La Reina de la Canción Wednesday 5/10/17 #14

Tonight we get to hear Adriel and Edwin perform and Chiquis comes to hang out with the contestants.

metroPCS challenge

Alejandra comes in early to get the contestants into the kitchen for a remedios challenge. Two members of each time need to prepare a remedio for the skin, one for the hair, and one for the voice. They can use their smartphones to do research or call or text anywhere in Mexico.

She introduces their judge–Doña Julia. If she’s someone’s mom or grandma who we know, Alejandra didn’t say.

Once the contestants have called their moms and/or grandmas, it’s time to get…uh…cooking. Doña Julia looks more worried than impressed.

Both teams demonstrate their remedios caseros for Doña Julia. Then they get to try the other team’s remedios.

Doña Julia declares Team Recodo the winner. Sandra and Irene just won Poncho yet another week of extra drama. Uh, I mean, another chance to save or trade a team member. They also get awarded The Golden Chancla. Not that she called it The Golden Chancla, but clearly…it is a golden chancla.

Team Recodo hangs out with Adriel

You know, Adriel’s really cute. And charismatic. He has a really good wink. He sings Me Llamo Juan. I guess you could call it an inmigrante-corrido?

And then it’s question time.

Beatriz asks how he stays so humble. He talks about them all having a dream and fighting for something and that’s family.

Lluvia asks how to connect to emotions and stay in control, because, you know “we women” are such criers. (Really, Lluvia? I don’t cry because of my gender, TYVM.) Adriel doesn’t think you do ever control them 100%. It’s just one of the things you have to balance–emotions, tone, understanding the song, connecting.

Irene admits that her nervousness in rehearsal yesterday was because of him and she wonders if he ever gets THAT nervous to where it’s uncontrollable and he forgets the words and stuff. Adriel says the reason he got up to dance with her is that he can identify with how nervous she was. Someone once told him if he ever loses that, he’s lost the magic. So he focuses on things like breathing and meditation.

And then he wishes them luck, tells them to keep at it and remember they’re all here to keep their dreams and their gente moving forward.


*sigh* Paquita sings Rata de Dos Patas while Sandra I, Jazmin, and Yohanny sit around and talk about how Carmen, Sandra P, and Liliana are being a clique and excluding everybody else. Which is different from what they’re doing how?

And hey, we’re not here to be airing other people’s dirty laundry. And so you’re doing that because…?

And so many of the others have changed since they got here. And y’all three think you haven’t. Aja.

Team Horóscopos hangs out with Edwin

Edwin sings Un Aplauso and then asks for questions.

Olivia asks for tips on how to connect emotionally with a song without letting it all out. Edwin suggests creating a character for the song and not giving it 100% of your emotions.

Dayanna asks why he thinks it’s so difficult for women to break into música regional. He admits it’s machismo and “a lot of the time” it’s not their fault. (Do I want to know in what ways he thinks it *can* be?) He doesn’t think it’s impossible for them to do it.

Mary asks how he deals with harsh criticism. Edwin says you have to realize you’re the only one who knows how much work you put into it, and how many sacrifices you’ve made to get to where you are. As long as you’re secure in that, it doesn’t matter if someone says they don’t like the way you sing. OK, they didn’t like it–someone else does. You can’t convince people to change their minds.

Team Recodo Team Meeting

Pancho summons his reinas-in-training to talk about the save/switch prize. Beatriz immediately tells him the team is fine the way it is. Poncho has decided he’s going to save a team member, but he’s not deciding who until tomorrow.

More Drama

Sandra I and Mary got into the confessional together and talked a bunch of smack about Dayanna. Mary thinks she behaves the way she does because she’s young.

Sandra I decided to go tell Dayanna what they talked about. It just slipped out.


Dayanna tells the camera later she doesn’t care what they say about her, she’s just going to keep going after what she wants.

(Some people really need to not come on reality TV shows without remembering that they’re going to have to go home at some point and deal with the fact that people watched them behaving like…I don’t even know what.)


Everybody freaks out over Chiquis’ arrival. She brought ceviche. She talks about Jenni having built a platform for them. And Jenni will always have her place, but there’s room for other women.

Beatriz met her at the Vegas auditions and thanks her for the advice about not letting her career affect her daughter. (Balance.)

She talks about it helping that she doesn’t ever give up. If someone’s not calling her fat, they’re saying she can’t sing–she ignores it. She knows what she’s got. Yohanny can identify with that–she thinks it’s up to each person whether they let the comments get to them or not.

(I’m down with that as long as it’s understood that doesn’t excuse the comment from having been made in the first place.)

And now it’s time for Truth or Dare. Chiquis thought it would be fun. And distracting.

Carmen gets asked who she thinks the final two left in the competition will be. She says Deyra and Beatriz D.

Olivia gets asked who’s a little messy. Dayanna. Dayanna can’t deny it.

Yohanny gets a dare and dances el baile del perro.

The contestants insist Chiquis needs to take a turn. I call shenanigans on daring her to answer a question–lights on or off? Chiquis says on. “I like to look at myself.” Well, ok then.

Jazmin. Truth. Who don’t you like? Seriously, why? Why are you asking that question?! They let her get away with “nobody, really.”

Liliana. Dare. Imitate another contestant until they guess who.

Sandra I complains about being in the back where she can’t see anything.

Sandra P. Truth. Who don’t you like? This thing is rigged. Sandra won’t name names…but some people are two-faced.

Beatriz M tells the camera it would be better if she were honest and wasn’t pretending to be ok with people. And if they’d asked her, she would have said Liliana because she’s looked down on Beatriz for her age.

And it’s time for a final pep talk from Chiquis before she leaves.

Team Horóscopos Team Meeting

It’s makeover time…for one person. They have one minute to decide who.

Luis Casco, Mary Kay’s global ambassador will be giving Beatriz D a makeover. I’m with Luis–she doesn’t need much. She says it is a little intimidating to be surrounded by so many beautiful women. When he’s done I think she basically looks like herself with more makeup than usual, but ok. The outfit is different–she’s not usually so rocker chick.

Even more drama

OK, we have a short people in a mixed-height group dilemma. The two points of view are represented by Sandra I and Jazmin. They are as follows:

  • Sandra I: taller people should be aware of there being a shorter person behind them in a group and make sure they’re not blocking the shorter person’s view.
  • Jazmin: shorter people need to shove the taller people out of the way to get to where they can see.

I say “Why not both?” Like, seriously, yeah, it bugs me when I can’t see, and while I would hope that taller people would be more aware of whether they’re blocking my view, I can’t expect them to do it.

Of all the…

There’s dirty underwear on the floor. It gets picked up and thrown away. No one claims it.

Tomorrow: singing (oh yes please!), tears, candidates for elimination.

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Autora/ Author

Tonight was not one of my favorite episodes. It seems like they didn’t sing at all!

“And Jenni will always have her place, but there’s room for other women.”

I know nothing about Regional music, but it seems to me that the few women who have “made it” in the industry are pretty much legends. That’s got to be intimidating. I mean, in the male side there’s so many that not only is there room for them, but there’s room for mediocre and flashes in the pan. But the ladies have incredibly high standards to live up to.