La Reina de la Canción Thursday 5/04/17 #12

Tonight on La Reina de la Canción

We have three more trios to listen to, two people are going home, and two are getting traded.

Yeah, they know they’ve gotta send someone home tonight and nobody likes it, but like Poncho says, it’s a competition. Vicky says everyone keeps getting better every week. Marisol says you start to like everyone, but there can be only one. (Hopefully not in a Highlander way.)

Basta Ya – Carmen, Olivia, Susett (#teamhoroscopos)

In rehearsal, Vicky says she knows it’s not easy to sing three-part harmony. Some people don’t have the ear for it, or they can’t concentrate well enough on sticking to their notes. Susett’s having a problem with it, for sure, and nervous about what’s going to happen on stage.

In performance, Susett’s a little shaky at the beginning. I’m not familiar enough with this song to be able to tell if they were getting the right harmonies, but I kind of think…not? They got through it, though, and nobody crashed and individually, each of them had good moments.

Carmen starts crying as soon as they’re done–it reminded her of her ex-husband. They split up after ten years, because of her career. She’s sure she’s in the right place, though.

Poncho thought they gave it their all. He heard some of the rehearsal and there was major improvement. Overall, he enjoyed the performance. Marisol particularly liked Carmen’s stage presence. She makes a joke about how it’s good she has that presence because people are going to be there to see her perform…well, ok, or maybe they’re there to see the bassist’s good looking or the drummer. Vicky says all three of them did well and it’s going to be hard to pick. She emphasizes it’s RISK of elimination.

She picks Susett. (EEK!)


There’s an extra getting-to-know-you segment. Olivia talks to a couple of the other contestants about having a tough job, but when she walks into work she focuses on the job and she doesn’t take things personally. Because as far as she’s concerned, that’s what she took an oath to do–protect and serve the community. She knows that the news and social media don’t show anything but the bad stuff, but they’re just normal people behind the badge and the uniform.

She calls home and talks to her mom. She thanks her mom for raising her to be a strong woman and jokes that she’s been having so much fun she doesn’t even miss work.

Como Tu Mujer – Liliana, Janine, Verónica (#teamrecodo)

I hadn’t noticed that these were the three youngest until Alejandra mentioned it. In rehearsal, they had a difficult time splitting up the parts, actually singing the harmonies, splitting up the lines. Verónica didn’t like things being changed so often and so last-minute.

It had its moments, but overall I didn’t have strong feelings about it. It sounds like Liliana was right to fight for those extra lines and there was something very natural about the way she sang, but Janine and Verónica’s performances felt forced to me.

Marisol compares Liliana to Shaila Durcal. Vicky didn’t hear anyone out of tune, so good for them! Poncho says they all sound different…Ale interrupts to remind him he has to pick somebody.

And he picks Liliana. Uh…what?


She hasn’t sung yet, but we’re getting a review of her health issues and all the talk about her possibly going home. With all due respect, I don’t care how this affected her teammates. Seriously, I get that it was difficult for them to not know if she was going to sing or not, but how do you even compare that to how freaked out Mary is worrying about having cancer?

So, Mary has decided to stay and the last trio is ready to sing.

La Feria de las Flores – Lluvia, Dayanna, Mary (#teamhoroscopos)

They seem to be taking a lot more time letting each person solo, which kind of made me worry about the harmonies, but once all three of them got going it was solid.

Poncho thinks it would have been a shame if Mary had decided to leave. He likes that she’s tough and he liked the way all three of them sounded together. Wow, Ale is really pressuring the judges to get to the “Who are you putting up for elimination?” part tonight!

It’s Mary. I think we may have just officially reached the point where there is no one I want to go home.


To review, one person from each team is going home tonight. The ones at risk are…

From Team Recodo: Sandra, Marcela, Liliana
From Team Horóscopos: Sandra I, Susett, Mary

Before anyone goes home, Poncho’s going to make his trade. We get a replay of Poncho announcing this to his team. After his announcement, they told the rest of the contestants.

He starts off by saying he’s stealing Lluvia. Vicky and Marisol kind of thought he would. They wish her luck. He says what he’s doing is for the good of the person he’s trading from his team…Yohanny.

Vicky says it does benefit them to have Yohanny on their team, but they’re sorry to see Lluvia go.

Ale has them get right to who’s going home. Vicky and Marisol send Susett home. Damn. Damndamndamndamndamn! Everybody starts crying. People say some stuff. I’m in shock. Susett reminds them to keep the competition on the stage and out of the house. She’s grateful for the opportunity. They’re not even waiting to get back to the house, she gets mobbed by the Team Recodo candidates for elimination.

Poncho sends Marcela home. I feel really bad for her going home after all the shit that went down this week. And again, everyone’s crying. Marcela thanks her teammates for being such good buds. She’s sure whoever wins is going to deserve it.

I need a hug.

Next week, everyone gets to sing alone again. It’s all about emotion. There will be tears. Chiquis Rivera plays Truth or Dare with the contestants. It looks like one big drama fest. Help me, Virgen!

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Autora/ Author

“Damn. Damndamndamndamndamn!”

Yup. I’m not even sure if I’m over the shock. I really liked Susette. I hate eliminations. I thought she was really classy. They all were. I just loved that she said she learned a lot and was grateful for the opportunity. It’s going to be a sad weekend at Casa Sara.

Autora/ Author

Yes. I’m back. I can tell I’m going to stew about this all weekend. Will I be able to survive this show? I’m almost afraid to like anyone. I can’t take it when they get eliminated.

Tell me that Susette and the others who went home all got great exposure and this was still good for them.