Gonul Friday 5/12/17 #4

Tekin’s house

Tekin’s little reconciliation fantasy is nice and all, but what does he plan to do about Figen? Doesn’t she get a happy ending? She helped him, after all.

Tekin turns it around on Gonul accusing her of going out with another man. She says that’s ridiculous, for one, and he cheated on her with a “cualquiera” so where does he get off making an accusation like that? Tekin is instantly repentant, but when Gonul ignores a call from Yusuf he refuses to let her leave without listening to him.

Tekin glares at Mete out the window. Then he uses Kursat against her–she had a father and didn’t tell him and her father’s people threatened him with a gun. What does she know about him? Well, he’s rich and powerful and he’s probably trying to score points with her. So is Tekin, as he says if he father knew her better, he’d know she’s not interested in his money.

Tekin’s still talking about how they belong together. He touches her arm where he’d hit her and she pulls away from him. It’s like he tries to hypnotize her, moving in slowly, speaking softly about how he still loves her and she still loves him. When she gets up to get away from him, he accuses Yusuf of “changing” her. He demands to know who he is. “None of your business. This is over.”

Now he gets rough and pulls her away from the door. “What are you going to do? Hit me? Break my arm this time?” She pulls away from him, saying she’s had enough and gets out of the house.

Mete’s still lurking. He laughs at Tekin when Tekin calls. He wants double the money Tekin gave him last time.


Yusuf arrives at Mama Hatice’s and she realizes Gonul went to the police station alone. She tells Yusuf she had to go see them about something to do with her creep of an ex-boyfriend.

Mama Hatice apologizes for leaning so much on Yusuf, but he doesn’t mind. She doesn’t think Gonul wouldn’t be recovering so well if it weren’t for him–first the ex, and now her father comes out of nowhere. Oops…well, now that it’s out, she tells him about Kursat. Yusuf suddenly needs to leave.

When Yusuf gets back to the workshop, Ridvan is lijando (sanding). He sends Ridvan home so he can question God’s motives in peace. He thinks he’s had enough “tests” already.

Casa Kursat

Kursat is much weaker and the nurse says he hasn’t been doing his exercises. The regular doctor is sick and his sub says Kursat isn’t going to last much longer like this. Both the nurse and Hilmi start trying to do his stretches, but he complains that they’re hurting him and threatens to kick them. Sermin throws them all out and he says she’s so good to him. (That’s some interesting insight into his character.)

Sermin starts talking about taking him on a cruise and refuses to listen to him talking about how little time he has left. She curls up in bed with him as he says she’ll still have all his riches when he’s gone. She complains that no one in this house listens to her, but he tells her to be strong–Gonul will need her support.

Gonul’s apartment

Aylin helps Gonul pack. She complains about having to apologize to Tekin. Gonul tells her about Figen–and she doesn’t want to hear any excuses for Tekin’s behavior. She ignores another call from Yusuf and Aylin gets curious. Gonul doesn’t want to talk about him. Aylin figures this was the guy Tekin was complaining about, but Gonul says he has no right to complain.

In the kitchen, she struggles to open a packet of cookies. Yusuf comes over. Aylin glares at him. Gonul gets him to come in. Aylin gives her a dirty look and says she’s doing something really wrong. She walks out of the apartment and Gonul pretends she said goodbye for Yusuf’s benefit.

Yeah, she went to the police station alone. They just wanted to give her an update. He looked busy and she didn’t want to bother him.

He tries to get up the courage to talk to her about…probably his past, but we never find out. Her phone keeps ringing and once he hears her telling Hilmi off and saying she never had a father and doesn’t want them to call anymore, it’s like the sun comes out again for him.

What was he going to tell her? Oh…stupid stuff. But she’s been an escape from his problems and he’s happy to have her. It’s just…old wounds. Gonul says they do heal, if you cling to your faith. “And if it’s fragile?” Cling harder.

He finally goes for the tea, but Gonul is so afraid it’s gone cold that she reaches for his glass and spills it all over him. Things get romantically tense after she tries to clean him up. He decides he needs to leave. They’re both a little freaked out. She finally decides it’s not so bad and starts laughing to herself. Yusuf gets to his car and considers going back inside.

Gonul goes into her bathroom, still in a good mood…until she looks around at all of Tekin’s stuff. She decides it’s time to get rid of it. Yusuf sees her tossing the bag in the dumpster. As things fall out, she says to herself that she hopes someone gets some use out of his stuff.

Yusuf goes over after she’s gone, picking up the can of shaving cream she dropped. He says this is enough for him for now.

He’s walking back to his car when Tekin pulls up and sees him. He’d shown up with flowers for Gonul, but decides to follow Tekin instead.


Down the street from Ozlem’s office, Tekin gets out of his car and listens to Yusuf talking to Ozlem about her debts and how he hasn’t even started working yet. He doesn’t want her to lose clients because of him–she should hire someone else. She keeps trying to get him to tell her what’s wrong.

Suddenly, she thinks she sees someone in the bushes. Yusuf checks it out, but Tekin hides until Ozlem decides she must have been seeing things. They go back to arguing about the studio. She agrees to hire someone else as long as he doesn’t quit entirely.

After Yusuf leaves, Tekin watches Ozlem sitting on the bench outside her office, crying.

Casa Hilmi

Not only is Nese still at his house, wearing one of his shirts, he cooked her dinner. She teases him about his principles and letting his client and her brother deal with her own problems. He says his client’s anger could very well destroy this house. She offers to be his “Superman.” They toast to coincidences, even though she doesn’t believe in them. (I like these two together.)


Tekin meets Mete with the money…and some drugs. I thought he was calling the cops on him, but he’s sending him to rehab. At least for now. As two guys in lab coats drag Mete off, he screams about Tekin being a murderer.


Gonul is up early and has breakfast ready for Mama Hatice. Hatice was worried Gonul had forgiven Tekin, but no, she says it’s over. She admits she didn’t take Yusuf to the police station with her because when she went to his studio he was busy with…someone…a woman…whatever, she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Bookcase analysis

Tekin walks in to Ozlem’s office and pretends to be interested in custom furniture. It takes no time at all to get the name of her designer, ask about having a bookcase made for his house, and convince her to send Yusuf over to take the measurements himself. Outside, he calls someone, gives them Yusuf’s name and tells them to find out about his past.

Mahmut’s a little hurt that Yusuf wanted to verify on his own that Gonul is Kursat’s daughter. Yusuf says he wants her left out of it–she didn’t know about Kursat until recently and she wants nothing to do with him. Mahmut warns Yusuf to stay away from her–if Kursat’s men see them together…. But Yusuf would be too lonely without her.

Tekin sends Figen out of her apartment for a few hours so Yusuf can come over. He’s being his usual assy self and smarming about how Yusuf’s a professional, so he should be telling Tekin what he wants. “You want me to read your mind?”

OK, then. First off, this isn’t his house. Tekin admits it’s a “friend’s” house. OK…a friend with no books. “I’m trying to encourage her to read.” But Yusuf will be making the decision, so he’s the one who needs to like the bookshelf. Yusuf smirks, saying it should go with the house–they should respect his “friend’s” style.

Yusuf starts sketching as he talks about how Tekin’s “friend” will want to fill it with knick-knacks, so it’s important to have plenty of space for that, with shelves at eye level and some that are higher up for stuff like vases.

He shows Tekin the sketch and explains that she’ll buy smaller books just to keep him happy, and this small shelf should be big enough for that. But he’ll buy her big, heavy, elegant-looking, expensive books. Books about the history of art that she’ll never read, but he’ll buy them anyway to remind her of who’s in control–the large spaces in the center will be good for that. Tekin asks where and Yusuf points out the wall. Tekin smiles and tells him to start taking measurements while he seethes. (Can we have an entire show about Yusuf reading people and designing their bookshelves? Because I would watch that.)

In the next scene Yusuf’s actually taking measurements while Tekin’s angrily pacing. I find this hilarious. Tekin gets a call from the person he had checking into Yusuf’s past–he has a criminal record for murder in self-defense. He got out in three years for good behavior.

Tekin hangs up, starts stalking over to Yusuf, and contemplates breaking a lamp over his head. The doorbell rings. Tekin keeps thinking about it. Yusuf turns around with his pencil casually hanging out the corner of his mouth and looks at Tekin like “What gives?”

When Tekin finally opens the door, it’s Ridvan, but Yusuf is done with measurements and ready to leave. He tells Tekin that Ozlem will be in touch about the details.

Outside, Ridvan makes fun of Figen’s place and the thought of a bookshelf in there. Before he can expand on why he thinks that way, Yusuf tells him to cut it out.

Money problems

Gonul’s running low on cash. She sells of some gold jewelry, but doesn’t get anywhere near what she paid for it. Hilmi tries calling her again and she answers, but still doesn’t want to talk to him.

Gonul gets home and finds Hilmi sitting in the living room with Hatice. He came to tell her that Kursat changed his will and she now has a bank account. He wisely leaves the passbook on the side table instead of expecting her to accept it. He lets Gonul yell at him about Kursat trying to buy off his guilt by giving her money and threatening Tekin. He knows she lost her job, so he thinks the money could come in handy, but if she doesn’t want it all she has to do is not use it.

Sermin has to switch cars multiple times to sneak away and meet Alper. He has a new plan for getting rid of Gonul–just make sure the information about her gets into the hands of Kursat’s enemies and they’ll take care of her. Sermin doesn’t think that worked out so well with the ex-boyfriend. If anyone finds out they’re in contact with Kursat’s enemies, they’re sunk. Alper points out they’re also sunk if Kursat dies before Gonul does.

Casa Kursat

Kursat complains to Hilmi that they never should have mentioned the money to Gonul. Hilmi’s sure she’ll come around. And the woman she’s living with seems very reasonable.

He gets a text on his phone from Nese–his soap smells good–and smiles. Kursat can tell that’s not a work smile. How did Hilmi manage to meet someone, as busy as he is? Hilmi says she just dropped into his path. She’ll get bored soon enough and leave. Kursat warns him not to start a relationship if he’s not going to follow through. “Don’t make the same mistake I made.”

Sermin gets a call from someone who photo does not appear on her screen. She complains that Kursat’s still alive and they need to quit calling her.


Tekin tries to convince Aylin to tell him where Gonul is–the guy she’s been hanging out with lately is a murderer and he has to warn her. When she asks if he means Yusuf, he starts to get angry because she acted like she didn’t know him when he asked before. She hurriedly assures him that she just met him last night. (And it doesn’t occur to her that if she feels the need to pacify him, maybe he’s the real danger?)

Gonul calls to see how Yusuf is doing. She mentions the visit from Hilmi and says she’s bored, so he invites her to the studio. He’s working on Tekin’s bookshelf design. He asks what the lawyer wanted and Gonul complains about her father trying to buy her. And with dirty money, potentially…after all he’s got guards, lawyers…and she’s probably not the only person he’s hurt. They both have a laugh over her recently acquired tendency not to watch her mouth around him.

Gonul makes him tea later. She feels like he’s always doing stuff for her and she hasn’t done anything for him. He sexily proposes a deal–they should stop feeling bad about what they’re doing or not doing. She accepts. She’s so flustered from being so close to him that she nearly takes off without her purse.

Tekin shows up at Mama Hatice’s house and she mistakes him for another one of Kursat’s men, complaining about them coming around at all hours. She mentions “the lawyer” and he asks if she means Hilmi.

Now she’s confused that they don’t coordinate, but once he reveals that he’s Tekin, she slaps him. I want to cheer, but I’m too scared for her. She screams at him to go ahead and hit her, or is he only strong enough to do that to an orphan?

Tekin does that thing where he kisses her hand and presses it to his forehead–it’s supposed to demonstrate deep respect. He apologizes for hitting Gonul and praises Hatice for raising her, but she sees through him and yanks her hand away.

Tekin drops his bomb and Gonul doesn’t care, but she’s not going to stand around defending Yusuf or listening to Tekin. He whines about “When did it all change?!” Instead of answering, she asks why he’s so invested in making her think Yusuf is just as bad as he is. He says he feels responsible for her falling for the first guy she met just because she was annoyed with him. Why isn’t she trusting her intuition?

Because it didn’t do her any good when it came to him. “We’re not talking about me.” Oh really, because usually it’s all about his feelings, his needs, his pride. He doesn’t need to be investigating Yusuf. He swears he’s not going to let her get hurt. “I’m nothing to you anymore.” He says she’s the most important thing in his life.

Gonul’s tired of listening to him. He offers to leave her alone as long as she stays away from Yusuf. She says she just wants some peace and goes marching back into the house as he yells after her to ask Yusuf why he was arrested.

Yusuf looks like he’s packing up his desk. He picks up his gun and remembers what he said to Gonul about all his problems being caused by his past. That his problems wouldn’t go away until he was ok, but he didn’t want to pay the price for his acts. She asked him why all that was so important.

He carries a box of stuff, including the gun, upstairs and hides it, remembering Gonul saying revenge wasn’t for her. He said her father should pay the price for what she did, but she asked how you punish a man who’s about to die.

Casa Hilmi

Hilmi thought Nese left, but she just found his spare keys and went out to do some shopping. She’s decided not to go home. She’s moving in with a friend…not him, so no worries. He asks if she’s in a hurry to leave.

Hm, is he plotting something? He couldn’t wait to get her out of here the other day. He suggests that maybe he’s just trying to piss off her brother. Nah–she went missing for a while six years ago and he never noticed.

Maybe things would be different this time. “Why do you want to make my brother angry?” He doesn’t, really–he just wants him to realize something.

Nese thinks his plan is too predictable. She’s actually been kidnapped and when her brother realizes it, Hilmi is going to ask for something. But who would kidnap a person without tying them up? He holds out his tie and offers to tie her up, if she wants him to. (Oh yeah, these two are good.)


Mete gets someone at the rehab facility to lend him a phone. He calls someone and asks them to get a gun for him.


Figen’s feeling a little insulted over the bookshelf. What’s next–is he going to hire a tutor and make her pass university exams? He tells her not to compare herself to anyone else.

Does he mean Gonul? Nursing wouldn’t be her style. She wants to open her own beauty salon. He smarms that she’d turn it into a “massage parlor” in two days, but it would do well. She’s got experience. She tells him not to mock her, she does have a certificate. (Cosmetology or massage?)


Nese hasn’t been to school in two days and the one who’s worried about her is Lale. Mazhar has no intention of calling the cops when he just got them off Tekin’s back. Instead he texts Nese to call him.

In bed with Hilmi, Nese laughs at the text. That was quicker than she expected. She tells Hilmi it was her dad this time, but soon enough they’ll have her brother hassling her too. And is he going to hand her over? Not yet.

Like Nese said, that didn’t take long. Mazhar finds Tekin at the hospital and tells him Nese’s missing. He laughs it off, but Ali overhears and takes out his cell phone.

When he calls Nese, she’s at a stable behind some house with a pool, feeding apples to a horse. She doesn’t believe anyone’s really all that worried about her. Nope, sorry, she doesn’t have time to hang out with Ali today. He asks when he’s ever rejected her and she says he does it every two or three phone calls and hangs up.

Tekin overhears and gets pissy with Ali that Nese’s still taking his calls. He’s glad to hear that she’s not in any trouble…but they’re going to have to talk about why Ali’s so concerned.

Ali gets defensive–he told Tekin to pick up the phone that night. He and Mazhar are always ignoring her–of course she ran off! And now that Ali’s worried about her it’s a problem? Tekin says it’s the reason for his concern that’s important…he’s going to talk about him. Ali gets panicky.

It was already complicated

Gonul stops by the workshop early. Ridvan’s outside sweeping. He mentions Yusuf has already left and he’ll be a while–he’s having a conversation with his son. When he realizes Gonul doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he explains that Yusuf visits his son’s grave every day. He tells her what happened.

At Cem’s grave, Yusuf remembers telling him a story about a strong, handsome prince named Cem. Cem wanted the prince to be named Yusuf. Prince Yusuf met a beautiful woman…but if he stayed with her, the king’s men would find him. If he abandoned her, his heart would stop. What did Cem think the prince should do?

Gonul interrupts his memories. She says Ridvan told her what happened, and the man who did this got what he deserves. Yusuf corrects her–he WILL get what he deserves. Things aren’t always as they seem. The man who put his son here still hasn’t paid, but he will soon. He warns her to stay away from him–for her own good–and walks away.

Kursat has woken up extra-stubborn this morning and he’s determined to go see Gonul no matter what anyone says. He won’t even let them call Hilmi. He just steamrolls over the objections of the nurse, the doctor, and Sermin and starts shuffling off to get himself dressed.

Sermin goes to tell Alper what’s going on. He tells her to stop Kursat, but she says she can’t. “And what if he dies on the trip?” Well…fingers crossed, as far as Sermin’s concerned. Alper says they can’t go on with this and she nods, but I don’t know what he means by that.

Gonul’s finger is out of the splint. She exercises it as she remembers Yusuf telling her to stay away from him. She’s still crying when Hatice comes home with the shopping. She sobs that her life is a disaster and she wishes she could wake up in a simpler life, where everything was normal. She can’t take it anymore.

Hatice tells her it’s all going to be ok, she’ll see. Gonul is thinking about going away, but Hatice doesn’t want to let her leave.

Mahmut sees a van and two cars pull up outside Kursat’s. He watches the staff getting Kursat, in his wheelchair, out to the street and into the van. Mahmut can’t believe it–he hasn’t left the house in two years. He calls Yusuf and says it’s time to get his revenge.

Yusuf thinks about Cem, about the shooting…he goes upstairs and retrieves his gun from its hiding place.

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