Amar es Primavera Monday 5/01/17 #58

What is she up to?

Öykü reads the diary and is moved by Nazmi writing that he wished his daughter would come to work at Atlantist. She arranges a meeting with Naz to ask what her intentions are.

Naz is up front about being determined to get her hands on the company and destroy it. The happy memories she told Öykü about were lies, though the marks on the walls were real.

She promises to make Öykü’s life hell if Öykü won’t hand over the company, but Öykü says she’ll never give up and she’s not scared of Naz.

Naz reports to her secret ally that Öykü isn’t giving up, but she’s sure Öykü is desperate.

Mete tells Seyma that even if he and Naz were the last two people on the planet…ok maaaaaybe he’d give her a chance. If you love someone they deserve a second chance. He’s waiting for Naz to call him. Seyma suggests they make macaroni. “With lots of garlic!” Mete adds.

Later, Seyma wishes Mete would just avoid Naz, but instead he comes running when she calls.

Naz drags Mete back to her house, but oh no, she’s lost her keys! She’ll have to break a window to get in. Mete caves and breaks the window for her.

Inside, Mete doesn’t think this house is really her style. She tries to kiss him and gets a whiff of garlic because, hello, that’s not what he came here for! He just wants an answer. To what, I have no idea, and she’s not giving him one while he’s so annoyed with her. She dumps her drink over his head and says he should go take a shower.

And then she sees the real owners coming home and runs out the back door, leaving a be-robed Mete to greet them.

Back at his house, Naz insists she doesn’t have any ill intentions, she was just trying to have some fun. Mete thinks she’s a big lying liar. Meh, Naz says it’s better to lie sometimes. He asks about Atlantist and she says she’s not giving up–if she has to she’ll fight for the company in court. It’s nothing personal. She swears she didn’t tell the paper to publish that story.

This is just who she is–maybe she seems crazy, but she’s not a bad person. She’s a fast arrow and he can fly with her if he wants to. (Nope, I’m still going with big lying liar.)

Now when is he going to take off that silly robe? He says right now and snogs her. While ignoring a call from Seyma.

You mess with my kid, you mess with me

Meral gets a look at Onem in action, ordering Öykü around in her own house. Ayaz still isn’t doing anything about it.

Next thing you know, Meral is moving in for a few days. They’re fumigating the apartment. At least Cem is honest about it: “Let the war begin.”

Onem complains about having a headache and demands Öykü make her coffee. Meral tells her to make it herself. Öykü says she’ll do it. So Meral tells Ayaz to make her tea. Onem tells her to make it herself. Ayaz says he’ll do it. Cem’s video game bothers Onem and she tries to tell him to turn it off, but Meral says if she doesn’t like it she can go to her room. Meral wins this round.

Later, she complains to Öykü about Onem and Onem complains to Ayaz about Meral. And the way Onem’s complaining it should be completely obvious to Ayaz that none of this has anything to do with her being scared of being alone in her house after the robbery.

The moms are both asleep, finally, and Öykü and Ayaz meet outside. She’s so tired she doesn’t even want to go up to bed. Ayaz starts giving her a back massage and knocks her out completely. He carries her up to bed and she agrees she’ll put on her pajamas while he goes downstairs for water. That’s so not happening.

When Ayaz goes to the kitchen he accidentally walks in on Meral talking to Bulent on the phone and saying she’s afraid Öykü will find out about them. Oops. For what it’s worth, he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it and he’s sure Öykü would be happy for her.

Meatball Minibus

Burcu comes by with her fifty closest friends, who are all very hungry. She introduces her cute boyfriend, Emre, one of the partners in this venture. And just to keep him from answering a bunch of questions, she’s decided they’re all having a half a köfte sandwich. (Well, that does make it easier to deal with. Emre looks impressed.)

Emre entertains the customers after they’ve been fed. He plays something that makes Burcu smile and makes Ilker and Sibel give each other guilty looks.

One of Burcu’s “friends” is being an ass. He’s making jokes about Emre needing to practice more so he can pick up girls. He slips a tip into Emre’s guitar strings when Emre’s about to play. Emre loses his temper and headbutts the guy. Which, like…in any kind of customer service position there are going to be jerks who try to walk all over you, but you can’t just go straight for headbutting every time that happens!

Burcu, et al, pick the jerk up off the ground and take him to the hospital.

Worse to worse-er

Onem has taken it upon herself to purchase a red velvet chaise with gold trim. Which, don’t get me wrong, I love…but she has it delivered to Ayaz and Öykü’s house. Because nothing says “I’m never leaving” like bringing your own furniture.

Even Öykü has to admit it’s a beautiful chaise. And it will look great. In Onem’s house. When she leaves.

Hahahahaha…yeah, right. Onem’s NEVER leaving.

Meral comes in, complaining that Öykü never unpacked all those lace doilies she made. “They were too pretty!” Nonsense, they’re meant to be used! Meral starts laying them out on top of pillows, the coffee table, the arm of Onem’s chaise. And then Onem starts in on how no one uses doilies and it’s grandma stuff and Meral says she’s just jealous because she doesn’t know how to make them and besides her chaise is weird and Öykü and Ayaz just quietly grab their stuff and walk out of the house while they yell at each other.

Öykü complains that she can’t get a moment’s peace at home OR at the office now! She complains about the cancelled contracts and Ayaz says he’s not offering to help because he knows how she feels about that, but if…. NO! Öykü insits she HAS to fix this BY HERSELF!

Continuing weirdness

Mete sees the missed calls from Seyma in the morning and wonders how he’s going to fix this. Naz comes over with breakfast and his brains leak out his ears.

He sits out on his back lawn having breakfast with Naz while she chatters about how she likes to go from hotel to hotel…hahaha, yes, she’s a CIA spy…ooh, he doesn’t want to tell his friends about them? Won’t that be exciting! (Can you tell I don’t like her?)

Café/meatball drama

Ilker is having a sign installed on the minibus. They’re going with “Concept Köfte” for the business name. He can’t get Emre’s opinion on the placement because all Emre can think about is Burcu. He’s going to have to do something to make his behavior up to her and flowers aren’t going to cut it, but whatever it is Ilker needs him to do it quickly because a distracted Emre is no good to him.

Ilker’s taking the baby outside to hang out with him for the day and he has all of Sibel’s instructions memorized. She’s floored. He coos to the baby that Sibel doesn’t think he’s capable of counting to ten, but he knows allll about his baby.

Which explains why he’s trying to feed the baby solid food, including peppers. Sibel takes the baby back inside.

Emre finds Burcu inside, reading The Little Prince. Burcu says that according to the book, if you allow yourself to be tamed, you run the risk of suffering for it. (Uh…does she mean herself or him?) He looks over her shoulder at Sibel for encouragement and says he’s sorry for going off on that guy. Burcu says he was being obnoxious and if Emre hadn’t done something, she would’ve popped the guy in the mouth. But then Emre broke his face and so Burcu had to take care of him instead which was so unfair! They hug it out. Sibel looks sad.

Fashion drama

Öykü’s still reading Nazmi’s diary. She likes feeling like he’s there, giving her advice.

Seyma wishes he’d give her some advice! Like “Don’t worry about it.” She insists she’s not talking about Mete. She’s moved on. She met this guy at a bar who’s really great to talk to.

Except she hasn’t actually called him. Öykü’s like “You got me all excited for nothing!” Seyma goes back to her office to do some work. Like people do. At work. When they’re not in a telenovela.

Öykü gets back to her reading. Nazmi suggests keeping someone trustworthy around–someone smart and loyal, with experience. Her first thought is Ayaz, but no…she needs someone LIKE him.

She calls Mehmet. He agrees to come to work for her. Savit’s a condescending jerk about it, asking if she’s going to hire her entire family and when is her brother starting work. Öykü tells Mehmet that Savit is the person who’s been at the company the longest and they don’t get along, but she’s sure he and Savit will. Mehmet leans back in his seat to look at Savit and says they’ll see.

Onem’s moved into her new office and getting pumped up by the ass-kissing stylings of Olcay. She thinks she’ll just call up Mehmet and offer him five minutes of her time if he wants to come over and behold her new kingdom.

Instead, she calls him up and gets the unwelcome news that he’s working in fashion again, for someone who values his experience…Öykü. Seriously, Onem, a grown-ass woman screaming “BUT SHE’S MY RIVAL!” is sooooo unbecoming. He hangs up on her mid-rant and Olcay has to get her water and fan her. She swears vengeance on Öykü.

Öykü wants to go check out Onem’s new office and bring her a moving-in present. Hey, Onem moved into her house, so…fair’s fair. Plus Seyma can see Mete. Seyma says she’s totally over him, she’s going out with Tankut, she closed the page on Mete and threw the notebook in the trash can she’s so over him. And she thinks he’s going out with someone else. “But he just broke up with Naz!” Seyma begs Öykü to change the subject and Öykü says they’d better go get Onem’s present.

While she was out, she got Ayaz a pretty picture frame with a picture of them in it for his desk. They’re getting all lovey when Onem walks in to screech at Öykü for hiring Mehmet. Ayaz isn’t surprised–Öykü just told him about it and he doesn’t see what the problem is. The problem is, Onem has declared Öykü her mortal enemy.

Öykü tries offering Onem her gift to make up for it, but it’s baklava and she didn’t know that Onem hates desserts made with flour. She gripes about the business world being rough and she’s not going to call Öykü “daughter-in-law” and she’s going to destroy her.

And Ayaz. Just. Stands. There.

Seyma visits Mete at the new office and he LIES about dating Naz. Er…well…says he’s not going out with her when he really is.

Then they start talking about the office and Seyma makes this metaphor about how if he tried to go back to his old “office” she thinks his old “office” would like that. But obviously, um, she’s joking, because an office can’t be happy.

Olcay comes in and gives her a happy hug.

Onem finds Öykü making coffee in the architecture office’s breakroom. She starts talking smack about secrets breaking up couples and Öykü just keeps smiling at her and saying she and Ayaz don’t have secrets from each other. I kept yelling at her to toss that coffee, but she didn’t listen to me.

Seyma hangs out in Olcay’s office and he wants to know if she’s met anyone. Seyma isn’t ready to talk about it yet. So instead he tells her about meeting someone at a party.

Öykü’s a little annoyed with everybody threatening her lately–Naz, Onem. Ayaz doesn’t know about Naz, but he’s sure Onem will get over it soon. (Uh, seriously?)

She starts curiously flipping through some designs on his desk and he reminds her she’s not supposed to be looking at them. They’re rivals. “Yeah, well it looks like you could use a good designer.” Ayaz says they (Onem and Co.) will have to work that out on their own, thanks.

She changes the subject to their recent invasion, but Ayaz is hopeful that everyone will have stopped fighting and moved out by the time they get home. She calls him an optimist.

Family Feud

Onem and Meral are arguing. In the kitchen. Arguing in the kitchen always seems like a bad idea to me. Too many potential weapons.

Anyway, Onem’s fussing about Öykü hiring Mehmet and there being nothing for dinner and trying to get Meral to cook, but Meral’s not going to let Onem boss her around. She tells her to order something if she wants dinner. Onem says mother and daughter are both equally useless.

And then they have a brief moment of clarity where they realize they’re arguing like an old married couple and maybe they should stop.

The doorbell rings and they both rush to answer it.

Öykü and Ayaz practice how they’re going to tell their moms to leave. In a nice way, not saying “Get out!” like Ayaz is doing. At their front door, Öykü starts sniffing and says she recognizes this smell….

I was thinking Onem and Meral had burned the house down, but no. Meral is making pickles and tomato sauce and apricot jam with their old neighbor Susan, Öykü remembers her, right? “Mom…all that’s not going to fit in the pantry.” Meral starts the guilt trip about how they’re making this with love for the two of them and Ayaz backs out of the plan and says that’s great…they’re gonna go find his mom now.

Meral says she’s out back. With friends.

Onem is playing cards with her friends. While she gets a massage. Which seems a little selfish. I mean, how come everybody doesn’t get one? Ayaz can’t believe what he’s seeing, but Öykü tells him to believe it. Guess who else isn’t getting kicked out tonight.

And now Cem and what looks like his entire fútbol team invade the backyard and splash into the pool, a move of which I approve. Onem does not. She snarks about him inviting them all over like it’s his house.

And I get that Ayaz and Öykü are trying to be nice or respectful or whatever, but seriously, he could have said “Mom, it’s ok if he has friends over.” Something, anything! But no. He says NOTHING!

And all Öykü says is “We need to resolve this.” Yeah, no kidding.

So the canning’s all done and Meral feels pretty good about them having food for the winter and how she’s protecting her kid from Evil Onem and Öykü’s looking kind of pale, does she want something to eat? Where’s the frying pan…. Öykü never gets a word in.

Ayaz has about as much luck trying to talk to Onem. Only with a lot more insults to Öykü and her entire family.


Seyma goes over to the café and starts babbling in Sibel’s general direction about going blonde or maybe cutting her hair. Sibel can tell this is about a guy. So who is he?! Seyma says it’s so hard to tell if someone likes you or not. Sibel suggests making the object of her affections jealous to see how they “really” feel. (*glare*)

Suddenly Seyma bursts out with “Tankut” and takes off, but I can’t tell if she’s thinking of him as a potential like-ee or the person she’s planning to use to make Mete jealous.

Clues, maybe?

Emre’s trying to serve people’s orders and going to the wrong table. Ilker is glued to his phone, excited that the picture of the new sign got three likes! Emre says those would be from him, Ayaz, and Ilker because he knows he liked his own picture.

But then Ilker starts in on the video he took of Emre singing last night. He’s got so much talent. Emre gets uncomfortable and tells Ilker it’s not talent, he’s just singing. Well, Ilker’s looking at this with his business brain and he thinks Emre needs to go into music.

Uh huh. Well, Emre thinks they should expand the meatball business because being a star and all that stuff is just a dream.

Emergency meeting

Öykü and Ayaz compare notes. Neither one of them was able to talk to their respective moms about moving out. They’ll have to make the moms WANT to move out on their own. They’ll need help….

Seyma suggests PDA in front of the moms. Öykü vetoes. Burcu suggests a remodel. Ayaz vetoes.

Ok, Seyma’s got it…moms dislike noise and mess. Ilker suggests a party. Emre volunteers to handle the “noise” angle. Everyone agrees to the plan.


Ooh! Tell me we’re getting Turkish rock tonight! The one thing they didn’t do was bring guests, but the usual gang dances around the patio while Emre and Ayaz play guitar, some other guy plays drums, and Ilker cooks something on the grill.

The moms awake. They come outside, along with Cem and ask what’s going on. Duh, they’re having a party! But why?

“Because we’re young and young people have parties!” Ayaz says from now on they’re having parties. They don’t mind, right? The gang desperately try to act like party people, but they’re really more like “hang out talking” people.

Oh, but not the moms…no, the moms have decided they are party people. Oh yes. Onem is totally rock and roll. She and Meral rock out, to the horror of their offspring and pretty much all their friends. Except Emre and Cem.

Seyma shows up with Tankut, all set to make Mete jealous, but he’s not there yet.

He’s just walking out of his house–and he lives close enough that he can hear the music–when Naz arrives to “kidnap” him. He says he’s gotta go to this party and obviously she can’t go. She decides to make him late for the party instead.

By the time Mete arrives, the entire group, except Tankut, are dancing in a line with their arms around each other. Seyma ropes Mete in and says she’ll explain why they’re doing this later. She keeps up the dancing as she says the guy in the chair is a new friend. Plastic surgeon. Mete wishes her luck with the relationship, sincerely. (Well, it’s not going to last long if Tankut doesn’t learn to participate in the shenanigans!)

But wait, there’s more! As the night wears on, Meral takes up a traditional drum while Onem gets behind the drum set. The kids are wiped. Meral and Onem mock them for thinking they could rock it all night. By now Meral’s wearing the devil horns that were on the weird mannequin thing with the lights…and Bulent shows up. Burcu tells him the party’s basically over, but he’s here to propose to Meral.

The kids are all shocked. Meral and Bulent struggle to explain that they just…didn’t know how to tell them they were dating. And Öykü pitches a fit because Meral didn’t tell her and Ayaz knew and he didn’t tell her. I’m so not speaking to her. And Ayaz tells her not to make a big deal out of this like she always does. So I’m not speaking to him either. Oh no…he said the “don’t act like a little girl” thing again. They are never going to stop having the same fight, are they?

Here we go again

Meral and Ayaz both left the house. I have no idea where Onem is. He mopes at Mete’s. Seyma spends the night at Öykü’s. Seyma thinks they had a fight because they just haven’t had one in a while. Ayaz thinks Öykü should apologize, which is so not happening. Öykü eats strawberries and chocolate fondue. Ayaz has Doritos and red wine.

In the morning, she’s still angry. Seyma gets away with saying Öykü did blow things out of proportion without getting her head bitten off. But Öykü’s still expecting Ayaz to come apologize.

He comes home, but it’s to fix his pretty hair, not to apologize. Öykü takes advantage of his presence to gripe at him. He just refuses to talk, so she keeps talking. And then he opens his mouth and “You’re the one who taught me to run away. Just be grateful I didn’t go to Italy.” comes out. (Um…this went from feeling like clueless teenagers wrote it to someone who totally knows how couple arguments go. Hey, I’m not saying this is the IDEAL, I’m saying, sometimes you open your mouth and horrible stuff comes out and then you have to fix it.)

She tries to block the door, but he physically lifts her out of the way.

Ilker and Emre are using Sibel’s dumpster for the Meatball Minibus trash. (That gets you find in some places….) Ilker fixates on all the potentially-usable stuff in the dumpster and contemplates dumpster-diving.

Sibel busts him. She’s threatening to destroy him. Mercury’s in retrograde. A conversation that neither resembles astrology nor reality ensues. Burcu does best–Mercury in retrograde causes communication problems like Öykü and Ayaz’s fight yesterday.

Öykü finds Ayaz’s ring on the bathroom counter. Seyma calls to say the office redecoration is done. She tells Seyma about the ring and Seyma calls an emergency meeting, women only.

No, Öykü hasn’t called him to ask. Sibel assumes the worst. Burcu is sure there’s an explanation. Now that Sibel is so angry at Ayaz, Öykü admits she was pretty awful last night. Seyma’s relieved to hear it.

Ayaz tells Mete sometimes she’s so stubborn and spoiled, he asks himself if this is the Öykü he fell in love with. (Dude…that’s exactly the Öykü you fell in love with. Don’t be trying to weasel out of this now!) Mete hopes Ayaz isn’t thinking of doing anything drastic.

Öykü has moved on to blaming stress and her mom. Burcu throws her dad in there, too. Seyma asks if when their parents get married, that will make Öykü and Burcu sisters. Burcu says they already are.

But getting back to the original topic–what to do about Öykü and Ayaz. Sibel’s all about getting him to apologize and inflicting damage on his car if he doesn’t. Um, no. The winning suggestion is going to apologize.

Bulent and Meral have lunch. She’s so upset about what happened, she’s ready to call the whole thing off. She’s not happy that he proposed without discussing it first. He’s still waiting for an answer, but she doesn’t know. She thinks they need a break.

Ayaz is still upset when Öykü comes into his office. I swear he wanted to smile when he saw her. She apologizes for the things she said last night and says she shouldn’t have gotten upset with him. She also apologizes for eating all the cake and not leaving him any and for the fact that his favorite sweater has now gone missing. There was a technical error when she did laundry.

Despite her exuberant hug, he’s not ready to forgive her. She offers him his ring back and he says he didn’t realize he left it until he was in the car and he was running late. He’s not even remotely enthusiastic about accepting it.

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3 years ago

I have no idea what Bulent was thinking asking Meral to marry him at that precise moment. I didn’t expect anything less from Oyku but I wish Meral would have been less apologetic about her relationship. You’re a grown woman! Do we need Onem to get into another non-life threatening accident so she can become nice again? Or do we need Ayaz to tell his mom to cut the crappy behavior? Come on Ayaz! You didn’t put up with that crap in the beginning when she was your girlfriend so we know you can do it. When Ayaz brought up… Read more »

3 years ago

Ha yeah it must of been the devil horns that convinced him.