El Gran Estreno de Gonul Tuesday 5/09/17 #1

A young woman introduces herself as Yulide. She’s an orphan with no family except for her husband Ahmet. They’ve been together for three years and moved from Izmir to Istanbul a year ago. She knows they have a good marriage, but she doesn’t know why.

Actually, she doesn’t know a lot of things–or rather, she doesn’t remember them. Because her loving husband “Ahmet” is actually an abusive, manipulative, lying creep named Tekin. He’s a surgeon. She’s really Gonul and she used to be a nurse….

We go back to a day when Tekin was having really shitty bedside manner with a patient’s family and Gonul attempted to soothe their fears. He yelled at her in front of the family and their two friends who were in the hallway–Ali and Aylin. He even snapped at Ali for asking about it.

Outside the hospital, Tekin caught up to Gonul and kept angrily insisting he was in love with her. When she didn’t want to listen and didn’t want to stick around, he walked into traffic to manipulate Gonul into forgiving him.

Tekin’s family is rich. His dad owns the hospital. His sister can’t stand Gonul. She and his dad both look down on her for being an orphan. Somehow dad’s wife (possibly his second wife?) is a decent person, worried about throwing Tekin and Gonul a spectacular wedding, while Dad is determined to get them to break up by constantly being rude to her and talking smack about her to Tekin. Oddly, he’s not pulling the standard “Marry her and I’ll disinherit you” routine.

When Tekin and Gonul go to a club, we find out his sister’s dating some guy he wouldn’t approve of, but we don’t know why. Tekin gets a call about an emergency surgery and when he and Gonul exit the club, the paparazzi are waiting for them.

After the operation, Tekin drops Gonul off at her apartment and goes over to spend the night with his mistress. Like, pays her bills mistress.

Gonul visits Mama Hatice, a woman who looked out for her while she was growing up at the orphanage. She drops off her wedding invitation and talks enough about Tekin that Mana Hatice is suspicious. She thinks Gonul is mistaking gratitude for love, at the very least.

At Gonul’s wedding dress fitting, a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Gonul comes in to tell her she should get away from Tekin–he’s a psychopath. She leaves Gonul her address and rushes out, brushing past Tekin on her way out. Gonul confronts him about what the woman, who claimed to be his ex, said, but Tekin denies all of it and says it’s probably some reporter trying to get a story.

While Gonul goes to change out of her dress, Tekin sneaks out the back. Gonul comes back to the fitting area and looks out the window–seeing Tekin having what looks like an argument with his alleged ex and attacking her. She faints and when he comes back in, he sees the staff fussing over her. The whole drive home, he keeps trying to pressure her into eating something, but she just wants to go home.

Later, she tells her friend Aylin what happened at the fitting. She’s confused and can’t decide whether it really was just a reporter (Aylin can see where someone might have done it to provoke a fight so they could get some tabloid fodder out of it) or whether the woman might be telling the truth.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, an older man named Kursat talks to his lawyer about finding out whether a certain woman might really be his daughter. In the pictures the lawyer brought him, she looks just like her mother. It’s Gonul.

A guy named Yusuf is released from prison. He’s got a friend, Ozlem, waiting for him and a guy who tries to hand him a phone so he can talk to his father. Yusuf’s not interested in talking to his father.

Tekin set up Gonul’s hospital locker with balloons and flowers, which is all very sweet, but there’s also an envelope waiting at the front desk with pictures of Tekin and the ex, including one where the ex’s face is bruised. She included a note saying she knows Tekin can be very persuasive, so she hopes the pictures help convince Gonul.

Once again, she feels faint and Kursat’s lawyer just happens to be there to offer her a cup of water…which he later shoves into a plastic bag for DNA testing. Nicely done!

Ozlem asked Yusuf to meet her at a large warehouse-like space that’s got a few items of furniture in it. She also brought his brother Ridvan. She mentions Yusuf is an architect and she’d like to work with him, but he insists he’s a carpenter. He’s ok with the working part.

Gonul tries to go to the ex, Ilknur’s, apartment, but when she gets there it’s a crime scene. A couple of neighbors tell her that Ilknur jumped off the balcony and they heard an argument. Gonul shows them the photos and they confirm the woman in the pictures is Ilknur.

Back at her apartment, Gonul gets an unwelcome surprise–Tekin’s there and he made her dinner. She shows him the pictures and confronts him.

Yusuf, meanwhile, is also looking at some pictures that he’s not happy about. They’re mostly of Kursat. He’s angry enough to flip the table in his new workroom.

Tekin denies, denies, denies. Then he tries to say Gonul is crazy…then he says the ex was crazy. He offers to go talk to her together so she can tell Gonul that he never hit her. She says it’s too late–she jumped off her balcony. Tekin asks how she got the address. “Really, that’s what you want to know?!” Well, yeah, because he never cared about her, so he doesn’t care that she’s dead.

Gonul can’t believe he’s being so cold and doing such a great job of lying. How is she supposed to trust him now? She tells him it’s over, she’s not marrying him, and leaves the ring on the coffee table.

He attacks her, knocking her over so her head hits the coffee table, hitting her, and then he tries to shove the ring back on her finger and either breaks or dislocates her finger. That was not a good angle. Gonul hits him with a vase and gets out of the apartment as fast as she can.

She grabs a taxi and splints up her finger with a pencil and a scrunchie. The taxi driver suggests he take her to the hospital, but she realizes she can’t go there and has him take her to a small public clinic instead.

Inside, while they’re both waiting, she meets Yusuf. He thinks he dislocated his shoulder. Gonul finally decides to just take a look at it herself and says it’s not dislocated, he probably irritated a nerve, there’s swelling, and she recommends muscle relaxants. She raids a nearby cabinet for them and finds herself a splint and some gauze. Yusuf asks if she always heals her own wounds and that seems to be a significant question.

Tekin ends up at the hospital, throwing a tantrum and snapping at everyone about finding Gonul.

Gonul has Yusuf drop her off at Mama Hatice’s house. She accidentally drops her phone in his car.

At first, Gonul tries to deny that this is “what it looks like,” but Mama Hatice knows. She used to keep the orphanage directors from hitting the kids. When Hatice hears what happened, she wants to go find Tekin and break his hands so he can never be a surgeon again.

Gonul says it was her fault, she pushed him, but Hatice insists there’s no excuse for what he did.

They get settled in the kitchen with some tea and Hatice asks if Gonul couldn’t see this coming. Well, how? She grew up without parents, with no one to love her, and then this good looking guy comes along and says he loves her. She thought the way he behaved was normal. Hatice insists they have to go to the police before he does this to someone else. Gonul says he already did–his ex-girlfriend tried to warn her and now she’s dead.

Yusuf stops by Mama Hatice’s house with the phone in the morning and gets invited…well, pressured into…staying for breakfast.

At the hospital, Tekin finds Aylin and tries to see if she knows anything. He insists they can’t go to the police or this will end up in the tabloids. They just had an argument, that’s all. Aylin is suspicious. She tries to call Gonul, but Gonul’s phone is off.

Mama Hatice tells stories about Gonul growing up in the orphanage, And sure enough, she was always very independent and bandaged up her own hurts.

They ask about Yusuf and he says he studied design, but he’s more into carpentry. And no, he doesn’t have any kids. (But there’s a look.)

Ali insists on helping Tekin bandage up the cut on his head. He shows him the article in the tabloids about Ilknur, but Tekin acts like it’s nothing to him. Ali doesn’t quite believe it, in fact the timing and the cut on Tekin’s head is making him wonder, but he still offers to “help” Tekin. (How, exactly?)

Gonul sees the same article. It says there are no suspects. Mama Hatice insists again that Gonul needs to go to the police. Why didn’t she as soon as she saw the pictures? Gonul says she wanted to see if there was some explanation…. “What you wanted was to stay in your fairy tale.” Well, Gonul had a hard time believing that this man who saved lives every day and who, yeah, had mood swings, could do something like this. Mama Hatice insists that Gonul owes it to Ilknur to go to the police, to pay her debt for Ilknur trying to save her.

The problem is, Gonul left the pictures at her apartment. They have no proof.

Tekin goes back to the apartment to retrieve the pictures and burn them in the sink.

Gonul buys a new phone and a phone card and calls Aylin. She says she broke up with Tekin (but not why or what happened after) and begs her not to tell anyone about this call. She should save this number under a different name.

Yusuf’s out at a food stand near the water when the guy who picked him up from prison shows up. Mahmut says Yusuf’s father wants to talk to him, but Yusuf’s done with his father. Mahmut reminds him that the loss of Yusuf’s son was also a loss for his father. Well, too bad, Yusuf wants to get revenge himself. Mahmut warns him it will be hard to protect him out here. “They” will be coming to finish what they started.

Yusuf tells him to pick a side. Mahmut already did, the day they buried Yusuf’s son. He said he’d stick by him no matter what he decided. Yusuf wants to get into “that house.” As Mahmut starts talking about the security, the scene shifts.

Kursat, the guy who was in the wheelchair before, is in a hospital bed in his home. The lawyer arrives and says the DNA test confirmed that Gonul is his daughter. Kursat wants to meet her, but he can’t acknowledge her as his daughter or he’ll be putting her life in danger.

Gonul’s on her way back to Mama Hatice’s when she walks by Yusuf’s stop. He convinces her to come in for coffee, but his brother seems hostile for some reason.

Aylin tries to get info out of Ali. She says she knows Gonul broke up with Tekin. Ali’s sure they’ll make up soon…but does she know why Gonul broke up with him. Uh…no…she thought he might know? Nope.

The front desk asks Aylin to take a call from some lawyer looking for Gonul. Kursat’s lawyer’s name is Hilmi. He says he’s looking for Gonul about a family matter and that instantly earns him Aylin’s hostility. Is this a joke? Is he a reporter fishing for a story? He goes against Kursat’s wishes and says he’s calling on behalf of Gonul’s father. Well, now Aylin’s really steamed. How dare he go for Gonul’s weak spot! She hangs up on him.

Tekin goes to see his mistress. He makes her throw the plumber out, even though the guy’s nearly finished and might not be able to come back tomorrow…. Tekin shoves the plumber out of the apartment himself. His mistress starts trying to soothe him.

Gonul notices Yusuf has been doing some painting. He did a lot of that in prison. Gonul says she used to do it at the orphanage too. She jokes about him being a carpenter with a degree.

The wind slams the doors to the warehouse shut and Yusuf is reminded of the prison door slamming.

No idea if I’ll continue with this, but here’s the first episode. You can come over to our Premiere Week Watch Party post if you want to discuss it.

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