La Piloto Wednesday 4/26/17 #37


The soldiers all have food poisoning. Rubio thinks maybe it was the fish they had for lunch. Yoli looks like she’s fixin’ to lose hers from the smell. She suggests it could have been the alcohol. She has no idea what to do, other than give them saline…but they don’t have any and their shipment of meds won’t arrive until tomorrow. Irritated, she tells them to boil some water with salt.

The soldiers are still sick. The helicopter full of medicine will be here at six or seven tomorrow morning for Yoli to try to steal. What? You don’t really think she won’t try, do you?

But who cares about that, because the important thing about this scene is finding out that Santamaría is “happily” married and has a daughter. Castro laughs at Yoli for thinking she’s the principal (main) when she’s only the sucursal (branch).

Villa Antigua

Lizbeth is back in holding, waiting for a judge to give the order to release her, but when the young Capitán comes back there he’s got bad news for Liz and Raúl. The judge ordered her transferred to prison in the DF. She may have had an agreement with Monica and Dave, but Monica’s missing and Dave’s a US DEA agent with no authority to make deals.

Change of plans

John’s using an old radio to contact his people, complaining to Oscar to give him the code slowly because this thing is from the ’80s. Oscar gets a call on his cell phone from the guys in Altamirano. They found out where Estela is staying and that she’s getting moved today–he thinks it’s a good time to take her out.

Oscar decides to check with John first and John has changed his mind. He doesn’t want her dead. Now he wants to talk to her. Oscar grumpily gives the orders, tossing his phone down like a spoiled brat.

In the hotel room, Rosalba watches the news about the raid on Aerotours and wants to call Dave. Estela rips the phone out of the wall, yelling at her about the cops back at the station saying they shouldn’t call anyone, because safety. Which is probably true. And for the record, she still thinks all of this is Yolanda’s fault.

The Senator

The Lucios are definitely not headed back to Tres Fuegos…yet. For now, Middle of Nowhere Near the Guatemalan Border is secure and they don’t have feds breathing down their necks. When things are quiet, they’ll return and get back to business. John thinks it’s about time they call The Senator.

Oh yes, Argüelles, all those stories about El Cartel de las Sombras are true and The Senator is one of the mero meros (big bosses). Not that they’ve ever seen his face.

Carmen frantically irons and watches a press conference where a Senador Sinisterra (coincidence?) talks tough about needing to have no mercy with narcos while a Minister Camacho whines about engaging in dialogue before starting a war. She gets a call from the morgue that Cindy’s body will be ready for her to pick up tomorrow morning and bursts into tears again. Amanda offers to help, but Carmen doesn’t want her leaving the house.

The rescue team

Olmedo gets the latest news from Villa Antigua and tells Olivia it’s time to hit the road. She doesn’t understand why he’d want to go to Villa Antigua when the Lucios have left. He explains that they only left because they HAD to, which means they likely left stuff behind and someone is going to be stuck there guarding it. They need to hurry and see what they can find.

The two “someones,” José and Roberto, are still hanging out behind the bar, having the same conversation about needing to get in there por las buenas o por las malas (the good way or the bad way; the easy way or the hard way). It seems like the two cops out front should be able to hear them.

Olivia’s a nervous copilot. And Olmedo’s trying to make a ten hour drive in six. Blah blah blah, time is of the essence, etc. He gets Cristian’s name wrong and Olivia corrects him. (Hey, your mom told you not to ask him, and did you listen?)

Middle of Nowhere

Zuli brings Cristian his dinner and he asks what his sister did to earn her betrayal. Zulima smarms that she doesn’t have to answer him and he wouldn’t understand anyway. Cristian says he can see what kind of person she is and everyone pays for what they’ve done. Zuli just tells him to behave himself if he wants to get along with her–because he does not want her as an enemy.

Zuli gives John a massage…of his ego. She mentions Yoli. He gets angry. They snog. Whatever.


Dave’s back in Tres Fuegos, where two random DEA agents we’ve never met still haven’t heard from Monica. He tells them to find her car and get a team to the airport.

Moni whispers to Sofia that she’s not going to let anyone hurt her anymore. But she needs Sofia’s help. She needs her to stay alert.

Sofi wants the truth–they’re going to kill them, aren’t they? Moni insists nobody’s going to kill them.

As they’re whispering, Dean sends the guy Vergara left with him out for sand and cement. Vergara’s probably going to call soon and tell him to kill Moni and Sofi and he wants to be ready.

Vergara and Montgomery sit in The Senator’s office complaining about Dean while he pours them drinks. Dean insists he had to kidnap Monica and he thinks Dave might know about it. Yep, The Senator is indeed the tough-on-narcos Senador Sinisterra. Montgomery complains about what a mess things have been since they hooked up with the Lucios.

Yes, but Senador Sinisterra needs their money for his presidential election campaign. So they’re going to keep helping John and Oscar. He wants them moved somewhere safe where they can operate freely. (Oh look, he’s creating jobs already.) Vergara agrees to work on it, but what about Dean?

In his case, Vergara suggests getting rid of Dave will solve their problems.

Dave drives around Tres Fuegos with another DEA agent, looking for Monica or her car. The car has been all over town, apparently. They can’t get a signal off her cell phone.

The problem with killing Dave is that the DEA might send more agents. The Senator suggests accusing Dave of killing Dean. Uh…but Dean’s alive. “For now.” Hey, if Dave’s out looking for Dean, what do they think is going to happen when he finds him? They’ll probably kill each other. If not, they’ll take care of the one who lives. They all toast to this brilliant idea.

Dave gets an anonymous call directing him to the warehouse where Dean’s got Monica. He asks who he’s talking to, but they tell him to just hurry it up.

Monica gets Sofia’s attention and says she needs her help so they can get out of this. Somehow they untie their hands. She jumps Dean right after he’s gotten off the phone with Vergara and promised him everything is going to go perfectly. She screams for Sofia to run, but Dean gets to his gun and shoots Sofi several times in the back.

Dave and the guys in the car with him hear the shots and start surrounding the warehouse.

Inside, Monica’s sobbing that she doesn’t want to live anymore. Dean picks her up to use her as a shield. Dave walks in and Dean still thinks he’s going to make it out of this by threatening Monica, but Monica’s telling Dave to shoot. Dave tries to talk sense in to Dean, but Monica headbutts him and gets out of the way so Dave can shoot him. She runs over to Sofia.

A sniper watches from a nearby roof as Dave tells his people where to find Dean’s body. He wants the whole place searched–he’s sure Dean wasn’t alone and he wants evidence.

The sniper gets off the roof and calls Vergara with the bad news. So much for their plan. The sniper couldn’t take out Dave because the feds showed up. The Senator brags that he was right when he predicted their meeting would be a fight to the death. They complain about what a good agent Dave is while I roll my eyes. Montgomery has a plan to get him out of the way without killing him, but he says it’ll be much worse for Dave. (What? Promotion? A desk job? Stacks of paperwork?)

On the move

In the parking garage of the hotel, Rosalba finishes up a call from Dave and informs Estela there’s a second van on the way, it just got delayed. Estela thought they were leaving together, but Dave said they’re not even on the same flight out. So Rosalba’s just going to take this van and Estela can take the next one. Nice try. Estela complains about taking the second van after all the injustices she’s been forced to put up with today! And without even saying a word about it! (Biggest laugh of the episode right there)

Oscar’s men watch the van pull out of the garage and check the plates. They start following, thinking it’s Rosalba in the van.

Well, Estela, you wanted the first van. On a back road it gets blocked in. The guys Oscar sent were looking for Rosalba, but they’ll take her instead. (I could have sworn John and Oscar kept talking about Yoli’s “jefa,” but ok.)

Oscar’s guy drags Rosalba into a garage and tells her to shut up already before he kills her. He’s not buying her “I’m not Rosalba, I’m Yolanda’s mom!” story. He’s going back out for a while and she can make as much noise as she wants to while he’s gone–no one will hear her. She complains about the lack of a bathroom and where she’s supposed to sleep and he grandly opens the back door of a car and says that’s her suite. Now he’d advise her to get inside because he has some amigas dropping by and they tend to eat everything they see. Estela blames Rosalba and cries about needing a drink.

Rosalba’s flight is announced. Looks like she might make it out of this after all.

Rosalba makes it to the DF and gets rushed out of the airport. The guy whose job it is to escort her hasn’t heard anything about Estela.

Estela’s beleaguered kidnapper comes back to the garage with a tray of food for her. He listens impatiently to her repeated insistence that she’s Estela, not Rosalba, nods a lot and then excuses himself, still calling her “Doña Rosalba.”


After a long day of dealing with puking soldiers, Yoli asks for a clean shirt and permission to go clean up. Santamaría’s so thrilled with her that he’s going to let her go to the bathroom alone. And she gets to use his room from now on. He’ll have clean clothes there waiting for her.

Caicedo’s ridiculously obvious about trying to follow her out, but Santamaría tells him to go make three more jars of that saline–they’re going to need it.

In the bathroom, Yoli tries to wipe off the memory of rape while Caicedo sneaks up on her with a knife. He gets scared off by the arrival of Rubio and Castro. As Yoli walks out past them, they mutter about Santamaría flaunting her in front of them. Caicedo waits for them to pass and emerges from his hiding place.

Yoli knocks on Santamaría’s door and he tells her she doesn’t have to do that again. This is her room too. He’s got a cabinet for her stuff and he wants a list of everything she needs. He’s making a supply request for the next six months.

Somebody steals two grenades.

Yolanda and Santamaría sit in bed looking at her big red spider bite, talking about it like it’s no big deal. Caicedo lurks around outside. Yoli asks Santamaría about the call she heard earlier. He says that’s a forbidden topic between them. Down in the courtyard, Caicedo throws one of the grenades.

Santamaría and Yoli both jump. Salvador sees the explosion and laughs. Caicedo radios Santamaría and says “they” got in. Santamaría starts heading outside, after ordering Yoli to stay. She’s excited, thinking John finally showed up. Santamaría changes his mind and comes back to tell her to come with him.

And a grenade sails through the window. Yoli and Santamaría both dive to the floor on the other side of his bed.

Caicedo goes in to check on Yoli and Santamaría. Yoli’s knocked out. He helps Santamaría get her onto the bed and gloats when Santamaría can’t get her to wake up…but she starts moving. He helps the Coronel over to his desk and takes Yoli’s medal. Rubio and Castro arrive to get Yoli and Santamaría to the infirmary. (Where no one will know what to do since Yoli’s passed out.)

Yoli’s awake now. She’s decided Santamaría’s going to need stitches, but she’s never done them before–they were talking about that earlier with her spider bite. As she gets to work, Caicedo arrives to report that he hasn’t found a damn thing after searching the entire base, except that two grenades are missing.

Yoli thinks this is the work of Salvador’s men and they must have paid someone, because she’s convinced the food poisoning was a way to weaken security. So who has access to the weapons room? Caicedo says he and Rubio do…and now that he thinks about it, Rubio’s been acting kind of funny lately….

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