La Piloto Wednesday 4/19/17 #32

Villa Antigua

Capitán Argüelles convinces Lizbeth to come into his office and talk. She tells him what happened in the woods and says she needs to talk to Monica right away. She’s ready to turn in the Lucios and damn the consequences!

I don’t know whether to be glad that Olivia has found nice people at the roadside stop or worry that they want to take advantage of her. The guy who’s waiting there just happens to be headed to Tres Fuegos and he’s happy to offer her a ride and some of the soup the woman is cooking and a handkerchief for that “scratch” on her arm. All he wants in exchange is someone to help push if the truck breaks down. And the woman offers to call a doctor because that “scratch” looks pretty bad.

Arley compliments Cindy on the stellar sex they had in the back room. Which is gross enough that he would say that to begin with, but when she’s obviously terrified–that’s a pretty crappy reflection on him.

Cindy’s horror continues as she hears him talking to Argüelles on the phone about Lizbeth and saying she’s supposed to be dead and he’ll be right over. Then she gets to listen to Zuli trying to get him to tell her what’s going on and pulling rank as John’s “mujer.” And that he’s sure Amanda is dead because he shot her himself. As for Olivia…can’t be sure there, so she’d better not go running her mouth to John.

He questions whether she really is John’s mujer. “Why don’t you go find out.” Heh, he thinks she’s the one who should go find out.

Argüelles was supposed to be keeping Lizbeth from talking to anyone, but Raúl ushers her into his office. How strange that they told her he wouldn’t be back until tomorrow–who said that? His father. Who now walks in and pretends to be confused about why Raúl is here. “Uh, I work here.” He pretends he thought Raúl was going out of town.

Anyway, he spoke to one of Monica’s subordinates and as soon as she’s back in the office she’ll call. Now Raúl is confused. Why do they need to talk to Monica?

Zulima gets uniforms for the three new hires and then asks what’s up with Cindy. She’s tired? Well, she should work on that–soon she’ll be the person responsible for everything that happens in the bar.

Cindy’s mom brings a boticario (pharmacist) in to see Amanda. He leaves a prescription for her with Cindy’s mom and he told her it was safer to leave the bullet in. He also said the baby was ok. Amanda’s relieved to hear it.

Cindy’s mom seems to have softened considerably. I’m wondering if it’s genuine as she insists Amanda needs to see a doctor, for the sake of the baby. If Amanda can’t leave the house, maybe mom can get one to come in. “I know what it’s like to lose a child.” Oh yeah, there it is. She’s determined Amanda’s child will be healthy and strong.

Oscar toasts to Roberto’s success and his official entry into the Lucio gang with Roberto and The Ex. The Ex is impressed that Roberto killed Olivia. Oscar makes sure to toss in that he killed Lizbeth too. I still can’t tell if Roberto’s faking to save his own hide or he really is a big Lucio fan. His “Hey, pariente, whatever you need,” to Oscar sounded like ass kissing, so it could go either way.

For tonight, Oscar says, they’re going after El Bochas. But first he takes a call from Dean. Incompetent POS hasn’t bothered to keep up with anything else that’s been going on, but he overheard Monica talking to Cristian and there he is, calling Oscar like a good little mole. Creep. He even offers to take care of Cristian for them, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean buying him a burger and putting him on the next bus back to Tres Fuegos. Oscar says he’ll do it. He wants Dean to focus on Rosalba and Dave.

When Dean leaves his phone charging in his office, Monica sneaks in and either copies the number he called or bugs it. He nearly catches her and seems to accept her excuse–that she was looking for him to ask if he’d talked to Dave. No? Well, if he hears from Dave, please let her know. (Yeah, Dean, everybody wants Dave. Deal with it.)

Argüelles the Elder meets Arley in the parking lot at the station. Things have gotten complicated. His son, actually being a competent professional, put Liz in a holding cell for her protection. The only thing he can think of to do is wait until tonight when there are only a few officers around and sneak her out. (Ha! Like Raúl’s not going to spend the night.)

Nope, that’s way too much time for Arley–she could have told the Feds everything by then. He wants 10 minutes to go in and get her out himself, but Argüelles doesn’t want his son hurt. (Are we really supposed to think he cares?) Arley wins the argument. Argüelles tells him to come in through the emergency entrance in five minutes, after he’s had a chance to distract his son and the other officers, and then go up to the holding cells.

In her cell, Lizbeth is questioning whether this is really necessary. Raúl doesn’t trust anyone–here he can control who gets in and out to see her. Like, oh say, his dad, who wanders back there to tell them no one can get hold of Monica. And that she’ll be fine in there and he and Raúl need to go plan tomorrow’s patrols. Now. Raúl encourages Lizbeth to try to get some rest.

Oscar sends Roberto and José (aka, “the ex”) to go find Cristian. John wonders what’s going on and Oscar sneers that Olivia’s little brother’s in town looking for revenge. And how did he find out? Oscar says someone called him.

Uh, wasn’t it supposed to be dangerous to use the phones right now?

Oh, no worries. Oscar’s phone is new. Speaking of calls…has he heard anything about Rosalba? They fret about needing to find her before she realizes that Yolanda’s no longer with them and talks. And something about all of this just doesn’t seem right to John, so he’s decided to ground all the planes for now. Oscar asks about leaving and John says they might.


Dave gets the ball rolling on Witness Protection and he’s ready to hear everything Estela and Rosalba know. But first Estela wants assurances that their life in Witness Protection will be “digna” (decent, respectable; in other words, she’s hoping to move up). Rosalba just wants to know that Yolanda will be safe. Dave promises he’ll protect her and Rosalba’s sure he’s not going to play them false. (Which doesn’t mean he’s not making promises he can’t keep.)

Rosalba explains that Yoli asks John to help her friends. But no, none of them are flying for him–Yolanda’s the only one who knows how. No, Aerotours isn’t a flight tour company. Sure, she met the Lucios–they were both at Aerotours constantly. Dave’s annoyed when he realizes it’s their hideout.

Estela drunkenly interrupts, wanting to know how much longer before someone’s going to get her out of there. Her LIFE is in DANGER! Yeah, yeah, paperwork takes time.

He steps outside to take a call from Monica. Dean used his phone to call someone and she copied the number before he erased it. She reads Dave the number and he recognizes it as the one that was on Cañego’s phone–Oscar’s number. They’ve got Dean. Monica’s furious.

But wait, there’s more–Dave tells her Aerotours is the Lucio’s base. She knew it. She knew there was no way the guy they talked to was the owner of a company like that! Dave gives her instructions to assemble a team and have Dean locked up and take away his phone and help with the paperwork to get Estela and Rosalba out of there. Because Monica has to do EVERYTHING.


Not really in the mood to describe what happened in the Coronel’s bedroom. If you saw that scene in The Walking Dead with The Governor and Maggie, it was pretty much like that. Yoli snaps eventually and slaps him and that freaks him out so much he first strangles her, then throws her clothes at her and tells her to get out. His “Who do you think you are, to raise a hand to me?” smacks of old baggage.

As he has Yoli tossed back in her cell, Santamaría taunts her, saying what her stay here is like is entirely up to her. She turned down the “heaven” he offered and he can make her stay hell too.

Alone in her cell, Yoli remembers getting the call over the radio in the plane that they knew she was hauling drugs. She kisses her medal of the Virgen.

She hears the sounds of the party starting.

Santamaría turns down an advance from his usual service provider, Teresa. She’s considerably less enthusiastic about having to attend Caicedo tonight. Santamaría has to remind Rubio to hand over the cell phone before walking off with another one of the sex workers.

Yoli watches all the guys drifting off and ponders how she can take advantage of the situation.

Tres Fuegos

Dean calls Montgomery to complain that something weird is going on. He’s sure they don’t trust him. Montgomery tells him to act normal and find out what’s going on with Dave in Altamirano.

So while he’s standing there, erasing his call log and acting normal, Monica comes outside with a bunch of federales and arrests him.

In his cell, Dean still tries to bluff. He’s all “Traitor? Come on, you know me!” Yeah, she thought she did. She leaves it at that and walks out on him. ‘Cause she’s got ops to run.

Raúl, bored with his dad’s impromptu meeting, sneaks away and pulls out his phone….

Monica sends a team out to Cielito Lindo to retrieve Cristian. She warns them he’s probably armed, but she needs him in one piece. He’s looking for the Lucios and they’ll be looking for him too.

Her phone rings and she takes Raúl’s call. His dad’s been calling? She doesn’t have any missed calls on her phone. What’s up? Yeah, she knows about Aerotours, but how does he?

Raúl tells her he’s got Lizbeth in his holding cell and he needs protection for her. She’d been working at Cielito Lindo and yesterday the Lucios tried to kill her. Amanda and Olivia are probably dead and she doesn’t know where Yolanda and Zulima are.

Monica assures him she can get protection for Lizbeth, but she warns him to be careful and not trust anyone. The Lucios have spies everywhere.

The cops show up at the bar while Zuli’s having a very distracted and somewhat angry-looking Cindy help her inventory the bottles behind the bar. They’re looking for Cristian, but Cindy says she hasn’t seen him and she’s been here all morning. As she shuts the door, she repeats his name to herself, “Nieves.”

As the cops get into their cars, Cristian peeks out from the side of the bar.

So far, the truck driver Olivia met up with seems like a decent guy, which is a relief. They’re not even out of town when the truck gets overheated and he asks her to pass him the water bottle behind the seat while he fiddles with stuff under the hood. He makes small talk about her relationship status and assures her that some guys just aren’t worth the trouble and she’ll forget that loser who broke her heart soon enough.

When she gets weepy, he worries that her arm is hurting and asks if she wants to stop by a hospital, or maybe even the police station to press charges. Olivia says she just wants to get home, and as soon as possible. He rushes to get them back on the road.

Cristian sees an SUV pulling up to the bar and comes out to the driveway. He’s relieved to see Roberto, who assures him everything’s going to be OK. Cristian just needs to come with him. When Cristian resists getting into the SUV, Roberto pulls out his gun, opens the door, and shoves him into the back seat.

As the world’s most tedious impromptu meeting drags on, Raúl catches sight of Arley heading for the holding cells and slips out to follow him. Arley takes his sweet time screwing in the silencer and gloating over Lizbeth. Raúl comes up behind him and tells him to put the gun down. I kept telling Raúl to just shoot him, but no.

Instead, Capitán Argüelles comes in and tells Raúl not to shoot and tries to get in front of him. Lizbeth yanks Arley’s arm from inside the cell and he shoots Capitán Argüelles instead of Raúl. So now will you shoot him, Raúl? Arley has the gun to Lizbeth’s head and he’s convinced he can get a shot off first, but what’s that worth when he finds himself surrounded by armed federales?

He ends up occupying the adjacent cell and works on wrecking his phone. The officers get Capitán Argüelles out of the hallway so he can get some medical attention. That leaves Arley to taunt Lizbeth about not being dead. And he’s glad, because now he gets a chance to rape her. Which he refers to as “making love.” Again–that explains a lot. He can die any time now.

“You lost. You couldn’t kill a woman. You’re a loser.” Arley laughs and says something about Raúl that gets bleeped and tells Lizbeth she owes him two now.

One of the federales watches Roberto bringing Cristian into camp and pulls out his radio.

It seems pretty damn facetious that John gets up in Cristian’s face while he’s tied up and gagged and tells him how much he admires his bravery. Came here to avenge his dad. John respects that. (Yeah, he respects bravery so much he doesn’t have the guts to deal with an unarmed kid without being surrounded by his own armed guards and having the kid tied up.)

John removes the gag and gives Cristian a chance to say whatever he wants. Cristian asks where Olivia is. Oscar gloats that Olivia’s dead. Roberto killed her. Cristian calmly says he’s going to kill them all, one by one. So Oscar kicks him over, unties his hands and tells Cristian to go for it.

Cristian goes after Roberto, knocks him over, and starts punching him. Roberto chokes him until he stops fighting. John keeps up his “you’re so brave” bullshit and tells José and Roberto to take him out to the woods and string him up for a while. The officer watches as José and Roberto walk Cristian into the woods.

Roberto puts a noose around his neck and has him stand up on a stump while Jose pulls the rope and lets him dangle.

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