La Piloto Tuesday 4/25/17 #36


Flor gets accosted at her front door by two guys looking for Estela and Rosalba. After they check the house and still won’t stop threatening her, she admits the federales came to get them to take them out of the city after they talked to a DEA agent.

Villa Antigua

Carmen mourns Cindy’s death. She tells Amanda that the doctor said she died from a blow to the head, probably when she was hit by the car. But what was she doing there, near the bar in the morning? Why didn’t she come home? She was going to tell them something…something about the Lucios. Carmen starts swearing revenge and Amanda just holds her and tries to soothe her.


Richie checks around and finds that the bar he and Salvador are in right now is the one that sends the most “girls” to the base. The weird thing is they’re not back yet and they should be. Salvador’s in no hurry. They play dominoes.

Rubio reports back to Santamaría. The bodies are buried, the truck is in the river, they’ve swept the area and nothing’s going on. Santamaría wants him to talk to all the guys and tell them to borrar el disco duro (erase the hard drive) about everything that happened this morning.

And then they need to beef up security to make this place impenetrable. He’s sure the two guys who got away have already told Salvador that Yolanda is here and if he tries to get in and kill her, Santamaría wants to be ready.

Back in town, Teresa and the others come into the bar with Caicedo in his civilian duds. (*side eye*) He tells the bartender he’s got something for him, if they can meet in the back…. Teresa struggles to remember the number Yoli gave her and scribbles on a napkin.

Richard points Caicedo out to Salvador as one of the guys who was at the shootout this morning. Salvador calmly says they’ll wait until he’s gone and start asking questions. (It’s not that I like Salvador, but I like that he’s not a hothead. Some of these other narcos would have been shooting the place up already.)

In the kitchen, Caicedo offers the bartender some of that high-grade coke Salvador was stocking. Salvador followed them to the back and stuck around just long enough to watch them make the deal. The bartender offers Caicedo a suitcase full of cash that Caicedo trusts him enough to leave with him while he takes some home to his wife. (So. What exactly is it that Santamaría thinks makes him and his men not narcos?)


At some little town near the border with Guatemala, the Lucios have moved in. John orders everyone to keep their heads down. They’re still holding on to Cristian–John thinks he might come in handy later.

Zuli picks this moment to tell them Olivia and Amanda are still alive, which I thought she had already mentioned, but things got a little messy with all the raids, so maybe not. John’s annoyed. Since Zuli has no idea where they are he says to let them die de viejas (from old age) he’s had it up to here with them.

As he walks away, Oscar’s phone rings. Teresa remembered the number and she’s calling from a pay phone. Oscar pretends he’s John and thanks her for the info. And here he was, fearing the worst had happened. He’ll always be so…grateful to her for calling. He gets her name, but Teresa hangs up before Oscar can ask her any other questions.

Salvador gets back to the table and says he doesn’t think they need to question the sex workers after all. He has a better idea–he’s looking over at Caicedo.

Oscar calls Salvador to ask him WTF happened! He was supposed to kill Yolanda. Salvador explains about the dust-up this morning. Oscar informs him Yolanda’s not a guest at the military base, she’s a prisoner. Some woman named Teresa called to tell him.

Well, if she was trying to escape this morning, they’ll have increased security. Oscar insists Salvador needs to take her out…and Teresa too. Salvador tells the guys to ask around and find out who Teresa is.

Zulima complains about Yoli not being dead. She would have thought she’d be in hell by now. Oscar says the guy who’s holding her has a reputation for being the Devil himself. So…here’s hoping.

Zuli freaks out about the potential for Yolanda’s return. Oscar lets her vent. When she wanders off, he says he can’t stand her. I don’t know if he means Yolanda or Zuli. Or both.


Back at the base, Yoli tells Santamaría that Salvador’s never going to stop trying to kill her. “Well, you know how narco rules work better than I do.” But he’s come up with a fantastic solution–he’ll turn her over to the authorities. What else can he do when he’s been sooooo nice and she just keeps disrespecting him.

She’ll have a much better time in prison! She can call John Lucio to save her–and he’d better, because the sentences in the US for drug trafficking are much longer.

Caicedo’s on his way back to the base, alone, when he gets blocked in by Salvador and his men. Salvador wants to make a deal. He knows Caicedo likes money and he’s got money for him. All Caicedo has to do is darle piso a (“give the floor to”‘; kill) Yolanda.

Caicedo wants to know exactly how much. Salvador says he can write his own check, but he’s gotta do it in 24 hours and he needs some kind of proof that it’s done. Yes, her head will be fine…no, but seriously, something of hers. Salvador gives him an advance to show Caicedo can trust him to pay up after.

Villa Antigua

Lizbeth wraps up what she’s been telling Dave. Even though Arley said Yolanda was back from Colombia, Liz didn’t believe him.

Raúl gets the call that they’re here to pick up Liz. She begs Dave to do what he can to find out about Yolanda. Raúl begs her forgiveness for his dad nearly killing her. And gives her a hawt kiss on the cheek. She hopes she’ll see him again.

Dave tries calling Monica, but she’s not answering.

Raúl’s still bitter about his dad helping the Lucios. They could have had them by now! Dave tells him to call and get him to do the right thing and turn them in. Raúl’s been trying, but he’s not answering.

Speaking of not answering, Dave’s really anxious about where Monica is. He doesn’t answer when Raúl asks if he trusts her.

Dave wanders over to the desk he’s been using and gets condolences from one of the locals on the failed op. And BTW, just how much does he know about Monica? He thinks it’s weird that she ordered them to release Dean with no explanation.

Tres Fuegos

Olivia goes to Olmedo’s trailer. You know, the friend of her dad’s who knows about tactics. Who mom said was having paranoid delusions. Olmedo shoots at her and demands to know who sent her to kill him.

Olivia says nobody sent her. She’s Omar Nieves’ daughter. Olmedo doesn’t know an Omar Nieves. Olivia begs him to remember and Olmedo starts to calm down. Sargento Nieves? Where is he? Olmedo would like to say hi.

Olivia explains that he’s dead. Oh. Right. Olmedo remembers hearing that. So, what can he do for her?

Olivia tells him about Cristian and he invites her into the trailer to talk. (Don’t go in there!)

Monica kidnaps Dean at the airport so he can take her to her sister. Oh, he has to wait for instructions? Then they’ll wait together.

Monica assumes the Lucios are out by now. Dean says that’s thanks to her. Monica wants to know how much he sold himself for. He thinks she’s smarter than to believe this was just about money. Monica laughs bitterly at the idea that the DEA would give him Dave’s job, knowing what trash he is. She again demands to know where her sister is and Dean doesn’t answer.

Vergara calls and Monica makes him put it on speaker. Yeah, he lied about not knowing where Sofia was. Vergara tells him to hurry up and get to the warehouse. As soon as he’s off the phone, Monica starts screaming at him that he’d better tell her where her sister is and he’d better take her there NOW.

Olivia and Olmedo have talked and Olmedo has laid out everything he thinks he’ll need. It looks like a lot to Olivia, but narcos don’t mess around. He wants to know just how far she’s willing to go to get Cristian back. Olivia says she’ll do whatever she has to.

Dean refuses to take Monica to Sofia. Not that he’s saying anything, he’s just letting her wear herself out crying while he sits there in the unmoving car. Dave calls and she finally answers. He tells her the Lucios escaped, but he’s assuming that was Argüelles’ doing.

Now, about Dean…. Monica sobs that she’s sorry. They have her sister. She’s been holding the gun near Dean’s head and he reaches back to yank her arm across his chest.

She must have hit her head when he did that. He had her stuffed in the trunk for the rest of the drive to the warehouse. When they get there, Sofia’s quiet. She’s not responding to Monica and it’s freaking her out. She tells Dean he can rot.

Dean calls Vergara to tell him that Monica’s with him and he thinks Dave knows. Vergara’s like “Kidnapping an officer’s sister is one thing…kidnapping a federal officer is another!” Dean says he didn’t have a choice. He promises he’ll take care of both of them and Dave. Vergara tells him not to get caught. He’s off to a meeting. He’ll call back later.


Argüelles is still upset that Oscar shot at Raúl. Oscar says it was self-defense. But he offers Argüelles the job as head of security, like that’s supposed to make up for it somehow? John just stands there grinning like a dope. Argüelles agrees, probably for the sake of survival.


Santamaría takes Yoli back to her cell. She says she’s realized he’s right–John’s never coming to get her, he’s never going to forgive her for selling out one of his partners, and Santamaría’s the only one who can protect her. She doesn’t want to leave. She tells him she’s “his” and kisses him to convince him. (I hope she gets to kill him later.)

Back in Santamaría’s room, Yoli downs a couple of shots of whatever he keeps on his desk and tries to hurry up and get the sex over with.

Salvador approaches Teresa with piropos and she’d totally be interested, but she’s on her break right now. Oh, he’s content to wait. Hey, isn’t she Teresa? Yolanda’s friend? Teresa denies knowing a “Yolanda.”

Caicedo sneaks up to Santamaría’s room and remembers agreeing to kill Teresa for Salvador. He listens at the door, but doesn’t seem to hear anything.

Yoli tries to get away after, but she’s stuck having to pretend she’s not plotting this creep’s demise. Rubio comes banging on the door to tell Santamaría there’s a massive intoxicación (poisoning) in camp. Santamaría’s going to leave Yoli in his room, but Rubio says it might be best if she comes with him–she knows first aid stuff and they don’t have a doctor right now.

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