Gonul Thursday 5/11/17 #3


Yusuf’s trying to get Gonul not to worry so much, tomorrow’s another day. To her, tomorrow is another day of the same stuff. And she’s getting really tired.

He’s going to drop her off, but she doesn’t think she can face Hatice’s questions. He suggests some food and some time relaxing at the workshop.

At the workshop, Yusuf starts on scrambled eggs without asking if she likes them scrambled, but that’s ok, she does. With lots of cheese. And some toast. He suggests some eneldo (dill), which she’s never tried.

He answers Gonul’s phone when Hatice calls later. She’s content knowing that Gonul is feeling better and doesn’t want Yusuf to tell her she called. Gonul comes back from the bathroom and things get awkward when they both start clean up and their hands touch…. She wants to bolt, but he convinces her to stay for coffee at least.

I don’t know if it’s stress or Tekin is right about her injuries, but I’m starting to worry about how quickly Gonul drops off to sleep. One minute she’s telling Yusuf she’s gotta go home and the next, she’s out. Yusuf covers her with a blanket and stares at her. He’s about to get up when she drops her head onto his shoulder and starts snuggling into him. (Mr. 5ft: “You, sir, are in trouble.” Word.)

Ridvan finds them asleep on the couch in the morning. Yusuf tries to move without waking Gonul, but fails. Now she’s really ready to bolt, even after he tells her he talked to Mama Hatice last night and she knew where Gonul was. She turns down a ride and flees he workroom…coming back when she realizes she’s forgotten her phone. Ridvan is all giggles and waggling eyebrows.

Back at Mama Hatice’s, Gonul tells her everything that happened yesterday–she even imitates Figen telling her about the nature of “men.” She feels really stupid. Hatice doesn’t like how much more upset she is about Tekin having a lover than about him hitting her and breaking her finger.

Gonul tells Hatice what Kursat said about her mother. She’s identifying with her as a woman who was hurt by the man she loved. Hatice thinks money makes people “crazy,” but she doesn’t think it would do that to Gonul. Gonul’s not interested in anything that comes from Kursat. (Who does nobody ever think of taking the money and giving it all to charity or something?)

She goes out for a walk, not to see Yusuf, but Hatice mutters that they’re sure to run into each other.

Tekin’s day

In the morning we see the Tekin finally get his “scare.” “Stay away from Gonul. Check your phone.” is written on the bathroom mirror. There’s a picture on his phone of him, sleeping, with a gun pointed at his head. I guess that explains the guy’s hesitation last night–waiting to make sure Tekin didn’t move and ruin the shot.

Tekin’s lawyer tracked down Hilmi and Tekin is confused to hear he’s a high-priced lawyer with a very selective clientele. He thinks going to Hilmi’s office to bully him is going to accomplish anything. Ha! Instead, Hilmi tells Tekin Gonul is no longer alone. And Tekin is such a brilliant surgeon, it would be a shame if all his secrets were revealed.

He shows Tekin a folder that makes him shut up for about five seconds before going right back to blustering about “Tell those guys who were pointing guns at my head they’d better shoot next time,” before stomping out of his office.

Figen is supposed to be moving, but she’s getting agitated watching the movers pack her stuff. She thinks it’s ridiculous and calls Tekin.

I was thinking HE had told her to move, but when he arrives, she says his dad paid her and she wasn’t supposed to tell him. He orders her to unpack and goes to confront his dad. Conveniently, Ali calls to tell him his dad fired Gonul, “Hey, she didn’t show up for work! What did you want him to do?” So now they can just have one big shouting match and get it all over with.

Well, don’t I feel silly. There’s no shouting match. Tekin just pulls a golf club out of the back of his car and smashes the windows on his dad’s car while his dad watches and drinks coffee. Mazhar tells his guard not to do anything about it.


Yusuf goes back to his old house and we get a slightly different version of his earlier flashback. Cem, his son, was coloring in the living room while he and his wife were in the kitchen arguing about getting a divorce. She was tired of living under the constant threat of his family’s enemies hurting them. When the shooter came in, he shoved Yusuf’s wife aside. She was still alive when Yusuf shot the guy and she ran over to Cem. Which begs the question–where is she now?

It looks like someone fixed all the damage to the house. Yusuf’s trying to get rid of it quickly, but his real estate agent is more worried about getting a good price and not rushing things.

Yusuf and Gonul run into each other out walking in the neighborhood. Being around her gives him peace. Gonul is feeling “weak” and wishing she were stronger, like she assumes he is. But he knows how she feels. They agree about forgiveness not healing all wounds. But he wants revenge and she thinks justice exists–she wouldn’t want to wish ill on the people who have harmed her.


One of Kursat’s guards appears to have a thing for Sermin. Kursat has a nice little home gym/therapy room off his bedroom that I covet. Sermin tries to keep Hilmi from meeting with Kursat, but Kursat insists on talking to him alone. Sermin was probably dreading exactly what’s happening–he’s signing a new will to leave most of his money to Gonul.

Sermin catches the doctor upstairs to ask how much time Kursat has. The doctor says at this point, every day is a gift.

The guard’s name is Alper and he doesn’t have a thing for Sermin, THEY have a thing. He’s looking forward to her being a rich widow and he’s not at all worried about the “girl” who was here yesterday. Her ex is looking for her and Hilmi said she didn’t want protection.

Sermin tries to threaten Hilmi–she’ll object to the will. She’ll say Kursat was taking too many pills and not thinking clearly. He doesn’t think that will hold up in court.

Mehmet kidnaps Kursat’s doctor outside the house and gets him to tell him that the woman he saw yesterday is Kursat’s daughter.


Yusuf walks Gonul back to Mama Hatice’s. She’s grateful to him, and he says she took him out of a dark place to see the light of the sun. Gonul looks alarmed in an “I don’t want to fall for you” kind of way.

Mama Hatice’s sciatica’s flaring up after her visit to the market earlier. Or maybe it’s stress. She doesn’t want Gonul to go back to her apartment–Hatice can go and bring anything she needs. Hatice encourages Gonul again to accept Kursat’s offer.

Gonul feels like she’s a burden, but it does Hatice good to have her around. Gonul says Yusuf said the same thing, but she thinks he’s just being nice.

Mahmut stops by the workroom to tell Yusuf about the woman he saw at Kursat’s–his daughter. Yusuf wants to keep this news between the two of them.

Dysfunctional family matters

Mazhar sends Ali to Gonul’s apartment to talk to Tekin. (How did Ali get stuck with this job?) He can’t understand why Tekin is making such a big deal over breaking up with his girlfriend when there are millions of other women out there (to terrorize).

He says Gonul is like him–she understands his loneliness. Ali’s like “?” He has a family, money, his own hospital basically, how are they alike? Tekin complains about growing up “alone” in his father’s house, without his mother even paying attention to him. He set the house on fire (*brain screaming*) to get her attention and instead she just killed herself. (So how does Nese think that was her fault?) So to keep anyone from ever “forgetting” him again (I really think he means “ignoring”) he’s going to be the best at what he does. And Gonul will come back to him. He says. As he angrily cuts up an orange and I wonder if he’s going to cut himself.

Nese comes home drunk as her dad and Lale are wrapping up a visit from a friend. The friend mentions that Nese is as lovely as her mother was. It’s too bad she left them so soon. “Because of me,” Nese says and implies her mother died when she was about a year old.

Later, Nese eavesdrops as Lale complains to Mazhar that she’s tired of all the drama–Tekin busted up his car and he didn’t say anything. Nese has problems and he doesn’t even seem to care. He says they’re adults. What’s he supposed to do.

Pay attention to them! Or is this how he plans to raise their kids too? “Having a child is a mistake I don’t intend to repeat.” Lale says it’s sad that he’s making her pay for the problems he’s having with his kids.


Tekin is being watched by Kursat’s men. By Sabit in particular. I guess he’s not a butler after all? As Hilmi is leaving after checking up on Sabit, Nese shows up and tries to call from the sidewalk.

Tekin ignores her call and he wants Ali to do the same when she tries him. He’s not in the mood to deal with her. Hilmi watches her walk down the sidewalk and catches up to her in his car, offering his help, because she’s still very obviously not sober.

Nese wakes up on Hilmi’s couch. He assures her nothing happened, but her stomach couldn’t take so much alcohol and her dress is out being cleaned. It should be back shortly. Who was she out there looking for anyway?

As soon as he hears Tekin’s name he starts trying to get her out of his house. I thought he realized who she was, but apparently not. She won’t leave until he tells her what’s going on. She’s nicknamed him “Superman” after he kept her from tripping last night.

Hilmi tells her the truth without actually revealing anything. He knows Tekin because of a client of his and therefore it’s unethical for Nese to be in his house. I think all he did was manage to make himself even more attractive to Nese.

Bad news

Gonul gets a call in the morning from the police. They have news about Ilknur’s case. Hatice wants to go with her, but Gonul doesn’t want her hurting her back. She agrees to take Yusuf.

Unfortunately, when she gets to the studio Ozlem is there. She’s a little annoyed about Yusuf taking off last night and not answering his phone, but they did get the job. Now they need to start working on a schedule and a budget. Gonul apologizes for interrupting them. She congratulates them on their project and leaves.

Outside, Yusuf tries to get her to at least let Ridvan drive her if she’s going somewhere, but Gonul says it’s ok, she’ll take a taxi. As she walks past one, Mahmut gets out and recognizes her from Kursat’s house. He tries to go tell Yusuf, but Yusuf gets rid of him–it looks like he’s trying to keep his carpentry life and his revenge gig separate.

Ozlem recognized Mahmut from outside the prison and suspects he’s one of Yusuf’s father’s men. She begs Yusuf to stick to the job and suggests they can start a new life together. She takes his hand, but he pulls it away and asks when the client wants them to deliver.

Yusuf comes outside to find Mahmut still waiting for him. It takes an agonizingly long time to get from “Wow, that was fast, how’d you find her?” to explaining that the woman he saw at Kursat’s house is the same one he saw leaving the studio just now.

Yusuf refuses to believe it, but Mahmut either set up a video camera at the corner near Kursat’s house or he hacked into the feed. He shows Yusuf video of Gonul leaving the other day. It’s obvious to Mahmut that Kursat must have been hiding the fact that he had a daughter to protect her after all the terrible things he’d done. He crows about what a great “opportunity” this is and how surprised Yusuf’s father is going to be, but Yusuf doesn’t want him to know. This is just between him and Mahmut.

Yusuf tries to get back to work, but he can’t concentrate. It sounds like a rehab job–Ozlem’s talking about preserving the original woodwork as much as possible. He asks if they can talk about this later.

She tries to get him to tell her what Mahmut said and begs him not to do whatever he’s thinking of doing, but he takes off. He asks her to leave the plans–he’ll work on them later.

Yusuf goes to the orphanage. He’s waiting for the director, but another employee heard that he was asking for information about Gonul and approaches him. He thought Yusuf was the same guy he gave information to about a month ago. He tries to get away when he realizes Yusuf is NOT the guy, but Yusuf starts roughing him up and demanding details. The employee admits he handed over the file to someone who said Gonul’s father was looking for her and the director couldn’t know.

Yusuf walks out, dazed, remembering finding Gonul under the stairs. A little girl asks if he brought them presents and he shakes his head. When he pulls himself together, he calls Mahmut and tells him to buy toys, candy, chocolates, toiletries…and send them to the address he’s about to text him.


When Gonul gets to the police station, there’s someone waiting to talk to her. He’s already spoken to the police and contradicted what Gonul said. His name is Mete and he’s allegedly Ilknur’s brother. (So, ok, he says Gonul is wrong, but why does he need to talk to her about it? I smell shenanigans!)

Mete tells Gonul the same story Tekin told the cops–Ilknur was “troubled,” she started harassing Tekin after they broke up. He has a copy of the “medical report” and says the injuries in the pictures were self-inflicted and she used them to press charges. Her family, with Tekin’s help sometimes, kept it all quiet. He wanted her to know Tekin had nothing to do with Ilknur’s death and she’d attempted suicide before. (Y con todo respeto, so what? So what if every single thing he’s saying is true? She’s still got a broken finger courtesy of Tekin and there’s no explaining that away.)

Gonul tries to visit the hospital and catch up with Aylin. She denies that Tekin caused her injuries. They’re about to go talk when one of the receptionists tells her Mazhar wants to speak to her. Aylin can’t imagine why–it’s not like she works for him anymore.

Gonul sits in Mazhar’s office while he lectures her about what SHE did to his family, how nothing Tekin did to her justifies her behavior and he never wants her to see Tekin again. Tekin only thinks he loves her because he has a habit of loving people who hurt him. Gonul lets him have his say and as she’s walking out tells him he doesn’t know his son.

Gonul goes to clean out her locker while Aylin complains that she’s supposed to be Gonul’s friend, but Gonul didn’t tell her anything. The remains of the flowers and balloons are in her locker and it throws her off. She doesn’t know what to believe. She never would have thought Tekin could do this. Aylin says she’ll handle the stuff in the locker and walks Gonul out for some fresh air.

Two guys are chasing Mete, screaming at him to give back their money. He hides and texts someone that if he doesn’t see them today, their deal is over.

Aylin is glad Gonul talked to Ilknur’s “brother” and didn’t get Tekin sent to jail for something he didn’t do. Gonul says he may not have done it, but he isn’t innocent.

While Aylin rants about Mazhar firing her she lets slip that there’s someone at the hospital who’s the reason she doesn’t want to leave…. She thinks about Ali, just so we know, but she hesitates about telling Gonul.

Mete shows up at Tekin’s house wanting to be paid for his work. He saved Tekin’s life and he’s not going to settle for the money Tekin already gave him. In fact, he wants more than just money, but he hasn’t decided what yet. Tekin tells Mete not to mess with him and throws him out.

He mutters that Mete can go to hell, with his sister.

In a flashback, we see the argument he had with Ilknur outside the wedding dress shop. She said she didn’t care about him anymore–she just wanted to warn Gonul. She accused him of not being able to love. He warned her to stay away from Gonul or something bad would happen.

Tekin throws his cup of coffee against the door.

Mete hasn’t left yet when he sees the front gate start to open. He disappears before Gonul gets to Tekin’s door. He assumes it’s Mete when she knocks and starts screaming about killing him. When he opens the door, he claims he thought it was a salesperson.

As Mete watches, blood drips from Tekin’s hand, where he’s squeezing a piece of his broken coffee cup. He’s hiding behind the plants by the front door. I keep screaming at Gonul not to go inside, but…she goes inside.

Tekin has his bags packed because it’s been such a stressful few days for him that he needs to get away from it all. (Uh huh. And when she wanted to do that, it needed to be a decision you made “together.” Screw this guy.) She notices the blood on his hand, which he apparently didn’t.

He seems to take it as a good sign that she insists on getting a better look and cleaning up him. I wonder if he even really sees the splint on her finger or remembers why she’s wearing it.

She tells him about meeting Ilknur’s brother and apologizes for nearly ruining his life. He starts in on how he wishes she had trusted him. Yeah, well, she wishes he hadn’t destroyed her trust in him. He whines that she left him at the first mistake he made. She says he lied to her. Repeatedly. Sure, to keep her from finding out disagreeable things. She thinks he could have trusted her to handle it.

He sees her walking towards the window where Mete is lurking outside and begs her not to leave so she’ll turn around. He whines about how he doesn’t know how he’d go on without her and moves in for a kiss….

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