La Piloto Friday 4/28/17 #39


When it looks clear, Yoli heads for the helicopter. Castro pops up out of nowhere to ask what she’s doing. Uh…grabbing these buckets to help with the fire. Isn’t he going to help? Nope. He’s staying right here.

Santamaría doesn’t appreciate Yoli helping and screams at her to get back to the tent. Suddenly, there’s an explosion behind them that sends them both to the ground. It doesn’t change anything–he still wants her to go back to the tent.

Middle of Nowhere

John and Oscar are heading out for their meeting with The Senator, trying to beat an incoming storm. Zuli bugs John about teaching her how to fly. He taught Yolanda. “Yolanda was born to fly.” But ok, when they get back and have new runways, he’ll give her a test lesson and see if she’s got what it takes.


Lizbeth and her cellie get to the women’s prison, where Cellie’s already got a bunch of friends. She jokes about Lizbeth being her girlfriend, then tells her to relax. She likes guys. But some of the women in here are “multisexual, or whatever you call it,” so she can’t make it alone.

Raúl talks to a lawyer about getting Lizbeth out. He thinks there might have been an error, because she doesn’t appear to have committed any crimes and she helped with the investigation. And it could still take weeks, or longer before she’s out. Plus, he’s going to need money.

Carmen’s been asking around at all the hospitals and the morgue for Lizbeth. She ends up at Raúl’s precinct and he tells her he knows Lizbeth–she’s in prison in Mexico City. He offers to pass on a message and asks her to wait, but she walks out while his back is turned.

Amanda manages to reach Lizbeth in prison. She catches her up on everything that happened once they got separated–getting shot by Arley, Cindy saving her, living with Cindy’s mom, and Cindy getting killed. Amanda’s sure it wasn’t an accident–she knew too much. The baby’s growing, and Amanda’s living for the baby now.

She wants to hear about Lizbeth. Oh, you know, she made a deal with the feds and they didn’t follow through. How did Amanda know where to find her? She tells her about Carmen’s trip to the station–it sounds like Raúl’s the one who told her. Lizbeth says Raúl’s been really good to her. She’ll fill Amanda in later. She’s gotta go now (since her cellie’s standing right behind her, being obnoxious). Amanda tells her to write down the number for Carmen’s place but Lizbeth is in a hurry to get off the phone.


Monica’s parents were cops. She says that’s how they died. And now her sister is dead because of her. She can’t understand why she’s still here. Dave says it’s not her fault.

Either way, she’s out. He begs her not to quit when they’re so close to finding the Cartel de las Sombras. Monica just doesn’t feel like she has anything left, so…good luck in Mexico City and thanks. She walks away. (Don’t go, Mon!)


The fire’s finally out. Santamaría checks with Castro, who really can’t say whether Yoli was interested in the helicopter or not, but what he saw was that she went straight for the buckets. Rubio calls Santamaría to tell him they’re just driving Caicedo’s jeep through the gates.

Yoli eavesdrops when Santamaría comes back to the main building with Rubio. He’s convinced now that Caicedo’s the one who threw the grenades. Rubio says they found Teresa’s body today. He finds it a strange coincidence, but Santamaría doesn’t–he thinks Teresa and Caicedo were working together and Salvador must have turned on them. Rubio remembers to give him the antibiotics.

Yoli cleans up Santamaría’s face and says she heard about Teresa’s death. Does he know how and when? He repeats what Rubio told him about her being shot twice in the chest. Yolanda says she’s just asking because it’s weird for someone to be here one day and gone the next.

Rubio calls to tell Santamaría the helicopter pilot is awake now. Santamaría reminds Yoli to stay in the tent. Instead she grabs the bottle of antibiotics and heads outside.

She tries to get the pilot’s attention, but he doesn’t hear her hissing at him from behind a tree. Santamaría starts walking the pilot to the helicopter.

Yolanda comes running out to Santamaría, saying she just wanted to bring him the antibiotics. He hauls her back to the tent and yells at her for not following orders.

Orozco, the new medic, comes in. Santamaría explains to him that Yolanda doesn’t exist outside this base, got it? Orozco agrees if anyone asks about her, he doesn’t know anything.

What he was really coming in for was to report that there are a lot of medical supplies they could use and he wants to make a request…. Santamaría says he’ll have to do without. It’ll be another five months before the helicopter is back.

Did they get orders for that?

Dave gets a call from his guy in Altamirano. It doesn’t look like anyone’s at Flor’s house…but he looks through a window and sees her feet. Once he opens the door, he can smell that she’s been dead for days. Dave tells him to get the forensics team in and search the house.

The Cartel de las Sombras

At a swanky restaurant, Vergara welcomes John and Oscar and gets introduced to Argüelles. John thinks Vergara being here means he’s still not going to meet The Senator.

Nope, actually they get to meet the inner circle now. That’s what happens when you completely screw up your business, end up plastered all over the news, and can’t even work because the cops are after you–you get promoted. The Cartel consists of The General, The Senator, The Consul, and The Governor.

John recognizes The Senator from TV, but Vergara points out that they try to keep names out of it, for security. The Senator starts blowing smoke about what a great job John and Oscar are doing and how they’ve been such an asset to the organization. Oscar tells him to just get to the point–what do they want from the Lucios?–like John’s not the one who asked for this meeting in the first place.

The Consul explains the obvious–they need money for The Senator’s campaign. The General says they’re going to have to triple their business. (But triple of zero is still zero….)

John says that’s going to mean triple the work. And what’s in it for him? Triple the money and freedom to move around Central America and the Caribbean freely.

Next order of business: Dave’s out and Montgomery is in. John likes the sound of that. It all sounds good to him, all the stuff he’s hearing, but he’s decided it’s story time, aka Time to Whine About How Bad the Lucios Have Had It. They’re tired. They want more stability, more comfort.

Vergara says they’ve already thought of that. From now on, this is their base. It’s a fake social club that Vergara runs and it’s guaranteed 100% safe. (Oh. That explains the valet stand.) John says he’s in. Oscar’s face: “Does that mean I have to wear a tie?”

If there’s nothing else, The Senator proposes a toast. Oscar toasts to stability and peace. John adds “comfort.”

Mexico City

Arley and Cañego ended up in prison. Arley’s still counting on the lawyer getting them out quickly…or else things are going to get ugly.

Dave gets to the prison to meet with Arley. He offers him a few years off his sentence in exchange for turning on the Lucios. Arley’s not doing it for anything less than going free. Dave starts pointing out how it doesn’t look like his bosses have done much to get him out. So….

Where’s Yolanda? Arley is amused by the question. He has no problem telling Dave that Yoli flew off…but she crashed.

Just then the lawyer shows up. Arley tells Dave he took too long.

Unfortunately, so did the lawyer. Arley’s case is “complicated” but he’s going to “help” him.

Dave checks with a guy in Colombia to see what he can find out about Yolanda’s plane crashing–not that he actually knows much of anything.

When Dave’s contact calls back, he passes on the official information from Santamaría–all they recovered was coke. There were no survivors.

Rosalba’s getting her new identity as Lida Guerra when Dave calls. He says nothing’s wrong, but he’d like to come over to see her. Rosalba immediately lights another candle on her altar, in front of the picture of Yolanda.

Team O

Olivia’s driving the RV and telling José that he’d better be giving her good directions. Not that he even knows where they’re going, just–near the border. He asks to go to the bathroom and when Olmedo takes off his handcuffs, José overpowers him and takes his gun. He shoots Olmedo, but Olmedo’s got weapons stashed all over the RV, including in the kitchen drawer right next to where he fell. He shoots José, tells Olivia to find her brother, and dies.

Roberto makes it back to Middle of Nowhere just in time. Zuli was getting everything packed up to move out and head to Mexico City. She tells Roberto she knows Olivia’s still alive–she talked to her. And John and Oscar know she’s alive, too, so he’d better start thinking about how to make it up to them.

Olivia buries the bodies and sobs over Olmedo’s grave. She has no idea where she is.


When Dave shows up, he tells Rosalba that Yoli is dead. They cry together over her death. Dave talks about falling in love with her as soon as he saw her (*roll eyes*) and how he kept trying to help her, but she wouldn’t let him. Rosalba thinks it’s too bad Yoli picked a criminal instead of a nice guy like Dave. (Eh, Dave still comes off more like a “nice guy” than a nice guy to me.)

In the Coronel’s tent, Yoli remembers flying with John. She remembers telling Dave about wanting to get into flight school and Dave telling her she didn’t need the Lucios for that–with her eyes and her smile….

Rosalba asks about Estela, but Dave hasn’t heard anything. He’s sorry to have to tell her that Flor was killed. She’s barely taken that in when he gets the call that he’s off the case and being sent back to the US.

Yolanda asks Santamaría for permission to work in the infirmary. He agrees, telling Orozco she knows first aid. Orozco says that’s fine by him.

Santamaría gets a call from his general. In front of Yoli and Orozco, he says the helicopter pilot was correct, there was a woman on the base. A prostitute from town. The general knows how it is–gotta keep up morale. No, she’s gone now. Thanks for calling.

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