La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 1/12/17#42

Marcela is trying to tell Alessandro about her eye issue, but the phone rings and its Emiliano. He’s asking if Sagrario has left yet. She has and Marcela says how sorry she is for his loss and says she’ll be by later to offer condolences in person. Emil is glad to hear Sagrario’s on her way and glad to meet Marcela. when he’s off the phone Roman says Amadeo’s sending over a funeral lunch from the cyber-bakery.

Back at the ranch, Marcela thinks the moment has passed to tell Ale and wimps out, even though he begs to know what that big thing she had to tell him was.


Cris happily carries Nuria around the house, which she worries lets him know how wasted away and skinny she’s gotten. He assures her she’s still beautiful and he still loves her and offers to “help” her bathe.

But later, Cris is remembering Alba coming over for the dress and when Nuria wants them to get a little more intimate he wants to wait so he can get used to having her around again. He says he needs to get over the surprise of having her back. Nuria gets insecure and wonders if he liked being single and if he’s sure he still loves her. Cris says he is and was a married man and of course he still loves her. Nuria looks doubtful and then the phone rings. Its Alba and she’s pissed. When Cris says Alba’s name Nuria’s head whips around and she listens attentively to Cris’s side of the convo, though it can’t be very enlightening. Alba has called to chew Cris out for helping Alessandro lie to her cousin about who Ale really is. Remember, even though Ale already told Marcela the truth about his socio-economic status Alba doesn’t know that yet and didn’t till just now know that Ale’s parents owned the hotel where she will be working. Now that she knows she’s got the righteous anger about their deception, especially of Marcela. All Cris can say is calm down, I’ll explain it all later. Well why not now Alba asks and instead of telling her he’s spending time with his wife who just got back from her cancer treatments in the states, Cris glances at Nuria and hems and ums and says he can’t right now. Alba warns him they better not mess w/her cousin and hangs up to call Ale and chew his ass about it for a while.

As soon as Cris hangs up, Nuria asks ‘who is Alba?’ Cris tells Nuria who Alba is, that Ale got re-married right after Damiana died and he also has to tell her that Alba spent the night in her house, and now he’s way happy Amadeo was there too, and he tells her about the dress he loaned Alba. Nuria feels threatened and hurt, she tries to pretend its ok but the dress he loaned Alba was special, its the dress Nuria was wearing the night he proposed. Cris did not realize. (oh arrgh. I feel bad for Nuria, and also I’m feeling bad for how bad Alba is gonna feel when she finds out about Nuria. I’m mentally kicking Cris in the shins now. )


Sagrario tells Emil Dona Epiphania was a friend of hers and she’ll fix her up to look like always.

Apparently Ilse volunteered to go to Val’s mom’s funeral with her w/o knowing it’s in San Bartolo. She can’t go back there, she stole some rancher girl’s fiancé there. Val assures her that her former boy toy and Marcela won’t be at the funeral, I mean why would they be, and they can go right back to the city afterward, there’s no reason Ilse should even run in to either of them at all. (bwaaahaahaa haaahahahaha hee hee snork)


Nuria calls Ale – she’s a lawyer too. He invites her to his church wedding. She thinks they should talk about it first.

No sooner does Ale hang up but…

Alba calls Ale and yells at him for a while, while he tries to get a word in edgewise to convince her that Marcela already knows and its ok. He passes the phone to Marcela, and Marcela tells her its all ok, better than ever, really, but now Alba is worried about the differences between Ale and Marcela. The hotel is really big and really swank. Ale grabs the phone back and assures Alba that its gonna be ok, its gonna work, they’ll talk about it later but they gotta go to a funeral now bye.


At the funeral Eulogio has provided extra mourners, Emil says he won’t pay extra, he’s had it, Don Timo comes over and says he’ll pay for it, cause he’s all public minded. (this is starting to smell like a scam cooked up between Eulogio and Don T to make Don T look good)

Maria Laura, Nisa and Cami are back at the funeral, but ML wants to leave, can it be that she feels underdressed? She is getting some looks from the older ladies on the couches. In any case she tells Cami to stop by tonight and knock three times so they’ll know its him (knock three times/on the ceiling if you want mee/twice on the pipe/if the answer is no-oo) and remember Cami there’s only one way to do things, k? Cami looks doubtful.


Marcela and Ale arrive at the funeral but Emil only sees Marcela, his eyes lock on her from across the room and music starts up. Cami seems to pick up on a vibe, his eyes go from one to the other. Marcela offers Emil her condolences and invites him to stop by the ranch his mom so often mentioned, and agrees he can tutear her. Then she offers sympathy to Cami and when he asks for a hug, gives him one, despite Ale’s glowering. Ale takes her back quickly and escorts her away from Cami.

As the prayers start Cami leaves in a huff and Roman follows him to see what’s wrong and tell him its about time he let Marcela be happy with her new hubby and to move on.

This means they’re both outside when Val and Ilse pull up.

Cami starts checking out the hotties getting out of the car, but quickly realizes he knows them.

Ilse stares in their direction but it quickly becomes clear her eyes are stuck to Roman as she says his name in a state of shock. Roman is shocked too, and says ‘Mama?’

Val just looks from one to the other, trying to figure it all out. Cami hears that he slept with his buddy’s mom.

Roman is very angry and won’t talk to Ilse.

Ilse tells Cami they’ll talk later and goes after her son. Val asks her cousin what’s going on and how he knows Ilse.


July answers the door and Severo and Mike wheel their suitcases into Timo’s house. ‘Timo said if we didn’t like the hotel we could stay here and since Lencho is out of town, we’ll take his room, we know the way’ July tries to stop them but Severo is an irresistible force and Mike’s fears of vermin have pushed him past politeness, and right past July’s protests


At the funeral they finish the rosary and Don T takes Emil aside to tell him about Marcela, Cami, and Marcela’s new husband Alessandro. This is all news to Emil, apparently he didn’t notice the man hanging on to Marcela’s arm at all times and glowering at any man who gets too close.


Somewhere in the city Lencho tries to get the owner of a mechanic shop to chip in for the calendars but the guy says he’s just looking, not touching, he shouldn’t have to pay. He wants the calendars, maybe one for the customer bathroom, maybe one for the office, but he doesn’t want to pay for them.


Val arrives at the funeral and hugs Emil, she couldn’t leave him alone at a time like this. Emil is kinda mad at her though cause he thought she wasn’t coming. Val just wants him to understand how difficult this all is for her, not that she thinks its easy for him either, its just that he’s always been the strong one. Emil says he doesn’t feel strong now. Val apologizes and offers to pay the funeral costs, but it’s already been paid. He introduces his sister to the room, Marcela and Ale had just been wondering if she was his wife, they go and introduce themselves to Val and offer sympathy. Val is stunned to hear Ale’s surname and asks if he’s related to Luciano Castelo. Ale says he’s his son – ‘wow, how small the world is, your dad was an old friend of my ex-husband. Ale invites her to the ranch to make Marcela jealous. Emil gives Marcela soulful eyes behind her back.


Ilse chases Roman down, she didn’t know he was here, last she heard he was in some other town. Roman is furious and distraught – that’s what happens when you don’t call or write for five years mom! Ilse says its been difficult, she’s moved around a lot. (how did she not run into her sons the last time she was in San BP?) Amadeo sees his mom and interrupts the fight. Unlike Roman, he’s thrilled to see her. Roman tries to bust his little bro’s bubble, saying mom didn’t come to see us, she didn’t even know we were here. He seems to think he can protect Amadeo by destroying his illusions.

Ilse is amazed by how big her boys have gotten and how handsome they are, she asks Amadeo for a hug and he brushes past Roman to give her one. Roman sarcastically comments on the touching scene, he doesn’t understand how his bro can forget how she abandoned them, but Amadeo doesn’t want to talk about the past now, he wants to know why his mom is in town and once he learns she came with a friend for the funeral offers to let her stay at his place. Ilse says he’s as sweet as ever. Its clear from Roman’s face that all this is killing him and he angrily objects. He doesn’t want her in his life, much less in his house. Amadeo is shocked at this attitude and says he pays way more of the household expenses than Roman so he can invite anyone to stay he wants. Roman says if she stays I go. Ilse tries to make peace, saying she’ll stay with her friend. Amadeo still wants her to stay though and Roman is still very upset and rude to his mom. The brothers nearly come to blows, but Ilse grabs Amadeo and tells him he doesn’t need to defend her, she doesn’t want to hurt them more or tear them apart. Amadeo looks like he doesn’t understand what’s going on. Roman reminds Amadeo, through gritted teeth, that they’re waiting for the food at the funeral. Amadeo grits out that he can’t carry it all himself, Roman will have to help. – let’s go then. Amadeo says goodbye to his mom saying again how good it is to see her. Roman snarks angrily, ‘yeah, see you again in another thousand years’. Amadeo hugs and kisses Ilse and she says she’s glad to see them too, both of them, even if Roman doesn’t believe it.

Then she goes to convo w/Cami who is pacing back and forth worrying Ilse will tell Marcela what really happened.

Upshot of the convo- its not in either of their interests to let anyone know they had a thing, therefore Ilse will back up Cami’s story about she gave him a ride to the next town to pick up a present for Marcela and never saw him again.


Inside at the funeral Don T is hitting on Val, much to her dismay, and getting nowhere, much to his. She tells Emil she pities all the men, and especially women, Don T governs.

Ilse comes in to give her sympathy to Emil and the ranch contingent give her dirty looks. Ale asks why. Sagrario warns Marcela not to make a scene, so Marcela goes over to Ilse and asks to speak to her outside.


Alba reads an email from Chopin – he dreamed she was close last night, he dreamed he kissed her but he didn’t want to interrupt her dreams. She still thinks its Cris. She writes back that she dreamed of him too, she loves these emails and the chance to get to know him.


Ilse pretends she didn’t know Marcela and Cami didn’t wed and tells the story Cami gave her, Marcela isn’t sure, but Ilse says why would I lie? She claims she had a work emergency so she had to leave in a hurry and then was too embarrassed to call Marcela later, she had no idea there’d been such a ruckus.

Marcela believes her, but when Ale hears the story after Ilse has left he still thinks it sound fishy.

Marcela is filled with guilt for not believing Cami and treating him unfairly. Ale only wants to know if this changes things between them
(have to wait till next time to find out.) (or not really because Marcela has said multiple times that she doesn’t love Camilo anymore so why would it?)

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! I love hearing your thoughts on the episode 🙂 “or not really because Marcela has said multiple times that she doesn’t love Camilo anymore” um, right? She’d better not go back on things now. He did still kidnap her. And the sex, Marcela! Remember the sex! I approve of you kicking Cris in the shins. How did he not remember that dress? I mean, seriously! And I got all weirded out again when he said this was HER apartment. He invited a woman he’s got a crush on to spend the night in his WIFE’S apartment? Who does… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Thanks and I agree about Cris making too free w/his wife’s things, on top of that remember that whole convo he and Alba had where she liked his plants and airy apt plan and he took credit for it! At least he should have said something about Nuria then cause they’re her plants and her apt!
This episode was really full too, you had all the emotional anguish of Roman and Ilse plus there’s still a funeral plus all the looming dread and stuff of the Alba/Nuria situation but there were still some really funny bits to lighten the mood

3 years ago

I was joking to Mr. 5ft that it’s as if Cristian has multiple identities. They’re both named Cristian, but one of them likes Alba and the other one’s married to Nuria and neither of them realizes they’re sharing a body. I think I expected Roman to be the more accepting sibling and Amadeo to be the one who rejected his mom, so I was kind of surprised. And I want to feel bad for her, but she could have looked for them. She’s been running around stealing fiancés hanging with Valeria and she didn’t have five minutes to call the… Read more »