La Piloto Monday 5/01/17 #40

Getting settled in

Dave goes back to the US. Yoli works in the infirmary. Amanda and Carmen prepare for the baby. Raúl visits Lizbeth in prison. Olivia sets up a murder board. John parties. Zuli gets jealous. Rosalba prays. Monica ignores her phone. Zuli’s flying lessons frustrate John. Yoli’s nightmare continues.

And five months pass.

Yoli still can’t get Santamaría to let her call Rosalba.

Dave’s IA investigation is going nowhere and he’s stuck behind a desk. He complains and gets put in charge of interrogating extradited prisoners.

Zulima’s lousy at landing. John says he’s never been afraid to fly with anybody, but damn!

Salvador’s complaining about late shipments and he wants John and Oscar to go down to Colombia, but they both think he’s plotting something. Or maybe selling his stuff to another cartel.

Coronel Santamaría gets a call requesting backup for a raid on Salvador’s new place. It’s a joint DEA-military intelligence op.

And by the way, Rubio confirms the helicopter will arrive tomorrow. Yoli fails to keep the speculative look off her face, but Santamaría is too busy to care.

Sinisterra’s campaign is going well. The news is playing on the TV outside Raúl’s new office. Raúl’s a federal agent now. His lawyer has finished filing Lizbeth’s appeal and her hearing is this week.


Yoli watches Santamaría leave base and starts raiding the infirmary for supplies…duct tape and a vial of something. Castro catches her on the way out. He knows she’s not supposed to be there alone, but when he tries to search her, Yoli threatens to tell the Coronel that he was feeling her up.

Yoli hides the duct tape under the mattress and mixes what’s in the vial with the Coronel’s bedside booze. She hears a shot and runs down to the barracks–some dumbass was arguing with Orozco and shot him. Yoli can see he’s bleeding, but she says she doesn’t know what to do (uh…apply pressure?) and has Castro help her walk him to the infirmary.

In the infirmary Yolanda gets Orozco to give her instructions. He’s asking for just 5mg of morphine and the way Yoli repeats that does not inspire confidence. Also, what’s the point of covering her face and putting on gloves if she’s going to be pushing her hair back with her gloved hands?


Reyes, Dave’s friend, is the DEA guy on the op. He and Santamaría seem to have some history and it’s not good. Santamaría would rather kill Salvador than let him get extradited, but Reyes seems really invested in the opposite.

Salvador has taken to using Yoli’s Virgen de Guadalupe medal as a good luck charm. They’ve had a good five months since he’s had it. Maybe La Piloto is looking out for him. Richie thinks that’s unlikely since he ordered her killed, but hey, Salvador doesn’t know how the esoteric rules work. When he’s done praying for the Virgen’s protection over his latest load of merca, his guys drive off to meet the Lucios’ plane.

While they’re sneaking up on Salvador’s new place, Santamaría asks how Reyes found it anyway. Some employee ratted him out to collect a reward. They get the call that it’s time to move in.

Inside, everyone but Salvador gets shot and/or killed. The Coronel would dearly love to take out Salvador. He and Reyes end up pointing their guns at each other, but the Coronel backs off so Reyes can arrest him. He tells Salvador to be grateful to his “boyfriend” and kicks him in the face, just to be an ass about it.

For some unfathomable reason, Reyes lets Santamaría and one of his guys escort Salvador to the police car. On the way Salvador says he’s going to wish he were dead when he’s in a US prison. Actually he’s wishing he’d gotten that soldier to kill Santamaría. Santamaría slams Salvador against the side of a jeep and chokes him repeatedly until he gets some answers–yes, Salvador paid Caicedo. No, it wasn’t Santamaría they were trying to kill–he’s not that important. Oscar Lucio wanted Yolanda dead.

Santamaría walks off, muttering about making Oscar pay and Salvador never gets the answer to whether Yoli’s really dead or not as another soldier shoves him into the back of a police car.

Dave’s having no fun doing interrogations. Reyes calls to tell him about the bust of Salvador and now he gets excited–not only is this a blow to the Lucios, Dave’s got some questions for him. Reyes reminds him he’s not officially on the Lucios case. He’ll see him in a few hours if all goes well.

John’s on his way out to deal with Salvador and his late shipments when Zuli teeters up to the car and whines about wanting to go with him. Um, no. But she’s welcome to hit the spa, his treat. Oscar comes outside and says the trip is cancelled–Salvador got busted. One of his guards was able to escape before Santamaría and the DEA moved in and he called Oscar. (Doesn’t that sound like the same guy was the one who tipped off the DEA?)

Santamaría calls his general to thank him for being granted time off to visit his family in Bogotá. Reyes comes over to say he’s ready to leave with Salvador. He grudgingly tells Santamaría he did a good job. “Thanks. I know. Don’t let him get away from you.”

Rubio comes over and Santamaría tells him what Salvador said about Caicedo being the one behind the grenade attack and that it was meant for Yoli. Rubio’s going to be in charge while Santamaría’s on leave. He asks him not to say anything to anyone, including Yolanda, about the attack. It’s not that he doesn’t trust her–he just doesn’t want anyone to know.

Montgomery gives John the bad news–there’s nothing he can do for Salvador now that he’s been extradited. Oscar wants him killed before he talks, but John is sure he’s already talking and under protection. All he knows about are the runways in Colombia anyway. If he says more than that, Montgomery will know. Oscar and Zuli look worried.

Unlike the last narco he interviewed, Salvador is extremely cooperative. He’s not hanging out in prison while everyone else gets to keep having a good time. He starts off telling Dave that Santamaría’s as much of a criminal as any narco.

Dave notices Salvador playing with the necklace. Salvador says it belonged to Yolanda and tells Dave about Santamaría kidnapping her and telling everyone she was dead. Salvador thought he’d gotten someone to kill her, but now he wonders if she’s even dead. Dave wants the necklace.

In the office, Dave explains its significance to Reyes and begs him to help him get to Colombia. Dave’s not supposed to be leaving the country while he’s under investigation, but he insists Yolanda’s the key to the investigation of the Lucios.


Santamaría gets home to his loving wife and daughter.

After some apparently unsatisfactory sex, Mrs. Santamaría heads to the kitchen. Rubio calls to tell Santamaría about Orozco getting shot. Even I thought this meant it was serious, but Rubio says it’s not and Yolanda’s taking care of him and working on lowering his fever right now. The whole purpose of this conversation seems to be to get Santamaría say Yolanda’s name multiple times so his wife can ask who she is.

Mrs. Santamaría could have sworn women weren’t allowed in his battalion. Santamaría claims some higher-up foisted her off on him…and she’s old and fat. (Every time I think he can’t sink any lower.) His daughter comes in and asks him to read her a story because she can’t sleep. (The fact that he can act so decent around his family just makes him creepier.)

Yoli sneaks out of the infirmary and steals some keys from the barracks.

One week later

Santamaría gets back from leave. He congratulates his men on the capture of Salvador, but they’ve got a lot more narcos to catch. He has Rubio take care of unloading the helicopter and feeding the pilot.

Santamaría’s glad to see Orozco’s doing so well. Orozco tells Santamaría he wouldn’t have made it if not for Yolanda. Santamaria suddenly gets nervous about where Yolanda is. He calls Castro over to tell him to guard the helicopter before going off to his room.

Lizbeth rehearses her statement to the judge for Raúl and the lawyer. She’s going to say she worked for the Lucios, she didn’t know what they did, and when she found out and tried to quit they tried to kill her. She’s supposed to talk about Amanda surviving, because Amanda can corroborate her story, but she’s nervous about involving her–especially if this doesn’t work. Amanda’s pregnant. The last thing she wants is to get her thrown in prison. Besides, she’s already lying about a bunch of stuff and they know it.

The lawyer agrees she can leave Amanda out of it, but the rest of it is essential for getting the judge to let her out on probation.

Amanda’s starting to have pains, but she insists it’s just the baby moving. Carmen’s anxious that she might be going into labor already, but Amanda says the doctor said this was normal.

Dave and Reyes talk to the owner of a brothel about Santamaría. Reyes offers him a little cash to refresh his memory. Yes, his “girls” did mention seeing a woman at the base, a Mexican. Nobody knew her name, but Santamaría warned them not to talk about her or he’d kill them…just like they shot his poor Teresa.

Yolanda’s waiting in Santamaría’s room with a warm welcome for him. Affection, poisoned aguardiente…he’s suspicious when she doesn’t pour herself a shot, but she has some rum instead and he drains his shot glass.

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