La Piloto Thursday 4/20/17 #33


Everyone’s partying except Yoli and her guard, Castro. As much as he’d rather be partying, someone has to keep an eye on Yoli–and he’s already heard all about her, so he wants her to know she’d better not be pulling any funny stuff because he’s prepared. Uh huh.

How often do they party like this? Oh, when there’s something to celebrate. But especially whenever they get one of those narcos–no offense. Yoli takes none.

Santamaría’s also boozing it up alone.

Yoli keeps chatting with Castro. Are the parties always this wild? Oh, no, just wait a few hours and it’ll get even better. He brags about them all going out drunk on patrol after the last one and finding this campesina….

Yeah. She heard. Vasquez mentioned it. He asks if Vasquez told her “the whole story.” Yoli shakes her head. More bragging about how they raped her three times and then shot her when she ran away. He thinks she had it coming for helping narcos.

Wow. Sounds like the Coronel really appreciates them. Yep, he gives them women, money, booze…and other stuff. He sniffs to illustrate.

Gosh. Who would’ve thought he’d be such a nice person. Giving them all that and expecting nothing in return. He mocks her for thinking anything’s free in this life. Silence costs.

They both stop talking as Santamaría wanders by. He brought Yoli some bread and tea. She ignores it and looks out the window. When she sees Teresa walking under her window, she asks for permission to go have a shower. She could really use one. Santamaría agrees, just to show what a great guy he is. (*roll eyes*)

Yoli finds Teresa in the shower and asks for her help. She explains that she’s being kept prisoner–her airplane crashed and Santamaría’s been keeping her here. Teresa’s first question is “Did he rape you.” While she was out? Yoli doesn’t know, but that’s what she’s trying to avoid.

Teresa says there’s nothing she can do. If she goes against Santamaría, he’ll kill her. They’re all being closely watched. The soldiers bring them in jeeps and when one leaves, they all leave.

Yoli remembers the sign for Las Palmas and Teresa confirms that it’s the town they all come from. It’s maybe 30 minutes down the road in a jeep, but on foot…well, it would take longer. But Yoli can follow the dirt road that runs by the highway.

Yolanda asks her to call John, but before she can give Teresa the number, Castro comes in to see what all the chatter is about and escorts Yoli back to the other shower.

Then he goes to tattle to Santamaría that the women crossed paths in the showers and he thinks they’re…up to something.

Teresa comes by the Coronel’s room to see if he’s changed his mind about her services. He’d rather she told him what she talked about with Yolanda.

Yolanda? Oh, that Mexican chick? Teresa was just asking who she was because she hadn’t seen her there before. “And?” And nothing. Castro came in and took her away. Santamaría puts a gun in her face and tells her Yolanda doesn’t exist, got it? She was never here, she never saw her. And Teresa will tell all the “girls” the same, right? She agrees and he gives her a couple of kisses on the cheek and tells her to go.

(OK, first of all, if she’d been telling the truth, YOU’RE the one who just gave out Yolanda’s name. And second, assuming none of the other “girls” has seen her, telling them all they haven’t seen someone they haven’t seen is way more suspicious than just not saying anything.)

Yolanda counts. As she gets to 292 a couple of soldiers walk through her area and back out. She picks up again at 298, 299, 300, and grins. “Five minutes exactly.”

Castro’s back. Yoli keeps chatting with him about the party. Do the sex workers spend the night or go home after? He says it depends on how late the party goes. Santamaría shows up and gets Castro to unlock the cell. He wants to know what Yoli was talking to Teresa about. She says they weren’t talking. Shower stuff, you know? Yeah, she’s sure.

Santamaría says he hopes Yoli wasn’t asking for help or it’s Teresa and her friends who are going to suffer for it. She doesn’t want that on her conscience, right?

Villa Antigua

Cindy calls home to check on Amanda. Mom thinks she’s doing better with the pills for pain and infection the pharmacist sent over. Cindy asks her to warn Amanda not to talk to the cops. They can’t be trusted. They already know Lizbeth is alive and they’ve sent someone to kill her. She shouldn’t open the door for anyone until Cindy gets home. And also, “I love you.”

Zuli heard the entire conversation. *facepalm*

Capitán Argüelles is going to be fine, but the doctor sedated him so he could actually recover instead of trying to flee the hospital. Raúl backs him on that play.

He’s brought Lizbeth with him and she notices he’s ignoring a call from Monica. He took her “don’t trust anyone” seriously and since she was the “only” one who knew Lizbeth was there, now he won’t trust the feds.

Monica has Arley placed in Dean’s cell, since they’re buds. He begs her to at least let him call Montgomery. Uh huh, she’ll give him the message.

After Monica and the other cops leave, Arley tells Dean he’s sunk up to his neck. The cops already know where the Lucios are.

One of the guys watching Camp Lucio calls Monica to tell her about Cristian. There’s no way they can get to him without alerting the camp. She tells him to keep watching and keep her informed of everything. Then she calls Dave and tells him they’ve got a big problem and they won’t be able to raid Aerotours.

John and Oscar are starting to miss Arley. Oscar leaves another message. Something’s not right. John tells him to give it another half hour and call Arley again and if he’s still not answering, they’ll go look for him.

Team Lucio’s all gunned up and just waiting for the call from Argüelles so they can go get Bochas. John reminds them all he wants him alive. Roberto asks what happens if he gets stupid and Oscar glares at him. OK, then….

Cindy tries to tell Zuli she has cólico (cramps) and wants to go home. Zulima says it’s going to be way too busy tonight. Can’t she just lie down in the storeroom? The storeroom…the smell makes her feel nauseous. It’s ok. She’ll stay.

Amanda tells her new best friend what happened the day Arley and Roberto took them out to the woods. Amanda feels like there must be an angel looking out for her. She wants to call Cindy, but mamá says no–they can’t be calling her a bunch of times. What if she’s with somebody and they start to suspect something? (Huh. So you’ve done this before.)

Amanda’s just anxious for news. She has this feeling that if she and Lizbeth survived, maybe Olivia did too.

Outside Camp Lucio, Monica’s guy calls to tell her there’s an extended cab pickup heading out with a few guys in it. None of them are the Lucios. We’re holding at “Keep me informed.”

Oscar finds John out by one of the planes. Still no word on Rosalba, but the fact that Dean hasn’t told them anything makes him think Dave can’t find her either, so no worries. Pftt! John doesn’t think so. Until she’s dead and buried, he’s going to worry.

No word from Arley, either. John tells Oscar to try calling again.

Dave visits Arley and Dean’s cell and amuses himself by listening to Dean’s denials. He tells Dean to give it up–they’ve got proof. Dave asks if Arley’s also going to deny knowing the Lucios. Nah, Arley opts for threatening. No, actually, the Lucios don’t threaten–they will kill him.

Dave brags that the Lucios are going to be having a pretty rough time without their head of security and their mole. And he’s already found them, so…does Arley want him to deliver a message? No? OK then.

Lizbeth and Raúl try to avoid Monica at the hospital. Lizbeth is agitated–if they can’t trust the feds, then who’s going to protect her? Raúl has decided to call Dave. Lizbeth says if anyone wants to take down Lucio, it’s Dave. He’ll call Dave and see about taking his dad home.

Monica calls Dave and she’s glad to hear he’s back in Villa Antigua. She’s in desperate need of backup! Dave says he’s at the station and he couldn’t resist taking a peek in at Dean. She fills him in on the Aerotours situation–nobody’s seen a woman matching Yolanda’s description, a truck left the camp with no Lucios in it, and Cristian is still strung up. Monica can’t think why, unless they’re using him as a shield. If they’re going to get him out of there alive, they need a solid plan.

Zulima finds Cindy in the storeroom dropping off a box of booze and says she’s got a question for her that she’s only going to ask one time. Where’s she stashing Amanda?

Cindy tries to pretend she doesn’t know what Zulima’s talking about, but Zulima heard her on the phone to her mom. Is she at Cindy’s house? Where does she live? Cindy refuses to tell Zulima where Amanda is just so the Lucios can kill her. Zuli makes fun of her for being such good friends with Amanda now when she hated her a month ago. She says the story about the baby was just so Cindy would feel sorry for her.

Cindy tries to attack Zulima, but Zuli grabs her by the throat, slams her into the wall, and knocks Cindy right out. I don’t know if that was a pressure point thing or Zuli’s been working out or what. She ties Cindy up, but only gets as far as her feet before one of the new servers comes in complaining that no one can find Cindy and she doesn’t even know how to work the cash register. No worries–Zuli will teach her….

The road to Tres Fuegos

Olivia’s new friend stops at a truck stop for a bathroom break. He offers to get her something from inside, but all she wants is water. She gets out to stretch her legs and sees a couple in a pickup. The woman asks the gas station attendant if this is the road to Tres Fuegos and she giddily kisses her boyfriend when he says it is. “See! I was right!”

A police car pulls up and Olivia starts freaking out, but she keeps her back to them and they walk inside without paying much attention to her.

The truck driver comes out of the truck stop with the two officers explaining that his passenger has a gunshot wound and she didn’t want to go to the cops, but she’s right here…. Nope. Olivia skipped out on him and hid in the back of the couple’s pickup truck.

When the couple stops in a field in Tres Fuegos, Olivia pops out of the back. She swears she didn’t take anything, she’s fine, and she begs them not to tell anyone as starts picking her way over the rough terrain away from them.

Into the night

The party still rages on. It’s getting louder and Yoli wonders what’s going on out there. Castro STILL says she hasn’t seen anything yet…they’ve just started the fights and it’s going to get wilder as the night goes on. Yoli doesn’t get it. Well, they’re all drunk and high and it doesn’t take much to provoke a fight.

Huh. Well, as long as they don’t bring their fights in here. Castro confidently says that as long as she’s the Coronel’s woman nobody’s going to touch her. Yeah, she heard that “the Coronel’s woman” thing before, what’s that about. Oh, obviously, the Coronel wants something “serious” with her or he would have had her killed. He’s not the kind of guy to waste time on a chick if he’s not serious about her! Yoli’s face and mine: “Seriously?”

She sarcastically says that’s such an honor.

Santamaría goes down to the barracks to check out the fight. Caicedo and some other guy act like they’re trying to kill each other. At first, Santamaría tells the other guys to just let them go at it, but then he interrupts when he decides they’ve had enough–slamming the other guy down on the ground and knocking Caicedo out with a headbutt.

It gets very quiet. Santamaría tells them to dump the guys in their beds to sleep it off and get back to the party.


Olivia finally makes it back to her mom’s house. She begs forgiveness while her mom hugs her. Her mom runs her hand down Olivia’s arm and gapes at the blood.

Villa Antigua

Eladio’s celebrating the retreat of the Lucios. He doesn’t care right now that Argüelles isn’t answering the phone, though Coco’s smart enough to find it suspicious that Argüelles isn’t partying with them.

Suddenly, the Lucios’ men burst in. It’s just Roberto, José, and one or two other guys and their machine guns. They take out everyone but Bochas and make him get out of the hot tub, put on a robe and come with them.

On the floor, Coco’s still breathing.

Monica tells Dave she got approval for their plan–they’re raiding the bar and then Aerotours. Dave’s still obsessing over his map and talking about going in through the woods. He’s worried about there being more prisoners in the cabins, but Monica already told the guys to watch out for that. Dave says they have to block all the escape routes and Monica gets this look on her face like she can’t believe he’s talking to her like she’s never done this before.

The guy who’s been keeping watch at Camp Lucio radios Monica to tell her the truck came back.

Roberto and José bring Bochas into the hanger, to a conveniently-placed tarp, so John and Oscar can try to get the location of his guns and his money out of him. Bochas isn’t going along with this. Oscar says he’s way more rational than his brother. (*snort*) He doesn’t really like violence. (*SNORT*) But if Bochas doesn’t start talking, Oscar’s going to take his teeth out one by one with a hammer.

OK, then, Bochas will talk…he sends a kiss to “la fierrecilla” (Yolanda) and says he’ll see them with La Pelona (The Bald One; Death). And John and Oscar obligingly shoot him in the back of the head.

They tell Roberto and José to take out the trash and make sure there’s no trace left.

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