La Piloto Wednesday 5/03/17 #42


Why are we still dealing with Santamaría?

He’s furious about losing vision in one eye and blames Yoli, and he’s determined to escape punishment. He puts Rubio in charge of the escape attempt and of finding out if Yoli contacted Amparo Ruiz. She’s the only person Yoli would know in Colombia who might be able to help her.

Dave thinks he can get information out of Santamaría about Yolanda. His career’s already toast, so he has nothing to lose. And Dave’s not leaving Colombia until he finds her. Reyes thinks she’s long gone, but he agrees to go with him.

By the time Dave gets to the hospital, Santamaría is on oxygen and he’s cuffed–which somehow, Santamaría didn’t notice until Reyes points it out. He keeps insisting someone is “behind all this” but Dave and Reyes tell him to knock it off–they have proof, his soldiers ratted him out, it’s over. Dave just wants to know about Yolanda. She was the one in the helicopter, right? Where would she have gone?

They don’t get anywhere by asking the same question repeatedly and Reyes has to drag Dave out of the room when he resorts to threats of prosecution in the US.

Rubio’s got a car and he has a buddy finding out whether Yolanda contacted Amparo Ruiz. There are two MPs out in the hallway. Santamaría tells him it’s time to go.

Reyes is trying to convince Dave to give up on Santamaría when Montgomery calls and tells him to just hand the phone over to Dave. He asks what the hell Dave’s doing in Colombia, which seems like a stupid question. Also, what difference does it make at this point?

It’s alarmingly easy for Santamaría and Rubio to get past the MPs. They just call for help, take out one; call for backup, take out the other.

Montgomery ordered Dave back to Miami. And those coffee cups are empty. You don’t wave a coffee cup with hot coffee in it around like that. Dave’s decided to request time off…to look for Yolanda. He thinks she’ll visit Rosalba eventually. That’s a nice touch having the dribble of coffee under the lid of Reyes’ coffee cup, but no. And they’re off to the airport

Santamaría and Rubio make it to the parking garage, but so do Dave and Reyes, purely by chance. There’s a shootout and Dave nearly gets Santamaría, but Rubio starts up their stolen car and hits Reyes, which distracts Dave and lets Santamaría get to the car.

Yoli’s escape

Amparo wants Yoli to press charges against Santamaría, but Yoli doesn’t think they’ll believe a narco over an army colonel. She thinks John is her only chance, but all the numbers in Pinto’s phone are busy or just not working. She’s down to the last one.

Yoli’s impromptu landing gave Pinto, and thus John, the wrong idea. Pinto thought the Colombian army was raiding the airstrip, and now John thinks Salvador sold them out. The pilot they had in Colombia is stuck there now. Oscar promises he’ll take care of it as soon as he’s dealt with Cristian and Estela.

Which apparently takes a crew of Oscar, Argüelles, Roberto, and José. They drive them out to the middle of nowhere and when Roberto’s alone with them at the SUV, he tells Cristian to make a run for it when Oscar gives the order. Don’t stop, don’t look back–Oscar has decided to spare his life. And BTW, Olivia’s not dead. He has no instructions for Estela.

They’ve just gotten out of the SUV when Oscar’s phone rings. Yolanda says she’s happy to hear his voice, and she probably means it, too. She tells him where she is and asks him to come get her. Oscar grits his teeth, tells her everything’s going to be ok, and she needs to go to an airstrip in El Reposo where a plane and a pilot will be waiting for her–but she shouldn’t tell anyone she’s alive and she shouldn’t call again.

Yoli checks a map and Amparo confirms that if she leaves now, she could get to El Reposo by early tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, Oscar’s calling Pinto to send him to El Reposo and telling him to shoot Yoli on sight. (Because outsourcing has been working so well for him lately.)

So much for being let go–Cristian and Estela now get transferred to another SUV, no hoods on, and driven away again.

Yoli’s packing her stuff in a backpack and memorizing coordinates. Amparo packed her a lunch. That’s kind of sweet. She’s having her driver take Yoli to El Reposo. She tells her she’s still young and urges her to reconsider her career path. When they walk her out, they forget the lunch. Yoli tosses the paper with her notes in the trash can.

Back at the “club” Oscar fills Zulima in and complains about Salvador screwing with them and how you have to do stuff yourself if you want it done right. Pinto had better come through. Zuli agrees and hopes they die and now John walks in and asks who they’re talking about. She says she meant Salvador. Right…John complains that the risk of someone betraying you in this business is 99%.

So how come I’m the one who’s suspicious when Oscar says they dropped Cristian off at the highway and killed Estela, and John isn’t?

Instead, Roberto took them and locked them up somewhere new. Estela tries to make sense of it–he had a gun to her head and then the call came in. What could they have said?

Oscar gives Roberto instructions to tell the other guards to lie to John. Even Zuli thinks this is a bad idea, but Oscar doesn’t think he can kill them yet. Zuli states the obvious–they’re his life insurance policy.

Team O

Wilmer’s surprised that “home” is an RV, but he says he likes it as he looks around nervously and notices Olivia’s mom’s not there. Olivia takes off her hoodie as she says it’s just the two of them. She expresses an interest in triangulating calls and lets him brag about how this isn’t something the cops know much about–they’re n00bs and he’s been studying this for a long time. He accepts “I’m looking for someone” as a good enough reason to show her how it’s done.

Wilmer pulls up the system, but he’s the tiniest bit hesitant–she’s probably looking for her boyfriend, right? Olivia says she doesn’t have one (she leaves out the part where the last one shot her).

Well, there goes all the hesitancy. She doesn’t have the information on the phone she’s trying to trace, but she’s almost sure that it uses one of his company’s satellites. He says she’s in luck–he has the company’s entire database. Not with him, but he can bring a copy.

Heading for El Reposo

Rubio’s friend gets to Amparo’s house after having, presumably, killed her secretary to get information. He knows her family is on vacation and she sent her housekeeper away for the night, so she’s completely alone here. He asks about Yolanda.

Amparo’s driver is sure he’s heading in the right direction, but Yoli’s suspicious of him. He asks if there’s something wrong, but all she says is that she’s in a hurry to get to El Reposo.

Amparo denies knowing anything about Yolanda, until Rubio’s friend threatens to kill her, then she spills “all,” which isn’t much–she was here, she made a call, she left.

He finds the crumpled paper in the wastebasket and asks what the coordinates are for. Again, Amparo denies knowing. He calls Santamaría and starts reading the coordinates to him. He asks what to do with Amparo, but he only agrees to kill her after Santamaría says he’ll pay. Amparo pulls out the pepper spray she grabbed before answering the door and sprays it into his eyes, giving herself a chance to get away.

Santamaría checks the map and tells Rubio they’re probably closer to El Reposo than Yolanda, but all the same–step on it. Rubio’s having doubts about the wisdom of this plan, but Santamaría was his revenge.

The good news is Reyes just banged up his leg and Dave got the license plate number of the car Rubio and Santamaría were in. Reyes called General Garcia and found out about Rubio’s friend’s trip to Amparo’s house. Plus, it sounded to him like Amparo knows where Yolanda is headed.

Dave calls Amparo and explains who he is and why he’s calling her. Amparo hesitates at first, but she tells Dave that Yoli talked to some guy named Oscar and got coordinates to El Reposo. She’s starting to worry because she’s been trying to call her driver’s cell phone and he’s not picking up. Maybe there’s no signal, but maybe Santamaría’s men caught up to them–the guy who came to her house found the coordinates and gave them to Santamaría. Unfortunately, Amparo doesn’t remember them. She gives Dave her driver’s phone number.

Dave tells Reyes where Yoli is headed and asks him to call for military backup. Reyes does it. Even though he’s still got a nurse cleaning up his leg. (Reyes, you are way too good a friend.)

Diego pulls the car over in a spot where there’s a cell signal and right on cue, Dave calls and asks to speak to Yolanda–after he explains who he is and how he got this number. He ignores Yolanda’s questions and tells her Santamaría’s after her. Blah, blah, blah, I don’t trust you, don’t ever call me again. (Seriously, she could have called Amparo to verify his story or Amparo could have called and told her, but whatever.) She tells Diego to turn the phone off.

Pinto and the pilot currently in Colombia are getting the plane ready. Pinto explains the plan–Yoli shows up, Pinto kills her, the pilot flies her body back to Mexico and gives it to Oscar. Oscar calls for an update, but Pinto says he’s still waiting for Yoli.

Rubio and Santamaría get to a very pretty wooded area where they prepare to ditch the car and go in the rest of the way on foot.

Which is odd, because the place where Yoli and Diego pulled over looks nothing like that, nor does the airstrip.

Diego can see Yoli’s nervous and he’s no less nervous–especially when she says the DEA are after her. But oh well, she can’t go back to Amparo’s and cause more trouble for her, so they’d better hurry up and get to that airstrip.

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