Guerra de Ídolos Saturday 5/13/17 #11-12

Episode 11: Voto de confianza

Mateo doesn’t answer Rafa’s question. And he’s not going to let Rafa guilt him about breaking their “deal” either because Rafa was supposed to get Treviño to back off and instead two more of his friends died.

So. Can they focus on the business? Because the choice is Isaac or Manara. This label is Julio César’s legacy and that matters to Mateo.

Rancho Zabala

Nicolas complains about not being able to see his mom in prison, but she can’t have visitors until tomorrow. That’s why Santiago has decided to go to Monterrey with their grandpa. (Well…that and the cute server….) He mockingly says grandpa’s a living legend, so they’ve gotta spend time with him while they can.

Yeah, Nicolas may hate his dad, but he prefers his music to Ernesto’s. Santiago says he only hates Rafa because they’re so alike.

Maybe. And that’s why he knows Rafa’s hiding something from them. If it has to do with his mom, he’s not going to forgive him.

Radio station

Alexis announces, over the opening strains of Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar, that they’re holding a vigil for Gabriel at the radio station and it’s open to the public. And now, they’ll play his favorite song again, as sung by the great Neto Zabala who, by the way, will be joining them for the vigil. (I’m never going to stop laughing at the thought of Gabriel saying he hates this song.)

Alexis calls Amado, who just arrived downstairs with Fierro. He’s thought of a way to get Ernesto to do what Amado wants. Amado praises his initiative and ends the call so he can give his fake condolences to Selva and Lorenzo. “He was the father I never had.” Lorenzo looks away and tries not to roll his eyes, but he asks to speak to Amado outside.

Lorenzo tells Amado he wants to know who killed his father. Yeah, yeah, the autopsy. They both know they can’t trust the guys at the morgue. He’d like to trust Amado…unless Amado’s the one who ordered his father killed.

Look, Lorenzo heard about the beef Gabriel had with Amado before he died. Memo told him…before HE died. “Didn’t he tell you Gabriel ordered me killed? Or that he tried to kidnap my sisters?” Lorenzo thinks that sounds like motive, but Amado spins it. Gabriel had a problem with him, not the other way around. He never forgave Amado for going out on his own.

Lorenzo gets that, right? Gabriel never forgave him for going off to study and not wanting to work for him. Lorenzo tells Amado not to manipulate him.

OK, but he knows his dad had shady business dealings, right? And the radio station was just a front? He was dealing in guns.

Hm. They did kill nearly all his guards and burn down the publishing house. Amado says that’s why he’s here–to offer his help. He’s familiar with the businesses Lorenzo is inheriting. So if Lorenzo wants help then they’ll do business together and if not, Lorenzo doesn’t have to see him again.

Ernesto and Santiago give Selva their condolences and she shows them into a private waiting area so they don’t have to rub elbows with the public when they say their goodbyes to Gabriel. She gets Fernando to come bring over the tray with tequila for Ernesto. Santiago just asks for water.

As Selva goes back to check on her other guests, Ernesto checks her out, talking about appreciating the “beautiful things” in life even in times of sadness. Santiago knows just what he means.

Lorenzo doesn’t think this is the time or the place to discuss business. Amado reminds him the arms dealers are going to come looking for him soon if Gabriel owed them any money–and they shoot first and ask questions later. They agree to meet later at the hotel.

Ernesto watches them walk in together. As Lorenzo hugs him, he quietly tells him to be careful around Amado. He’s saying that as someone who loved his father and who cares about Lorenzo. Lorenzo says he knows, and he likes to keep his enemies close.

Amado wanders over to Alexis to see what his idea is for getting to Ernesto. It’s blackmail. One of his grandsons has something going on that Ernesto wouldn’t want the public to know about. Amado looks intrigued.

Santiago follows Fernando into the studio he’s using as a staging area. They’re doing the actual transmission from one of the other stations, Fernando explains. He gives Santiago a hug, because of his mom. And Santiago knows he can count on him, right?

Fernando didn’t mean to make him uncomfortable. Santiago says he didn’t, but they should probably get out of here. Fernando suggests they have a drink first. It’ll help him relax.

Alexis tells Amado the eldest of Neto’s grandsons, his musical heir, likes men. Amado smirks and says the Prince of Rancheras…is a Princess? (You had to go there, didn’t you? Creep.) Alexis doesn’t think Rafa or Ernesto knows. He’s got Fernando “working on it.” Amado’s fake concerned about what a blow that’s going to be to the viejo. “And a feast for the press,” Alexis says, with the barest smirk.

Amado says this could work, but he’s gotta use it the right way to get Neto on his side. Alexis calls it an as bajo la manga (an ace up his sleeve) and once again Amado makes a juvenile crack: “More like a queen.” They snicker.

Ernesto reminds Lorenzo that Gabriel’s the one who discovered him, so if he can do anything for Lorenzo…. Lorenzo’s going to take him up on it. Selva is inheriting the radio business and Lorenzo’s taking care of all the others. Ernesto’s sure he can handle everything. Legally. Like a gentleman. But yes, his dad was involved in some seriously bad business. Lorenzo invites him to come have a tequila and talk about it.

Amado’s hogging Selva’s attention again as she looks uncomfortable. He talks about how he learned so much from Gabriel and owed him so much. Selva says he had a special affection for Amado. Like he said, he was like a son to Gabriel. She looks uncomfortable, like she’s telling him what she thinks he wants to hear so he’ll leave her alone.

Amado says that’s quite an honor, but he’d rather see her as a woman than a sister. Now she really looks uncomfortable.

Amado, still stuck to Selva, says he’d love to talk to her about the publicity he’ll need for his campaign–radio spots, graphic design. She agrees. When this is all over. She extricates herself and goes over to talk to Neto and Lorenzo.

Ernesto’s talking about how every generation has its moment and he and Gabriel were the same age. Selva says he still looks in good health.

But did his grandson already leave? Ernesto realizes he hasn’t seen him in a while and goes looking for him.

Santiago’s still in the studio, drinking with Fernando and getting tipsy. Fernando gets a little too flirty and Santiago wants to leave again, but Fernando insists on one last drink. Whoever finishes it first gets a prize. Fernando wins and says Santiago can’t say no. He moves in for a kiss.

Santiago and Fernando are mid-kiss when Ernesto comes knocking on the studio door. They take way too long to answer or let him in and it looks like he’s going to scold Santiago. His mother’s in jail and here he is in the middle of a funeral, drinking?! “Aw, you’re just like me!” Ernesto thinks that el muerto al pozo y el vivo al gozo (the dead to the well [grave] and the living to pleasure). He has Fernando pour him a drink.

JC Records

Moisés finally gets the actual board of directors’ meeting started with a reminder–the investors only get to vote on financial matters. Only Moisés, Isaac, Mateo, and Rafa will vote on “artistic” matters. Oh, Madame Investor with the glasses knows they’re in good hands (I fear for her money).

So, pre-sales of Rafael and Manara’s song have brought in over $900K. Moisés calls for a vote on using that money to launch the label with an album from a new artist and everyone unanimously votes to do that. He considers it a “formality” to tell them Isaac will be that artist.

Mateo disagrees. He thinks they need to vote on whether they’ll do an album with Isaac or take advantage of the momentum from the single and launch Manara. Isaac launches…a piece of a cookie at Mateo. (Pro tip: tossing cookies, literally or metaphorically, is not ok during board meetings!) Moisés asks if he’s sure he wants to do this….

Oh yeah, and he can count the votes already. See, Isaac can’t vote–that would be a conflict of interest. He knows Moisés would vote for Isaac, he’d be voting for Manara, so it’s really up to Rafael to say which one gets the album.

Rafael would rather have a discussion than do this in a meeting. He accuses Mateo of being “aggressive,” but Mateo says it’s conviction. Yeah, Moisés would also like to do this in private, because these “artistic” questions can be so controversial. He calls for a short break and Isaac attempts to pull Rafa aside and win him over. Yeah, good luck with that.

Chalino goes over to the Boricuas and the primos and tells them it might be best to go back downstairs and rehearse. Things are getting a little complicated up here.

Down in the studio the guys start making plans to celebrate Cristian’s big break (*sob*). But why wait?! Básico and Diego both have bottles of booze and they’re willing to share.

Stuff must be getting ugly upstairs. Too bad Mateo can’t come down and relax with them. Cristian thinks Mateo and Isaac are polar opposites. Dylan says everything has gotten bad since Julio César’s death. The only one who can sort it all out is Gilda. Uh huh.

Diego starts razzing him about how much he talks about Gilda. Valentín says he’d best tell Mateo about it, since she’s his sister–he’ll be wanting to meterle plomo (put lead in him; shoot him) somewhere or other. Har, har.

In somebody’s office, Rafa tries to explain to Isaac that Mateo’s right about Manara. She’s already getting a lot of attention from the single, so they won’t have to spend as much on publicity. Isaac complains that nobody knows who she is, but he’s Julio César’s brother. He’s famous! Rafa’s eyebrows crawl up into his hair as he rolls his eyes.

Isaac tells Rafa he’d better think about who he’s going to support–Moisés, who opened the doors of this family to him? Or Mateo?

Rafa laughs. Isaac doesn’t have to take this so personally. Isaac says Mateo’s sleeping with Manara–what could be more personal than that?

In the board room, Moisés chews out Mateo for defying him and disrespecting his family and the memory of his brother. Um, no, he didn’t. He respects his brother’s memory and that has nothing to do with the business. He’s the one who wrote and produced all of Julio César’s hits and not once did he hesitate to put them in the name of the family.

Moisés tries to rewrite history, saying all three brothers wrote the songs together.

Mateo loses his temper. That’s a lie! He wrote them with Julio and Isaac never lifted a finger!

So now Moisés goes off on how he knows songs and women, but he doesn’t know jack about PR and business. Oh no he didn’t! And Mateo’s not gonna let him get away with that either–Moisés financial decisions have gotten them nothing but debts and his “public relations” skills are why they’ve got a parasite sitting at THEIR conference table for THEIR label making decisions. Moisés is the one who put him there.

And now he wants to spend the little bit of money they have left on a whim of Isaac’s?

Moisés tells him to go on, keep disrespecting him. Mateo and I both sigh disgustedly at the same time. He’s not disrespecting him! Moisés insists Mateo’s overlooking his brother and it’s not because of his convictions, it’s because of a woman. He’s just like his brother and women are going to be his downfall. If he wants to go against the family, fine, but there are consequences. (Uh, yeah, for you.)


Gilda calls home to check on Celestina. The house is getting flooded with baby presents from the fans. Gilda’s relieved–this means they believed Belinda. So did Celestina, after hearing the way she spoke. Besides, she wants a grandchild. That sounds like a good sign to Gilda, but she reminds her mom to please keep taking her pills.

Gilda does an ultrasound on Belinda and she and her supervisor both agree the baby’s heart rate is too low. They’re going to wait a few days and hope it stabilizes. Gilda begs Belinda to listen to her this time and do as she says. She’s the doctor, not Isaac. Belinda apologizes and promises she’s only going to listen to Gilda. She looks worried, but tells Belinda she’s going to be fine–what’s happening is normal.

Casa Matamoros

Julia can’t understand why Manara doesn’t believe in Mateo when he believes in her–isn’t he going to record her album? Manara reminds her that this isn’t just about her dream, this is about becoming financially independent so they can be free of Amado. Isn’t that what Julia wants. Julia’s face isn’t so sure.

JC Records

Back from break, Moisés gets back to the question of whose album is getting made first. Though Isaac can’t vote for himself, he has no problem saying he WOULD, because the public is waiting for his solo album. (No, I’m quite sure they aren’t.) Mateo repeats that he votes for Manara. Moisés votes for Isaac.

Rafa has a counterproposal. What if they let the public decide? They can record one song of Isaac’s and one of Manara’s and whichever one does better in sales is the one who gets an album. Isaac glowers. Mateo grins. I laugh.

Mateo says he likes this idea. The competition will get them some publicity, which means sales, which means money, and it’ll give the artists a chance to let their charisma and talent speak for them. “I think it’s a waste of time,” Isaac complains before sticking another cookie in his mouth. Mateo says he votes for Rafa’s idea, so that makes two out of three–is Moisés going to declare the motion approved? Moisés glares. Yep, I’m still laughing.

Moisés is trying to avoid actually voting, but Mateo insists he’d like to know where Moisés stands on this. Moisés gulps and approves the motion. He agrees with Mateo–a contest will lead to better publicity and better sales. So now the artists just need to pick their song and pick the musicians they want to work with.

Mateo brings Rafa and Isaac down to the studio and tells the guys it’s time to earn their paychecks. He introduces Isaac and Rafa and says he’s got to split them up to work with either Manara or Isaac for the competition. (Uh, you’re not going to tell them what this is about first?)

Isaac wants to know what genre everyone plays and Mateo explains that Básico and Valentín are more norteño, musica regional, but they’re both great musicians. Dylan and Diego are more urban, and so is Cristian, but he’s off to New York to record his own album. As if none of that meant anything to him, Isaac tells them maybe they should just start playing something.

Wait a sec–Rafa doesn’t think it’s fair to do this without Manara here to pick her team. (OK, this just got a little stupid–obviously Valentín and Básico are going to get stuck with Isaac because she’s already said she prefers the urbana sound. Oh, but I guess Rafa wasn’t at the rehearsal, so he doesn’t know that.)

Sneaks being sneaky

At the bar, Leticia’s belting out Que Pase la Siguiente, which thrills me to no end because I’ve been thinking “Yeah, a woman could totally sing this, but people would probably frown at that.” She gets an apathetic round of applause from the bar patrons and Renzo tells her to get back to waiting tables already.

Her phone rings as she’s coming off the stage. It’s Isaac, calling to ask her to sing the choruses on his single. Leticia’s sooooo excited. Plus, he wants her to call Lucho and sell him the exclusive on Manara and Rafa’s new single. He wants it leaked and pirated and he wants a cut of the money. She’s less enthusiastic about that, but ok.

Leticia calls to offer him a deal better than the last one. Lucho’s at the prison right now, so he tells her to just text him the details and he’ll call her back later. He’s in a hurry to get off the phone to try to talk to Itzel.

He admits he bribed someone to get him in here when she’s not supposed to have visitors. He’s prepared to post bail for her if she’ll give him an exclusive interview. All she’s gotta do is tell him everything she knows about Rafael–and he does mean everything.

She at least sits down with him. Lucho says it’s a shame Rafa and his lawyer screwed up the paperwork for her bail, but let’s not talk about that. Does she want out or not?

She does, but it wouldn’t be in her best interest to talk. Lucho needles her–they’re saying she was dealing drugs, that she crashed the car because she was high…they’re even calling her a murderer. Itzel says those are rumors spread by people like him who have been paid to discredit her. “And those people are the Zabalas? What does your husband have to do with your arrest? Let me guess–he wanted a divorce, but he didn’t want to give you half his assets, so he had you locked up, is that right?”

Lucho gets it. Middle aged guys want to reinvent themselves…but stepping all over the mother of his children in the process? Itzel is like “Just how much money did you give them to spend all this time with me?” She’d rather go back to her cell. Oh, no no no, Lucho says he’ll be the one to leave. He thought she had just a little bit of self-love left. He thought she’d want to do something to keep Rafa from just sweeping her away like this. This was her last chance to save herself and earn a little money, but hey, if this is the way she wants it….

Itzel cracks.


Manara arrives at the record label and Rafa shows her off to the board as his “discovery.” (Ugh, this guy.) Board Member With The Glasses says she saw their performance online and she and her kids liked it. Isaac says he’s pleased to meet her too–he’s happy to be doing this competition with her and he’s sure it’s going to be good for them. Welcome to JC records.

Rafa is stifling giggles as Manara thanks him for that and says she respects his career…everyone’s actually. It’s an honor to be working with them. Moisés invites her to take a seat and she and Mateo make eyes at each other.

Mateo also welcomes Manara and thanks Rafa for sharing her talent. (I rolled my eyes, but somehow he managed not to.) He introduces the musicians and says they’re all great, but it’s up to Manara and Isaac to choose who they want to work with. Isaac tries to go for “ladies first,” but wait!

Because this isn’t already the longest board meeting ever, Rafa thinks they should choose their producer first. Oh, yeah, he’s been so “inspired” he’s decided he wants to produce.

So who does Manara want to record her single? Mateo or Rafa? Manara says Rafa’s the reason she’s here, so she guesses letting him produce is a good way to thank him. (OK, then, kiss your career goodbye.) Rafa thanks her and promises he’s going to take her to the heights, like he did Julio César. Mateo has no problem working with his brother, right?

Mateo slaps Isaac on the shoulder and says they’re Solars. Isaac agrees–he couldn’t have a better producer.

Moisés is pre-emptively breathing a sign of relief that THAT’s all settled. So now they just need to pick their musicians…. Nope, Rafa says they should probably hear them first and suggests they get to it right away. He starts walking Manara out of the room and grinning at Mateo while I wonder if there’s anybody in this room with an ounce of business sense.


Amado straps something to his arm as he fills Lucho in on the juicy gossip…Santiago Zabala, the one who sings rancheras? Likes rancheros! Har, har, har. Fierro laughs right along with him like Amado’s said something soooooo clever.

Anyway, things are all set for tonight. Fierro mentions blanks and getting some “mojados” (*glare*) to do the job because they’re holding their wives, just in case they don’t want to do as they’re told.

Amado’s pleased. Lorenzo should be here soon.

Finally! Some music!

In the studio, the guys do this awesome version of La Protagonista with harmonies that have me sighing. I like it much better than Julio César’s version. Rafa goes all Reality Show Host and tells Manara it’s time to choose. Duh, she picks Dylan and Diego.

And right away Isaac’s complaining, because the other two only play corridos, right? (He is so getting his face busted in.) Mateo says they can play anything, but…Isaac’s good at corridos. Oh, no, Isaac had something more “orchestral” in mind, something “bigger,” with some good-looking backup singers. Uh, no, he’s not having backup singers that look good or bad or otherwise. Mateo tells Isaac to trust him.

Rafa offers to “help,” and Mateo tells him to stay out of it. Finally, something Mateo and Isaac agree on. Again, Mateo tells Isaac to trust him and tells Valentín and Básico to come rehearse.

Outside the studio, Isaac starts griping about Mateo contradicting him. Some woman with a guitar comes down the stairs, takes one look at this brewing argument, and keeps on walking. Right on, sister. Mateo pulls him aside to talk alone while Básico and Valentín giggle. Valentín says they sure seem like brothers.

Inside some office or other (I suppose eventually the geography will become clearer) Mateo chews Isaac out for talking smack about the musicians when they’re here to work for him. Isaac says Mateo’s just jealous because of “that girl,” because she picked Rafa. Mateo whips off his jacket and says they’re going to get some work done, but first they’re going to clear up one thing.

He punches Isaac and they start brawling.

Episode 12: Confesión de horror

Chalino, Valentín and Básico–talk about full-service–pry them apart and drag Mateo out of the office. Isaac dismisses Básico, who’s still grinning as he walks out.

Manara sings Amor y Desamor a capella for Diego and Dylan while Rafa sits there acting like he knows his head from a whole note. Why nobody handed her a guitar is beyond me. Instead, Rafa expects Diego and Dylan to have just picked it up from her singing and be ready to try something, since Mateo says they’re so awesome. Which isn’t a completely unreasonable expectation, but he’s still a tool.

Dylan gives Diego an “I’m so gonna punch this guy” look before saying he was thinking of some bass, because that’s in right now. Diego tells him to go for it and starts doing a little beatboxing. Manara starts singing while Rafa stands there listening and mentally patting himself on the back.

Moisés pulls the boys into the boardroom like a scolding from dad is going to straighten them out. He gives them the rah-rah, Solar family, you’ve gotta beat Rafa, do it for Julio César speech.


Selva sits down in the office with Lorenzo and tells him about Amado wanting to buy ad time for his campaign. She’s thinking she should accept. They need money to cover the losses at the publishing house and move their offices to LA. But for now what she really wants is rest, and she doesn’t want to be here when they come to take Gabriel’s body.

As she walks out, Lorenzo asks Carmelo to have someone he trusts guard her. He wants Carmelo to come with him to his meeting with Amado. Carmelo suggests some reinforcements, but Lorenzo’s like “I’m a lawyer. I’m not going to get into a shootout with him.” All the same, he does want Carmelo there.

Lorenzo meets Amado in a hotel suite he claims Gabriel used to use to party. “If these walls could talk….” Lorenzo asks if that was before or after the separation from Lorenzo’s mom. Amado opts not to answer.

Downstairs, tonight’s unwilling accomplices are handed guns and told they’d better shoot at anything that moves or they won’t be seeing their wives and daughters again.

Lorenzo would like Amado to tell him everything he knows about Gabriel’s businesses. He also heard about the offer to Selva to buy ad time. He’d like to know what Amado’s political ideology is.

How long have we been hearing about “my campaign” and Amado acts like he’s never considered this question before. He answers, I kid you not, that his ideology is telling people what they want to hear, doing public works with his construction company and creating jobs, entertaining people with free concerts. “Bread and circuses.” He’ll give the bread, Lorenzo the circuses. And Lorenzo nods like he considers this a reasonable answer and the audience is supposed to as well. (Um…no.)

Amado will send a check for the ads as soon as he gets back home. Lorenzo tells him to talk to Selva about producing the spots. And how soon can Amado have the information about Gabriel’s gun deals? Amado says he’ll make some calls and get back to him.

He does want to suggest that Lorenzo and Selva move to the US where it’s “safer.” As he walks Lorenzo out of the suite, Amado’s guys downstairs remind their prisoners to keep firing until they’re out of bullets.

They’re still standing in the hotel lobby when the shooting starts. Amado’s stunt fake gunshot thing is suddenly very obvious under the sleeve of his jacket. It does its thing and he starts herding Lorenzo away from the door while the security guys shoot real bullets at the guys faking the drive-by with blanks.

While they wait for Amado to change his shirt up in the hotel room, Carmelo tells Lorenzo he’s requested backup. Amado emerges from the bathroom. He doesn’t know if those guys were coming after him or if Gabriel owed someone something. He turns down an offer to go to the hospital and says he’ll get it checked out in LA. But thanks for the offer. Lorenzo thanks Amado, too and Amado says it was like old times.

He and Fierro celebrate their successful scam, while out in the hallway, Carmelo tells Lorenzo the guys couldn’t even shoot–he could tell they were inexperienced.

Casa Solar

Celestina has gone through the baby presents and she’s folding a stack of onesies and showing Gilda how cute they all are. She finds a box of matches in a drawer and wonders if Julio César was smoking behind her back. Gilda says Isaac’s the only one who smokes. She looks at the box of matches from El Dorado and frowns.

Lucho’s a busy man

So now we know the bar’s name. Renzo puts down a similar box as Leticia’s phone rings. Lucho needs her to explain the deal with the single. Leticia says she can get her hands on the final mix of Rafa’s new single before it releases. Lucho’s down with that, but he’ll have to give her the cash later–right now he’s in LA.

He calls Ernesto to report on his visit with Itzel. He says he convinced her he was on her side and she hinted at a lot of things Lucho doesn’t intend to publish, because they have to do with Ernesto. Ernesto gives drunk headachey Santiago, sitting next to him in the car, a look before asking Lucho what he means.

Like that Rafa had something to do with Julio César’s death. Ernesto asks how he could think such a thing!

That gets Santiago’s attention and he remembers his mom asking him to keep an eye on his dad and his grandpa because she didn’t trust him. He pretends to be dozing as Ernesto tells Lucho that “filly” wasn’t doing so well and she’s “crazy.” That’s how she needs to be treated.

He tells Santiago he was talking to the horse trainer. Santiago’s like “Yeah, I heard.” And he shuts his eyes again.

JC Records

Rafa liked what he heard, but he suggests they rehearse again another day, maybe at his place? Mateo comes down the stairs asking to speak to Manara if they’re done and much to Rafa’s annoyance, Moisés asks him to come upstairs and sign some paperwork. Isaac watches from around the corner as Mateo and Manara sneak off to the studio.

In the board room, Moisés says Rafa looks concerned. Is it the musicians? Rafa says it’s Itzel. He just can’t stop thinking about her being handcuffed, mired in her addictions, the humiliation. Moisés says she’s going to recover and everyone forgets scandals.

But contracts remain. He asks Rafa to check over the contract the board has authorized for the partnership while he goes to get some coffee.

Instead, Rafa calls Ernesto. So I guess he was telling the truth about not being able to stop thinking about Itzel. He wants to know what she said. Ernesto, still in the car with Santiago, says she spilled the beans and made insinuations about “the thing about the one who sang.” He shoots Santiago a look to make sure he’s not paying attention.

So, what does Rafa want to do? Rafa says they’re going to teach her a lesson.

Mateo dragged Manara off to some room full of plastic-covered furniture to complain about how Rafa’s just trying to manipulate her. She laughs and asks if he’s jealous. “OF COURSE I AM!” but also he really did want to produce her album. Manara says she owed Rafa, but their relationship is strictly business. Nothing is ever going to happen. “Are you sure? How sure?”

They start snogging while Isaac takes pictures with his phone. Mateo breaks it off to say see, she should have picked him to work with! OK, Rafa’s going to make her famous, but so what? Mateo would have made her a real singer.

Manara thinks it’s good he’s working with his brother. Ugh, but they’re nothing alike! And he has no talent, sorry, but it’s true. And Manara makes him want to create, make music. Isaac has no feelings. Manara tells him not to prejudice himself. The most important thing is to give their best and let the public decide.

Mateo disagrees. The most important thing is whether she likes Rafa. She laughs as she says she doesn’t like Rafa and they kiss again. So now that they’ve cleared that up, she thinks they should go before someone starts looking for them. Isaac ducks.

Moisés comes back to the board room with a lawyer and a proposal for Rafa. He already has 30% of Julio César’s earnings because of that contract they signed way back when (that he couldn’t buy him out of because he needed the $4 Million back to pay SOME of their debts for the cancelled concert dates) and now he’s offering Rafa 30% of the earnings of the new label if he’ll take on a significant portion of their debts. And Rafa accepts, of course, even though he doesn’t have the brains to understand that if that 30% is going to amount to anything he needs to quit letting his inner spoiled child make business decisions.

Leticia calls Isaac. They have a deal with Lucho, but he doesn’t have the cash. Whatever. Isaac just wants that single released for free right away. He’ll send it to her soon.

As Mateo and Manara get back downstairs (thought I could have sworn they were downstairs already) they meet Rafa. He’s got Manara’s contract and he offers to give her a ride home and explain it.

Valentín sees him watching Manara and Rafa walk out together and offers to give Rafa a little calentadita (beat him up). No, Mateo knows Rafa’s just trying to get to him, but he has something planned that’s going to make him twist his somethingorother with rage. For now, they’re off to get beers.

Frat House

Back at the frat house, Dylan and Diego wish Cristian could stick around to do Manara’s single with them, but he’s got two days to present his demo to the bigwigs at the label in New York. They decide to spend some time working on it tonight as Cristian’s Bon Voyage party.

As they pick up instruments, Dylan says he doesn’t mind being a studio musician, but what sucks is putting up with Rafa’s ego. Diego says Isaac’s worse. Cristian reminds them the important thing is to keep an eye on Rafa and report back to Mateo because he and Isaac need to win. Dylan agrees–they may be working with Rafa, but they’re here to help Mateo.

OK, so the label’s going to have other musicians working with him, but he figures if he can go in there with an idea of what he wants…. They start playing Cuando te Veo, Dylan has him bump it up a half step and he and Diego come in with harmonies. And all is right with the world.

Later, after all the guys are home, Dylan’s worried about Mateo provoking Rafa–he could get violent. Mateo talks about not being able to come at him head-on so he’s gotta go in sideways, and sending something to Manara that Rafa shouldn’t find out about unless Amado tells him about it, and Amado’s been really quiet lately.

Basico comes in with some mariachi friends of his, Los Cristalinos, and Mateo explains he needs to do an arrangement of one of his brother’s songs…but first he has a little job for them.

She could do so much better

Grandota is waiting for Isaac with sexy lingerie to celebrate him recording a single. She notices his busted lip and asks what happened. Instead of telling her, he says he’s not in the mood to talk so can she just start up the Jacuzzi and take care of him.

Seriously? He’s not even going to say anything about her waiting for him in lingerie? He can start the Jacuzzi and take care of himself–she’s outta here!

He says he’s sorry, he’s just anxious. She looks nice. How about if she stays and he gets undressed. “Boots on or off,” he jokes. She doesn’t understand what he’s anxious about when he’s getting to record like he wanted to. Isaac whines about the competition and getting stuck between Rafa and Mateo fighting over Manara. He complains that that’s how the business is–the least important thing is the music. (Oh, that’s rich, coming from you!)

She starts asking about the competition and he notices her laptop on the dresser. He suggests she get into the Jacuzzi herself and he’ll give her all the details…and he’ll take care of her. She agrees that sounds better. As soon as she’s in the bathroom, Isaac puts a USB stick into her computer.


Ernesto and Santiago get home and find the staff working on preparing the house for Manara’s rehearsal tomorrow. Nicolas comes down the stairs and says dad’s decided to produce. He wants Nicolas and Santiago involved too. Seems like having his wife in jail is motivating him to occupy himself with “other things.”

At Amado’s, Rafa has Manara keep working on the song while he talks her through what he has in mind. She really wants the urbana sound in there. Rafa’s talking about starting with guitar arpeggios and adding more guitars and making it sound like they’re heading for a ranchera and then switching to urbana which I guess I can imagine but since it’s Rafa suggesting it I can’t even type without rolling my eyes.

Nicolas calls Rafa to hassle him about what’s going on with his mom. Because he’s taking care of things in his free time, right? Rafa says they’ll talk when he gets home. Yeah, Nicolas will be waiting up for him to hear what’s going on. He hands the phone off to Ernesto.

“You need to get your kid to calm down before he starts looking into things.” And did he take care of Itzel?

In prison, a guard lets three other prisoners into Itzel’s cell to deliver a beating.

A flurry of information

Amado complains about Fierro putting too much of a charge in the thing that was on his arm last night. He wants him to start planning Lorenzo’s murder, but he’s going to need him around long enough to get Selva to trust him. Fierro says he would have killed him last night, but…. Wow, he’s got an opinion about everything, doesn’t he. Fierro apologizes. He’ll take care of it.

Agustina’s alarmed at the obvious bandage under Amado’s shirt, but he tells her it’s nothing she needs to know about. She reports that Manara was rehearsing late with Rafa–he should take it as a sign of her goodwill. Amado grumbles that it’s more like a sign of Rafa’s stubbornness. He asks her for coffee.

Just then, the mariachis start playing.

Julia runs into Manara’s room and tells her to get up. Those mariachis are for her! Note to Mateo for next time: Manara’s not a fan of early-morning mariachi.

Neither, apparently, is Fierro. He checked with the guards out front and they say the mariachis aren’t armed. Would Amado like the guards to fire some warning shots? (Seriously, no, one mass mariachi shooting on this show was enough. Stop it, show!)

Nor is Amado. He calls Rafa to complain that either he or Nicolas sent mariachis to one of his sisters. Rafa says Nicolas wouldn’t have done it–he was up late talking to Rafa about what’s going on with his mom. And what is Amado even talking about? Amado says to forget it. He has an idea of who sent them. He holds the phone out so Rafa can hear them.

Rafa complains that Mateo’s just begging to be shot. Amado has a better idea. He tells Rafa to just…make music and he’ll call him later. Amado gripes to Fierro that he can’t believe Mateo’s doing this! He has no idea who he’s messing with! (Damn, that’s a lot of anger over a serenata. Clearly, Amado has no soul.)

At the frat house the dudes are drunk at whatever early hour of the morning this is. They’re giggling about the mariachis being over at Manara’s house right now. Chalino doesn’t think Moisés is going to like this. Mateo doesn’t care–this is personal, not business. He starts asking who needs another beer.

Dylan hates to ruin the mood, but…. He shows Mateo his phone. I guess the single is out.

In the boardroom, Moisés is gloating over all the pre-orders for the song that hasn’t been released yet. He gets the call about the single getting leaked. Whatever they were planning to do with that money is going to have to wait until they see how bad the loss is from this. He asks the lawyer to try to find some legal way to get the song pulled from those download sites.

Amado comes into Manara’s room, pretending not to be on the verge of committing mariachicide, and tells Julia to get dressed before her class.

Outside, Fierro tucks his gun into the front of his pants and tells the mariachis they’ve sung, they’ve played, it was nice, thanks, they can go. The mariachis put up no argument and nobody gets shot, which is a relief.

But upstairs, Amado’s sneering about this being in poor taste and a lack of respect. Manara’s sure if Rafa had done it, he’d be pleased. “He wouldn’t do something so stupid.” In that case, it should be obvious to him how she’s got them–Rafael being serious about his professional life and Mateo doing stupid stuff in his personal life.

Amado agrees she’s managing them well–but she can’t manage him. No, HE can’t manage HER. She doesn’t belong to him and he can’t make her do anything. She’s got her goals and her life and she’s going to defend them to the end.

And what is she going to do to defend them? Turn him in to the cops? Tell Mateo he killed Julio César?


Yep, he killed Julio César. Manara says he didn’t…yes, he’s capable of it…why? “Survival.” Manara asks what he ever did to Amado. He got involved with the wrong woman–Selva Treviño. Her daddy didn’t like her getting dumped before the wedding and Amado didn’t like her being taken away from him.

In Gabriel’s old office, Selva says she can’t stand this. She needs to move the business to Los Angeles. Lorenzo promises to help, but for now she needs to appear strong. There are a lot of people dependent on her decisions. So is she going to keep crying or run the company?

Selva sits in her father’s chair. She’s going to take Amado’s money, rebuild the publishing house, modernize some platforms. Lorenzo says again that he’ll help. They’ll do this together.

Manara doesn’t get it–he would do that for Selva Treviño? (Yeah, I don’t get it either, since he’s heartless.) Oh, he’d do anything for her. He just wants Manara to see that he doesn’t like people who get in his way.

As if she hasn’t figured out yet that he barely regards anyone other than himself as human, Manara asks if he realizes how much pain he caused for all the people who loved Julio César. “It was his fault. Stop playing at being in love with his brother. They’re from the same postal code.” She wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to him that happened to his brother.

“If Mateo finds out he’ll kill you.” Oh, Amado knows that Mateo’s like a grenade that’s ready to go off. When that happens, he wants Manara away from him. He’s messing with the wrong woman and she’s messing with the wrong man.

Mateo comes into the board room, slapping his phone down on the table to show Isaac and Moisés. He and Isaac accuse each other of being the one who leaked the song and Moisés tells them not to start. Mateo points out that JC Records is already a lot bigger than any of them had planned–they’ve got partners and investors. Julio César’s success since his death wasn’t something they had anticipated either. They’re sitting on a gold mine and if they don’t take care of it it’s going to get taken from them.

Amado says Rafa doesn’t know and he doesn’t need to know. He loved his ahijado and gave everything for him–like he’s prepared to do for Manara now. Manara says he sees her as more than a business and Amado’s taking advantage. Amado, incredulous, says everything is business! The music business is more savage, but how old is she? She’d better grow up before life passes her by.

In tears, Manara asks what she has to do so he won’t do anything to Mateo or anyone else. He tells her that’s up to her. She can turn him in and start a bloodbath or keep her mouth shut and put an end to her “romance.” Take advantage of “everything” Rafael can offer–because like he keeps telling her, this is her last chance. Until he’s mayor she’s going to do as he says.

At the prison, Itzel shuffles slowly to the table where Rafa is waiting for her. She shows him the bruises on her abdomen and asks if he paid for this. Rafa says that reporter she talked to has been on Ernesto’s payroll for years. They know everything she told him.

Itzel thought after twenty years of marriage that she knew Rafa. Now she realizes she doesn’t. Rafa cuts her off and says he wants to know if she’s going to keep threatening to run her mouth or sign the divorce papers. Because that’s the only way he’s posting bail.

Itzel wants out. She’ll sign whatever he wants and they’ll get this over with. He’ll send the lawyer. And the kids are visiting, so she’d better be careful about what she says to them. If she “behaves” he’ll pay, if not….

Manara sobs and throws her pillows around in frustration. Julia comes into Manara’s room to tell her it’s good this happened.

Uh, what?

The song. Everyone’s downloaded it. It’s a good thing. It’s news now. That’s what she was crying about, right? See, it’s all gonna be ok.

At JC Records, Moisés explains that there won’t be enough money for two launches. He mentions talking to the investors (but I’m assuming he really means “investors”). Isaac starts hitting the booze while Mateo scoffs.

As they head downstairs, Mateo says they’ll have to find a way to turn this around. Moisés is so stressed he wants a cigarette. Both boys tell him not to. Isaac suggests they go drink instead. Mateo thinks Isaac’s awfully calm about all this. Oh, he just doesn’t think there’s any point getting upset since the two of them have it covered.

Gilda calls Mateo. She saw the news. Mateo sighs and says the plans have changed. Right and obviously what they’re going to do now is release Isaac’s album instead of risking a competition. Mateo asks if she’s insinuating Isaac’s the one who leaked the single.

She doesn’t know what to think. If he was capable of taking Belinda for an ultrasound behind her back, he’d be capable of selling the song to the press and any number of other things. Mateo reminds her that would mean that Isaac’s capable of putting their mother’s life in danger.

OK, she walks it back. Maybe she’s just tired and anxious and jumping to conclusions. Mateo thinks so. He begs her to calm down. She’s not just mom and Belinda’s support, she’s the whole family’s.

Gilda wanders out to the patio and asks Belinda if those were her matches they found in the room yesterday. Belinda thinks they’re Isaac’s. Yeah…that’s what Gilda thought. She’s going to go run some errands.

Rafa comes stomping into the boardroom complaining about the song getting leaked. Moisés says it was and now they’re just going to have to vote on an album. So who’s it going to be–Isaac or Manara?

Rafa asks if they aren’t going to investigate first. Does Mateo have any idea about who did this? Mateo takes it as an accusation, but what would he have to gain? Rafa says he’s just asking.

Manara walks in and says they don’t need to fight or blame anybody. She came by to tell them they don’t have to vote–she quits.

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