Tequila Pa’La Razon

Happy Monday! There is no hiding my obsession with Telemundo’s Guerra de Ídolos. I have finally gotten my wish–a show about music that puts the music front and center. Before the show officially premiered, there was already a soundtrack available on digital platforms, most of the songs were also uploaded to YouTube, and now we have an official video for one of the main themes of the show, Tequila Pa’La Razon, performed by Pedro Capó, Luis Figueroa, and Christián Pagán.

Venga, mi ‘mano que llorar es humano
Que duele, no la esconda, que esconderlo hace daño
Ella te quiere y tu la quieres, what’s the problem?
Lo facil nunca dure y lo que dura hay que lucharlo….

Have a great week!

Author: 5ftLatina

Kat is 5ftLatina. She is really 5' tall (and probably shrinking) and Latina. She is not actually a cactus, but she is both prickly and cute. Mr. 5ft is actually married to Kat, but is not 5' tall or Latina. He is also not a form of plant life.

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Autora/ Author

Yes! Every show needs to make the music more accessible, regardless of whether it’s a music show or not. Lol.

Telemundo is brilliant to do this. I can neither confirm nor deny that have thought about buying the whole album.