Gonul Monday 5/15/17 #5


Hilmi visits Tekin’s office to reiterate the “stay away from Gonul” message, because clearly Tekin is not getting it. Tekin smarms that Gonul doesn’t need her previously-absent father to protect her because he’s always protected her.

But there wasn’t anyone to protect her from him, Hilmi points out. And now there is. Tekin says they’re so focused on him they don’t see what else is happening. There’s a murderer near her. The minute Hilmi hears Yusuf’s name, he bolts.


Kursat’s visit to Gonul looks more like an invasion of Mama Hatice’s house. Four cars, one huge van, ten or fifteen guards checking the place out, and then finally Kursat gets out and has someone wheel him into the yard. He tells Gonul he wanted to see her.

From down the street, Mahmut calls Yusuf…he won’t believe where Kursat is. He can’t get close because Kursat’s men are all over the place. Yusuf says he’s on his way over.

At the little table in Mama Hatice’s yard, Kursat apologizes for screwing things up again. He wasn’t trying to impress her with his money–he knows she doesn’t care about that–he just wanted to show her how important she is to him. When he thinks about his life, he thinks about the things he lost, like being her father. He admits he did want money and power, but not to make her love him–to keep anyone from hurting her or her mother, like he ended up doing. (Ain’t that the way it always goes.)

They continue their conversation, oblivious to everyone else stressing over it–Tekin trying to call Gonul, Hilmi hearing from Sabit that Kursat decided to go on a field trip and racing over, Yusuf watching from around the corner. Gonul explains that the life she’s built for herself is the only thing she has and she won’t have him interfering in it. He agrees not to, but he’d like to be part of her life, get to know her.

Yusuf finds a different approach, around the side of the house, through someone else’s yard.

Kursat understands that Gonul doesn’t see him as a father. For him, he’d never had children and it didn’t bother him, but once he found out about her (Another mystery–How and why?) he wanted to know her. He dreamed about giving her kisses and holding her. He gets agitated and has to stop to catch his breath. When Gonul stands up to hover over him, she blocks Yusuf’s angle, unless he’s a really good shot.

When Kursat has caught his breath, he says he knows she doesn’t want his money, but what about his love? Is it worth as little as his money? If she wants to see him as a friend and not her father, he’ll accept that, but he begs to be a part of her memories.

Gonul wipes tears away and decides the tea’s gone cold and they need more.

Yusuf has plenty of time to take his shot, but he hesitates so long that Gonul gets back with more tea. He retreats behind the neighbor’s shed again and pokes his head out again just before Kursat pulls off his nasal cannula to rub his ears. He says he’s fine, but she feels the need to get up and help him hook the tubes back on. He holds her hand to his face, takes her other hand and they have a moment. Gonul eventually sits back down, but Yusuf has lost his nerve again.

And now Hilmi has finally gotten through to Sabit on the doctor’s phone. Sabit orders the men to get Kursat back in the van. Ensar’s son found Gonul. The nurse explains to the doctor that Ensar is Kursat’s enemy.

When they tell Kursat, he says Gonul is coming with them. He tells his men to bring her. Yusuf watches her struggling and screaming at them to let her go. Mahmut calls Yusuf, who tells him to do nothing.

Nobody really explains anything to Gonul or Hatice. The neighbors come out to the street to comfort a very confused Hatice.


In the van, Gonul threatens to press charges for kidnapping. When the nurse says Kursat’s pressure has dropped and the doctor starts giving her instructions, Gonul calms down. She asks someone to explain, but the doctor’s kind of busy at the moment.

At Kursat’s house, Kursat blames the whole mess on Hilmi for not keeping tabs on Yusuf. Hilmi readily admits he made a mistake. He says they’re going to have to take care of Yusuf. Gonul asks what Yusuf and Hilmi tells her, it’s the one she knows.

They explain he’s the son of Kursat’s enemy. The families have been fighting over land for 40 years and Kursat thought if he took off to Cypress for a while that would stop the feud, but nope. They thought that they had hidden her existence and spared her all this drama, but apparently they didn’t.

Kursat and Hilmi are convinced that Yusuf knows Gonul is Kursat’s daughter and that’s why he’s been trying to gain her trust. Gonul says there’s no way–he’s never mentioned money or land. The only thing he cared about was his son.

Kursat says he lied to her. Hilmi agrees. Since he couldn’t get to Kursat, he hoping she would lead him to him, or *pointed look*. Gonul is confused. Kursat says he’s dying–doesn’t she realize what would hurt him most?

She tells them to cut the conspiracy theories. They met at a clinic in the middle of the night. They were both injured and looking for help. How could he have planned that?

To Kursat it’s just as obvious that the son of his enemy meeting his daughter just after he’s gotten out of prison can’t be a coincidence.

Right in front of Gonul, Hilmi and Kursat start talking about taking care of Yusuf. She has that moment of “You mean…no way!” Yes way. She tries to tell them she’ll talk to Yusuf, but Kursat’s guards won’t let her leave the house. She’d better get used to it because from now on, she’s living with him. She reminds him that he said he wasn’t going to interfere in her life, but as far as Kursat’s concerned her safety is more important than anything else. He has a couple of his guys drag her upstairs to her room. Hilmi assures him he’s done the right thing. (Has he? I really can’t tell.)

Gonul tries to get away from her guards, but she ends up locked in “her” room banging on the door and threatening to press charges on the lot of them. And if anything happens to Yusuf, they’ll pay!

It’s freaking her out just as much as it did when she was a kid and she got locked up so she wouldn’t run out of the orphanage.

Kursat is disappointed that Gonul believes more in Yusuf than in him. He’s worried that he’s running out of time, and he’s determined to “solve this problem” before he dies. Hilmi says the men are on the way.


While Yusuf carves a piece of wood, Mahmut complains about how they lost their chance. He’s sure they’ll be ready next time…but Yusuf is done with revenge. Mahmut gets upset–they made a promise and now he wants to go back on it because of Gonul? Yusuf says she doesn’t know anything about this. If he kills Kursat, she’s the one who will get hurt and he can’t allow that.

Yusuf is packing up the gun, even though Mahmut thinks it’s a bad idea. He tries to get Yusuf to leave town, or move in with his dad. Even if he doesn’t want revenge, Kursat is going to come after him just because Yusuf’s dating his daughter. He wants to call Ensar, but Yusuf threatens to go to Kursat’s house if he does.

Yusuf writes two letters and addresses them to “Papa” and “Gonul.” He hears the cars and Sabit comes in with a team. Yusuf’s been waiting for them, expecting them to kill him, but Kursat wants to talk to him. He’s down with that. He’s got a few things to say, too.


Alper updates Sermin. Having Gonul in the house completely screws up their plans, but he’s still sure there’s something they can do. Rather than explain, he kisses her. In a metal canister behind her head, he sees the reflection of one of the other guards.

Alper runs out and tells the guy that Kursat wants something done–will he come help? Everyone else is on alert.


Tekin makes it to Hatice’s house hours after they’ve left. She’d actually been trying to call him. He assumes she’s saying Yusuf took Gonul, but she explains it was Gonul’s father and his men. She guesses at Kursat’s last name and Tekin calls and tells his lawyer to find his address.

Mama Hatice and Tekin search Gonul’s room, but they can’t find anything that would give them a clue where Kursat’s house is. And his lawyer still hasn’t called back. Hatice tries Gonul’s cell phone, but it’s sitting on the table outside–not that either of them have noticed that.

Someone calls Tekin and he asks if it has something to do with Gonul, listens to the answer, and tells Hatice there’s an emergency at the hospital. He discourages her from going to the police–they aren’t going to do anything about a woman leaving the house with her own father. She calls after him to keep her informed.


Figen has a friend over to do some kind of divination involving a saucepan full of water, a ladle, and what looks like a crumpled ball of aluminum. The verdict: someone is jealous of you. Figen thinks this is about the salon. Yep, she’s decided not to wait, just start small and expand when she can. Her friend asks about the doctor, but Figen says she doesn’t care about him.

He, on the other hand is addicted to Figen, according to her. She has no intention of marrying him, though. She’s going to open the salon and then move away somewhere no one knows her and he’ll come looking for her because he’s so passionate! (More like stalkery.)


Tekin’s mystery emergency patient at the hospital is Mete. He checked himself in after escaping from rehab and getting beat up by the guys he owes money to. He thinks this is supposed to convince Tekin to pay up already, but no. So he threatens to expose Tekin.

Tekin says he just lost any credibility he had when he checked himself in–now he’s just a druggie who quit rehab. No one’s going to believe him. Just to prove how much power he has, Tekin suffocates him while he’s telling him to leave Gonul alone and not even so much as walk down her street. He lets go when Mete manages to nod.

Alper’s side adventure

Alper totally offed that other guard and he’s tossing his body in the ocean. He tells Sermin he took care of it–she just needs to stay calm. She feels the need to remind him that they’ve taken a huge step, but if Kursat sends all his men after them, no one will be able to save them.

Mahmut meets Alper at a café. I was about to hate Mahmut, but it’s Alper who called. He’s trying to offer to hand Gonul over to him in exchange for a position in Ensar’s organization after Kursat is gone. Ha! Like Mahmut would make a deal with some little punk who would betray his boss. He takes out his gun just to make a point of NOT shooting Alper because he’s such a nobody.

Problem solving

Sermin comes into Gonul’s room with a tray. At first, Gonul tells her to get lost–she remembers how Sermin talked to her the last time she was here. But Sermin pretends to care about Gonul getting locked up here. She lets Gonul plead long enough to make it convincing, then helps her escape.

Sermin tells the guard to get the doctor–Gonul is sick. While Gonul is sneaking down the back stairs and out the servants’ entrance, Sermin pretends to have been knocked out.

Yusuf arrives in Kursat’s room with a handful of Kursat’s men. Their conversation gets nowhere, as Yusuf keeps calling Kursat a desgraciado and the guards keep wanting to shoot Yusuf. Kursat kicks everyone else out of the room, including Hilmi.

He tells Yusuf that he never understood what it meant to worry about a child until he found out about Gonul. He can’t imagine what it would be like to lose one and he’s sorry for Yusuf’s loss. Yusuf says he’s the one responsible, but Kursat denies it.

Yusuf’s angry. He’s been thinking of nothing but revenge the whole time he was in prison and now here’s his chance and he can’t do it. If he did, Kursat’s men would come after him and then his father’s men would come after Gonul and he can’t do that to her.

Kursat tells him again that he didn’t give the order and he can prove it. If he wanted Yusuf dead, wouldn’t he have killed him by now? He could have had him killed in prison. He promises he’ll find out who really killed Yusuf’s son…if Yusuf promises to stay away from Gonul. (Is this a test? I want this to be a test, to see if Yusuf’s a stronger man than he was.)

We didn’t get to hear Yusuf’s answer, but Kursat let him walk out of the house. He explains it to Hilmi the way Yusuf explained it to him–if they hurt him, his dad will come after Gonul. A couple of guards come in and confess Gonul as “escaped.” Kursat freaks out…and he’s starting to cough up blood. When Hilmi says they’ll find her and the ones who helped her escape Kursat gives him this look like “Really? You think you can do that before I die?”


Tekin sees Gonul on the street, getting back in to her own shoes and shoving some hapless employee’s clothes in a dumpster. She’s totally ok with him getting her out of there, but she does NOT want him going back to that house to “say something.” (Which is a shame, because I’m sure the guards would have shot him. Was that a little bloodthirsty? Hm.)

Tekin is enjoying playing the knight in shining armor…he’s fawning for praise, it seems like. Why does she need to go back to Hatice’s when he’s here? She needs her cell phone? Use his!

And then he’s furious that she wants to call Yusuf and that she won’t tell him what happened with her father. Gonul says Yusuf’s in danger and if anything happens to him, she won’t forgive Tekin or herself. She tells him to just drop her off at the side of the road, but no, he won’t let her go find him alone.

Ridvan gets back to the workshop. Yusuf had told him to leave earlier, so he’s been sitting at the café. He heard some guys showed up in a car and he drove off with them. Mahmut is furious–he thinks that was Alper’s real reason for calling him. And now what is he going to tell Ensar? “Who’s Ensar?” Mahmut tells him to hand over his phone and puts his number in so Ridvan can keep him informed. He goes off in search of Yusuf.

Tekin pulls up in front of Mama Hatice’s house and Gonul runs inside for her phone and her purse, telling Mama Hatice she’ll call her. She takes off down the street, but Tekin keeps yanking her arm, telling her not to go alone. When he finally says “Let’s not have a problem,” she agrees to get in the car and let him drive her to the workshop. She calls out again to Hatice that she’ll call her.

Ozlem is at the workshop, worrying about Yusuf. Ridvan’s saying now that Yusuf was released from wherever he’d been, but he’s still not back. Gonul starts freaking out and suddenly Ridvan remembers he left a letter…Ozlem reaches for it…for Gonul.

As Gonul starts reading, Ridvan whispers to Ozlem that the guy who came in with her is the guy who’s buying the bookcase. Ozlem agrees. She goes over to ask how it is that Tekin didn’t know Yusuf already since his friend is such good friends with him. Tekin says she’s not his friend, she’s his fiancée. And her meeting Yusuf is why he ordered the bookcase.

Gonul finishes reading the letter, but she doesn’t say anything about what’s in it. When Ozlem asks if it says anything about where Yusuf was going, she just shakes her head and walks out. Tekin tells Ozlem to call him if there’s any news.

Casa Kursat

Hilmi comes in the front door and sees Sermin coming down the stairs. When she asks about Gonul he gets a little suspicious. He assures her he’ll find out who helped her and heads down to Kursat’s room.

Alper waves Sermin over to ask her what happened. She brags that she helped Gonul escape and sent her right to her death. Except she didn’t, because according to Alper “they” (Yusuf’s family?) aren’t interested in Gonul. All they care about is Yusuf.

He reminds her that he told her to wait for his call and sets off a spat. She refuses to accept any responsibility for their plan going awry, or for him having to kill somebody. She snaps that he should quit making plans, because he’s obviously no good at it.

I hate this plan

Tekin and Gonul end up by the water, drinking coffee. She doesn’t know what to do now–her father’s people know where to find her and she doesn’t want to wait around for them to grab her again. She figures she’ll go to a hotel, but Tekin reminds her she’d have to use her ID and they’d know. She should come stay at his house–they’d never expect her to be there. (Yeah, for the same reasons she shouldn’t go there!)

He threatens to go talk to her father if she won’t come stay at his house. He’s cranky about how she’d still be there if it wasn’t for him. “I thanked you!” He says he didn’t do it so she’d thank him, he did it so he’d have something to hold over her head…uh, I mean, he did it because he needs to know she’s safe. To keep him from going to Kursat’s, Gonul says she’ll spend the night at his place and figure this out in the morning. (For the record, I hate this plan!)

Gonul’s clearly uncomfortable being at Tekin’s house. He starts in on her about Yusuf obviously only being interested in her because he’s her father’s enemy and here she is still thinking about him. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Too bad, because Tekin being Tekin all he wants to do is twist the knife. He insists Yusuf was just using her for revenge and complains that she left him when she suspected him of killing someone, but Yusuf actually did and she won’t leave him alone. If she only showed him some of the same tolerance she shows Yusuf, they wouldn’t be dealing with this.

She tells him not to blame her for this–or Yusuf. He only helped her. “I’m your fiancé.” She says he’s not anymore. “But I’m the one who’s here.” Gonul snaps that she needs to go wash her face and grabs her purse.

Tekin gets a speculative look on his face that I don’t like one bit.

Hilmi’s checking the street cams when Nese calls. She’s waiting for him in a huuuuuge bubble bath. He’s sorry, but he’s got things at work that are going to take a couple of days to resolve. On the street cam, Hilmi sees Tekin’s car.

He goes back to Kursat’s and tells him Gonul went to her ex’s place. Kursat wants guards at his door, but he wants them to be discreet.

Tekin sneaks upstairs while Gonul is washing her face and reads Yusuf’s letter. It’s talking about how he didn’t know who she was, but now that he knows she’s Kursat’s daughter it doesn’t change the way he feels about her. He couldn’t do anything to her father. He wouldn’t want her to remember him as a shadow. He doesn’t know if he’ll see her again, but he wants her to know she was the only good thing in he’s had in his life in years.

Gonul cries in the bathroom. Tekin replaces the letter and walks out of the room.


Ozlem cries to someone about how Yusuf left a letter for some woman he just met and she’s been waiting years for him, since he was married to Betul, and then he was in prison, and now she can’t let Yusuf be with that woman! He should be with her! She has the right!

Ridvan walks in and hears this. He rolls his eyes as she says she won’t let this woman take Yusuf from her. Plus she already has a fiancé–she thinks she can have two men at once! She hangs up when Ridvan loudly shuts the door.

He just came by for his phone. And maybe Ozlem shouldn’t wait for Yusuf. “I want to be here to support him.” He says it’s obvious Yusuf loves Gonul…he’s telling her for her own good. She says she hired him to work, not to spout his opinions. He should stay out of other people’s business.

When Yusuf gets back to the workroom, he thinks it’s Ridvan who’s there with all the lights on, but nope. It’s cranky Ozlem. She’s upset that he’s not telling her what’s going on, but Yusuf hardly knows himself.

“It’s because of that woman, isn’t it?!” She demands to know why she’s so important. Why is he hiding things? She saw the letter…she didn’t read it, but they gave it to Gonul. She was here with her fiancé. She read it and they left together. Ozlem says in time everyone goes back to who they’re supposed to be with. Doesn’t he think he should start over with someone who cares about him?

He pats her hand and says she shouldn’t come around for a while. Until this is all straightened out and she’s not in any danger. She asks him not to do anything “crazy” and walks out.

Mahmut finds Yusuf sitting out by the water. It’s what he used to do when he was a student–Mahmut thought he’d try. Yusuf says it’s the same bench, the water, the lights. Yep, and the same stubborn Yusuf.

Mahmut brought simit. He thinks he should have been there when those guys picked Yusuf up. Yeah, but then there would have been trouble.

Yusuf says he doesn’t know why they let him go. Kursat said a bunch of stuff… “Like, ‘Stay away from my daughter’?” Yeah, and also that someone else was responsible for Cem’s death. Kursat could have killed him today or in prison, but he didn’t. Mahmut thinks he’s scared of Ensar and of leaving his daughter behind to fend for herself. Yusuf’s not so sure that’s the reason.

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3 years ago

I’m thrilled you’ve decided to recap this. This is a show where I need backup.

The two hours do seem to go fast though. It probably wouldn’t be an issue if I weren’t watching 50 other things. 😀

3 years ago

Yeah. I gotcha. I feel pretty lost on this and Estela. Partly because I’m just watching once and as fast as possible with little to no rewinding and reviewing. Throw in mystery and vagaries (sp?) and I know I’m missing stuff. I told my husband that I have retroactive comprehension. Once something happens I’m like “ooooh! That’s what they were talking about last week.”

Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez
3 years ago

I am thrilled also. This one sucked me in, just like Tormenta! I am sooo “in over my head” now as far as watching too much TV, but this one will probably be worth having a sink full of dishes at 9pm. 🙂 Thanks for recapping a 2 hour show! I’m getting better at Spanish, though the pronouns still throw me off quite a bit. I realize you may not always have time, but thanks for starting…there were a few things you were able to help me out with understanding. I ended up watching a major Gonul marathon Sunday &… Read more »

3 years ago

Linda F.
I hope you see this. I saw your comment on last week’s Gonul post. I’m glad you liked “piercyness”. I can’t think of anything else to describe *sigh* Yusuf *sigh*. He’s almost (ALMOST) up there with Mete Horozoğlu (the actor who played Elmer in Secretos and Soner in Tormenta de Pasiones) for me.

3 years ago

Oh mylanta what an episode! And you say it gets even more tense?? How do you hear the tv of the sounds of the screaming in your head? Or is that just me. The way they just manhandled Gonul and dragged her away from Hatice’s house! The way they just dragged her off to a bedroom! But you know what? I was most afraid when she was with Tekin. He’s is one crazy mofo. Ditto what was said on another thread- The actor is doing a great job. Since he’s not overplaying the crazy it’s much scarier. *shudder* I’m always… Read more »