Gonul Wednesday 5/10/17 #2

Spending the day

Gonul and Yusuf fuss over the slamming workroom doors. She agrees she doesn’t like being stuck behind closed doors either.

Tekin complains to his father about not being able to find Gonul. He claims he’s genuinely worried about her. What if she fainted? His father doesn’t understand why that should be a concern…but wait, what did Tekin do?! He tells Tekin to talk like a doctor (probably the first time anyone’s actually ever wanted that). Tekin lists Gonul’s injuries, including internal bleeding and a broken finger.

“We had a deal!” Dad’s worried about her going to the police.

Gonul paints. Ridvan seems way less hostile to her now. He whispers to Yusuf that he thinks someone hit her. (I think he might be Ozlem’s brother and not Yusuf’s–he called Yusuf “friend.”)

Gonul realizes it’s late and she hasn’t called Mama Hatice. Yusuf offers her a ride home.


Aylin’s heading out of the hospital when Hilmi stops her. He keeps talking about how urgent it is that he talk to Gonul. Aylin still doesn’t believe he’s legit–she pokes her head into the car, thinking Tekin is behind this, but the back seat is empty.

So, OK, he has DNA test results proving Gonul and Kursat are related, but how does she know she can trust them? How’d he get the DNA to test? Hilmi says they could repeat the DNA test again, but Kursat might die before they get the results back.

Mama Hatice was worried and waited for Gonul, rather than having dinner. As they set the table, Hatice says the neighbors like Yusuf. She asked around. Still–a man Gonul knows did “this” to her, and she doesn’t think Gonul should trust someone she doesn’t know.

Ali sees Aylin sitting outside. From her attitude, he’s worried that something might have happened to Gonul. She snaps at him that she does have a life outside the hospital! Anyway…did he find out anything? Ali says he’s going out with Tekin tonight and then Tekin is spending the night at his place, so he’ll get the answers out of him. After he walks away, Aylin calls Gonul.

Gonul doesn’t take the news that she has a living biological father very well. Where was he all this time? When she was in the orphanage? When she was getting beat up by her fiancé? “Let him die.”

Mama Hatice encourages her to get it all out and then sit and think. If nothing else, she thinks Gonul should go tell HIM all this stuff.

Ali and Tekin drink at the club. Tekin admits that Gonul left him because she was scared…because people shouldn’t stick their noses in where they don’t belong! He’s sure she’ll come back, though. He mutters about his father and Ali gets an idea. Could Tekin’s father have gotten in touch with Tekin’s ex? To have her talk to Gonul, to get rid of her?

Tekin gets angry at Ali and throws a glass at him, but it bounces and hits another bar patron, starting a big fight.

Trip home

Yusuf is ready to make a move on Kursat. Mahmut’s been spying on his house.

Gonul has decided to confront her bio-dad and she’s off to do that now, without even having had breakfast. As she walks past the convenience store, Yusuf sees her and offers her a ride into town.

Where should he drop her off? “Good question.” Gonul calls Aylin and confirms that Tekin is staying at Ali’s place. She asks Aylin to send her the lawyer’s number. She tells Yusuf he can drop her off at her apartment.

But Tekin’s not with Ali. Ali calls Tekin’s sister, Nese, to find out if he might be at home.

When they get to Gonul’s apartment, Yusuf has to wake her up. She looks around at the street and he reminds her she can still go to the police. “I know.” But she has things she needs to do. She turns down his offer to come up to the apartment with her and he says he’ll be waiting for her in the car, then.

The first thing she notices are the pictures aren’t on the chair where she left them. She has a flashback to everything that happened in the living room. Crossing to the window, she quickly throws it open and waters the plants on the balcony.

When she goes to refill the watering can, she sees the scraps of burned pictures and starts calling herself stupid. She goes to the bedroom and starts throwing stuff into a bag. As she’s leaving the room she turns around…

AND TEKIN HAD BEEN STANDING ON HER BEDROOM BALCONY THE ENTIRE TIME! (How friggin’ creepy is that?!) It gets worse. Now he starts telling her how sorry he is, and how it will never happen again.

Yusuf takes a call from Mahmut, but he says he’s busy right now. He walks up to the door of the apartment building and contemplates going inside (please do).

Gonul says she needs to go away to think. Tekin starts fussing with his engagement ring. He doesn’t think this is the kind of thing she should be thinking about alone. They should be making decisions together. He’s been waiting for her. He insists on them having coffee and talking.

While he’s in the kitchen pouring the coffee, he mutters that she’s not leaving…but when he comes back to the living room, she’s gone. He notices her engagement ring and screams “perra” (bitch) before throwing down the tray with the coffee mugs. He gets to the window in time to see her getting into Yusuf’s car and then runs outside after it.

Gonul takes a call from Hatice. She explains she was just grabbing some stuff from the apartment. Yeah, he was there. He wanted to talk, but she left. He burned the pictures. Hatice tells her to go to the police anyway.

When she gets off the phone, Yusuf says he should have gone with her, but it almost seems to me like he’s feeling guilty about something else. Gonul has him drop her off nowhere near the police station. Its raining, but she insists she doesn’t mind walking in the rain.


I completely missed that the guy Nese is secretly dating who Tekin wouldn’t approve of is Ali. She sneaks up on him at the hospital and pulls him into a supply closet just before Tekin finds Aylin in the same hallway. He starts screaming at her about Gonul going out with someone else.

The noise interrupts the makeout session and Ali convinces Nese that he should go deal with her brother before the hallway fills up with people and she gets stuck there.

Aylin keeps screaming at Tekin to let her go, that he’s hurting her. Ali gets Tekin away from Aylin. While she’s still standing in the hallway, rubbing her arm, she sees Nese coming out of the supply closet. So now on top of getting assaulted by her colleague, it looks like she just got her heart broken.

Tekin keeps ranting at Ali. How could this happen?! She only has him! Tekin interrupts himself to go into a patient’s room and save his life. Ali’s impressed. Tekin just goes on ranting about how he’s going to make her tell him…. They hear him getting paged to the front desk.

His dad’s already up there, trying to get the cops to tell him why they’re looking for Tekin. Who pressed charges? They won’t tell him–they won’t tell Tekin, for that matter. Not until they’re at the station.

When Tekin sees the cops, he tells Ali to go find out what’s going on. He sends his mistress a text message telling her to get ready, wait for his word, and make sure she’s dressed well–she thinks he’s taking her to dinner. Then that slime walks right over to the officers and leads them out of the hospital like he’s not even getting arrested, he’s just walking out with his entourage.

Police station

It’s a mess.

The officer Gonul is talking to can’t understand why Tekin would have hurt his ex.

Tekin, in another office, is brushing away Gonul’s accusation as being brought on by wedding stress. Plus his ex said some “crazy” stuff to her. Yeah, he heard she was dead–he saw it on the news. He told his ex not to bug Gonul. His lawyer has paperwork showing Ilknur had a diagnosed mental disorder. He’d taken out a restraining order on her.

Gonul insists Ilknur sent her pictures and mentioned pressing charges–isn’t there any record. Nope. But where are the pictures? She says Tekin burned them.

Tekin’s lawyer smarms about his client being a law-abiding citizen and how they shouldn’t listen to his fiancée. Still, the officer turns to Tekin and asks where he was the night Ilknur died.

Hilmi calls while Gonul’s waiting in the office alone. He offers to meet her wherever she is and hears the noise of the police station, but she hangs up on him. The officer she was talking to comes back to say there’s a witness who says Tekin was with her all night–he can’t tell her anything more.

As Gonul walks out of his office, dazed, she hears the officer’s voice in her head, telling her they need evidence and there’s no report from the ex. She passes the mistress, who confronts Tekin as he comes out of a different office. She knows he hit Gonul–she saw her face. Tekin looks up to see Gonul at the end of the hallway and starts trying to chase after her.

Hilmi also sees her and catches up to her in the parking lot. He introduces himself and suggests they talk in the car. She’s really not in the mood to discuss Kursat.

Then Tekin comes out the back door of the station and Hilmi tells her to hurry and get in the car–they should go. As they drive away, Tekin notes the plate number in his phone.

Tekin gets to the front of the station and tells his lawyer to find out whose car that is. The mistress demands a moment of his time and when he won’t give it to her she reminds him she can change her testimony. (HA! I like that she’s putting the screws to him, but considering what happened to Ilknur, I hope she’s careful.)

Figen (sounds like “Fiyen”) is the mistress’ name. She’d like to know why she just lied for him. When he got to her place it was nearly dawn. She doesn’t know where he was all night. He says she’d know it if he killed women who annoy him. Uh huh, so she lied for him because he’s innocent? He says he doesn’t have the time to mess with false accusations. OK. Figen agrees she wouldn’t have done it if she thought he was guilty. He tells her to go home and forget about this.


Yusuf cruises by Kursat’s house to get to Mehmet’s hideout in an attic nearby.

Mehmet reports that Kursat is dying. He never leaves the house. Security has been increased and they’re searching everyone who goes in or out. Kursat pays well and he knows Yusuf is out, so it’s going to be hard to use someone to get inside the house. Mehmet shows Yusuf photos. Sermin is Kursat’s wife. She’s never without her guards. The lawyer visits every day and seems to be very loyal.

Yusuf asks Mehmet not to tell his father what they’re up to. “But he’s my boss! If he asks me, I can’t lie.” He does some mental gymnastics and decides he can keep this from Yusuf’s father since Yusuf’s father assigned him to protect Yusuf.

Yusuf asks for the gun Mehmet got for him. As he’s checking it out he has a flashback: a little boy is sitting at a coffee table, coloring…Yusuf argues with a woman in the kitchen…she goes to the front door and an armed man with a mask comes in shooting.

Mehmet tells Yusuf not to go in alone. For now, Yusuf is just walking down the street by the house. He watches two cars come around the hairpin turn. He and Gonul don’t see each other.

After the car Gonul is in goes through the gate, the other one stops just outside. I’m wondering why–is this a security thing? To block the entrance?

The house is very angular and modern, but it’s surrounded by trees. As they walk up the path, Gonul says it must be a large family. Hilmi replies that it’s actually just two.

Mahmut gets back to the attic after making himself a sammich and sees Gonul. He tries to get a picture, thinking she must be important, but funnily enough, his camera’s not working.

Gonul and Hilmi walk past Kursat’s wife as he explains that the guards are here for their protection. He smirks a little as the front doors open and she gets her first look at the inside of the house and the staff waiting to greet her. The butler introduces himself as Sabit. He offers her coffee…or the table is set if she’d like something more substantial. Gonul turns him down.

Hilmi leads her into the study, which is lined with display cases. The one behind her holds beaded jewelry, pocket watches. Hilmi asks her to wait while he goes through a door at the far end of the room. Through the door, she can hear the beeping of the medical equipment get faster.

Sermin saunters in, saying she thought Gonul wouldn’t show up this soon. She thought she’d be angry, but she must have smelled the money.

Gonul asks if she’s done. She only came here to say something, then she’s leaving. “Only people who love money talk like you.”

Hilmi comes back into the room and Sermin complains that this isn’t good for Kursat. Hilmi says he’ll be happy to see his daughter. Gonul ignores a call from Yusuf.

She makes her way down the stairs in slow motion. She and Kursat stare at each other. He calls her “hija.” “Gonul,” she corrects him. Right away he notices her face and says he’ll make the one who did this pay. She tells him to stay out of her business.

Kursat can see he’s disappointed her. He was immature and couldn’t protect her. He thought success, power, and money could fill his life, but he was wrong. Now he’s paying for his mistakes.

Gonul didn’t come here to listen to him. He wanted to see her. They don’t know each other, so there’s nothing to say. He can die in peace. She starts to walk out, but then he starts talking again…

She’s just like her mother, Gulizar. She was so young and beautiful. The prettiest girl in town. He liked to watch her work. He dreamed about her. She was so strong. So unique. She looked into your eyes when she talked. He loved her so much….

By now, Gonul has taken a seat and she’s crying.

His family said he couldn’t be with her, but he didn’t care. They never left them alone. He and Gulizar thought of running away together.

Then she got pregnant. People started saying it wasn’t his child. He wanted to believe her, but he couldn’t. He was stupid. And she wasn’t the kind to beg or protest her innocence. She was proud. She told him he could believe her or not. So he offered her money for an abortion. She didn’t accept it and left town.

She died a year later. He didn’t know she had given birth–he only found that out later.

Gonul wonders why he would bother looking for the child he didn’t believe was his.

Kursat says this illness is his penance. He never had any other children. She’s his last family member and what’s his is hers.

“Why would I accept what you couldn’t give my mother?” She only came here to tell him she hates him. She thought she would yell at him. But she doesn’t feel anything. Just an emptiness that his money, his name and his regret won’t be able to fill.

She runs out of the house, screaming at Hilmi and the security guards to stay away from her, screaming for them to let her out. The gate opens excruciatingly slowly. Sermin smirks as she shuts the front door.

Hilmi tells Kursat this was too soon for both of them. Kursat’s happy. She’s stubborn! She’s his daughter.


Ali tries to eavesdrop on Tekin’s dad yelling at him in his office. Aylin comes up saying she can’t reach Gonul. She asks why the police were looking for Tekin. Ali doesn’t know if Gonul has anything to do with it–Tekin didn’t tell him.

Aylin wonders if he might have done something. Yes, this is Tekin, but he’s changed. Didn’t Ali see him grabbing her earlier?! He’s obsessed! Ali says he saw Gonul with another man at her apartment.

But Aylin thought Tekin was at Ali’s house. What if Gonul went home and found him there? Ali gets a call from Nese and ignores it.

Inside the office, Tekin’s father has decided to fire Gonul. He never wants Tekin to see her again.

Tekin pulls the paperwork out from under his dad’s pen and crumples it up. He says she’ll be back.

Dad’s annoyed–she broke up with him. And she accused him of murder!

And Tekin liked it. He asks is dad if he’s ever had “a woman like that.” One who didn’t care about his money or his name. She supported him when others didn’t. And now she’s just doing what she thinks is right. She makes him a better person. (I seriously felt myself getting sucked in and wondering if I’d completely misjudged him and had to remind myself–physical assault! Broken finger! But it’s scary how compelling this actor is.)

Dad says it took a “slut” to save him from the murder accusation and now he (dad) has to fix it. Tekin says he’ll do it. Dad can’t control his life. Well then, he’d better fix it before word gets out!

Vengeance or justice?

Gonul walks by the water, thinking about the things people have said to her lately–Kursat, Tekin, Ilknur, Hilmi. She looks up at the sky and tells her mother she forgives her. “You didn’t want to leave me. You suffered. I understand. You were betrayed.” She swears she’ll make them pay. She calls Hilmi and tells him to find the woman who helped Tekin.

When Figen opens the door, Gonul asks who she is. “If you’re here, then you know.” She invites Gonul in for coffee. Gonul tries to appeal to her as a woman–like her, like that dead woman–so if she lied….

Figen says Tekin was here that night. “To do what?” What men do. Gonul says she doesn’t have to lie. Figen says Gonul doesn’t know men–they have two lives…they pretend to be faithful…they have dark sides. As they talk, Tekin’s face pops up on Figen’s phone. Figen asks if Gonul really wants to know.

Outside, Tekin parks his car.

Gonul asks if Tekin paid her and Figen scoffs at her–she thinks Tekin’s a killer, but she doesn’t think he cheated? When he gets anxious and wants to feel good, he comes to see her. He left Gonul alone so many times….

They’re both startled when he starts banging on the door. Figen takes her to hide in the bedroom before opening the door.

Tekin is agitated that she didn’t answer right away. Figen says she was in the bathroom. She offers him coffee as he looks around the apartment, asking if someone is here. A reporter? He reminds her not to say anything, not to go out, and be here for him when he comes over.

Sitting at her table, he complains about Gonul “getting” him into trouble. And he’s had enough. He saw her with two men and he has to know…. Figen doesn’t get it. She’s seen Tekin with other women and he’s never gotten this upset. “Don’t compare her to other women, or to you. I love her.” But what if she doesn’t come back. Tekin tells her to shut up and reminds her not to talk to anyone. Then he leaves.

Figen says Gonul can come out now. She wants her to leave–he can’t see them together. Gonul takes a long moment to get up in Figen’s face before she leaves the apartment.

The day job

Yusuf gets to Ozlem’s…I dunno, shop? Showroom? Gallery? Office? He hears her talking to someone on the phone about owing money, but she says it’s nothing serious. Sure, she spent a lot of money to set up that workspace, but it’s an investment. And they already have orders…but wouldn’t he like some more time off? Yusuf wants to get to work and start paying off her debts. She invites him to come to dinner to talk to a potential client.

That night

Mama Hatice is waiting for Gonul again. She jumps at the ringing phone. Gonul says she’ll be home late.

She stops by the orphanage and ducks under the front stairs where she scratched her name. She remembers coming there as a child, holding her flashlight and crying. She finds the nail she dropped back then and uses it to scratch something deeper into the concrete.

A little girl comes up and demands to know what Gonul is doing in HER secret place! “Are you my mother?” Gonul says she isn’t. And this is her secret place. The little girl says her mom is never coming, but Gonul tells her when she goes to sleep tonight, her mother will visit her dreams and give her a kiss. Gonul gives her a kiss on each cheek. The little girl decides the same thing will happen for Gonul. She runs up the stairs and Gonul goes back underneath to look at what she’d scratched. “Annem,” mother, and a little figure underneath.

Up in his study, Kursat tells Hilmi that even though he got to talk to Gonul and tell her what happened, he’s not at peace. It’s the ex-boyfriend. He probably thought he wouldn’t be punished…but this isn’t about what Kursat wants. He has to win her over. He tells Hilmi not to upset her. “Don’t interfere. Don’t watch. Leave her alone.” If Gonul knows they’re watching, she’ll be scared. They have to protect her by hiding her from the world until she wants to accept who she is. Hilmi warns that could take time. “Then we wait.”

But Hilmi should tell his men to teach Tekin a lesson.

Ozlem thought the meeting went great. She wants Yusuf to come into the office with her and celebrate. He says he just needs to make a phone call first.

Under the stairs, Gonul is asleep so deeply the orphanage watchman can’t rouse her. He answers her phone when it rings and explains to Yusuf who and where he is. Yusuf says he’s on his way.

I guess it’s a good thing Ozlem couldn’t get that champagne bottle open. Yusuf says he has to go and he’ll call her later. Uff–she is not happy.

The watchman figures Gonul must have been there before. “They suffer when they’re here and they suffer when they get out. It’s so sad.”

He goes out to greet Yusuf and show him where Gonul is. Yusuf shakes her and she mutters “Mamá.” When she wakes up a bit more and sees him she says today was not a good day. Yeah, but it’s time to go. “Tomorrow’s another day.” He holds out a hand to help her up and she takes it and stares.

He takes his jacket off to put it around her shoulders and buckles her seatbelt because she’s still half asleep. It was very sweet. He looked like he wanted to kiss her, but he shuts her door and gets into the car.

Tekin’s at Gonul’s apartment. Nese comes over with dinner. She guessed this is where he’d be. Tekin’s doing something on his laptop as Nese pulls out the food containers and starts snarking about his exciting life. Tekin tells her to back off, but Nese’s not scared of him. She thinks someone should make him see reality–Gonul is not the woman for him.

She says Tekin has been abandoned by the woman he loves “again,” but she has it worse. Their mother died because of her and she’s all alone.

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