La Piloto Tuesday 5/02/17 #41


Yoli gets Santamaría to down several shots of aguardiente, distracting him with the promise of sex, until the apparent pain in his head starts to distract him instead.

Reyes! Quit enabling Dave! He admits he doesn’t have a clue what he’s going to do if Yoli’s on that base, but he begs Reyes to make a call and get him permission to go visit. And Reyes does it.

Santamaría’s not completely incapacitated, but it’s enough to let Yoli handcuff him and duct tape his mouth shut. She sneaks into the armory for bullets and finds the gun John gave her–his good luck charm. She stuffs everything in the handy pockets in her cargo pants. Pockets rule.

Rubio’s starting to wonder where the Coronel is. He radios him and gets no response.

Yoli fills a syringe in the infirmary.

She walks through the tents and runs into Rubio, who asks if the Coronel is in his room. No…he said he was going to go talk to the pilot. Well, that’s funny, because Rubio just saw the pilot heading for the bathroom and the Coronel wasn’t with him. He seems content with Yoli’s response–that if she sees him, she’ll let him know Rubio’s looking for him.

Yoli sneaks up on the pilot in the bathroom and stabs him with the syringe. He tries to strangle her, but he passes out.

Castro grabs Rubio to come greet Dave and Reyes with him. They’re sorry, but they can’t let them in without Santamaría’s approval. Dave asks them to hurry and get it. Rubio says he’ll check the barracks if Castro will go ask the pilot.

Castro sees Yoli walking across the lawn in the pilot’s jacket and tries to get the Capitán’s attention. She lets him catch up to her than turns and points her gun at him. She takes his radio and his weapon, then takes him hostage as another soldier approaches. She threatens to shoot Castro if the other soldier won’t throw his gun down. She tells them to run.

Rubio hears Santamaría’s radio, but he’s hesitant about entering his room. Once he does, he frees Santamaría quickly.

Yoli runs for the helicopter and gets into the pilot’s seat.

Dave and Reyes watch all the soldiers running out of the building and head inside. Dave disarms a soldier who doesn’t want to let them in.

Yoli gets the helicopter started as soldiers run across the lawn.

In the courtyard, Reyes points out Santamaría, stumbling downstairs in his underwear. Dave hears the helicopter blades whirring.

As Yoli takes off, Santamaría orders his men to shoot.

In the helicopter, Yoli gets a call over the radio to return to base.

On the lawn, Santamaría’s still suffering the effects of the drugs. Dave starts screaming at him about Yolanda and Santamaría grabs Reyes by the front of his shirt. Dave pries him off and screams at him some more and then Santamaría collapses.

Oh, darn, he’s not dead. Rubio calls in the theft of the helicopter and tells the guys to find the pilot, er…their pilot. He refuses to let Dave and Reyes in, at gunpoint, and Reyes drags him off.

In the infirmary, Santamaría’s saying Yolanda’s name. Orozco gives him something to calm him down, but they need to get him to a hospital.

Out front, Dave insists it was Yolanda flying that helicopter. No, he didn’t see her, but someone was running away and that’s why they were shooting at it. Reyes agrees on that. Dave doesn’t want to leave until they’ve found out what’s going on here, but Reyes says they’re going to be a lot more cautious now. They try to walk up to the front gate and get physically blocked by two impassive soldiers.

A couple of guys find the pilot and take him to the infirmary. Rubio tells Castro they have to prepare for a visit from General Garcia. They’ll just say they don’t know who stole the helicopter. Castro doesn’t think those DEA agents are leaving without answers. Rubio says they’ll just stick to the same story they’ve been telling for the last five months–they don’t know anything about any pilot.

Garcia arrives. The military hospital in Medellín is preparing for Santamaría’s arrival. He tells the guys to go ahead and start moving him. And what happened to the pilot? Um…dosed with morphine. The pilot says a woman attacked him in the bathroom.

Castro and Rubio tell Garcia he must be hallucinating because of the drugs. He’s been like this for a while. Orozco just stands there with his mouth shut. Rubio asks permission to go with the Coronel to Medellín and Garcia grants it. Rubio hands off his cell phone to Castro, just in case. Castro complains about being left to deal with everything by himself.

Reyes finally gets through to Garcia, who calls Castro over to tell him to let the DEA agents in.

Dave and Reyes explain to General Garcia how they came to the conclusion that Yolanda was being held on this base. He’ll arrest Santamaría, but they need to have some proof. Reyes suggests the prostitutes would testify. Dave wants to interrogate the soldiers. Garcia says he’ll do that–but if Santamaría really did have Yoli here for months then his soldiers were all covering for him. Dave begs Garcia to let them try.

So much for loyalty

John and Oscar’s lawyer, Bautista, reviews the company’s financials with them. Everything’s been looking up since they acquired the “club” and he’s been able to move some money. John asks him to buy another one of those international phones for Zulima. And BTW, how’s Arley doing.

Oh, Arley and Cañego are never getting out of prison. They think Bautista’s helping them, so they’re not cooperating with law enforcement. And as long as they don’t cooperate with law enforcement, they won’t get any help from them either.

Arley’s getting tired of the food and tired of waiting. He’s seen Bautista get guys out of prison in a week for charges like this. Cañego asks if he’s thinking the Lucios want them stuck in here. Yep. But there are other ways to get out. Arley’s prepared to talk.


Argüelles is supposed to be head of security, so how does he end up being the one to vacuum seal packs of bills? John and Oscar wander into the room where he’s working and start talking about replacing Salvador. Oscar will call some guys.

Montgomery calls John to tell him Dave left the country. He’s probably in Mexico, or at least Montgomery wouldn’t put it past him.

John passes on the news. And now they’re off to make a payment to The Senator–hence the visit to the cash room.

Monica has packed up her apartment in Tres Fuegos and is getting ready to leave when Montgomery calls to fake-casually ask if she knows where Dave is. Um, no. She ends up screaming at him about how Dean killed her sister and would have killed her if it hadn’t been for Dave and for that they have him under investigation and she wouldn’t be surprised if he took off.

Montgomery says he didn’t call to argue, it’s just that the Miami office said Dave’s phone had gone out of area and he thought maybe Dave had gone to Mexico. Monica says he didn’t and hangs up.

The club

Estela and Cristian are now being locked up together, which seems really unfair to Cristian. Her constant (I’m sure) begging and pleading with Roberto to tell her why they’re being held is probably wearing on him. He mumbles about “orders.” Cristian asks him for a favor. “Kill me and take my body back to my mom.” Roberto somewhat apologetically says that’s not up to him. Estela curses Yolanda and blames everything on her.

Roberto drinks to try to numb his conscience. He gives Oscar some half-assed reasons why they should let Cristian go already. Oscar wants to know what he gets out of letting Cristian go. “My gratitude.” Oscar says he likes it that Roberto is grateful. He’ll think about it.

Zulima’s getting a last-minute lesson in how to know if she’s collecting enough money. She takes notes–$10M in hundred-dollar bills should weigh 10kg, 1 million euros in 500-euro bills should weigh 2200g. For everything else, convert.

He says something about “the rule of 3” and I think Zuli’s just pretending to know what he means. And still, John’s ok with letting her take on this very important task where if she screws up she’s going to have to make it up with her own money.

Roberto comes to tell John Oscar’s looking for him in the pool room. He sticks around to ogle all the cash.

Oscar just wanted to get permission from John to get rid of Cristian and Estela. If they’re not use to John anymore, then Oscar will deal with them tonight.

Mother-daughter time

In the RV, Olivia explains the murder board to her mom…sort of. Really what she says the key to everything is getting cell phone records from companies that offer international roaming. Not that they can do that. But the feds or the DEA can.

Olivia and her mom pull the RV up in front of some telecommunications company in Tres Fuegos. She met a guy online who works there. She’s never met him, but he loves this café nearby and she’s sure if they wait long enough, he’ll show up.

Olivia’s mom waits until she can trip right in front of one Wilmer Aguilar. Olivia rushes over to check on her poor mother and this nice guy who helped her out. They should take him for coffee, at least. Yeeeah, Wilmer doesn’t stand a chance.

Wilmer is suggesting a soak in hot water for Olivia’s mom’s ankle when Olivia arrives with coffee for all three of them. She thinks it’s so cool Wilmer works in telecommunications. She’s always been interested in telecommunications. Wilmer says “You don’t look like a nerd” without actually saying it. Olivia’s all “Hey, I’m not stupid. I know other stuff, but I’d like to know more about telecommunications. Maybe you could teach me.” He has to get back to work, but maybe tonight.

On the run

Yoli flies. She remembers John talking to her about the airstrip in Antiochia, where she originally landed in Colombia.

Yoli lands the helicopter in a field and yells at Pinto to quit firing at her. His gun jams or runs out of bullets and he starts running. Yoli gets out of the helicopter, shouting his name, but he runs off into the brush and she can’t find him.

She goes over to the little house he uses to keep watch, takes his phone and the keys to his truck, and gets the hell out of there.

She heads for Colina Verde to look for Amparo Ruiz. The truck breaks down or runs out of gas, which slows her down somewhat, but once she finds a payphone she gets the number to Amparo’s office.

She ends up at Amparo’s house. Amparo says she should be safe here. She feels like helping Yoli is the least she can do. Yoli asks for a glass of water and a shower. She tries calling John on the cell phone she stole, but he’s not answering. Amparo wants to hear how Yoli ended up being held in Colombia all this time when she thought she’d be back in Mexico already–but that can wait until Yoli’s had a shower.


General Garcia calls Rubio and asks how Santamaría’s doing. Unfortunately, he’s out of danger. Uh huh…and what does he know about a Yolanda Cadena who was being held at the base? Rubio says they’ve never had a woman prisoner…oh, they’ve had women, but none named Yolanda, just “girls” from town. Garcia says that’s what he thought. Anyway, Rubio should keep him informed if there’s any news.

Dave’s getting nowhere with his interrogations, obviously, but he tells Castro the guy who just left the tent told him Yolanda was there. “¡Sapo!” So now Dave wants the truth or he’ll send him to jail in the US.

General Garcia has decided to bring in replacement troops. He checks with Dave and Reyes and hears that Castro spilled the frijoles. Hm, Rubio told him the only women on base were prostitutes from town. Dave says that’s because Santamaría was bribing them all with women, drugs, booze…. Garcia says Santamaría’s going down for this.

In the hospital in Medellín, they’re pulling the bandages off Santamaría’s eyes. One has blurry vision and the other is completely clouded over.

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