can talk further, Santiago comes up to tell him they need to go now–mom’s had an accident.

At the hospital, a police officer gives the doctor an order for a tox screen. Someone died in the accident and he needs to be kept updated on Itzel’s condition because he’s starting criminal proceedings.

Rafa comes up to grab Ernesto while he’s doing a shot of tequila before his next song. Itzel’s had an accident, she’s in serious condition and Mirta is dead. Ernesto’s appalled this happened on the day of his homenaje–like Itzel planned this. Seriously dude, not everything is about you.

Rafa thinks it’s all about HIM, though, and his little plot to discredit her. But all he planned was for her to get busted with drugs in the car–he never thought this would happen. Ernesto says Rafa doesn’t need to make excuses to him. Itzel needed to be taught a lesson.

Alexis interrupts, saying they need to get back on the air. Ernesto’s parting “happy thought” for Rafa is that maybe she’ll rot in jail.

Manara tells Mateo about the accident and they’re both waiting for Rafa to come over with more details. Rafa says he’d like to be with Itzel, but he’s gotta finish this concert. Obviously he’ll have to cancel tomorrow’s recording session. Mateo asks a passing waiter to bring Rafa a whiskey.

Amado calls Fierro from outside asking what happened. Fierro doesn’t know–Gabriel left with a bunch of his guys. Something must have come up. Amado says he should be dying any minute now. Fierro warns him there are still a few of Treviño’s men left, waiting to shoot him when he leaves the party. Well, Amado has decided to stay to the end.

Fierro recommends getting Manara and Julia somewhere safe. Amado can take them and Fierro will stay behind to deal with Treviño’s men. No, Amado wants to take care of it. And he’ll make sure nothing happens to his sisters.

At his office, Gabriel gripes that he’s sure the fire at the publishing house was an attempt to get to him. Memo says no one saw anything and the cameras didn’t pick up anything. Selva called and she’s on her way. Gabriel is practically writhing in his chair, both from agitation and the poisoning I would imagine. He doesn’t want Selva to come–he wants her guarded. Memo complains they’re running short on men. He’s got everyone on Mateo and Amaro.

Memo notices Gabriel’s agitation and he agrees that he’s feeling dizzy, but he assumes it’s his nerves. Memo begs him to calm down, it’s all going to be ok.

Ernesto wraps up his big night with Que Pase la Siguiente. Alexis thanks him and finishes the broadcast as everyone applauds.

Party’s over

Rafa tells Amado about Itzel’s accident and says he needs to leave. Amado wasn’t expecting this, but he tells Rafa to take his sisters–things are about to get ugly here. Rafa goes to find his driver while Amado tells Manara that she and Julia need to leave with Rafa–no arguments. “And if I don’t, are you going to offer Julia to that old man?”

Amado reminds her that the thing with Treviño wasn’t a lie, he did try to kidnap them and he’s going to try again. But he won’t touch the Zabalas, so he wants Manara and Julia to go with Rafa. “And what are you going to do?” He says he’s going to resolve everything and she should protect Julia. So Manara tells Julia they’re leaving.

Treviño’s men notice Amado leaving the event. They’re not prepared to make a move without Memo’s word, but they radio the guys to have the “troca” ready. Amado gets his gun back from Fierro at the SUV and says it’s time to lead the cattle to slaughter.

Mateo also comes outside. He watches Amado’s SUV drive away with another one tailing it. Behind him, Carmelo checks in–he has eyes on the Tejano and he’ll take care of him.

Manara comes out to say goodbye to him, explaining that Amado had a business meeting to deal with and he asked Rafa to take her home. She’s sorry, she can’t go with him–she has to take care of Julia. Mateo starts to say something about not knowing that Rafa–but Rafa comes up and asks Manara if she’s ready to go. She tells Mateo to call her when he gets to LA if he wants her to come in and record. Rafa practically pulls her away and Mateo sarcastically calls “Bye, Rafa” over his shoulder.

Gabriel’s starting to not feel well, but Memo still thinks it’s the anxiety. He assures his patrón that it’s all going to go well–the other car is following Matamoros and their guys are waiting down the road for him.

“Down the road,” where Treviño’s men are waiting, an unexpected truck comes from the wrong direction. They tell the driver this sure is the way to the airport, but he’d better keep moving if he doesn’t want to end up caught in their crossfire. The driver nods amiably, then pulls out his gun and shoots the one closest to him. The red truck empties and Amado’s guys pour out, taking out the rest of Treviño’s men.

Moisés and Isaac are ready to go, but where’s that “Tom Cruise of the frontera“? Mateo meets them on the red carpet and says he’s going to stay and hang out with some friends. He’ll see them at home. Isaac teases him about Rafa’s wife’s accident meaning that Rafa’s going to steal “that girl” from him. Mateo’s not even going to dignify that with an answer. Moisés tells him to make sure he has the song ready for the first Board of Directors meeting. (Really now, we have shootings, backstabbing, and characters who still have no names, and now you’re going to give me Board of Directors meetings?!)

Isaac’s still complaining about not being involved in the homenaje. He whines that he hopes they’re going to discuss his album at this meeting. It’s about time, no? Moisés says they’ll vote on it. The company is a democracy. He needs the shareholders’ votes, so he’s going to have to show them what he’s made of. (Jealousy, betrayal, and a sense of entitlement that all eclipse his singing ability?)

The primos and the Boricuas have some celebratory beers in the back of the truck. The Boricuas give the primos a live version of Tequila Pa’La Razon. The primos dig it. Their party is interrupted by a call from Mateo. He says everything seems quiet–they pulled a bunch of guards because of the fire. But he wants to try something….

Carmelo reports to Memo that the Tejano is too alert and there are too many people around. He doesn’t want to shoot him unless the boss gives the order. Memo tells him not to–the boss is too nervous right now–just follow him and make it look like a robbery. Memo gets a call on the other line from the guys following Amado–the guys at the ambush point aren’t answering. Memo says he just talked to them, so stick to the plan. He shoots a worried look at Gabriel, tugging at his collar and starting to cough.

Julia and Manara get into Rafa’s SUV by themselves. Julia says she likes Rafa’s sons. Manara finally gets to return allll of Julia’s innuendoes about Mateo, saying she thinks Julia especially likes Nicolas. “Not as much as you like Mateo. You melt when you look at him!” Manara tells her to lower her voice–it’s going to be a long ride.

Julia has noticed Manara’s mood and suspects something is going on with Amado. Manara sticks to the story she gave Mateo–business stuff. Julia doesn’t look entirely convinced.

Amado’s in a hurry to get this over with. Fierro tells the driver to step on it. At the ambush point, his SUV sails through and his guys pour out from behind Treviño’s trucks to stop the second SUV.

Mateo heads for an alley near the venue, finally turning to confront Carmelo about following him. Carmelo pulls a knife on Mateo, but in the fight that follows, Mateo makes him stab himself in the chest with it before taking his gun. The other guys pull up in the pickup and briefly beat up on Carmelo before getting back in and driving off.

The Zabalas are all piled into the SUV now. Ernesto, from the front seat philosophizes that that’s life–everything’s fine and then something hits you that changes your life forever. Nicolas starts verbally attacking Rafa, saying he doesn’t care about Itzel and the accident was his fault.

Ernesto and Rafa both tell him to back off. Rafa reminds him there are two ladies in the car. “You’re going to turn it around on me? Because I respect them. It’s you I don’t respect.” He wishes Rafa were the one who had the accident. Rafa tells him to calm down, Ernesto turns around in his seat and tells both of them to calm down. (All we were missing was a “Don’t make me stop this car!”)

Rafa mouths an apology to Manara and she tells him not to worry about it.

Once his guys have Treviño’s guys out of the SUV and on the ground, Amado emerges from his SUV and demands that one of them call his boss if he doesn’t want to die. The guy reluctantly calls Memo and Amado tells him things aren’t going so well–for him. As soon as this call ends, all his men who are still currently alive are going to die. He wants to speak to Gabriel.

Gabriel asks what his problem is. “You tried to kill me.” But, too bad, massive fail. He tells Gabriel he’s just old and worthless. He’s finished. Gabriel calls him a traitor and starts knocking everything off his desk in anger as Selva and Lorenzo arrive. Then he collapses.

All over but the shouting

Team Mateo are back at Valentín’s buddy’s bar. I’m sure the buddy appreciates that there’s less blood involved this time. The Boricuas are now entertaining everyone with Cuando te Veo. Básico jokes that you can’t leave them alone for five seconds without Cristian getting them started on another one of their rolas (songs). Dylan calls for another toast because they lit up the presses today. (I should not have laughed at that, but I did.) Valentín suggests they drink up and go before someone comes after them.

Mateo tells him to hold up. Something’s going on–he saw Amado and Gabriel arguing and then when Amado left, Gabriel’s men followed him, he’s sure of it. Dylan teases him for paying attention to Manara AND her brother, har har. Is he “worrying” about his brother-in-law? No, he just thought it was weird. The guys latch onto “raro” (weird; pej. slang for “gay”) and keep razzing Mateo.

Gabriel’s doctor checks him out and says there’s no time to move him to the hospital–they’ll have to treat him here. He and Selva go running for the equipo (team or equipment, context doesn’t help in this case).

Lorenzo stays in the office with his dad. Not that they’re making up–he’s still calling him “Gabriel” and rather than discuss why he can’t just call him “dad” for once, he wants to know what happened. The truth. Lorenzo resists the attempt to talk about how Gabriel has missed him and how long it’s been. Gabriel chuckles that he’s not getting away this time. He’s going to have to stick around and handle the businesses he’s going to inherit.

Uh, no, Lorenzo’s not having anything to do with those “businesses.” Gabriel says if he doesn’t, the responsibility will fall on Selva. Lorenzo has to take care of her.

The bar owner comes over to say it looks like the guys are going to stay for a few hours–as a statement, not a question. Everyone laughs and toasts and Cristian says as long as there’s beers and tacos they can stay all night. Diego gripes at him for saying “stupid” stuff “all the time” (Damn, Diego, even I’m not that cranky!) and asks the bar owner what he means. Well, there’s been a major shooting on the highway and there’s a bunch of cops and military around, so (in a tone of invitation) stick around for a while.

Mateo, addressing the table, says it’s cool, right? They’ll have some beers, some tacos, and in a couple of hours they’ll take his plane back to LA.

Changing the subject, Mateo says he has a lot to thank them for and he wants them to know he appreciates them for everything they’ve done.

Gabriel says something about Lorenzo being grown up…and then he jerks in pain. The medical team rushes in and Lorenzo holds Selva back as Gabriel’s doctor starts doing chest compressions. He tries shocking him, but Gabriel’s not responding. He’s sorry, but they did what they could. Gabriel is dead. (I was not expecting that to actually happen.)

Treviño is dead, long live Treviño

Amado is on some back road where Fierro assures him the cops won’t catch them. He tells Fierro they should leave someone to help Alexis. He calls Alexis and though Alexis hasn’t officially heard anything, he thinks Treviño is dead–everyone at the station is looking sad. Amado tells him he’s going to send someone to help him, in case they want to do an autopsy.

When he’s gotten off the phone, Memo walks up and says the boss is dead. Wow. Sad. Alexis figures they’ll have to wait and see what the kids want to do, no? (Seriously, I’ve seen people more upset over their sports team losing.)

Selva’s a wreck. She was angry when she left and she didn’t get a chance to tell him she forgave him. Lorenzo says nothing.

After Selva follows the body out, Treviño’s doctor asks if Lorenzo is Gabriel’s son, the one from LA. The symptoms are consistent with a heart attack, but he’d like to do an autopsy and make sure Gabriel wasn’t poisoned. Lorenzo’s face: “What difference would it make?” But he gives the guy permission.

Casa Matamoros

Rafa drops Manara and Julia off at home and apologizes for them having to witness the family drama. Manara tells him not to worry about it–all families have problems. They’re here for him if he needs anything.

Manara seems a little weirded out about the kiss he plants on her cheek before leaving. Julia starts teasing her again about how Rafa’s totally in love with her. Wasn’t he saying he’s divorcing his wife? Maybe it’s for her! Gosh, both the guys she’s working with like her and she’s going to have to choose between them. Manara shushes her and steers her into the house.

She stops to answer a call from Mateo. They’re partying at the bar. He says he just wanted to check in with her, see if she could come into the studio tomorrow and do a few takes. He shushes the partyers before saying they could maybe talk about taking that trip. Rafa’s probably going to need a few days off with what’s going on with his wife. And maybe, no pressure, they could also take a few days off together?

Manara tells him to slow his roll. Recording–yes. Vacation–maybe they need to think about that. Jetting off while Rafa’s wife is recovering seems kind of tacky when he’s the one backing her career. Mateo says she’s right, he’s being inconsiderate. They’re going to send his wife a big bouquet of flowers…bigger than Rafa’s. He chokes back laughter because he’s druuuuunk.

Now…what does that have to do with them going on vacation? They could use one. Unless she has to ask someone else’s permission…?

It’s daylight when Amado and Fierro get home. Fierro suggests he get some rest, but first Amado wants to make some plans about Gabriel’s kids. He’ll take care of Selva, but he wants Fierro to get eyes on Lorenzo. And have the guy he left with Alexis kill Memo–he knows too much.

Agustina brings a snack up to Amado’s office and starts giving him the report on the household. The girls got back late last night. Rafa dropped them off. Manara’s getting ready to go out with Mateo. Amado laughs–just when Rafa’s having a terrible time with his wife. He says Manara’s as stubborn as he is…but he’s worse.

Casa Solar

A camera guy is getting the camera set up for Belinda’s interview. Upstairs, Isaac gripes at his girlfriend for “only” getting $20K out of her boss for this. Her response is priceless “Does your dad know you asked me for money for this?” I don’t think it was supposed to be funny, but I laughed.

He says he’ll level with her…and then lies. He needs the money for his dad, to pay off his dad’s debts because his dad is a terrible administrator and spent all the tour money. (Apple. Tree.) Also, Mateo’s trying to force him out. (Which has what to do with taking money for this interview?) They both know their dad won’t be in the business for much longer and Isaac’s supposed to take over, but Mateo’s all over him.

Grandota dismisses all that with “I’m gonna go do Belinda’s interview.” But nooooo, Isaac wants a little sugar. “Your mom’s waiting.” He promises he won’t take long. (That…is never a winning line.)

Casa Frat

Mateo moves the guys into a nice little house he says will only be until they start getting paid–then they can find their own. He’s been renting it for a while and figures he might as well make use of it. BUT, he expects them to behave themselves so the neighbors don’t kick them out. (I have the fear.)

He’s off to the studio now. Dylan starts teasing him about how he’d better make his move now that Rafa’s busy dealing with his wife. Mateo makes an innocent face and says he’d never thought of that! He slaps Dylan’s hand on the way out and tells them to behave themselves. Specifically, he says “¡Se compoltan!” making fun of Dylan’s accent (l for r). Dylan giggles. The dudes start hunting for food.


Nicolas and Santiago sit by Itzel’s bedside. According to Nicolas, the doctor said she had a quiet night and she’s recovering. He tells Santiago not to worry. Ernesto comes in to pull Rafa out into the hallway to talk to the officer in charge of the case. Rafa asks him to please keep things quiet and not talk to the press. The officer says he’ll try to keep news from getting out, but he can’t promise anything.

While they’re out there anyway, Ernesto tells Rafa they should leak the news themselves, using their own people to control the damage. Rafa gripes that this is more than a scandal, it’s a tragedy. Mirta’s dead and Itzel’s in serious problems. “You wanted to play rough. First your protégé’s murder and now this.”

“I didn’t do it!” Yeah, but Ernesto’s sure he knows who did and he’s keeping his mouth shut because it benefits him–that makes him an accomplice. Instead of whining he’d better start thinking about how far he’s willing to go to keep his career going.


In Gabriel’s office, the doctor tells Selva, Lorenzo, and Memo that the body’s at the morgue and they’re getting ready to do the autopsy. He explains this is just to get rid of any doubts. Lorenzo suggests Selva go get some rest. And maybe the doctor can give her a sedative? Selva agrees. She and the doctor go out to get some air.

Lorenzo asks Memo to take Selva home. He’s going to stay and look over some paperwork…and when Memo gets back, he can tell Lorenzo everything he knows.

Memo gets back to the office, but Selva didn’t want to stay at home–she asked him to take her to the morgue so she could see her father’s body. Lorenzo says he’ll take care of her.

But for now, he wants to hear what Memo thinks really happened to his father. He knows Memo doesn’t trust him yet, but he needs to know so he can protect his sister. Memo says his father had lots of enemies, but he can think of two specific possibilities.

One is Mateo. He tells Lorenzo about the shootout and the death of his (Memo’s) brother.

The other is Amado. Gabriel didn’t trust him and tried to kidnap his sisters. This could have been retaliation.

Lorenzo says he wants a second autopsy done, in-house so they can get to the truth. He tells Memo to let the doctor know.

Memo asks what they’re going to do if it turns out he was killed. Is Lorenzo going to want revenge? Because Memo can take care of it–Lorenzo is his boss now. Lorenzo just thanks him for the info.

Manara comes to Amado’s to confront him. She slaps the newspaper down on his desk and asks if this is how he resolved things. An article about Gabriel’s death is on the front page.

Mateo gets to the house. Agustina leaves him waiting in the foyer while she gets him a cup of coffee. He gets a call from the guys–they wanted him to be in on the toast. “What are we celebrating?” Treviño’s death. “To your health!” they all chorus. “Salud?” Mateo echoes back and hangs up on them.

Gabriel’s private doctor explains he was able to get a blood sample to do his own testing. Lorenzo asks Memo if he thinks the body needs to be guarded–Selva wants to hold a vigil. Memo says that’s not going to be possible–almost all their men are dead. The doctor looks at him in alarm.

Lorenzo asks who killed them and the doctor thinks that’s his cue to excuse himself. He’s risking enough doing the blood tests without also being privy to this conversation. He glares at Memo and says he’ll go check on the results.

Memo’s about to answer the question, but Selva walks in, asking when she can see her father. It’s like he got abandoned in the morgue. She thinks it’s indigno (improper). Lorenzo says he’ll take her to the morgue himself in just a few minutes. Fine, she’ll wait outside.

Lorenzo gets up and quietly tells Memo to stick to the doctor. With the test results and what Memo knows, Lorenzo will use his government contacts to start an investigation. Memo agrees.

Amado shuts his office doors and calmly tells Manara that whether he killed Gabriel or not, it’s not her problem. He had it coming after what he did to them. (Uh, tried to do. Just saying.) Manara accuses him of thinking he’s god–getting to decide who lives and who dies. So what are his plans for Mateo?

“What does he have to do with this?”

“I like him.” She’s telling him to his face, she plans to be with Mateo. So he’d better tell her now what happens if she screws up his plans with Rafa. Is he going to kill Mateo?

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3 years ago

Thanks Kat! So much backstabbing and plans. I can’t keep up with it all.

“All we were missing was a “Don’t make me stop this car!” ”

HAHAHAHA! Yeah. I love your comments.

“Se compoltan” Wow. I don’t even hear it.

Was the Lorenzo actor in PVAA?

3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I didn’t watch Los Miserables. My mind is playing tricks on me.

Word on the 4D cause yeah. Lots of different goals, aims and changes of power.

I can’t understand a word the boricuas say. It doesn’t help that I get lazy and don’t try and I’m trying not to use captions. Even Spanish ones (my DVR doesn’t let me change the CC channel anyway.)