La Reina de la Canción Thursday 5/11/17 #15

Are you ready for some singing? Got your tissues?

Alejandra welcomes the judges and then tells Poncho he has to decide who gets to sing tonight with zero pressure. Poncho announces he’s saving Verónica Rosales (whose rehearsal we didn’t see on Monday…coincidence?).

OH! OH! OH! Ale said “live shows”! Duuuuuuuuuuuuude! I’m so stoked!

Tonight, we’re listening to eight performances and the judges are putting up two team members for elimination.

Dayanna Garcia – Mamá (#teamhoroscopos)

Dayanna and her mom are besties. In rehearsal, Vicky wants to see Dayanna move more, and she needs to “place” her mom somewhere and sing to her.

In performance, I think she came in wrong and the conjunto had to adjust. And I think there were intonation problems. It was really good once she got going, though.

Vicky appreciated the emotion, and so did Marisol. But Vicky thinks the notes were too low at the beginning. Poncho thinks the end was great and she’s improved a lot.

Janine Rivera – Mi Cariñito (#teamrecodo)

Janine’s dedicating this to her grandma. Poncho wants her to use more air and support her sound.

She did a really nice job with that. Poncho liked it. He liked that she made it hers. Vicky and Marisol liked it.

Jazmin Lopez- Caballo de Patas Blancas (#teamhoroscopos)

In rehearsal, Vicky talks about this being one of the happiest songs of the night.

From her dedication, it sounds like Jazmin’s intent is to perform it as an homage to mom’s courting days? I don’t know this song at all, so I can’t really tell if the tune went where it was supposed to go.

Marisol approves of Jazmin’s movement on stage. Vicky can tell she changed her mind about what they’d rehearsed, but it still came off ok. Poncho also liked her movement.

Sandra Padilla Cervantes – Madrecita Querida (#teamrecodo)

In rehearsal, Poncho wanted her to make sure to sing to different parts of the audience and “place” her mom. Sandra’s really worried about crying–she can’t even think about her mom without getting weepy. She’s treating this song as an apology for getting defensive when her mom tried to tell her stuff, but now she knows mom was right.

Sandra manages to keep it together and not get too choked up until she’s done singing. Poncho says she did it just the way he told her to. Marisol says she really doesn’t cry a lot, but she’s doing it tonight–everyone’s bringing it.

Olivia Calderón – Mi Madre (#teamhoroscopos)

Olivia’s another one who feels like the song expresses how she feels about her mom–that she’s not just her mom, she’s her friend.

I love Olivia’s voice. And I know the keyboard player is doing his best, but DUDE! Keep up! I don’t know this song and I can tell he’s off.

Not a dry eye in the house. One again Marisol’s wiping tears away. Vicky praises Olivia’s ability to be so sweet and then suddenly so aggressive and powerful and passionate. Poncho calls her a warrior. She made him want to send his mom his love.

Lluvia Vega – Evidencias (#teamrecodo)

Poncho wants her to connect with the audience and with the song. Lluvia feels like she needs to prove to him that he made a good decision to have her on the team.

Another performance where I really have nothing to critique. She really did connect with the song, connect with the words. Poncho says she’s leaving her fears behind and he likes that–she just needs to keep going. Vicky wasn’t expecting so much sweetness–though she did sacrifice a little bit of control when she got more emotional.

Mary Fredette – Paloma Negra (#teamhoroscopos)

In rehearsal, Mary told the captains and Edwin that she never had a relationship with her mother. She got involved with drugs when Mary was young. She wants to find her, but she knows her mother will only let her down.

And so they gave her THIS song. Which I wasn’t familiar with, but I looked up the words when she started singing and I was like “Whaaaaaaa…?!” It’s basically someone saying that they wish they could let go of this woman who would rather be off partying and that looking for her is killing them.

So, yeah, she’s a mess of running mascara by the end. And Vicky can’t help telling her that even if she didn’t have a relationship with her mom, she has a relationship with her kids and she’s a good mom. Vicky’s proud of her for finishing the song. Poncho says he admires her.

Liliana Hernandez – México Lindo y Querido (#teamrecodo)

This is a song that Liliana’s mom has always wanted her to sing. Poncho’s thinking that having a classic song performed by a young person will give it a bit of freshness.

She’s adding a lot of pop embellishments…maybe a tiny bit too much for my taste? But she did own it and I’ve gotta give her props for that.

Poncho got the freshness he wanted, but he needs her to have better breath support on the lower notes. Vicky jumps right in, telling her it will help if she lifts her palate…. Marisol’s like “Don’t be giving her tips or he’ll win.” That cracked me up–Vicky just can’t help herself. I am really loving her as a coach.

Up for elimination

One from each team from tonight is at risk of going home. Ale asks Vicky and Marisol for a name. For intonation problems, Horóscopos are putting up Dayanna. There’s just no room for mistakes anymore. Poncho picks Liliana.

Tomorrow night:

Deyra Barrera – La Gata Bajo la Lluvia (#teamrecodo)
Beatriz Montes – Mañanitas a Mi Madre (#teamrecodo)
Irene Davi – Te Amo Mamá (#teamrecodo)
Verónica Rosales – (#teamrecodo)
Carmen Rios – El Rey (#teamhoroscopos)
Yohanny Rodriguez – Zona de Promesas (#teamhoroscopos)
Sandra Itzel – A la Sombra de Mi Madre (#teamhoroscopos)
Beatriz Delgado – (#teamhoroscopos)

And yes, she did say live shows…in three more weeks!

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stealth cacophony
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophony

Ok even though I haven’t been able to watch much the last couple of weeks I’m noticing a couple of things 1 My Spanish is not up to the rapid fire of everybody talking at once or even a couple of ppl talking at once 2 I do not understand one bit why the people put up for elimination are. (course I don’t know that I could pick better who to cut either) Loving the outfits, loving the singing (most of it) but dang this show is difficult. The recaps help clarify the whys and what did she just say… Read more »

Autora/ Author

That’s why I’m trying to add more “reality” type shows. Or rather shows with more spontaneous dialogue. I get really lost too. Like you I’ve found these recaps enormously helpful.

stealth cacophony
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophony

One other thing, maybe they explained and I missed it, but what happened to Mary’s health thing? Last week it was all the thing, and this week I didn’t hear about it. Did they explain? Is she ok?