La Piloto Tuesday 4/18/17 #31


Lizbeth makes it to an area more populated with dogs than people (so, clearly a better neighborhood, given the quality of the humans she’s been running into lately) and asks directions to the police station. Random dude says it’s a thirty or forty minute walk in that direction.

The vineyard truck motors along to a warehouse in some middle-of-nowhere area.

The raid

Santamaría, et al, get close enough to Salvador’s hacienda for him to peek through the trees with binoculars and see a guy patrolling outside. He asks Yoli how many more. She has no idea. Maybe six or seven? He sends Caicedo and Rubio to take Vasquez and check it out. Oh, and if they should come across a sapo (toad; traitor) squash it. (Aw, crap. Goodbye, Vasquez.)

Santamaría’s ready to move in. They’re going through the matorrales (the brush). Tapia is assigned to stay behind with Yolanda. Tapia has her get back in the Jeep, which I’d say was smart, since it’s not easy for her to get in and out quickly…but then she starts looking around speculatively.

As Santamaría’s troops sneak up to the house, he quietly takes out a guy on guard duty. Too bad the guard up on the balcony saw him and raised the alarm.

Vasquez isn’t dead yet, but Rubio and Caicedo are letting him take the lead. They let him clear the foyer and then Caicedo shoots him in the back. (I hope they all end up getting sick with something completely treatable, if only they had a medic.)

In front of the rest of the troops, Caicedo tells Santamaría some of Salvador’s men got to them and took out Vasquez. Santamaría pretends he cares.

Yoli manages to get her hands on a tire iron and get out of the back of the Jeep while Tapia is completely distracted with trying to see what’s going on at the house. Or the noise. Or checking his look in the mirror. I don’t know what he was doing besides doing a terrible job of acting like he couldn’t hear her.

Salvador’s not in the house. All their efforts and they ended up capturing just one guard. Santamaría again pretends to be upset over Vasquez’ death. And then he tells them to loot the place. But first he tries to check on Tapia and gets no answer. The guys get to looking while Santamaría goes back to the Jeep. Caicedo keeps looking at Vasquez’ body, just lying in the doorway while everyone steps over it to get inside. I almost wish he’d get up and shoot Caicedo.

Yoli tries stealing the Jeep, but she can’t find the keys. She starts running when she sees Santamaría coming, but he fires a shot over her head and she stops. He dangles the Jeep keys in front of her and brags about her not being able to get past him like she can the incompetents he has working for him. He threatens to shoot her right between the eyes next time.

Post-raid, Santamaría goes on again about the “loss” of Vasquez, and what a coincidence that the one person who was helping Yoli is now dead. Whatever, she knows Santamaría killed him. He warns her not to say stuff like that.

Caicedo says they found a bunch of cash and coke in the house. Santamaría orders Rubio to call in the find, but leave off the amounts. Three guys are staying behind with Vasquez’ body until the fiscalia (prosecutor’s office) comes to claim it.

Yoli asks who’s driving her. Uh, to the camp? Santamaría. She reminds him they had a deal. Yep, “had.” She was supposed to get him Salvador Moreno, not his hacienda. Hey, if his guys couldn’t find Salvador, that’s not her problem. Yoli tries to refuse to get in the jeep, but he pulls his gun on her.

As they drive off, one of Salvador’s guys calls Salvador to tell him Santamaría just raided the place, and he was with Yolanda.

On the way back. Yolanda notices a sign for Las Palmas and Santamaría realizes he forgot they need to take certain “precautions” with her. He hands the hood back for her to put it on.

Making a date

Arley has the guys doing a weapons and ammo inventory in the hanger when John and Oscar come into announce that tonight, they party! And by party, they mean attack Bochas. They want him alive, but if he won’t cooperate…Arley will take him out.

John gives Arley the cell phone that he’s to use to coordinate with Argüelles. Argüelles is planning to meet them at 7 tonight, about 2km away from Bochas’ place, and take them in the rest of the way.

They’ve just finished their convo when Coco shows up to ask why Argüelles isn’t answering his phone. He claims he’s had the feds on him all day, but he was just on his way over. Coco insists on driving him instead of letting him take the patrol car.

At Bochas’, he gripes at Argüelles for not answering his calls. (Hey, maybe he’s just not that into you, Bochas.) What did he find out about Aerotours? Argüelles says it is owned by the Lucios and Oscar’s alive. But they apparently took off after the thing at the bar.

Bochas thinks that’s too bad. He was hoping to have dinner with Yolanda, but he’ll settle for two women half as pretty. (Every time he opens his mouth he makes his inevitable downfall that much more fun.) He decides he’s going out to Aerotours to collect that rent now.

Ooh, no…he might run into the feds. Argüelles recommends he stay in tonight.

Cop business

Dave barely even searches Rosalba’s house and finds the address book with Yoli’s cell number. And then he calls it. It’s as out-of-area as it’s been for the last week.

Monica calls for an update on the guy he found in Rosalba’s house, but he got nothing, as we know. He mentions the guy had the same lawyer as the flight attendants. So much for “We don’t know the Lucios.”

As for El Bochas, Monica hasn’t found a thing. If he’s in the area, he’s well hidden. There’s nothing new with Dean either and he’s walking in, so she’s gotta go.

Dean has nothing to report–it’s all “normal” at Aerotours and the bar. Uh huh, which is why Monica’s not giving up. Neither of those places seem “normal” to her. Dean tries to casually ask about Dave, but hm, nope, Monica doesn’t know where he is.


Dave stops by Estela’s house and sees Flor out in the square. Estela looks out the window and freaks out, but Rosalba wants to go talk to him. She tries to rush past Estela to the door, but Estela grabs her. Outside Flor says that’s just…her cats. They tear stuff up when she’s not home.

Rosalba tries to scream past Estela’s hand, but Estela struggles with her, saying this is for her own good. Dave keeps looking doubtfully at Flor’s house and he can definitely hear it when Rosalba starts shouting his name.

I don’t know what story they fed Dave, but he ends up inside the house while Flor mops Rosalba’s temples with water and Estela looks annoyed. Dave says he’s happy to see her and she asks what happened to that guy who tried to kill her, Cañego. She explains that Yoli sent him to keep an eye on her, without Rosalba noticing, but…she noticed.

Dave can’t figure out why Cañego would want to kill her. Yoli wouldn’t have given that order. Rosalba says she hasn’t heard from Yoli in days. Estela starts going on about how she’s probably dead in a ditch somewhere, given who she hangs out with. Rosalba tells her to shut up and tells Dave she really is worried.

Dave begs her to help him find Yolanda. It’s the only way he can help her. “Like it’s so easy!” Estela snarks. (Show, don’t make me agree with Estela!) She reminds them what the Lucios do to people who cross them. Dave promises to protect them, he can get them new identities and relocate them.

She’s what?!

John and Oscar wander back to the reception cabin as Zuli teeters out. Isn’t she supposed to be at the bar? She tells her “leoncito” she’s on her way now. Oscar gives John crap for “leoncito” and asks if Zuli’s his official girlfriend now. John’s not really into that, but if Oscar wants to think of it that way, ok. Oscar says she’s kind of stupid, but he likes her better than Yolanda.

Ouch! Not supposed to be mentioning that name, remember? Oscar says that’s just what he’s been wanting for months.

And yet, there’s another mention. Salvador calls Oscar with the news that Yoli’s alive and playing travel agent for a colonel from the Colombian army. He’s even more convinced now that she’s the one who set his prisoner free.

Oscar asks him, as a personal favor, to be kept between the two of them, to kill Yolanda. Oh, sure, he’s all about that, but he’s going to need some cash. Oscar says they always pay. In that case, Salvador will call him back tomorrow and let him know how it went.

John calls the guys in Altamirano to put a price of half a million dollars on Rosalba’s head. When he gets off the phone, Oscar says he got a call from Dean. The feds have new tracking/tapping equipment and Oscar assumes they’re going to try it out on them. He offers to take John’s phone and radio and put some blocking stuff on them. In the meantime, Oscar’s got a short-wave radio for him.


Lizbeth makes it to the police station, but the guy at the desk says Raúl’s not there. He tries to get him on the radio, but no luck. Maybe he could call someone else? Lizbeth says it’s personal. He suggests she have a seat and he’ll get her a glass of water.

Amanda wakes up, in pain, with Cindy’s mom glaring at her from the doorway. She’s still got the bullet inside, they just wrapped her up. Mom bitterly says her saintly daughter Cindy brought her here. Yes, Cindy, from the bar where she’s exploited every night.

At Cielito Lindo, Cindy wipes down the top of the bar. When Arley comes in, she tries to tell him about Amanda, but he blows her off, talking on the radio instead. When he’s ready to listen, she gets a call from her mom and rushes off to take it in private.

Mom hands the phone over to Amanda and it’s kind of weird to hear Cindy sounding so relieved to hear her. Amanda doesn’t know how to thank her. Cindy tells her to just focus on getting better, getting medical care…and Arley just came in, so he’ll be able to help her. Amanda has to break it to her that Arley’s the one who shot her. She asks Cindy to just please not mention her at all at the bar and she’ll explain everything when she gets home. Mom keeps glaring from across the room.

When Cindy goes back out to the bar she tells Arley she was just…going to mention they need some more bottles of stuff…but she’ll talk with Zulima about that. And oh, look, here she is! Zuli walks in and tells Cindy to take off that uniform–she’s being promoted to manager and she needs to find three girls to replace the others. They quit this morning.

Cindy makes sure she’s talking about Amanda, Olivia, and Lizbeth. She thought they were friends. Zuli says she thought so too. Does Cindy’s cousin still want a job? Can she call and find out? Zuli swans off to the back while Arley comes over to congratulate Cindy. He suggests they celebrate back in the storage area while she shudders.

Olivia takes a taxi to a roadside stop and says she’s looking for someone who’s going to Tres Fuegos.

Cristian gets off the bus in Villa Antigua and calls Monica. He was wondering if she had any news about Olivia…or if she could tell him where his dad died. Monica says they have no info about Olivia, but she does know that his dad died at a bar in the San Miguel neighborhood, Cielito Lindo. “Thanks. That’s what I needed.”

And NOW she thinks to ask why. “I’m in Villa Antigua and I’m going to avenge my father’s death.”

Amanda’s running a fever and Cindy’s mom is trying to bring it down. Not because she cares, but so Amanda won’t die in her house.

Lizbeth is still in the police station waiting area, crying and praying, when Argüelles the Elder walks through. He remembers her from the bar and reminds her where they’ve seen each other before. Lizbeth says she doesn’t work at the bar anymore. He’s related to Raúl, isn’t he? When Argüelles says he’s his dad, Lizbeth says she needs to talk to Raúl right away.

I hate these guys

Santamaría, et al, get back to base. He calls his boss and gets praise for his mission. Santamaría laments that they were only able to retrieve 20 kilos of coke. It looked like there might have been some money there, but those darn narcos probably took it with them when they fled. Still, the general is pleased.

And he’s sending a replacement for Vasquez. Santamaría keeps up the pretense, saying it’s a terrible loss. (*roll eyes*)

And now the general wonders how Santamaría even found Salvador’s hacienda with the sketchy information Amparo gave. He says he gathered clues, and used his military instincts.

Yoli gets dragged back to her cell where she kicks her cot, kicks the bars and calls Santamaría an hijo de su padre. Outside her window, she watches them stash their ill-gotten gains in a hole hidden by a break in the wall. Santamaría takes out a few stacks of cash as a bonus for Rubio and Caicedo for killing Vasquez and to pay for tonight’s debauchery. He tells them to go to town and get “girls,” food, drink…and tell the guys if they want to keep having parties like that they can’t tell anyone Yolanda is here.

Caicedo asks if Santamaría wants his usual “girl.” Santamaría says they can have her tonight. He has other matters to attend to.

Caicedo comes to Yoli’s cell to bring her to Santamaría’s room.

Santamaría offers her a drink. She asks him what he’s playing at and he tells her to undress. When she refuses, he pulls out his gun.

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