La Piloto Friday 4/21/17 #34

Villa Antigua

Monica tells Dave she just got a call–something’s going on at Aerotours. There were shots fired, and then the Lucios’ men came out and buried something. Her spy didn’t get a good look at the guy they were holding.

Salvador calls Oscar. He seems to think Yoli’s less a prisoner than a guest of Santamaría and she ratted them out voluntarily. He’s sure Santamaría’s keeping a close watch on her, but he’s going in with his guys and he’s not coming back until he kills her.

John finds Oscar in the pool room, stressing about Arley. Zulima calls with the news that Amanda, Lizbeth, and Olivia are still alive. Oscar puts her on speaker so she can tell them both about the phone call from Argüelles, Arley threatening her to keep her mouth shut, and how Cindy has Amanda at her house, but she won’t tell Zuli where she lives.

John tells her to keep Cindy there and he’ll send someone for her. Oscar jumps to the conclusion that this is what “love” does. Arley and Roberto must have set the whole thing up. (Eh, I’m ok with him thinking that.) Oscar radios the guys to have Roberto brought to him.

In Tres Fuegos, Olivia’s mom cleans up the wounds on her hands and tells her about Cristian. Olivia freaks out about what could happen to him if the Lucios get hold of him. Mom suggests calling Monica, but Olivia’s upset, thinking the feds are going to want to haul her in for collaborating with the Lucios. The only person she can think of who might be able to help is Cindy. If Cristian shows up there, Cindy will have seen him. Plus she might know what happened to the others.

Dean can’t say anything in his defense besides “I didn’t do it.” Dave sighs–he has proof, and Dean knows how this works. He helps them, they help him. “You’re committing an injustice!” *sigh*

Dean’s cell phone rings in the plastic bag full of evidence and Monica answers it. (NOOOOOO!) It’s Montgomery. She tells him they’re holding Dean for helping the Lucios. Evidence…well, not evidence-evidence, but he got a call from Oscar Lucio and they were able to check the number…. Montgomery demands that she release Dean and complains about procedure not being followed. (Aw crap!)

But if they let him go, he’ll jut tell the Lucio’s they’re about to move in on them. “You know where they are?!” Montgomery agrees she can hold Dean until after the raid, but then she has to let him go. (So he can call and warn them and then Dean gets to say “See! It wasn’t me!”)

Montgomery calls Vergara and tells him they’ve lost Dean and the feds are moving in on the Lucios.

Capitán Argüelles is all settled in at home and supposed to be resting. It doesn’t help that Lizbeth is there with Raúl. He tells Raúl she’s like a time bomb, but Raúl’s keeping her with him until the Lucios are behind bars–and that’s happening today.

Monica tells Dave about Montgomery’s call before they head out with the rest of the team.

Olivia calls the bar and is pleasantly surprised when Zulima answers (if only she knew…). Oli tells Zuli she’s at home, but how is Zuli still alive? Zuli says she…uh…got locked in the office…yeah…and she thinks the Lucios are going to kill her…but they left the phone hooked up….

Zulima hears the police sirens and hangs up the phone. She goes to the storeroom to grab Cindy and haul her out at gunpoint.

Oscar asks Roberto about exactly how he killed Olivia and Lizbeth before pulling a gun on him and telling him he doesn’t like liars. John tells him to cool it for a sec when Vergara calls with the bad news that Dave knows where they are. Oscar wants to run for it, but John says they’re surrounded. He wants Cristian brought in. Oscar sends Roberto to get him and says they’ll finish the conversation later.


In her cell, Yoli remembers Santamaría mocking her about John not having shown up to save her and saying he’s the only one who can help her now. She sees him out walking under her window.

Yoli waits until it’s quiet and Castro has gone to sleep to wake him up and beg him to let her go to the bathroom. He groggily unlocks her cell and walks her to the bathroom, allowing her to go inside alone, but telling her to hurry up. He gets suspicious at the first grunt he hears–when she yanks one of the bars off the window. He’s telling her to come out NOW as she yanks the second bar off. And then he starts pounding on the flimsy door as she wiggles out the window and makes a run for it.

When he finally opens the door, it doesn’t even have a lock on it. He radios the Coronel and says La Piloto se nos voló (she flew away).Yoli jumps the fence and hides in a stand of trees.

Santamaría rouses all his drunk, high soldiers to start searching for Yolanda. The sex workers get locked up in her cell–he’ll be questioning them later to see if any of them helped Yoli. The sirens blare as they start to head out and Teresa hopes God’s looking out for Yoli.

The sirens discourage Salvador’s men from raiding the camp.

In the morning Yoli’s still running, looking for the unpaved road Teresa mentioned.

Yoli gets to a locked gate she can’t climb. A jeep starts driving up from the other side and she hides. I would take this to mean she’s on the right side of the gate? Caicedo gets out of the jeep and reports there’s no sign of her. Santamaría tries Castro, who says the same. They’re trying to keep her from getting across the river so the dogs don’t lose her scent.

Yoli gets to the river, but she doesn’t cross it.

Richard calls Salvador to tell him it’s like the entire camp is turned out looking for something. Salvador says they’d better meet in town rather than running the risk of running into Santamaría themselves.


In the police station at Altamirano, Estela’s getting antsy. She causes a big scene about how long they’ve been waiting. A young cop says they’re working on the paperwork, there’s a problem in the system, and he’s supposed to take Estela and Rosalba to a hotel. Estela makes sure to take credit for this, like her complaining made it happen. That hotel had better have free drinks and room service!

Villa Antigua

There’s a flurry of activity at the main house while the Lucios get ready for the feds to descend. Cristian’s inside now, shivering with fear or hunger, but he can’t resist snarking that the Lucios sure turned out to be a bunch of cowards. Which Oscar further proves by hitting him with the butt of his rifle and threatening him.

John’s agitated. He wants his cell phone back, just in case they get separated. Oscar gives it to him, but he looks worried about it. Argüelles calls, finally, to tell them to get out now–Arley’s in custody and Lizbeth is alive. John tells Argüelles to kill that [bleeped].

He gives everyone their pre-game pep talk. Carlina’s standing in the back with her little gun like “Whatever. I’m a healer–if y’all don’t defend me, you die.” They hear a helicopter arriving.

Zuli and Cindy hide out behind the bar. Zuli seems to think Cindy called the feds and that she’s somehow going to get them both out of there and get them to Aerotours where John and Oscar can question her. Her cell phone battery is dead and Cindy didn’t bring hers, what with Zuli having her tied up in the storeroom and all.

Monica and Dave are freaked out by the lack of guards around the camp. Maybe the Lucios got warned? But Dean’s in custody….

John and some other guy come outside with the caretaker and his wife as hostages. John wants the helicopter gone. He shoots the caretaker, just to prove he will, and drags his wife back inside with him. Dave has Monica call off the helicopter.

Capitán Argüelles sneaks up on Lizbeth in the kitchen and forces her out of the house, telling her to keep quiet and not wake Raul. Instead, she breaks a glass bowl and screams. Argüelles slams the door as Raúl shows up in the hallway. Outside, he’s not even worried about keeping a hand over Lizbeth’s mouth and she shouts to Raúl to help her. Argüelles just keeps shoving Lizbeth down the stairs ahead of him. When Raúl asks him what’s happening here, Argüelles tells him to stay out of it–it’s none of his business.

Raúl confronts his dad about working for the narcos and tells him to put the gun down–he’s under arrest. Argüelles refuses to set foot in jail. Raúl threatens to shoot him if he walks out the front door, but Argüelles doesn’t think he will. So he opens the door and Raúl shoots through it. That counts, right? Argüelles shoves Lizbeth inside so he can drive off in his patrol car. Raúl shoots at the car, but he keeps on driving.

He tells Lizbeth he’ll have to put in a call and turn in his dad. “You can’t do that! He’s your father!” Yeah, and he was working with the narcos–he has to pay. (Yes, Lizbeth, that means you too…but he’ll either cut you slack or visit you in prison.)

Zuli keeps dragging Cindy through town with a gun pressed into her side. I’m not sure she knows where she’s going. Cindy decides to take her chances and run out into the street, screaming for help. Instead she gets hit by a car. Zuli looks at her, presumably dead, and says she did it to herself, before scurrying away behind the closest building.

Inside the house, the caretaker’s wife is sobbing that she won’t tell anyone. Carlina comes over to gag her before Oscar kills her.

Oscar’s furious that Vergara isn’t getting them out. John tells him to chill–the cops know they aren’t messing around. He sends Roberto and José out to take another look. Oscar keeps insisting they need to leave. They have yet another argument about John not listening and John tells him to call Vergara again.

Instead, Zuli calls Oscar from a pay phone and says the feds raided the bar and Cindy got run over by a car. John tells her to call Argüelles and have him pick her up. They’re penned in by the feds.

Dave’s trying to predict the Lucios’ escape route, while Monica has already blocked the route off He wants to use tear gas to drive them out and let the snipers pick them off. Monica’s phone keeps ringing and she keeps ignoring it. She asks about the prisoners, but agrees it’s their only option. Dave finally asks why she’s not answering her phone. She says it’s her sister, Sofia. He thinks she should take the call.

Actually, it’s Vergara calling from her sister’s phone. If she doesn’t do what he says, he’ll kill her sister. He wants them to get the Lucios out of Aerotours, release Arley, and release Dean. He holds out the phone so his assistant can get Sofia to scream. Monica says she can try to do something for the Lucios and Dave, but she thinks Arley has already been transferred.

Vergara laments that Arley’s a bono en baja (junk bond?). OK, then, he needs the Lucios and Simpson out. He fires close enough to Sofia to get her to scream and then tells Monica to call Oscar and tell him how to get out. He’ll send Argüelles to help her. “He works for you?” “So do you, now.” (Aw, crap!)

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