La Piloto Monday 4/24/17 #35


Santamaría and his guys are still out looking for Yoli and having no luck until Castro spots some blood on a tree by the river. They all start changing the direction of their search, assuming she’s going to try to get to the road and hitch a ride.

Which she does…but the first truck that comes along is Richie and his guys. She tries to make a run for it, but they catch up to her and drag her back. Santamaría just happens to be close enough to see them and he and his men start shooting at them. Yoli scoots to the other side of the truck, still trying to get away. And if she hadn’t tripped…and been running all night…she might have made it.

Santamaría has a couple of his guys take her back to the jeep.

At the base, he tells Caicedo to take Yoli to las comadres. Caicedo wants to make sure he means it, which does not bode well. Teresa watches through the bars as Caicdeo starts walking Yoli away from the main building.

Yoli gets chained up to a big stone…altar is the best word I can think of to describe it. Santamaría holds up a vial for Yoli to look at, saying she’s going to be begging for this soon and she’s going to have to trade something for it, because it’s valuable. What’s in it? The antidote.

Caicedo introduces Yoli to the comadres. A little glass case full of tarantulas. GAH! Somebody says something about they’re fine until they feel threatened…I don’t know who…my brain was too busy screaming…. Caicedo lets them out, Santamaría starts a fire, and he and Caicedo both leave.

Castro finds them relaxing in the mess hall and says the sex workers would like to leave, and he thinks that’s a fair request. Santamaría tells Caicedo to take them home…after they have something to eat. Can’t have them saying the hospitality of his base is lacking.

Yoli. Fire. Spiders crawling. She grunts like maybe one of them bit her.

Villa Antigua

Argüelles picks up Zuli and suggests they hide while they wait for instructions from John.

Amanda’s just getting done with a sorely needed shower when Cindy’s mom–whose name is Carmen, we finally find out–gets the call that Cindy is dead.

Oscar’s getting antsy. The feds are just sitting there doing nothing and Vergara doesn’t seem to be doing anything either. John tells him it’s all going to be fine.

Oscar gets a call, to which he mostly agrees with whoever’s on the line. He tells John that was Teniente Ortega. John’s all “Go Vergara!” Oscar says Vergara’s kidnapped a member of her family, so she’s going to get them out. They both think this is hilarious…but John suggests Oscar send a message to Vergara and make sure this isn’t just Dave’s idea of a joke.

Monica gets back from making her phone call and tells Dave they’ve got a problem. Dean is being released. The cancillería (foreign affairs department) said the whole thing was illegal. She’s leaving the raid to him while she goes back to the station to deal with it. Dave’s baffled–he can call Montgomery later, he needs her now. Monica just keeps on giving him slightly panicked looks and saying she’ll take care of it–he should stay here. “Trust me.” Dave picks up on nothing.

Monica tells one of the teams to go cover the south side of the camp–Argüelles is on his way to take over here. She has to scream at them to get them to move.

She calls Oscar and tells them to start moving. John decides Cristian is coming with them.

Shooting breaks out on whatever side Dave’s at. The caretaker’s wife walks out with her hands up, begging them not to shoot and insisting she didn’t know what was going on.

Out back, Oscar, John, and their crew move through the woods. Carlina’s bright pink shirt sticks out in all the green.

Dave realizes the Lucios must be trying to escape and gets everyone to rush the camp.

John doubles back to Roberto and José, who are struggling with Cristian. He warns Cristian this is his last chance.

They make it out to a road where Argüelles and Zuli pick them up. As I’m wondering how they’re going to fit everyone in the car, John has Roberto and José put Cristian in the trunk. Oscar hands José some cash and says he, Roberto, and Carlina need to stay hidden. Oscar and John get into the car with Argüelles and Zuli.

Dave finally calls around and realizes the guys who were supposed to be on the north side aren’t there. They tell him Monica sent them around to the south. Dave calls for air support.

Dean walks out of the police station and calls Montgomery. Montgomery sends him to Tres Fuegos to help Vergara. He fills him in on what’s been going on, including the fact that Vergara used Monica’s sister to force her to help the Lucios and Dean. Montgomery doesn’t know what’s going on with the Lucios.

Dean hops into a taxi and Monica’s car pulls away from the curb and follows.

Raúl calls his people for an update, but no one has seen his dad. They know the shooting stopped at Aerotours, but that’s about it. Raúl’s on a dirt road somewhere with Lizbeth crouched in the back seat of his car. As he’s getting back into his car, he sees his dad’s car up ahead. How convenient.


Arley gets walked into the same waiting area as Cañego. He makes a bitter crack about being here for a conjugal visit. They trade information. Dean got busted. Dave says he knows where John and Oscar are and they could have been caught by now–though Arley doubts it. Cañego saw the lawyer in Altamirano, so he assumes he’ll show up for Arley soon. Arley insists he won’t set foot in jail in sort of an “I’ll die first” way.

Tres Fuegos

Olivia’s mom made waffles. Olivia’s been looking at a picture of her dad in his uniform and she had a thought. Remember dad’s friend Alfredo? He knew all sorts of tactical stuff, right? She’s thinking he can help them find Cristian.

Mom says that’s not a good idea. The last thing Omar told her about Alfredo was that he was having paranoid delusions and building up an arsenal in his house. Olivia thinks she has to try. (Try something ELSE!)

Villa Antigua

Argüelles’ brilliant hiding place is Bochas’ house. Oscar’s impressed with the place and complains about him and John living in a dump. John says the important thing in this business is to stay invisible. Fame backfires on you.

He wants Oscar to call José and Roberto and have them grab the money and clean any evidence out of the bar. As for Carlina, she should go back to Tres Fuegos.

Zuli notices a police car pulling up. Raúl gets out and Argüelles can see it’s him, but neither of them can see Lizbeth in the car. Oscar wants to shoot him, but Argüelles says that’s not happening as long as he lives.

Oscar would be perfectly happy to shoot Argüelles first, then. John tells them both to knock it off.

Raúl calls the station to ask about the ranch. It’s supposed to be empty right now. He asks them to send backup.

Oscar, John, Zuli, Cristian, and Argüelles try to make a run for the other gate when their ride arrives, but Raul’s backup arrives at the same time. Much shooting ensues. They all eventually make into the back of a trailer or a box truck, leaving behind at least two dead cops and a frustrated Raúl.

Dave can’t believe the Lucios got away again. A random cop standing nearby says they’re good at that. Dave grabs him and screams at him–someone helped them! Well, they’ve searched the house and all they found was money, guns, víveres (provisions, supplies). Dave realizes there could be something at the bar. They tell him it’s been closed and it’s being guarded.

Roberto and José check out the bar. They have to find some way to get past the two cops guarding the front. Roberto wonders if it’s possible the feds took the money already. Well, that’s what they’re here to find out.

And just how much money is it anyway? José talks about how the Lucios always have big stashes. Just to give Roberto an idea–what’s inside the bar? Half of it could support the children of his grandchildren.

Dave and his team move in to the Aerotours office and start searching. He gets a call that Teniente Argüelles arrived and he goes out to meet Raúl and Lizbeth. Raúl’s sorry to tell him the Lucios got away again. They were holed up at El Bochas’ place. And also…his dad is helping them.

Lizbeth is ready to get out of here, but Dave asks her to wait. Someone’s coming soon to pick her up. He wants her to tell him everything she can about Yolanda.


Breakfast for the sex workers comes with an interrogation. Santamaría just wants to check…has anyone seen anything strange? Or anyone strange? Anyone they haven’t seen before? They all say “no” of course. He gets a call over the radio that one of the comadres bit Yolanda and goes to check it out.

Yolanda’s having trouble breathing. Santamaría holds up the vial and says she has to promise not to try to escape again, or disobey him. And what were Salvador’s men doing on the road? Yoli gasps out that she doesn’t know–they were trying to kill her. She gasps like a fish while he kisses her cheek.

Back in the infirmary, Yoli gives herself a shot. While she does it, Santamaría babbles about how it’s good she has that skill. His guys know how to shoot stuff, but not give injections.

He asks her again about Salvador’s men, mostly so he can tell her his theory that Salvador knows she ratted him out. He gets a call over the radio that Rubio’s back and leaves Yoli there, still gasping for breath.

Out in the courtyard there are two bodies. Rubio says they found a bunch of guns and 5 million in pesos. Santamaría remarks that it’s like they won the lottery without even buying a ticket. Caicedo doesn’t get it. Santamaría tells him Salvador must be nearby.

He orders Rubio to take some men and get rid of the bodies. No. they’re not officially reporting this–he doesn’t want anybody nosing around.

Speaking of which–why are the sex workers still here? He tells Caicedo to hurry up and get them back to town.

Richard and Salvador meet in town. Richard isn’t entirely sure, but it looked to him like Yoli was escaping. He couldn’t stick around to find out, because he had to get away himself. The security on the base is the same as ever, but last night they threw a big party…booze…girls. Salvador latches on to that–they can find the girls and question them.

As the sex workers are getting into the back of a truck. Teresa sneaks away to find Yoli and get John’s number. She’s having a hard time memorizing it. Caicedo is starting to get suspicious that she’s taking so long in the bathroom. Whether she’s got it or not, she has to go when they hear Santamaría coming.

It takes him so long to unlock the door that Yoli has plenty of time to hobble back to the exam table, still breathing heavily, which looks not at all suspicious.

Yoli wakes up to find Salvador in the room, standing over her cot. He’s just here to remind her that outside these walls, everyone wants her dead.

Yoli gasps and wakes up for real, alarming Castro. She finally manages to get up and ask him for some water, but he doesn’t have the key to the door. She asks if the girls are gone. Because…nothing.

Castro offers some free advice–stop defying the Coronel. He controls everything. If he’s not obeyed, there are consequences.

Yoli kisses her medal and prays.

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