Guerra de Ídolos Friday 5/05/17 #10

Jugando Con Fuego
Frat house

The guys wrap up their song, which Manara liked, and start toasting to Mateo, a great guy, their hope, their padrino…their “San Judas Mateo.” That last came from Cristian and Básico tells him to cool it–don’t joke about religion, politics, or moms.

Dylan gets up in his face and says “Esto se acabó.” (That’s it.) What? Is Dylan gonna punch him or something? “Se acabó el tequila.” (We’re out of tequila.) He gives Básico a sloshy hug. But whaddaya know? They’re also out of whiskey…and beer…definitely time to make a run to the store….

Manara looks up in alarm as they all start oozing towards the front door. Mateo accuses her of thinking they’re making it up to leave the two of them alone. Manara’s face: “Seriously?” Mateo says he’ll go with them, she can stay here and wait for them…no, she wants him to stay so they can talk. It’s a very melodic chorus of “oooooooh” s as the guys head out.

OK, so now, after rehearsal and tequilas, she wants to have a SRS conversation. They’re obviously attracted to each other, but they can’t act on it because of Rafa. He’s Mateo’s business partner. But also because Manara wants to focus on her career. This is her dream and this is her last chance. He understands, right?

Mateo says he understands and he agrees and he’s glad she came and they’ll finish up the song tomorrow. The guys are all set.

She wishes him luck with the board of directors’ meeting. Right…and they’ll be seeing each other for all the launch stuff, press, all that. Manara thanks him for today. She likes the guys. No, no, he thanks her for letting him work with her. He’s sure she’s going to be a big star.

But before she can walk out, he grabs her and kisses her. And that turns into sex in his bedroom.

The creeps

Itzel signs paperwork before being taken back to a cell.

Rafa remembers making that stupid deal with Mateo. Telling his dad about Itzel’s accident. Itzel accusing him of setting her up. Mateo touching Manara. Asking Mateo if he and Manara had already had algo que ver (“something to do with”; had a relationship, had sex).

His thoughts are interrupted by a call from Moisés, confirming him for tomorrow’s meeting. Rafa feigns enthusiasm about the meeting…and the single…and waves his hand around impatiently as Moisés talks about needing to give the label their all. Rafa agrees it’s their future.

Julia listens to No Es Normal in the living room, singing along and thinking about Nicolas. And here comes Amado to look in on her. *Shudder*

He takes a call from Rafa. He heard what happened to Itzel. Rafa’s all “Yeah, yeah, wanted to teach her a lesson, things got out of hand, anyway….” He’s got that board of directors’ meeting tomorrow and he’s going to show that f’in filth what he’s made of. (Projection much?)

Amado says tomorrow he’s going to Monterrey and soon he’ll control all of Treviño’s empire. He gets a little rah-rah about how they’re both going to grow and change and be better. Uh huh.

Casa Solar

Isaac comes home, looking like he’s been celebrating–take that however you like–and he’s surprised to see Grandota in the living room with his parents, waiting for him. She was supposed to be flying back to LA, but since they’ve got that board meeting tomorrow, she’s just going to ride along with them. That way she and Isaac can spend some time together.

Moisés asks if Isaac was able to get their creditors to give them more time. Isaac brags that he was able to pay off some of their debt for the cancelled tour dates. And based on that, the creditors gave them more time. Moisés looks surprised, but pleased. (Not going to ask him where he got the money?)

Anyway, he’s going to go up and shower and then maybe he and Grandota can go out for ice cream or something. And hey, while he’s up there maybe she can convince his dad to support his album launch.

Casa Matamoros

Amado and Julia sit down to dinner alone. She says this is going to happen a lot now that Manara’s working hard on her music career. Amado changes the subject to Broadway musicals. Her dance teacher said she wanted to see some? Well as soon as he’s back from Monterrey the two of them are going. (What nefarious plan is this?) Julia hugs him excitedly. Fierro hovers in the doorway and Amado excuses himself.

Fierro came to talk to Amado about the vigil. He’s suddenly concerned about Amado showing up. “If I don’t go, it will look suspicious.” Right, but what if Treviño’s kids suspect him? It could be dangerous meterse en la boca del lobo (“put yourself in the wolf’s mouth”; enter the lion’s den). Amado says he’ll get rid of Lorenzo, but he’s keeping Selva around for a while. He owes her some revenge. He tells Fierro to quit ruining his dinner and go get the plane ready.

Radio station

A police officer gives Lorenzo, Selva, and Alexis the report about Memo and the doctor’s deaths. Their wallets and watches, and guns were taken, so he assumes this was a robbery gone wrong. Lorenzo thanks him and asks to be kept informed.

With the officer gone, Lorenzo complains that his dad and nearly all of his “security” were killed inside of two days–and that guy wants to say it was a robbery? They’ll have to find out who’s paying for all this. Alexis floats the idea that it could be part of the general rise in violence…. Lorenzo cuts him off. If he knows so much, then maybe he needs to spill what he knows.

Selva talks him down. Alexis has always supported her. She asks Lorenzo to give him a chance. One of the few remaining henches says the lobby is ready for the vigil. Selva explains it was Alexis’ idea and she approved it. This was like their dad’s temple. As soon as this is all over, she wants to move their central offices to Los Angeles and start over there.

Selva’s all sentimental now, showing Lorenzo the fancy necklace, regretting that she didn’t make peace with him, didn’t tell him she loved him. Lorenzo says if it’s any consolation, he didn’t talk to their dad for years and he can’t get that time back, either.

“We were bad children!” Selva’s gone full-on revisionist history now. Although Lorenzo agrees he did die while they’d both turned their backs on him. If they want to reconcile with his memory, then they need to work hard and defend what he built. As they hug, there’s a reflection of someone watching in the window behind them.


Yeah, so about that not getting involved thing…. Manara doesn’t want this to ruin her career. What, because of Rafa? Well, he is her padrino. Mateo says he’s a parasite who’s going to end up with a healthy portion of her earnings. Manara says they haven’t talked about it.

And isn’t Mateo also going to going to get something out of this? He says he already is. Ha ha.

He’s thinking that tomorrow at the meeting, he’s going to propose that Manara’s album be their first release. Manara asks if his brother isn’t also a singer…? “Says him.” She thinks he should get first dibs. He seemed upset at the homenaje and she doesn’t want Mateo to have problems with his family. Mateo grumbles about it and says she has talent. Isaac doesn’t. Right, but Isaac’s his brother and she doesn’t want him to have problems.

Do I even want to know where they got the sushi from? Mr. 5ft’s thinking the other guys picked some up while they were out buying booze. Mateo talks about how he’s maybe stubborn, impulsive, and immature, but Isaac…he thinks about fame and money and power, but the LAST thing he thinks about his music. And music is all Mateo thinks about.

Manara likes that about him. He says he likes how she cooks. When did she learn to make sushi? And where did she get all this stuff? As far as he knew there was nothing in his fridge but a six pack of beer. Manara talks about making the most of the time you have when you’re locked away.

Uh, because Amado’s really serious about their security. He’s their half-brother and when their mother died, he adopted her and Julia. Obviously, he’s no longer her legal guardian. “You’re not a minor?!” (Not funny, dude.) She says Julia is. So yeah, they’re a weird family.

Manara explains that Amado didn’t like them to go out, so he hired tutors. The best tutors. Manara claims she doesn’t know where his obsession about security came from. He grow up in an orphanage and saw terrible things–maybe that’s it.

Mateo asks about the “mayor” thing. Why does she think he wants to do that. Manara says he grew up lacking a lot of things, so he probably understands what people need. Mateo mildly sarcastically says that’s nice that he wants to help people. He thinks people with difficult childhoods grow up full of resentment.

Mateo thanks Manara for the best night he’s had since Julio César died. She thinks the best way to fill the void left by someone who’s gone is with affection. When he feels bad, he should think about the people he loves.

Mateo changes the subject. He wants to hear one of her songs. “Let’s have that audition Julia wanted.” She sings him Amor y Desamor.

Mateo thinks that could be her first single. Manara’s back to not wanting him to get in trouble. He tells her not to worry about Rafa, he’s just…selfish. An hijo de papi (daddy’s boy; spoiled rich kid). A little bit *whistles* (he’s got issues). Manara agrees, he can be a little caprichoso (flighty, spoiled, capricious), but Mateo can’t underestimate him. She just thinks that in general, when you underestimate someone, you let your guard down.

Mateo thinks that’s good advice. He has some too, that he’ll convey under the covers.

Rancho Zabala

In The Closet, Rafa throws suits on the floor for no apparent reason.

Now Rafa’s moved on to burning the trajes outside in the fire pit. Ernesto yells at his grandsons, thinking they’ve been smoking “that crap” in his house again. Yeah, they smell the smoke, but it’s outside. (Burning trajes smell like pot?) They all go out to the balcony and see Rafa standing there with a bunch of sombreros on the ground around the fire pit. Ernesto says he’s gone “crazy” and tells the boys to stay put.

He runs outside and asks Rafa what he’s doing! Those are one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. “I told you I was serious about reinventing myself.” (Yes, but why are you doing this precisely now and with so much anger? I feel like I’m missing something.) Ernesto backhands him and Rafa warns him not to ever do that again, especially not in front of his sons. He got Itzel thrown in jail and he can do much worse to Ernesto. He gets up in Ernesto’s face and screams “Don’t mess with me!” Ernesto looks helplessly at the traje carnage.


Mateo wakes up with a hangover and a note. “Good morning. I left you breakfast. Good luck with the meeting. Kisses.”

He wanders downstairs to find juice, coffee and another display of her excellent knife skills. Hey, the guys have fruit in the house!

Manara gets home and shuts the door as quietly as she can, but Agustina’s waiting for her. She insists Manara go in there right now and face her brother at the breakfast table. For the good of her sister. She’s been busy with her launch and he’s been trying to get closer to Julia.

Manara complains that he was trying to offer Julia to Ernesto Zabala. Agustina doesn’t think he’d really do it–he’s just trying to get Manara to pay attention to him. Uh, paying attention to him means getting involved with a married man just because Amado says so. “You know this campaign is important to him.” (Yes, yes, she knows it, I know it, the whole of fictional Los Angeles knows it….)

Agustina says that to Amado, what he’s asking Manara to do isn’t a huge sacrifice. (Then he can sleep with Rafa his damn self!) And Julia’s defenseless. She’s not like Manara. Agustina just wants Manara to help Julia. Manara thanks her for looking out for Julia.

And does she know where Amado’s going? Agustina says he’s going to Treviño’s funeral.

Radio station

At the radio station, Selva and Lorenzo stop by before going to pick up Gabriel’s body. Alexis is getting things organized in the lobby. They leave him in charge.

The server from the event, the one who was making eyes at Santiago, comes in and says he doesn’t think the new boss is won over. Alexis isn’t worried. “Lo mío es la labia.” (“Mine is the lip”; I’m good with words). Alexis has the number the server asked for. He tells him to take advantage of “the old guy” coming over today.

Rancho Zabala

Ernesto has breakfast with Nicolas and Santiago. He’s still upset about what Rafa did last night. Did either of them see him leave this morning? Santiago says he went to see Itzel with the lawyer. He would’ve gone, but she can’t actually have visitors until tomorrow.

Santiago’s phone buzzes and he tells Ernesto he knows…no reporters. It’s Fernando…the server…from the party. He says he got Santiago’s number from one of the reporters. He heard Santiago’s mom had an accident and he hopes she gets better. If he ever wants to come back to Monterrey, well…he has his number. Santiago says he’ll save it. Thanks. He tells his grandfather it was just an amiga asking about his mom.

Ernesto’s on his way out to Monterrey for Treviño’s funeral. If either of them want to go…. Santiago looks like he’s considering it.

Casa Matamoros

Manara comes to the breakfast table in her workout gear just as Julia’s ready to go off to her dance class. She ignores Manara.

Amado asks if Manara slept with Mateo. That’s none of is business. What is “their” business is Julia. What is he planning with her that she’s acting weird? Amado says she was just showing him the list of musicals she wants to see, that’s all.

Besides, Julia’s not as easy as Manara. “What?” Well, Manara’s made up her mind. She’s famous, she’s having a song produced, she slept with her producer. Manara says if she slept with Mateo it wasn’t for some ulterior motive. She doesn’t go around thinking of strategies to get what she wants. They’re not the same.

Oh he knows. And he told her not to defy him, but she doesn’t get it. If she wants to play with him, they need to be in the same league. Manara laughs–what exactly does she have to do to get into his league?

Oh, for example…poison Treviño in front of everyone, go to his funeral and hug his kids.

He’s not telling her this to scare her, he’s telling her to make her his accomplice. Or she could turn him in and become his enemy. Her call.

Well, she’s not going to be his accomplice, no matter what he tells her. And she may not have the power to defy him now, but when she does, she will. “OK, then, you’re my accomplice.” He tells her to take care of “his” relationship with Rafael. He’s very sensitive right now and he can “smell” what’s going on with Mateo. This is the last time he asks her.


Rafa and the lawyer meet with Itzel so she can give her account of what happened to the lawyer. Rafa dismisses him, saying he’ll call later about bail. He tells Itzel they’re asking for half a million.

He wants to show her something–he knows she married him so she could be famous, but she’s done it all on her own. He shows her his phone and the tabloid page. She accuses him of setting this up. Why is he talking to her like this?

“Because you were right. I put the pills in your car so you’d stop threatening me, but things got out of control and now the one who’s [bleeped] is you.”

He wants her to sign the divorce papers and never mention Julio César. She considers this evidence that he did kill Julio César. Rafa says that’s not her problem–she can sign and agree to keep her mouth shut or she stays here.

Itzel can’t believe he wants a divorce after twenty years. She’s the mother of is children! Yes, but Rafa’s tired of people sticking their noses in his business and since he can’t divorce his father–tag, you’re it!

She blames him for killing Mirta. Oh, no, he planted the drugs, but killing Mirta is all on her. Itzel asks if Julio César never mattered to him.

Hey, he said not to talk about him. Just for that, he’s leaving her in here. So she’ll learn that a closed mouth gathers no flies. She reaches across the table to hit him and gets restrained by a guard. She screams at him to get out as he says he’s never giving her another cent.

The big day

Behold the new and improved offices of the new JC Records. Inside it’s still a bit of a mess, but Chalino thinks they can hurry and have it ready in time for the meeting. Moisés is not liking the chandelier. Who picked that? Chalino says Mateo said it was Isaac’s style. Isaac disagrees…it needs to be bigger! And where is the Tom Cruise of the frontera? He’s not answering his phone.

Chalino says he’s been in the studio with some musicians finishing up the single. Moisés asks him to go bring Mateo up here.

Down in the studio, the guys are bullshitting. Cristian’s still playing producer. They’re still going round and round about the exact style and Dylan wants to add a little bachata to it for “swing.” Which gets Valentín going about the morras from last night.

Mateo wants to hear this story. Básico explains that since they didn’t have anyplace to stay last night, they took refuge from the cold in a nightclub. “Nude club” Cristian corrects–he’s been trying to get him to learn that since yesterday. Eye-roll-worthy banter ensues. Dylan got some numbers. Diego’s sure Mateo had the best night out of all of them and they want the story.

Chalino asks to speak to him first.

Seriously? He slept with Manara? Mateo whines that she’s perfect for him. “Do you never listen to my advice?!” Now he’s going to have both Isaac and Rafa against him. Mateo says he’s always listened to Chalino’s advice! He just doesn’t always pay attention. Plus he has a way to override those two and do the launch the way he and Chalino want.

Instead of going upstairs, Mateo goes back into the studio with Chalino and gets the guys working on the backing track for Manara and Rafa’s duet. Moisés and Isaac come in and he explains he’s hired the guys to be permanent session musicians. Moisés asks if Rafa approved this.

The…?! Rafa has to approve them? According to Moisés, yes. Isaac, not knowing or caring that the monitors in the studio are on, says it’s too expensive to hire them all. Their overhead is too high.

Mateo can’t believe ISAAC is talking about expenses. Can they at least listen before they criticize his decisions? He plays back the recording and Moisés is grooving to it. Isaac says it lacks “punch.” Dylan laughs and hides his face. I’m thinking if Isaac wants punch, there is a line for who’s going first.

Moisés tells the guys to take a break. He wants to make sure they’re all on the same page for this meeting. He wants to release the single at the same time as Isaac’s album.

The Boricuas traipse up to the vending machine, but Cristian stops to take a phone call. Dylan thinks Isaac got all the Solar family’s defects. Diego points out that if he wins the fight for control of this place, they’re all out of jobs. Dylan says they signed contracts. And Diego complains that the contracts are for them to be session musicians. “That’s to start! Soon, they’ll release our single.”

Cristian joins them and says he doesn’t know if that’s going to be possible anymore. Megavisa Music is ready to record his solo album. Diego’s all “But we just signed contracts.” Dylan’s sure Mateo will let him out of the contract for an opportunity like this.

Cristian’s not worried about that. He’s worried that taking this opportunity will hurt Diego and Dylan. In case they hadn’t noticed, he’s the buffer between them. That’s why they work as a trio. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t think you have a future as a duo. Or do you?” They guys all stare at each other.

OK, Mateo gets it–Isaac is pressuring his dad to launch his solo career, but with this single they have a huge hit. He thinks the next thing they should do is launch Manara’s solo album. Isaac accuses him of betraying the family and the business for a “body.” Mateo says betraying the family and the business would mean launching Isaac because he as NO talent!

Moisés is tired of their arguments. If they’re going to use their fists, use them to vote. “Sure, why don’t we vote on who has more talent–I think I know who’d win.” Moisés tells him to back down–he’s the dad and he’s the president of the label. He’d better go into that meeting and vote for his brother, got it? Oh, he gets it. Isaac mocks him, saying that was easy and Mateo shoves a chair at him. (Do none of them realize that if Mateo walks out, they have nothing?)

The Boricuas wander back into the studio. Dylan’s like “And that face…?” Mateo says it isn’t easy to work with family. Especially when your dad’s your boss. Well, this might be a bad time, but…. Cristian tells him about the phone call from Megavisa and Mateo’s impressed. Does Cristian want to do it? Well, he’d be lying if he said “no” but the contract…and his bros…. Mateo’s not worried about the contract. He knows he’s not in the position to offer Cristian what Megavisa can–for now.

Mateo asks if the other guys are going too. Well, Cristian’s not going to need them up there, so they have a favor to ask–can they record the song the three of them have been working on? As a goodbye? Cristian doesn’t like the thought of goodbye–it’s just an hasta lluego. He’s sure they’re going to work together again. Mateo jokes that if he leaves, he’s not coming back.

The guys get ready to record as Mateo says they’ll work out rights and all that stuff later. Chalino gives Cristian a hug before he leaves the booth.

The guys sing. Mateo and Chalino groove in the booth.

Casa Matamoros

Agustina tells Manara that Julia’s been sitting on the couch listening to her headphones for hours. Manara goes in and says if she’s done something and that’s why Julia’s angry, she really has no idea what it is.

Julia thinks Manara lies to her. Well ok, she doesn’t tell her stuff. She doesn’t confide in her. Like, she went out with Mateo the other day and then last night she was at a rehearsal that lasted all night. She rolls her eyes as she says it. Why doesn’t Manara tell her the truth? Is she going out with him or not?

Manara apologizes. She doesn’t want to talk about Mateo because it’s hard for her to admit she has feelings for him. It scares her. Julia grins. “I knew it! I saw it!” Manara rolls her eyes now. She tells Julia to get out of her novela. “But why are you scared?” Manara says it’s because she believes him and he’s getting to her and…it could cause a lot of problems. Manara thinks about what Amado told her this morning and shuts down again.

Which upsets Julia again. “See! You never tell me anything! What’s going on?!”

The big meeting

Rafa shows up when the meeting is already underway. Moisés introduces him, thought he doesn’t need it, as the company’s founding partner and star. Isaac gives him a look. (Aw, isn’t that sweet–Rafa has his own Rafa!) So it looks like the board consists of five people we’ve never met, Mateo, Isaac, Moisés, and Rafa.

Rafa’s asking if they’ve all seen the mock-up for the “project,” whatever that is, but Moisés interrupts–he wants them to talk music first and make some important decisions. But wait, Mateo thinks Rafa should first approve the final version of the single. Rafa looks a little confused, but ok. As they walk out together (in the middle of a board of directors’ meeting?!) Mateo swipes the cookie Isaac’s holding up in his hand. Moisés awkwardly says they can review the balance sheets in the meantime….

Mateo and Rafa listen to the single. When Mateo shuts it off, Rafa says it’s good. Can they get back to the meeting? Mateo says he thinks the first album the label releases should be Manara’s. But if they don’t agree on it, then it’s going to be Isaac. Yes, that’s Moisés’ decision, but he’s not thinking objectively. Mateo thinks talent should be what’s most important and they agree, right? It’s Manara.

Rafa starts griping about Mateo wanting him to go against Moisés to support Mateo when he doesn’t even keep his word? He whines again about the deal, but he says he’s willing to forget that in exchange for Mateo not treating him like an “idiot” and telling him the truth. Was he with Manara or not?

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