Guerra de Ídolos Thursday 5/04/17 #9

Uno de Sobra
Casa Matamoros

Amado claims he has no intention of doing anything to Mateo, but neither Manara nor I believe him. She accuses him of thinking he can decide who deserves to live and die. He says it’s not about deserving, it’s about survival. Oh, so he’s a survivor now? Because she thinks he’s just a murderer.

Fierro watches Mateo from the balcony.

Amado denies that he’s a murderer or an animal. When he left the orphanage and went to find his mother, even though she abandoned him, she was already dead. He had two sisters he’d never met and he didn’t hesitate to adopt them. He’s always given them the best. (He’s totally practicing that for his campaign speech.)

Manara questions whether giving them the “best” includes keeping them locked up so he could sell them off later. Amado insists he’s doing what’s in his best interest, which is what’s in their best interest, because they’re his blood.

“What if what’s best for me isn’t best for you?” Is he going to let her be happy or use her to get what he wants?

Fierro interrupts, saying Amado has a call. Amado tells her to go on and work with the Tejano. He insists he wants her to be happy–that’s why he’s supporting her to be a singer. Right, that’s professional. What about personal? Is he really going to let her be with someone who has nothing to offer him?

Amado ignores her and she stomps out. It’s Alexis on the phone. People are starting to say there was a conspiracy. The whole “natural causes” thing doesn’t sell. Alexis assures him the autopsy is taken care of.

Fierro reports that they haven’t been able to get to Memo yet, but he’ll be dead by the end of the day.

Manara comes downstairs, ready to go work, but she’s worried about whether Mateo talked to Rafa. He says Rafa won’t be joining them. Why? Is she afraid to be alone with him? “What do you think?” Eh, he thinks so.


Alexis starts off his show talking over the opening strains of Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar. He announces the death of Don Gabriel Treviño and plays the song he “loved” in his honor. (And that right there is why it’s hard to ignore anything that happens–he just said in the previous episode that he hates this song. Dude’s probably shaking his fist from somewhere. He’s been murdered, his enemies are getting away with it, and now Alexis is playing that damn song!)

In Houston, Doña Ester hears the news. She calls Valentín. The boys are busy playing their own rendition when the phone rings. He swears on Tito’s death they had nothing to do with it. They’re in LA, they’re going to help with the record label, they’re going to earn a living with their music, just like they promised.

Ester says that’s what Mateo owed them. After all the violence, she’s staying at the parish house. The call gets cut off and Valentín says he’d better buy his mom a better phone.

Frat house

The guys start talking about needing to go into the studio to lay down tracks for the first single–the song Manara and Rafa sang yesterday. But today Mateo’s working with her. Cristian thinks it’s weird that with all the stuff that’s going on, Mateo is still chasing after Manara. Básico thinks Mateo’s trying to lure her away from Rafa.

“And you know what they say about when a woman is appealing to two men….” (Apparently everyone else in the room does, but I don’t.) Valentín makes a call, joking (I think) that they’re talking about women and he wants one, so he’s bringing back morras (chicks) for the band.


At the hospital, Itzel is having flashbacks to the accident as she tells the boys what happened. She’s realized they’re the most important people in her life and she was afraid she’d never get to tell them again. She asks about Mirta and everyone looks around guiltily. Rafa says she died in the accident.

Itzel sobs that she killed her. Rafa asks the guys to give them a minute alone. She wants to know how it happened. Rafa says she died in the accident. She wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. And there were drugs in Itzel’s bloodstream, so the cops are waiting outside to arrest her.

Ernesto is out in the hallway explaining the same thing to the boys, but Nicolas doesn’t think his mom’s been getting drugs illegally. “Proof is proof.”

Itzel says she’s never bought drugs illegally–she always made do with what the doctor gave her. Rafa says to the police, it’s proof. Maybe they were Mirta’s. “She was a vegetarian. She didn’t even drink coffee,” Itzel scoffs.

Suddenly she’s suspicious. Did Rafa have something to do with this? Right…because she threatened to talk about Julio César’s death. Maybe he’s trying to make her look “crazy,” or kill her. Rafa snaps that what he’s doing is trying to get her a lawyer to get her out of this! He says she’s the one with the problem, she’s the one they want to arrest, so she’d better accept responsibility.

Itzel’s only response is to tell him to move so she can get to the bathroom. (Uh…supervision!)


Leticia macks on Isaac and starts bugging him about when the record label’s going to start looking for artists. He says before they look for anyone new, it’s his turn, so he needs all her good vibes. Which are apparently transmitted via snogging.

Picking a fight

Amado calls Rafa to let him know he’s coming by the hospital to support Rafa and his family. “And get some free publicity?” Yeah, that too.

Oh, and by the way, Mateo took Manara to the studio to record some vocals, but Amado’s sure that’s just a pretext for stealing her away from Rafa. Rafa whines about Mateo having no “code.” Amado tells him to get over there and shut him down, show him who’s rey.

Julia comes bounding downstairs to go over to the hospital with Amado.


Grandota interviews Belinda. Belinda assures the public that she’s carrying Julio César’s child. As for what Victoria’s grandma said…they were friends until she started dating Julio César and then Victoria became obsessed, “crazy,” and everyone knows what happened. So far, so good…and then she adds that Victoria’s going down in history as a murderer and she’ll be remembered as the woman who brought Julio César’s only son into the world. (Uh oh…the sound cue has doubts.)

Lucho tells his assistant Belinda’s denying everything. He tells her to find a model and pay her whatever it takes to say Julio César slept with her. The assistant hands him her tablet–a police officer just offered to leak an official report and some photos of Itzel’s accident. A little narcotic-induced manslaughter sounds good to him. He tells her to accept the offer and pay him for an exclusive.


The reporters have descended on the hospital. Ernesto’s annoyed. And Rafa’s missing. Santiago says he said something about a lawyer before he left. Nicolas didn’t buy that excuse. He asks if Ernesto knows what’s going on.

Ernesto makes a mystery call and says he’s leaving. He tells them to keep an eye on their mother and keep her away from reporters. Nicolas threatens to go find out what’s happening himself if his grandpa won’t tell him. “Do me a favor–quit doubting your father and me and stop talking to me in that tone of voice.” If they don’t stick together, the press will destroy them.

On his way out, Ernesto sees Amado and Julia. Julia immediately asks him where she might be able to find Nicolas. As they watch her walk down the hall to the waiting room, Amado smirks behind Ernesto’s back.

“So, where’s Rafa?” Ernesto tells him to cut the crap. He knows what Amado’s up to. Rafa’s probably off in search of his other sister and he’s sure Amado is here to offer Julia to him. He knows Amado needs the support of the unions, but he’s not going to get it in exchange for a child, or because he’s manipulating Rafa. And Ernesto’s sure not going to let his grandson get involved with a minor. As Ernesto walks off, Amado makes an “I don’t like it when I can’t control people” face.

Julia sits with Nicolas, listening to No Es Normal. She says she likes the song–they have the same style. When she starts singing her favorite part he says she has a pretty voice, but Julia’s convinced herself she’s not as good as Manara. She says dancing is more her thing. He’d love to see her, sometime.

Amado comes in to get her. I was actually afraid for a second there that when she said “Do we have to leave?” he was going to get violent. Instead he says Rafa’s taking a while and he doesn’t want to impose on the family. As he’s talking, two police officers walk in. Julia gives Nicolas a kiss on the cheek and says she’s there for him and say hi to Santiago for her. (Just how “underage” is she?)

In the hospital room, Itzel makes Santiago promise he won’t abandon her. She wants him to keep an eye on his father and his grandfather. She trusts him because they share everything, but…she doesn’t trust them. She wants him to tell her everything they say and do.

Ernesto meets Lucho in the back of an SUV. Lucho took the info that cop leaked and now he’s using it to get an extra payout from Ernesto in exchange for handling the news however Ernesto wants. Ernesto says he’s tired of her blackmail attempts and tells Lucho to go all out. Get her so mired in filth no one will believe her.

And Rafael?

Ernesto says Rafa’s over her. He’s moved on. Lucho thinks it’s to Manara. Ernesto quips that they say vultures and entertainment reporters have the same nose.

Speaking of vultures…it’s such a shame about his godfather. Did he get a chance to say goodbye?

Ernesto has no idea what he’s talking about. Lucho tells him Gabriel died last night.


Manara finishes a take of Fuego Cruzado and Mateo’s underwhelmed. He wants more emotion. He’s not really getting his meaning across, so he goes into the booth and kisses her. A lot. (Uh…do you do this with all your artists?)

Rafa gets to the studio.

Mateo and Manara come up for air and he asks why she was so cold to him at the homenaje. She’s just worried about having to keep things calm between him and Rafa. He tells her not to worry about it–Rafa doesn’t matter. They get back to kissing.

She suggests they get back to recording or they’ll never finish, but instead he backs her into a wall while she wraps her legs around his waist. I’d say “get a room” but technically, they have one, so….

Chalino quite loudly calls out to Rafael to please come give his opinion about something up in the board room…it won’t take long…and they’ve got that big meeting coming up. Rafa lets Chalino lead him upstairs.

Mateo pulls his phone out of his pocket and says he’s gotta go check out something on the construction. He asks Manara to just…practice while he’s gone and they’ll do another take when he gets back.

In the board room, Rafa could care less about the chandelier. Is Chalino just messing with him? Mateo comes running in and says it’s insulting he would even think that! He tells Chalino this is definitely the chandelier, don’t get a bigger one, and don’t let Isaac put any more gold in this office!

Rafa pretends he was just passing by while he was visiting a lawyer. Is Mateo here alone? Mateo innocently says he’s here with Manara, just getting some recording done. How’s Itzel?

Rafa says she’s fine. So, does Mateo want him to record too? Mateo pretends to be grateful that Rafa has time for that. They’ve got to let the investors hear it tomorrow. Behind Rafa’s back. Chalino winks at Mateo and Mateo claps him on the shoulder. He calls back that he was serious about what he said about Isaac!

In the studio, Manara and Rafa record the vocals for Fuego Cruzado and Mateo declares them finished. He still needs to sit down with the instrumentalists, but he’s doing that tonight. He’s going to go by the house, have some beers, play some music…Manara’s totally invited. Oh, and Rafa too, of course. But he’s probably busy with Itzel….

Rafa snaps that he is and she’s not doing well. OK, then, Manara should come meet the guys, They’ll record tomorrow early and when he’s ready he’ll send Rafa a “bounce” (a copy where multiple tracks are re-recorded into a single one). Rafa’s driver says there’s news from the hospital and a lot of traffic, so they need to go. Rafa asks Mateo to walk out with him–there’s something he needs to talk to him about.

It’s one of those stupid “I told you I want her, I thought we had a deal,” conversations. Mateo swears he’s keeping their “deal.” He hasn’t touched so much as a hair on her head. Rafa says when Mateo’s ready to stop lying, to call him. (Uh, Rafa, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear the truth.)

As Rafa walks down the sidewalk, Manara walks out of the studio demanding to know what Mateo’s problem is. Does he think this is a competition? She tells him to explain his game so she can decide whether she wants to be the prize. Mateo fumbles a bit, saying she can’t doubt he likes her…no, but she suspects it’s because Rafa does, too. “But the dude’s married! You’re not going to go out with a married dude?!”

Yeah, Manara thinks he’s interested because she’s a novedad (something new) but what happens later? She tries to leave and Mateo says he’ll get serious now–he really does want her to meet the guys, spend time with them, rehearse, it’s important. OK, then, if we’re being “serious.” She tells him not to mess around with her dreams or her feelings for him. Mateo apologizes. But will she come to the house? She can bring her sister. She can bring the whole family. It’s just work. She says she’ll think about it.

As she walks to the car, Mateo’s like “So, no goodbye kiss?”


Alexis meets with the guy Amado has helping him to hand over a picture of the doctor doing the autopsy and another one of the doctor’s family. He doesn’t have his home address, but he knows where his daughter goes to school. Between the photos Alexis gives him and the money Amado gave him, it should be enough to convince the doctor to say it was a death from natural causes.

When Alexis sees Selva later at the radio station, she says they’ll be releasing her father’s body soon and the doctor confirmed he died of natural causes. Alexis asks her about having the vigil here at the radio station. They’ve gotten so many messages–and this place was like his home. The audience wants to say goodbye.

Selva agrees. She asks him to take care of inviting everyone from the media and she’ll handle his personal contacts.

Speaking of personal contacts, Amado calls. He gives his fakety fake fake condolences. Selva invites him to the vigil and says she’ll send him the details. Amado says he’s always there for her and she thanks him.

Lorenzo checks with Memo. He’s still waiting on the blood test results from the doctor. Selva lurks in the doorway as he tells Memo to bring them over as soon as he has them.

Lorenzo lies to Selva and says he was just asking the accountant to send over the company financials. She knows he doesn’t believe the autopsy results either. Lorenzo tells her to stop thinking about that. She’s the one who has to run this place now–she has to concentrate on that.

Right, but it’s half his too. And even though she never got involved in their dad’s shady business, “no me chupo el dedo” (“I don’t suck my thumb,” I’m not a child). If they don’t start telling each other the truth they’re going to lose this empire. So…who does he think killed their dad?

He says he doesn’t know. He’s barely starting to look in to it. He does know he doesn’t trust anyone who works here. Neither does Selva. They’re defenseless without their dad and she thinks the worst thing they can do is show it. Lorenzo agrees. They’ll keep playing dumb and see who approaches them.

Selva gives him a pleading look and asks if, even though they were estranged, he’s still sad about their father’s death. He says it hurt him more than he thought it would. In that case Selva hopes he won’t just help her hold on to what they have now, but make it bigger. Lorenzo promises he won’t leave her alone.


Manara plays Amor y Desamor out on the back patio. Amado comes outside and listens for a while. He actually looks like he enjoys it, which surprises me. I didn’t think he had that in him.

Manara stops when she realizes he’s there, but he asks her to go on. It sounds good. She asks what he wants.

Well, he thinks she’s only interested in Mateo to be contrary. Since he “suggested” Rafael…. “You offered me to him like merchandise. Tell the truth.”

OK, he needs union support for his campaign, Ernesto doesn’t want to help him, so she has to help him. She could ruin Rafael’s relationship with him and Rafael is the only one who can help him convince Ernesto. So he’s just saying–if he ends up without a campaign and it’s her fault? It’s going to hurt her too. A lot.

“Don’t threaten me.”

“Don’t defy me.”

In The Closet Rafa remembers Manara telling him she wouldn’t be his mistress. His hench comes to say it’s time to get back to the hospital. Rafa complains about having to deal with the press. And his wife. He asks the hench’s opinion about Manara. (Dude! Don’t answer!)

Hench says she’s beautiful, but she’s going to need time to understand some things. She’s kind of a n00b. Rafa thinks she’s his only chance at starting a new life. Hench just nods. Rafa goes on to say he’s going to destroy Mateo if he gets in his way.

In the studio, Mateo tells Chalino that Manara’s got it all. And thanks for the save with Rafa.

About that…Chalino thinks after how Rafa helped them get out of Monterrey, Mateo shouldn’t be messing with his vieja. (Where do I even begin…?) The longest and bloodiest wars are for faldas (skirts, women).

Mateo makes the same face I’m making. He thinks Rafa’s an idiot who likes parading around like a big star and never cared about anything besides getting every penny out of them that he could. What happened to Tito was the last straw for Mateo. Chalino reminds him Rafa’s going to be their business partner…and if he decides to be Isaac’s ally, they’ll make Mateo’s life miserable.

Julia can’t understand why Manara isn’t going for Mateo after he’s taking a chance on her, having her record the tribute to his brother instead of Isaac. Manara says this whole “rehearsal” is just a way to annoy Rafa. Manara thinks she has to end this before it gets ugly. Julia laughs that Manara can’t control the two of them like she thought she could.

Oh, no, Manara insists she does know how to control them. Julia tells her to get dressed and go, then. She’s about to have everything she ever wanted. She was a trending topic at the homenaje. People like her. If Mateo said this is a rehearsal, then it’s a rehearsal–be firm about it. “Or do you think you can’t control yourself?” Manara gives her a classic “Annoyed Older Sister” face.

Los Solar

Leticia explains to Renzo that Isaac’s trying to gamble his way to riches tonight because he needs money for the record label opening. If he loses it all, his dad’s going to find out about his debts.

She realizes if that happens and they kick him out, she won’t get to record her album! Renzo says she’d better go give him luck, then. It’s all or nothing on this hand.

Leticia goes to drape herself on Isaac. The bet has gone from fat stacks of cash to Isaac’s gold watch and the other guy’s gold-plated gun with diamonds.

Over dinner, Celestina wonders how they’re going to be able to concentrate on the record label after Gabriel’s death and Rafa’s wife’s accident. Moisés says they have to get it done and the single with Rafa and “that girl” is hot right now.

Celestina asks what he’s going to do about the boys. Oh, that’s easy, they’re having a board of directors’ meeting tomorrow and each of them gets one vote. Gilda chimes in for me–there’s no way that’s fair. Their contributions to the family have not been equal. Mateo wrote all of Julio César’s songs. “Yes, and now he’s going to have to write them for Isaac.”

“Wait…you think Isaac can replace Julio César?”

Moisés goes with “You’re a doctor, what do you know about the music business?” She says every day that goes by she’s more and more tempted to get into the music business. Maybe that way she can protect even a little bit of her brother’s legacy. “Why are you looking at me like that? I’m a Solar. Can’t I?”

Belinda and Grandota are done with the interview and come down to the dinner table. Grandota asks if anyone knows where Isaac is.

Losing at cards, like we knew he would. Oh, no, wait…he won. That’s worse. (Or, as Mr. 5ft says, “He didn’t lose YET.”)


Just like Mateo said, the guys are at the frat house drinking beer and playing music. They debate the proper instrumentation for the backing track. Mateo insists it can’t be regional or urban–he wants to take what the Boricuas did and have Básico and Valentín re-interpret it so it’s universal.

He picks on Cristian, saying he has the soul of a producer–what does he think? Cristian wants some chords…he likes Bási’s bass line…and Diego’s a little off. He thinks they could do something more elaborate in the studio. He has a few ideas that might work….

And then everybody gets all doofusy because Manara shows up. She tries to keep it professional and so does everyone else. Mostly. Dylan gives Mateo a suggestive pat on the arm as he returns Manara’s “It’s a pleasure to meet you” with “The pleasure’s all ours.” She suggests they get started and everyone’s all “Yeah, yeah, let’s go…we were just waiting for you,” like they’re not totally going to tease Mateo about this later.


Rafa gets to the hospital in time for Itzel to get handcuffed and walked out. He tries to argue that she can’t leave yet, she’s still recovering. Itzel blames him for calling the press. She tells Rafa to take his hands off her and she and the two officers taking her in keep on walking as he stands there in the middle of the hallway babbling about how he’s going to be there for her.

The police stay behind her while Santiago tries to provide a buffer in front, asking the press to back off.

Whatever Amado wants….

Alexis stops by Gabriel’s old office looking for Selva. He confirmed Ernesto for the vigil. Lorenzo asks him to hold on a sec–he’s on the phone with Memo. The doctor’s on his way with the results and he’ll call him back.

The doctor gets into the car and says Gabriel was poisoned. He starts showing Memo the actual results, but a motorcycle pulls up with two guys on it. Amado’s hench (and now I’m wondering if this is the same one who took out Veronica, but I can’t keep them all straight) gets off the back, shoots them both through the car window, opens the car door with his bare hand, reaches in for the test results and something else…cell phones? Wallets?…before getting back on the motorcycle and driving off.

Fierro reports Memo and the doctor are dead. They’d done a second autopsy. Amado sighs that it was a rookie mistake to only have one person in charge of that. He informs Fierro they’re going to Gabriel’s vigil tomorrow, so be ready.

And what about the other thing? Fierro says Manara’s at Mateo’s house.

Jamming out with the guys to yet another version of Fuego Cruzado. I don’t know what style I’d call this, but I do love it when those boys harmonize. Manara says no offense, but she likes the urbano touch.

Mateo wants them to play Tequila Pa’La Razon for her, but Cristian would rather play Cuando Te Veo. Manara and Mateo do shots and flirt.

So, what does Amado want Fierro to do? He says they’ll give Manara some time to come to her senses. If she doesn’t, Amado will make sure she does what he says. He already knows what he’ll do.

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Wow. I do love these recaps and you hit the nail on the head with “And that right there is why it’s hard to ignore anything that happens.”

That’s exactly why read. I don’t pick up on the subtleties like you do.

We are both on the same page when it comes to some things – the hench touching the door with his bare hand and those harmonizing boricuas. *swoon*