Gonul Tuesday 5/16/17 #6

Casa Tekin

At Tekin’s place, he makes dinner and insists on giving Gonul a shoulder massage. I don’t know how she doesn’t run screaming. She goes upstairs after not having dinner and tries to call Yusuf, but he’s out walking by the water and ignores her call.

When she calls Hatice, as grateful as she was earlier for Tekin’s help, she does not think it’s a good idea for Gonul to be at his house. Gonul says she can’t go anywhere else. She fills Hatice in on her dad and how he said all sorts of stuff about Yusuf that she doesn’t believe. She gets off the phone when she hears Tekin coming up the stairs.

He just came in to creepily grab a pillow and blanket and kiss her on the forehead.

Casa Mazhar

Nese goes home, finally. Her dad’s an ass. Lale says they were just worried about her. Nese’s response is to ask why Lale, who has her own money and a decent social position, would bother with her dad. But hey, she gets it now that they shouldn’t have kids, right?

Mazhar snaps that she figured that out as soon as she met them–they’re a terrible example. Nese goes upstairs and Lale tells him Nese must have heard their conversation and got her heart broken. Like Mazhar cares. I’m with Nese–what IS she doing with him?

In the morning, Nese finds Ali and his car blocking her way out of the driveway. He makes a non-apology for ignoring her, but her brother…. Yeah, whatever. She suggests he leave and go find himself some other girl who her parents, his parents, her brother, and friends would all approve of. I can’t believe an actual medical doctor comes back with “Oh, I get it, you’re on your period.”

Too many opinions

Tekin wakes up on his couch and hits a remote that makes his blinds go up. I want those blinds.

Upstairs, Gonul tries to call Yusuf, but he’s still not answering. Tekin opens the door WITHOUT KNOCKING and listens as she leaves him a message saying they need to talk about what was in the letter and if his feelings have changed, she understands, but she heard a lot of stuff about him yesterday that she’s sure isn’t true. And she wants to know the truth.

Tekin tries to pretend he just got there to ask about breakfast, but I don’t think she was fooled.

In the nurses’ lounge at the hospital, Aylin gets an earful of a couple of other nurses talking smack about Gonul and how she’d better not be allowed back there if she gets back together with Tekin and how classes shouldn’t mix and Gonul was only dating Tekin to improve hers. She marches out there and tells them off, and she must be some kind of supervisor because the mention of work reports gets them moving again.

She calls Gonul and gripes at her for answering the phone with “Yusuf?” She’s completely against Gonul dating him, thinks he’s a murderer, and can’t figure out why Gonul is worried about not being able to reach him. Is she in LOVE with him?! She says it like she’s all grossed out and for the life of me, if she was so upset at those other nurses saying Gonul’s just a social climber, then why is she so keen on her getting back together with Tekin? She thinks that’s the only reason Gonul is hanging around with Yusuf–to punish Tekin.

Hilmi’s stalking Tekin. He sees Nese pulling up to his house and texts her–something about the bath not being good and they’ll have to fix that. She doesn’t respond to his text, but he watches her do a little happy dance before going into Tekin’s house.

Wasn’t she being so snotty to Gonul just four or five episodes ago? Because now she’s all “Hey! Did you two get back together?! That’s great!” Although, she does say she thought her dad could only get that angry at her.

Gonul picks at her breakfast while Tekin talks to the hospital about a patient. When he gets off the phone, Nese says she’s leaving, but Gonul says she was actually going to go. Tekin starts giving her a hard time about it not being safe out there and Gonul says she can’t hide forever. Nese’s confused–aren’t they together?

The doorbell rings and it’s Hilmi standing there on Tekin’s doorstep, wanting to talk to Gonul. He and Tekin get into an argument about what Gonul’s father did–Hilmi says Tekin is doing the same thing right now. Which pretty much forces him to let Hilmi in once Gonul asks him to.

Nese recognized his voice, but when he walks in, he pretends they haven’t met. She goes along with it, flirting and asking what kind of law he practices (commercial) and can she have his card just in case. As she’s leaving she suddenly stops. “Wait. Gonul…you have a dad?” Gonul says she’ll tell her later.

Hilmi tries to convince Gonul that it’s way more dangerous than she thinks and she should stick close to her father, where she’ll be protected. He and Tekin get into an argument because Tekin thinks he’s capable of protecting her himself and Hilmi thinks he’s just trying to score points. Gonul gets sick of listening to them yelling at each other and runs upstairs.

Hilmi tells Tekin there are guards outside the house. Tekin gives Hilmi his intense-creepy look and says they’d better stay outside and away from Gonul. She’s his and he won’t let anyone take her.

Everyone else’s opinions go round and round in Gonul’s head until she can’t stand the sight of herself in the mirror and breaks it. She breaks down sobbing and crawls right over the broken glass, kicking Tekin and screaming at him to leave her alone–this is all his fault!

He doesn’t, of course, because he’s hardly going to pass up this opportunity to come on to her while she’s feeling vulnerable. He strokes her hair, puts her on the bed, kisses her…

And she says it’s strange. She doesn’t feel anything anymore. He walks out of the room in a daze as she turns over and cries quietly.

Casa Kursat

Sermin tries to feed Kursat, but everything tastes equally gross to him now. She asks about Gonul and apologizes for what happened yesterday. Kursat thinks she must have very strong feelings for Yusuf to have hurt someone to go after him. Sermin thinks it’s not fair she prefers him to Kursat.

But Kursat thinks Yusuf is different from him. He thinks they really did just meet by coincidence. And there’s a connection between them that he’s going to have to break. She has to understand they can never be together. Sermin suggests she could talk to her, woman-to-woman. He doesn’t go for it, after what happened last time they talked.


Aylin can tell something is going on with Ali and after surgery she asks if it has something to do with Nese. Yeah, she knows. Does he love her? If he does he should fix things…and if not, he shouldn’t mess with her feelings. Especially not behind her brother’s back. The “old” Ali was a lot nicer than he’s being lately.

So, ok, Nese acts like a child. But what’s he doing lately to improve his life? He needs to look around and figure out who he wants to spend his life with.

So much chemistry

Hilmi gets to his office and finds Nese waiting for him…and a bunch of paper airplanes all over his office. She assures him she got the paper from the wastebasket and not his files.

So…she’s listening.

Hilmi says she knows it already. She asks what it is Gonul’s dad wants her brother to do. “Stay away from his daughter.” But he didn’t, so that’s why Hilmi kidnapped her. He was going to trade her for Gonul, but he made one mistake…her brother doesn’t care about her as much as he cares about Gonul.

Hilmi replies that first of all, her brother is an “idiot.” Second, he doesn’t mix business and personal. As for why he got her into his car…he sits next to her on the couch, strokes her hand, kisses her ear…she looked so pretty, irresistible. Can she blame him?

She asks how he likes it…. “Coffee?” She’s guessing…with a little sugar. No, he takes his black. Nese ignores a call from Ali and tells him to go get two black coffees, in that case.

Casa Tekin

Tekin bandages Gonul’s foot. She thinks she should go–it’s bad for both of them. He keeps trying to argue that she’s in no condition to make any decisions right now, she’s just upset at him, they shouldn’t talk about it now. He completely ignores her as she very calmly tells him it feels like their relationship happened a decade ago. She’s not even angry at him, there’s just…nothing. It’s over. He walks right out like she didn’t say a word.

Ali comes over, ready to tell Tekin about Nese, but he’s surprised to see Gonul there. I would have thought Tekin would embrace this as an opportunity to let her spend some time with Ali so he could be all “Hey, baby, don’t you want it to be like this again, you and me, hanging out with our friends?” but instead he tells Gonul he and Ali need to talk in private. As they’re heading up the stairs he assures Ali it’s ok he came over with no warning.

As Gonul stands there, I start thinking “Go! Get out now!” and my powers of mental telepathy suddenly kicked in! She grabs Ali’s car keys, goes upstairs, throws a few things in her purse, and runs out. She sees her father’s men in the street, clicks the door unlock on Ali’s car, sneaks into the car, tries to hide her hair under a hoodie, takes the sunglasses out of his glove box and drives right past them. Enjoy that simit, dude, ’cause you’re so getting fired.

So, instead of Ali making his big confession, he just spent the last however many minutes listening to Tekin unload about all his problems. He asks what he’s going to do and Tekin utters something that makes no sense to me whatsoever in the context of this conversation: dejaré a Gonul de nuevo, eso es un hecho. Something somewhere is missing because he never left her in the first place, and no way is he planning to leave her now, and that’s definitely in the first person “I will leave Gonul again” and the only thing I can think is they left out a “not” in there?

So let’s just pretend he said he’s not leaving Gonul again (or rather, not letting her go again). Ali asks how he’s going to handle these dangerous people. Oh, Tekin thinks he’s smarter than their guns. (*cough*bulletproofego*cough*)

But does Gonul want to be with him? Tekin admits she doesn’t, but it’ll be fine, she “has” to want to. Ali chuckles and says obviously he doesn’t mean that. (Wow. How many times has he told himself that and how many more times is it going to take before he realizes Tekin has NEVER been joking about ANY of it?)

So, what did Ali want to talk about? Um…nothing…they can talk about it some other time.

They go downstairs and Tekin calls out to Gonul before they realize the car keys are missing.

Running away

Yusuf has decided he’s leaving and tells Ridvan that he and Ozlem can handle the furniture business by themselves. Ridvan agrees not to tell anyone he’s going.

Yusuf starts sanding the infamous bookcase when Ridvan tells him he doesn’t have to do that–it was just a pretense. It was Gonul’s fiancé who had ordered it to get to Yusuf. He snaps that they’re not engaged.

Yusuf’s real estate agent is bummed he sold the house for nothing. He gives Yusuf the money in cash.

Yusuf takes it back to the shop and tells Ridvan to give it to Ozlem. Ridvan’s worried about running this place without him, but Yusuf’s sure in a couple of years he’ll feel like he’s got it. Ridvan would really feel better if he at least knew where Yusuf was going….

Yusuf will call when the time is right. He shouldn’t call Ozlem until mid-day. And if she calls, just…figure something out. He hugs Ridvan and tells him to take care of himself and stay out of trouble.

Gonul gets to the shop just as he’s about to leave and throws herself into his arms. She was afraid something had happened to him! She says she’s here because she read the letter and she believes in him. All their talk, even their silences, means something. She understands that now.

He says they can’t be together. Not because meeting her messed up his revenge. He was going to kill Kursat that day at Hatice’s, right in front of her. He couldn’t do it…but if it were his father or hers, they would have done it. They’re not going to let them be together. She’s better off without him.

Gonul begs him not to go and leave her with questions. They have to tell each other everything and then they’ll do whatever he wants. He says she’d never be able to see life the same way after, but she still wants to know.

As they’re driving off together, Mahmut sees them and follows.


Ali has noticed a car following Tekin. Tekin says they’re stupid. They don’t know she got away and he’s going to find her first.

At the shop, he gets rough with Ridvan, won’t believe Yusuf and Gonul aren’t there, but somehow choking Ridvan is going to make them appear, huh? Ali has to pull him off. Tekin sees the bookcase and knocks it over and starts throwing the pieces around. And Ali, who I’m really starting to hate for acting like all this is normal, just stands there with Ridvan telling him to let Tekin get all his anger out.

Tekin stops suddenly and goes outside to toss the barrel of wood shavings in the middle of the street and start screaming at Hilmi’s men that they left and it’s all their fault. Sabit drily asks if she was running away from his house. Ali’s alarmed that Tekin tries to charge a guy with a gun and pulls him away.

Tekin tells Ali he’ll calm down…he’ll kill that guy. Yusuf’s a dead man. (Still think he’s not serious, Ali?)

Ozlem is on the phone to Ridvan, telling him to get some rest and let her know if he needs anything. Tekin walks into her office and she asks who the hell he thinks he is, to ruin a bookcase in HER studio and hit her employee. “It was mine. I can do whatever I want with it.” Ozlem backs away from him and grabs a candlestick, telling him he may be here to ask her about Yusuf, but she’s not telling him anything.

Oh, he’s not here to hurt her, he’s here to propose an alliance. Ozlem refuses to do anything behind Yusuf’s back. “Even to protect him?” He tells her about Gonul’s father. Who knows what he’ll do to Yusuf for kidnapping his daughter. Tekin needs to find them first–and he thinks she can help. He tells her to think about it. She doesn’t want to lose Yusuf, right?

Talking it out

Yusuf takes Gonul to his secret hideaway–a house on a bluff overlooking the ocean, with a couple of outbuildings and, I swear, it’s own tiny lighthouse.

They sit there, wrapped in blankets, at the base of the little crumbling lighthouse. She tells him her father’s a monster–he said this was all a fight over land. Yusuf says that’s true. But they weren’t content to leave it at that.

She’s upset that her father is trying to act innocent, but, he’s the one who killed Yusuf’s son. How can she live with that? Her father is a killer of children. Yusuf says she has nothing to do with her father. She didn’t accept anything from him. She shouldn’t take on his sins.

Gonul thinks Yusuf must not want to be with her because looking at her reminds him of her father. Nope. The only thing he sees in her is hope he lost a long time ago. “Do we still have hope?” That’s what he’d like, but she doesn’t deserve a life like this. Gonul’s not worried. Not even about death.

They kiss–really slow, intense kisses–on the bluff, with the water in the background crashing into the rocks. I don’t think Mahmut’s appreciating it as much as I am…although, it does seem like has to pry himself away.

Pause for an introduction

Mahmut calls Ensar and says he can’t keep protecting Yusuf alone. He tells him about Gonul. And Yusuf is with her? Right now? Ensar is so pissed he considers killing both of them, but he’ll settle for Gonul He tells his guys to get ready–they’re going to Istanbul tomorrow.

“What about him?” Ensar shoots the guy who’s been kneeling in front of him. What a piece of work.

Back to the good stuff

Yusuf’s hideaway has a fireplace. And wine. He kisses a scar on her leg while she thinks “If you kiss me, my skin will burn.” Clothes disappear. The camera focuses on the fireplace and the lit candles.

He also has a bed. Which is good, because that couch looked a little narrow. He leaves a note in the morning and whispers “I love you” before sneaking out.

Nothing good happens after this point

Someone in shiny shoes watches Yusuf drive off. I would have suspected Tekin if they’d given a flash of ankle, but they didn’t, so I’m surprised when that’s who walks into the house.

He finds the room where Gonul is sleeping and leans over her to steal the note from Yusuf. She was sleeping so peacefully he didn’t want to wake her with a kiss. If she wakes up before he gets back, “Good morning. I love you.” Tekin crumples the note while I add this to the reasons I want him to die a horrible death.

He goes outside to throw a tantrum about how she lied to him. Which I certainly don’t think she did, but somehow he thinks her telling him yesterday or two days ago that she wasn’t with Yusuf, crying about her life falling apart, and kissing him yesterday are all “lies.” I swear it looks like his hair is going grey as we watch. He starts smashing up furniture and screaming that he’ll kill Yusuf.

Yusuf’s driving down the road when smoke starts pouring out of the hood of his car.

Gonul searches for her cell phone. She must have gotten dressed sometime between when Tekin walked out and when he started knocking stuff over.

Yusuf realizes someone sabotaged his car and calls Gonul. Tekin has her phone. He’s standing outside, pacing. He sees the text telling her to run, “they’ve found us.” Tekin suddenly decides he wants to make them both pay.

He goes into the house looking for Gonul, but she jumped out the back window.

She’s running through the woods barefoot, carrying her shoes. Tekin is running through the woods. She stops to put her shoes on, but she hears him calling out that it’s pointless for her to hide. She takes off running again in just one boot. He sees branches moving and starts running in that direction.

A car passes by Yusuf, but won’t stop for him. He starts running through the woods.

Gonul’s bandage catches on something and she has to run without it. She covers her mouth to stifle the sound of her breathing when Tekin gets close.

He screams at her that they’re both going to have to explain what they’ve done. Yusuf won’t come back to save her–it’s over. Did she really think he loved her? Yusuf doesn’t care about her and she betrayed the only person who cares about her–him! She’ll never be able to look him in the eye again. How could she do this to him!

When she doesn’t answer, he says he’ll go back to that house and kill Yusuf and burn the house down. She’ll see the fire from wherever she’s hiding.

Gonul gives up. She tells him not to do anything to Yusuf. She’ll do whatever he wants.

Tekin walks away.

Yusuf is still running. He calls Mahmut and screams at him. He followed them, didn’t he? If anything happens to Gonul, he’ll kill him! Mahmut’s confused–did she run off? Mahmut looks alarmed when Yusuf tells him about the car and asks if “he” told Mahmut to kill him. Who else could have done it? Mahmut says he’s going out there. He tells Yusuf not to do anything with out him. Yusuf hangs up on him.

Yusuf’s phone starts ringing and he ignores it.

Tekin’s back at the house, mockingly calling out to Yusuf. Gonul can’t understand what he’s doing. He says he gave her time, he showed some empathy, tried to protect her–and she was with that man. Gonul says it’s her life, why can’t he understand? He raises his hand to her and says she doesn’t have a life. It’s THEIR life. She can’t break this connection with her mistakes. So he’ll burn the house and Yusuf and she can watch. Gonul demands to know what he wants.

Her, of course. He wants her to come with him. She says she will. She’ll change her clothes. She runs out of the room while Tekin looks at the two glasses of wine on the coffee table…he starts taking his gloves off.

Upstairs, he walks in on Gonul putting on a sweater and stuffing clothes into her purse. He says he gets it–she likes things that happen in dirty places, pretending to hit each other, she can tell him, he’ll do what she wants. Where the hell is this coming from?! Now he’s decided she likes being hit (as opposed to previously, when he was just excusing himself for doing it). He starts choking her, hitting her, trying to rip her sweater.

And Yusuf keeps running through the woods, but he’s getting tired.

Tekin keeps demanding Gonul say she likes what he’s doing. She makes an effort and when he rolls her on top of him, she bites his neck and tries to run. She throws something at him, but misses, then grabs his car keys and runs out of the house.

She trips on the way to the car and he’s just walking behind her with that slow, determined, axe murderer walk. He drags her out of the car and she kicks him in the groin and runs.

Finally Yusuf is close, but he’s on the opposite side of the house from Gonul and Tekin. He tries the house first and finds the mess.

Gonul stumbles up the hill, trying to get away from Tekin, but he catches up to her again. She hears Yusuf and tries to call out to him, but Tekin covers her mouth and starts telling her if she gets Yusuf’s attention, Tekin will only kill him. Does she want that? No? Too bad, he really did want to kill that guy. Maybe next time. Tekin takes his hand off her mouth and she quietly tells Yusuf to turn towards her.

Mahmut arrives and he swears he didn’t do anything. Yes, he saw them and he thought something was wrong, but when he saw that everything was OK he left. Yes, he called Yusuf’s father–to protect him. He needed to know before things got out of hand. Yusuf slugs him. He promised to keep Gonul out of this!

Gonul keeps willing him to turn around.

Yusuf says he’ll never forget this betrayal. Mahmut said he would be loyal to him, not Ensar. Mahmut pleads with him–he’s being hunted because of Gonul and Mahmut can’t protect him alone. Yusuf tells him to call whoever he has to to find out where she is. Mahmut agrees, but it’s a job for his father now. He’s on his way.

Yusuf thinks he’s lying again–who else could it have been? He stops and turns his face….

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Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez
3 years ago

Gracias for the awesome action-packed recap! I was screaming during the scenes in the woods, so much that the dog jumped up and thought something was wrong! My neighbors must think I’m some sort of nut. I’d have a tough time explaining with,”oh, no worries, I’m watching another Turkish drama”. 🙂 There was some beautiful scenery in this episode, I want to go there. With foreign relations being as bad as they are right now, unfortunately that doesn’t seem like a possibility. Even though a certain lie-telling, scandal-laden president hosted the Turkish president this week, I think it’s all a… Read more »

Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez
3 years ago

I agree totally! It’s like some of the scenery you’d find in a Turkish tourist brochure, but with even more handsome Turkish men hanging around as bodyguards for rich old Turkish gangster men! I hope to see more scenery in the coming episodes. I only wish I had time to rewind & watch again, paying more attention to the background in scenes. Instead, I’m rushing through the 2 hours while occasionally screaming at my tv “RUN! HURRY! NOOOOO!”, or peeling at my cuticles waiting for the other shoe to drop. The actors in this show are extremely talented, especially the… Read more »

3 years ago

“Nothing good happens after this point”

No sh!t!

I’ve got a headache from holding my breath and from the internal screaming.

Love your observations about Ali. When he told Ridvan to just let Tekin alone so he could just get rid of his anger I was screaming “You’re an enabler!!! You let him get away with too much crap! Everyone has!”

Really this episode scared the hell out of me.

3 years ago