La Reina de la Canción Monday 5/15/17 #16

It feels so weird to be getting a performance episode on a Monday, but nevertheless….

On Thursday, aka ages ago, half the contestants performed and Dayanna (#teamhoroscopos) and Liliana (#teamrecodo) are up for elimination. Also, there were a LOT of tears and there will probably be more tonight.

Sandra Itzel – A la Sombra de Mi Madre (#teamhoroscopos)

Marisol wants to see more movement around the stage and Vicky wants more arm movement.

It’s a completely acceptable performance. So why am I not moved? And speaking of movement…I think she forgot about halfway through.

Vicky and Marisol congratulate Sandra for not letting her emotions get the better of her. Marisol says it was very pretty. Poncho thought it was sung respectfully and she nailed the song.

Irene Davi – Te Amo Mamá (#teamrecodo)

In rehearsal Poncho points out that Irene’s having a hard time maintaining eye contact with her imaginary mom. Which was something that I think was mentioned during one of the many gossip sessions back at the house? It’s an emotional thing for her–she feels like she grew up with her mom as more of a sister and she never gave her credit for being her mom and it’s hard for her to know how to express that. So, um, maybe people need to not jump so quickly to “not maintaining eye contact = not trustworthy.” Just a thought.

The dedication was fine, she maintained eye contact, so good on her for that. But her intonation is all over the place. Is this a bad key for her?

Poncho thinks it was better than rehearsal, but he could tell she was nervous. And every little detail counts. Uh oh–that sounded like a warning. Marisol noticed the pitch problems, but she attributes them to the song being so emotional.

Carmen Rios – El Rey (#teamhoroscopos)

In rehearsal, they discuss the dedication and many women who are raising kids alone not just being the Reina de la casa, but also the Rey. They joke about it not being sooooo emotional of a song, but she has to be careful not to cry and let it affect her pitches.

Maybe it’s just me tonight, but this was another performance that was vocally (dare I say) perfect, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, I totally joined in on “llorar y llorar,” because how do you not? But yeah, it was just ok.

And screw my opinion, because the audience loved it. Maybe you had to be there. And Vicky and Marisol are pleased. Marisol declares her chiquita pero picosa and gives her a 10. Poncho’s only “but” is that she’s not on his team.

Beatriz Montes – Mañanitas a Mi Madre (#teamrecodo)

This was an unfamiliar song for Beatriz. And she forgot the words in rehearsal. *gulp* Every time someone forgets the lyrics I’m afraid Poncho’s head’s going to pop right off. But he’s ok. He tells her to listen for the accordion on this one. Beatriz’s goal is to make Poncho proud.

And as an aside, Beatriz got to take the Reinamobile out this week.

In performance, Beatriz seems pretty relaxed. I get a kick out of her dancing and I thought her dedications were strong. I could feel her listening for the accordion, but she still came in wrong on that second entrance and it it’s so frustrating! Poncho keeps saying “no room for mistakes” so now I’m anxious.

Poncho says he could tell she was nervous, had some intonation problems, but he congratulates her on her performance. Marisol obviously liked the dancing too–she says the way Beatriz moved is the way they keep telling everyone to move on stage. It made her want to dance too.

Yohanny Rodriguez – Zona de Promesas (#teamhoroscopos)

Yohanny was struggling with keeping her emotions under control. She’s dedicating this to all the women out there who want to be mothers and can’t.

That is the sweetest dress. It feels like the song didn’t really kick in for her until that long held out note and then it was just gorgeous.

Vicky loved the way she performed it and she feels like Yohanny did channel those emotions. Marisol thanks Poncho. Heh! Poncho says it’s clear to him that Yohanny knows this is a competition and he liked her performance. She sang with a lot of feeling.

Deyra Barrera – La Gata Bajo la Lluvia (#teamrecodo)

Nooooo! Not again with the words! Deyra says the nerves are getting to her, her emotions got the better of her…but it did give Poncho goosebumps.

I know Deyra wanted goosebumps, but…I actually forgot to breathe. It sucks we didn’t get the entire song.

Shut up, Poncho! I don’t care of she messed up the words! I don’t know this one. Vicky loved the way she sounded, the feelings, the way she played with the colors. Marisol jokes that she wants Deyra on her team…well, I mean, I’m sure she means it, but unless the team gets it together and wins a challenge she’s not going to get that chance.

Beatriz Delgado – Como Han Pasado los Años (#teamhoroscopos)

For some reason, we didn’t see Beatriz rehearse this in the previous episode. This is a song that’s special for her and her husband. The captains want to see more movement from her.

Gettin’ a little hip action going on there! I like it! She does have one of my favorite voices. I don’t have much more to say–it was lovely.

I giggle at her saying she’s been married to her husband for nine years this year because I know that probably feels like a lot, but I’m like “Ha! Wait ’till it’s been 19!” (I know, and someone who’s been married for 29 is making fun of me now.) Marisol and Vicky tease her about the hip action. Vicky thought she seemed a little nervous today, but she reminds everybody that as the competition goes on they need to stay focused. She did hear a few pitch problems. Poncho liked how relaxed she was…the hubs is probably waiting for some smoochie time now and he has a feeling that’s gonna go well for her.

Verónica Rosales – El Corrido de Mazatlan (#teamrecodo)

Verónica will be singing while the judges deliberate, since she’s already safe. This is a song Banda el Recodo has performed, so, um, no pressure. Poncho asks her to work on a couple of potential endings.

I looked it up–the bit about Team Recodo is not in the original lyrics. She did not go for the higher note at the end.

I was about to say once again that it was ok, but it didn’t grab me…and Poncho says he thought she wasn’t giving as much as she could because she was safe this week. So, um, Poncho said it, not me! Vicky understands that Verónica was trying to give her voice more of a banda sound, but she shouldn’t tone down the natural brilliance of her voice to do that. Which sounds like valuable life advice.


Ugh. Dayanna (#teamhoroscopos) and Liliana (#teamrecodo) are already up and the coaches are picking two more candidates. Vicky says they have to pick somebody, and for pitch problems, Beatriz D is up.

Poncho says this is a competition, they have to pay attention to detail–Beatriz M and Irene had pitch problems, and he wants Irene to be more natural, but Deyra forgot the lyrics. He’s surprised at all three of them. I feel like a jerk, but I’m relieved when he picks Irene.

Again, Vicky and Marisol have to choose–this time between Dayanna and Beatriz D. Vicky says Dayanna has a lot of talent, they love her voice…and Beatriz has a tesitura (the part of her range she uses most) that not everyone can appreciate, and that they got to hear a different range from her, a different color. They’ve enjoyed watching her take their notes on board and grow. And Dayanna, they loved her performance this round, the way she ended it. Marisol says it’s really difficult for them, they feel bad about having to send anyone home, and everyone’s doing a great job and things aren’t going to end here. But they need to see some progress and they keep hearing the same pitch problems every week from…Dayanna.

Poncho wants to be clear that his decision is about what he saw tonight. He’s sending Irene home.

Irene accepts this decision. She thinks her emotions got the better of her. If she’s gotta go home for singing to her mom, it’s worth it to her.

Dayanna says it was a great experience. Like her grandma says–if they close a door on you, go out the window.

Tomorrow: fighting for a spot in the live shows, Janine wants to go home, kids visit.

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I must be getting desensitized to eliminations now. I barely felt a thing. I’m cold hearted I guess.

“I totally joined in on ‘llorar y llorar,’ because how do you not?”

Word. I was right there with you.

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stealth cacophony

I’m gonna preface my remarks with I love music but don’t really know much about it. In fact hearing the technical terms in Spanish on the show and then reading the technical terms in English in the recaps has really expanded my musical knowledge. So thanks for that too Diva 🙂 But a couple of times last night I was thinking ‘she sounds like she’s singing musical theater’ and ‘is this a song from a musical?’ or something. Which I think is because I don’t really usually associate emotiveness with musical theater. Possibly I’m watching the wrong musical theater. Or… Read more »