La Reina de la Canción Tuesday 5/09/17 #13

Finally the contestants are back to singing solo! We’re told this will well be All About the Moms

A Day Off

The contestants hang out at Rancho Los Dorados to hang out with the horses and watch a vaquero show them some fancy rope tricks. Then there’s a demonstration of escaramuza–choreographed riding by a team of women riding sidesaddle.

And Irene and Janine can’t give the gossip a rest for one day. Seriously, producers, if you’re prodding this–ya basta!

The elimination challenge

Alejandra shows up at the house to announce that this week’s challenge is about moms and emotion. One member of each team is leaving at the end of the week.

Meeting the mentors
Team Recodo

Poncho says they’re adding an extra challenge this week. He wants them to improvise some patter between verses. Ale’s voiceover says they need to dedicate the song to their mom or some other special person.

Poncho brought in Adriel Favela. He did his first album at 16 and he’s been going since then.

Team Horóscopos

Vicky and Marisol have brought in Edwin Luna, the founder of Banda La Trakalosa De Monterrey. He’s been singing with his dad since he was 8. Marisol does love to call all the guys taco de ojo, ¿no?

Edwin brings up that he heard that someone thought this was their last chance, because of their age. He says he knows a lot of artists who end up becoming famous past the age when they thought the should have “made it” already.

Lluvia Vega – Evidencias (#teamrecodo)

She’s never sung this one before, but the words make her think of her mother and her partner–who don’t typically get along, but before she came on the show they made up. Lluvia tries out her dedication for Poncho and Adriel and ends up crying.

Deyra Barrera – La Gata Bajo la Lluvia (#teamrecodo)

Deyra works on her dedication between rehearsal. The lyrics resonate with her. Poncho likes seeing her a little more relaxed, but he’s still worried about her being confident enough when it’s actually time to sing.

Jazmin Lopez- Caballo de Patas Blancas (#teamhoroscopos)

Jazmin says her dad’s going to laugh when he hears her singing this one because he’s always saying when someone lets go of the reins, off she goes. Edwin’s a little worried about her wearing her voice out before she gets to the end of the song and not being able to get that last note the way she wants to.

Janine Rivera – Mi Cariñito (#teamrecodo)

The song reminds her of her grandfather. Adriel wants to hear more emotion from her, and more certainty on the lyrics.

Dayanna Garcia – Mamá (#teamhoroscopos)

The song reminds her of her mom and grandma. Edwin heard some cracking in her voice and tells her to make sure she’s controlling her emotion. (I know right–we want to hear it, but have it under control! Yep, that’s the challenge.) And Vicky warns her not to go out of tune.

Olivia Calderón – Mi Madre (#teamhoroscopos)

Vicky’s ready to see Olivia’s emotional side. This is the first time she’s really singing “to” her mother. They got closer while they were taking care of her dad before he died. Edwin tells her to sing it like she’s singing it right to her. (Bring tissues.)

Liliana Hernandez – México Lindo y Querido (#teamrecodo)

She’s dedicating the song to her mom. Adriel’s not feeling the feeling just yet. And Liliana admits that’s going to be the challenge for her.

Carmen Rios – El Rey (#teamhoroscopos)

Carmen feels like there have been times in her life when she’s let herself be humiliated (sobajar) in a way and she didn’t give herself the respect she deserved as a reina. She’s dealt with the death of her first husband, the separation from her second husband, having to be an independent person in this country. Edwin would rather hear her sing a strong lower note than a higher one that’s not as solid.

Beatriz Montes – Mañanitas a Mi Madre (#teamrecodo)

Poncho’s worried that she doesn’t know the lyrics as well as she should.

Yohanny Rodriguez – Zona de Promesas (#teamhoroscopos)

She doesn’t know this song, but she’s decided after studying the song, it’s a good one for her. She lost two pregnancies and the song talks about losing a battle and about their being rewards at the end, and she does have a son now. She made some modifications that Vicky liked.

Sandra Padilla Cervantes – Madrecita Querida (#teamrecodo)

She’s going flat, she’s not sticking as close to the melody as Poncho would like, but she gets it back on track.

Mary Fredette – Paloma Negra (#teamhoroscopos)

Mary hasn’t sung this one before. Edwin’s worried that Mary won’t be able to sing it, but he admits you don’t notice much of an accent when she sings.

Irene Davi – Te Amo Mamá (#teamrecodo)

She does know the words, but she’s getting nervous. Edriel tries to get her to loosen up. She admits in private that it was Adriel she was nervous about! Poncho noted some intonation problems, he thought she was more serious (more calm?)

Sandra Itzel – A la Sombra de Mi Madre (#teamhoroscopos)

Sandra’s dedicating her song to her mom and her grandfather. The part about “sus ojitos se apagan” is reminding her of her grandfather. Vicky tells her to focus on him being her guiding star and being with her. Vicky and Marisol lost their mom, so they know how difficult this is. Edwin knows that ultimately it’s her singing that’s being judged and she’s not going to do it very well if she’s crying, but he does think she’s singing and performing well.

It’s still pretty recent for her and she never really shared her feelings. She talks it over with her peeps back in the Mega Bedroom.

Other miscellaneous stuff

Everyone calls home. It gets emotional. There are tears.

Banda Carnaval stops by to perform Ella es Mi Mujer. The contestants dance it out.

Tomorrow night: the mentors sing; Chiquis stops by; Sandra I confronts somebody; an item of clothing on the floor causes controversy (oh, please let it be nothing more serious than stinky socks).

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