La Piloto Thursday 4/27/17 #38


Santamaría’s furious that on top of everything else going on, now he’s also gotta worry about a mole. He gives Caicedo the task of spying on Rubio.

Yolanda also suggests they could use some medicine–antibiotics for his wound, for one. Caicedo volunteers to go into town, but Santamaría wants him to go out of uniform. He can’t have everyone knowing half the base is sick and they’re out of medicine. He also wants a meeting with all the jefes de escuadrilla (squadron leaders).

Once Caicedo leaves, Yoli gets started on his stitches.

When the squadron leaders are assembled, Santamaría gives them a speech about how this is all Salvador Moreno’s fault and he’s got an accomplice and they’re going to find out who it is and he’ll wish he’d ended up with the comadres.

He wants them to tell their men there’s a 100 million peso reward for whoever finds the traitor. He asks Rubio for the phone…but it got damaged in the explosion. “Then go ask for another one!” Caicedo asks about going to town for medicine. “You haven’t left yet?!” Everyone else stands around awkwardly until he asks if he’s supposed to start making coffee or something. Yoli looks around at all of them filing out like she smells something.

Yolanda walks around with Santamaría, looking at the damage. They’re now both interested in getting Salvador. He asks her to keep an eye on Rubio, but Yoli’s gotta say…she was watching everyone during that meeting and Rubio’s not the one she suspects. It’s Caicedo. She really can’t say why. Santamaría won’t even consider it–Caicedo’s been his right hand since he got here. He’d meter las manos al fuego (put his hands in the fire; stick his neck out for) for Caicedo.

At the bar, Richie gives the bartender a payoff so Team Salvador can have the run of the club. He’s suggesting they make it a longer-term arrangement, but Salvador just wants to get the job done and get out of Santamaría’s territory. He sees Caicedo at the bar.

Santamaría walks Yolanda to the tent where they’re staying until the room is fixed. She insists on checking out his wounds and tsking that Caicedo needs to get back with the antibiotics so he can start on them as soon as possible. She suddenly realizes her medal is missing and attempts to explain how important it is to her, but he looks like he’s trying not to roll his eyes at her sentimentality.

Caicedo shows Salvador the medal as “proof” he killed Yolanda. Caicedo accepts it, but he’s curious who the medications are for. Caicedo says Santamaría was injured in the explosion. Hm…Salvador would have paid a lot for Santamaría’s murder…. Caicedo just wants his payment for killing Yolanda. Salvador calls a couple of his guys over and tells them to pay the man….

Yoli keeps insisting she’ll just check the room and the infirmary and come right back and he finally agrees.

At the bar, Salvador’s men have slit Caicedo’s throat. They wrap him in plastic wrap. Salvador wants him dumped in the river.

Yoli’s searching the infirmary when Rubio comes in to leave something in a cabinet. She explains she lost her necklace and he offers to help look for it. Maybe she can search the grounds while he finishes looking here and in the Coronel’s room? And hey, he doesn’t know what the Coronel might be thinking, but he wants them both to know that he had nothing to do with the grenades. He doesn’t like to say this sort of thing, but…he thinks it was Caicedo.

Middle of Nowhere

Oscar gets a call from his guy in Tres Fuegos complaining about how he’s got “Rosalba” but she will not stop talking! Uh huh…and what does “Rosalba” look like? Oscar can tell from the description it’s Estela and that’s exactly what he tells the guy, who’s sooooo apologetic because he thinks he kidnapped John’s morra’s mom. Oscar says to just lock her up and keep an eye on her 24/7 until Oscar give him further instructions.

Zuli’s upset about the mix-up, but Oscar’s still sure they can use this to their advantage somehow. Zuli disagrees–Yolanda hates her mom.

They’re still waiting to hear from Salvador.

Tres Fuegos

Outside the warehouse, Monica’s still weeping. She’s worried about what’s going to happen to her. She has to go to the morgue and make arrangements.

Montgomery calls from Sinisterra’s office, pretending everybody’s talking about a shootout between two DEA agents, so of course he’s already heard Dean is dead. WTF, Dave?

Dave tells him Dean was a mole. Montgomery keeps harping on how they didn’t have any proof. Uh…he kidnapped Monica’s sister. Montgomery gulps. Monica backs Dave up–Dean would have killed them all. Montgomery just sticks to his script…there are procedures that have to be followed, he was supposed to be informed. He’s opening an Internal Affairs investigation on Dave for murder. His hands are tied. (Well THAT seems like a risky move!)

Dave takes Monica to the morgue. She’s sobbing over the loss of her sister, her “whole life,” and he picks now to ask if she had anything to do with the Lucios getting away or if that was just Argüelles. She tells him about the call from Vergara, his three demands, and how she convinced him she couldn’t do anything about Arley. And then the incredibly unhelpful Dave asks “Why didn’t you tell me?” (Seriously, what does that matter now? Are you gonna go hop in your time machine to fix whatever the reason was? How about why didn’t you ASK when she was giving you that desperate, panicky look?)

They’re still standing in the hallway when Dave gets the call about Estela’s kidnapping.

Mexico City

Rosalba’s escort apologizes for how small the apartment is. He reminds her not to go out right now. They need to be cautious. She asks about the raid where they failed to catch the Lucios and he says they got a few guards and the cook, but that’s it. Rosalba thanks him for the info, and if he doesn’t mind, she’s very tired…. He hands over her keys and leaves.

She calls Dave and he says he’s glad to hear from her. He tells her about Estela getting kidnapped. She’s agitated about that, but also…has he heard from Yolanda? Was she at Aerotours? Dave says according to Lizbeth she flew to Colombia a few days ago and hasn’t come back. He has an agent there trying to find out what happened. He promises he’ll find her.

In her new cell, with its one cot, Lizbeth sits huddled in a blanket while another prisoner gets paraded past every other cell and marched into her. Oh, sorry, wait, this is the OTHER prisoner’s cell and her blanket, and Lizbeth needs to move.


Salvador calls Oscar to tell him the job is done. Body? Well, no, he didn’t see the body. He had someone blew her up. But he saw the explosion and he has her necklace. Oscar starts ranting about how that doesn’t do him any good, but Zuli whispers to him that Yolanda wars a chain with a medal of the Virgen de Guadalupe. Salvador says it has a medal of the Virgen and Oscar’s pacified.

As for Teresa, she won’t be opening her mouth again.

In the background, Salvador’s guys look like they’re trying to load Caicedo into a freezer? Which requires taking off his shoes? And Richie makes a face like he does not get paid enough for this.

Santamaría wakes up in his tent, suddenly freaking out over where Yolanda is. He gets Rubio on the radio and Rubio’s like “Yeah, we’re watching her. She’s at the house.”

Yolanda’s searching the room for her necklace when Santamaría comes barging in there yelling at her about “What are you doing in here?” He either doesn’t remember telling her she could come look or he’s just being a jerk or he’s being paranoid.

Middle of Nowhere

John’s having sex with Zuli…except it’s not Zuli. It’s Yolanda, with blood dripping out of one corner of her mouth, asking him why he wants to kill her. She begs him to come get her, she’s still alive. Then she collapses/faints/dies on his chest and he wakes up in the morning in Middle of Nowhere in bed with Zuli which is WAY more scary than zombie Yolanda!

It takes John a long time to wake up, thrashing around in the sheets and moaning Yolanda’s name. He tells Zuli about his dream, gasping about Yolanda wanting him to come save her, and she makes her “Yolanda, Yolanda, Yolanda” face.

She tells John it was just a nightmare. Probably Yolanda’s spirit is tormenting him for having her killed. No big. Suddenly John’s not convinced she’s dead, and he won’t be until he sees a body.

No, no, Zuli’s sure she’s dead. And she can protect John. “So it’s true you know about all that santería stuff?” Zuli cagily says she just…prays to the saints and they’ll protect him. She assures him Yolanda’s not going to show up again, even in his dreams.

Rescue Team

Olmedo parks the RV in the parking lot of Cielito Lindo and wakes Olivia in the morning. They look out to see there are police guarding the front door, but it looks quiet. She recognizes Raúl and explains that he’s a cop who was interested in her friend Liz. He seemed like a good guy.

Raúl dismisses the two guards. There’s been nothing going on and he no longer thinks the narcos will come back. Before he gets into his own car, he calls Dave and leaves a message.

As soon as he pulls away, Roberto and Jose WHO ANYBODY COULD HAVE SEEN IF THEY’D JUST WALKED A FEW MORE STEPS AWAY FROM THE FRONT DOOR start getting ready to go into the bar.

Olivia sees Roberto and freaks out, but Olmedo tells her to calm down. How’s that for a switch? He says wars are won by using tactics, not going “crazy.” (Not even touching that one.) He hands her a gun and seems surprised that she doesn’t know how to use it. “You just point and shoot and that’s it, ok?”

They go into the bar after Roberto and José, who are back in the storage area with NO IDEA where the guns are hidden. Roberto’s complaining about having to look and José’s about had it. They hear Olmedo and Olivia sneaking up on them and Olmedo’s “tactical” plan is basically to shoot at them. He wounds José and Roberto takes off. José and Olivia both scream at Roberto to come back.

Olivia chases him out of the building and keeps screaming at him to get back here. She gets a few shots off at the ground at his feet as he keeps on running. The last thing she screams at him is that he’s a coward and they’re going to see each other again. (I find her bravado comical, but I also want to give her a hug and tell her it’s ok, she’ll get a chance to shoot him later.)

Inside, Olmedo’s trying to get information out of José, but he swears he doesn’t know what’s here–they were supposed to call for instructions and they didn’t get a chance. Olivia comes back inside, screaming at José that she wants to know where Cristian is. He swears he doesn’t know and Olmedo points out that he’s alone and he’s wounded. OK, OK, they’re at some town near the border of Guatemala, but he doesn’t know where it is! Whatever, Olivia tells him to get up and tells Olmedo they’re going. (I don’t know who’s in charge of Team O&O here, but they’re starting to grow on me.)


Yoli wakes up to the sound of a helicopter.

She wanders out later to check it out and gets startled by Santamaría. She distracts him by touching his face and commenting that he feels warm–did he take the antibiotics yet? He says he hasn’t, because Caicedo hasn’t come back. He supposes she was right about him being the traitor.

But they can worry about that later. For now, like she’s noticed, the helicopter is here. He wants her to stay in the tent while the captain’s here–he doesn’t want anyone seeing her and asking questions.

He gets a call over the radio–the guys found Caicedo’s jeep, but there’s no sign of Caicedo.

John’s in a better mood when he walks out of the house, but Oscar’s wearing his grumpy face again. Roberto called and said he can’t get the money out of the bar. Some “armed guys” showed up. Not cops, not feds. Oscar’s angry that someone’s trying to take advantage of their absence. Argüelles thinks it could be some of El Bochas’ men. They weren’t all killed. John throws a tantrum. How dare other people try to steal his hard-earned dirty money!

And if that wasn’t stupid enough, John thinks NOW is the time for Oscar to call Vergara and demand a meeting with The Senator. When even Oscar thinks you’re being a little hotheaded…. Oh, now John’s bitter about being out here in the heat while the big bosses sit around in air conditioning.

Oscar wants to know what to do about Arley and Cañego. John thinks about it for a second and tells Oscar to send the lawyers.

Arley and Cañego are being marched to their hearing and the lawyers haven’t arrived. Arley’s determined not to set foot in prison and threatens to tell all to the DEA if John doesn’t send them.

Raúl calls Dave and hears about Monica’s sister. He’s sorry about that, but….

He’s calling because he’s worried about Lizbeth. She got transferred to jail in Mexico City and she was supposed to go free for helping them. Dave says he’s headed to the Mexico City anyway to find out what’s happening with Arley. While he’s there, he’ll check on Liz.

Lizbeth’s cellmate tells her to wake up, they’re being transferred to the women’s prison. Lizbeth starts pleading with the guard to let her talk to Monica or Dave. She was supposed to go free if she helped them and she already told them everything she knows…. Cellie does not like snitches.

Zuli tries to purify temporary Lucio HQ. I’m not sure it’s possible to purify any space that’s full of Oscar’s negative energy. Dude is a giant ball of disbelief and Zuli’s convinced that Yolanda’s spirit is all around them. Oscar swipes her cigar and tells her to quit saying that stuff and change her shirt–it irritates him. She jangles her bells in his general direction, for all that’s worth.

John finds them and doesn’t even ask where Zuli got the cigar she “gave” Oscar. All he cares about is what happened with the calls he told Oscar to make. Oh, it’s done–they’ve got a meeting set up with The Senator in the Mexico City. Also he heard that Dave killed Dean. John gripes about Dave sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Dave tries to convince Monica to come to Mexico City with him, to get back to work. He’s convinced it’ll do her good. Of course he’s saying this at her sister’s vigil so I’m kinda giving him the side-eye. Monica isn’t coming back to work. She quits. (Uh…so the Lucios are never getting caught, then?)

Zulima does a limpia, rubbing an egg all over John and calling on the orishas to cleanse him of Yolanda’s presence and give him peace.

Yolanda does a little limpia of her own, splashing the tents with gasoline and setting them on fire.

Zuli hangs beads around John’s neck, asking for protection from his enemies, and cracks the egg into a goblet of water. (Sadly, the egg does not assume the form of Yoli flipping her off.)

While Santamaría’s men busy themselves trying to put the fire out, Yolanda watches. When they look sufficiently occupied, she checks on the helicopter. It’s still under guard.

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