La Piloto Thursday 5/04/17 #43

No reposo in El Reposo

Santamaría and Rubio sneak up on Pinto and the pilot. Pinto recognizes Santamaría. He has no problem telling them he’s only waiting for Yolanda so he can kill her. He gets punched for that. Who told him Santamaría wants her dead? (The insufferable arrogance…die already!)

Dave, Reyes, and some local cops are on the way to the airstrip, not that they have any clue where it is.

Yolanda and Diego arrive and there’s a shootout between the two of them and Santamaría and Rubio. Diego gets shot, which is massively unfair, and Yoli’s nearly out of bullets so she tries to brazen her way out of this. She tells Santamaría if he plans to drag her back to that base, he’s going to have to shoot her.

Instead, Dave shows up and he and his guys start shooting at Santamaría and Rubio and Yoli’s like “Y’all can kill each other, I’m outta here!” She runs for the plane. Rubio and Santamaría run out of bullets and start making a run for it. As everyone but Dave chases them down, Dave goes over to knock on Yoli’s window and tell her she can come out now, it’s safe.

Heh, yeah right! She takes off instead and Dave whines about her never listening to him. (Well, you lied. Deal with it.)

Montgomery calls Reyes to ask where Dave is and he lies and says Dave’s on his way back to Miami. That’s enough to get Montgomery off his back for now, but he’ll probably be calling Miami to check up on Dave. Dave’s still planning to go home, request vacation time, and come back.


Wilmer shows up with the database of all the customer records and a potted plant. And he has all day to help Olivia search the database. She looks at him like he might be growing on her.

Just scrolling through a list of names is getting them nowhere and Wilmer suggests that if she told him the name she’s looking for he can filter the list…not that he’s being nosy, he’s just trying to help. Olivia takes a chance and tells him she’s looking for the Lucios because they kidnapped her brother. She even shows him her murder board.

And he just says they’ll find them. It’s for a good cause, right? Though maybe they should be telling the cops…Olivia says the Lucios have spies everywhere. “So it’s you and me against the Lucio cartel?”

Instead of answering, she explains their pattern of front companies. She shrugs off how she knows with “It was all on the news.” Wilmer filters his list for company accounts and Olivia recognizes Bautista’s name. There’s an address listed and it’s not too far.

Oddly enough, when Olivia checks it out, the place is deserted. Wilmer thinks that means they’re on the right track. And he’s willing to take a look at all the calls that company is making but…he’s not going with her to wherever the Lucios are! Olivia laughs. She’s ok with that, if he can just help her trace the calls.

Women’s prison

Lizbeth talks to Raúl and finds out she’s got her hearing set for tomorrow. Joanna, aka cellie, is happy for her, but they’re going to miss each other. Yeah, neither one of them saw that coming. Another prisoner walks between the two of them and shoves them both and Joanna starts confronting her. Lizbeth tries to get her to just walk, but instead it progresses to a fistfight and someone hands Joanna a shiv.

As soon as she stabs the other prisoner, Lizbeth shoves her out of the way and starts trying to stop the bleeding. She gets hauled into the director’s office for it.

He refuses to believe she didn’t see who stabbed the other prisoner and has her thrown in solitary for 48 hours. He doesn’t care that it’s going to make her miss her hearing.

At the club

Oscar and Zulima haven’t heard any news out of Colombia and they’re starting to get nervous about it. Zuli’s convinced Yolanda’s alive and on her way back. Oscar warns her to stick close to John–if she is alive, she’ll try to contact him and then they’re toast.

Instead, John wants Zuli to drop off a payment in Venezuela and make a pickup in Tijuana on her way back. I find this request completely implausible, and the way John dismisses her “nerves” and reminds her to go to the bathroom before she leaves makes it look like he doesn’t think very highly of her skills either. Like he’s sending her out and he’s not going to be all that upset if she doesn’t make it back.

Bautista brings up the new cell phones, just to remind us that Wilmer and Olivia are on the right track. John’s cranky because he always wants “authorization” for stuff.

He gets even more cranky when he gets a call from Colombia informing him someone stole their plane from El Reposo and killed the pilot and Pinto. He turns this info over to Oscar and Argüelles and puts them in charge of finding out what happened, who stole the plane, and what Pinto was even doing there. (I’m starting to feel a little sorry for John, not realizing everyone around him is lying to him. Just a little, mind you.)

Zuli sidles up to Oscar and asks if he’s heard from Yolanda. Nope. He’s been calling, but she’s not answering. Zuli assumes she’s flying.


Santamaría goes to his house and freaks out his already freaked out wife. He keeps telling her everything is fine, he’s not arrested, he just needs clothes for him and Rubio. He’s ignoring all her questions and it’s starting to piss her off. Rubio looks around the house like he’s suddenly thinking his fat stacks of cash weren’t nearly as fat as they should have been.

As he’s packing, Rubio announces there are a bunch of patrol cars outside. Santamaria still won’t admit to his wife that they’re here to arrest him. She keeps sobbing, asking him not to go and then she finally asks what she can do for him. He asks her to distract them.

He and Rubio go out the back. As they’re making their way back to the car, Santamaría talks about going back to the base for the big stash of money so they can make it to Mexico. That’s right, he’s going to Mexico to get Yolanda and Rubio’s coming with him. (Screw this, Rubio. You’re not even in the army at this point. Just go home, dude.)

As the soldiers come in and search the house, Santamaría’s wife, Lorena, calls General Garcia. He gets to be the one to tell her her husband’s not the man she thinks he is. And this isn’t just “enemies” out to get him, there’s some serious proof. She’s doubting him until he mentions Santamaría kidnapping a woman and holding her at the base. Garcia gives her Yolanda’s name and (without asking why she’s asking) says he doesn’t know her exact age, but she’s “young.” Yeah, Lorena remembers the phone call and Santamaría’s bogus “Oh, she’s old,” bullcrap.

And then there’s another rude awakening–the soldiers find a stash of guns and cocaine IN THE HOUSE. Pobre de Lorena.

No more DEA Dave

Dave gets back to Miami and finds Montgomery waiting in his boss’ office to fire him. They want his gun and his badge. Montgomery says he’s doing Dave a favor by not having him thrown in prison and reminds him he wasn’t supposed to be leaving the country while his IA investigation was ongoing.

About that…what the hell are they looking for anyway? Dean was working for the Lucios, he shot Monica’s sister, he was going to kill Dave and Monica. Montgomery says it’s “complicated.” Dave can’t believe his boss is ok with this. That just gets him a “this is out of my hands.”

Montgomery reminds him he still can’t leave the country and he wants a report on what Dave did in Colombia. “You just fired me.” He tells them both that they and their report can go to hell.

Dave calls Reyes. They both agree Dave’s IA case should have been resolved long ago. Dave’s planning to travel to Mexico under his old alias, “Alberto Diaz,” to look for Yolanda. Reyes tells him the American fiscalía (DA, prosecutor’s office) is bringing charges against Santamaría for drug trafficking. He’s working the case. He says he’ll keep Dave informed…and he hopes Yolanda appreciates everything he’s doing for her.


After some random engine problems, Yoli makes it back to Villa Antigua to find Aerotours completely deserted. (I don’t know if Yoli’s a sci fi fan, but if it were me I’d be wondering if I’d just entered an alternate dimension. She didn’t check the news at all before she left?)

In the reception cabin she finds a charger for her phone and calls Oscar. Oh yeah, uh, they got raided. Anyway, he’ll come pick her up. He convinces her not to say anything to anyone and bring her to their new place as a “surprise” for John. “Trust me.” (He’s not even being that convincing, but I guess after five months of Santamaría….)

Oscar pulls John aside and says he thinks he should go with Zulima. Just to be on the safe side, after what happened with Yolanda. And John doesn’t entirely disagree, but he says he’ll be the one to go.

Oscar reminds him he’s supposed to meet with The Consul and he can tell she’s into John. John’s noticed. It’s mutual. OK, Oscar can go with Zuli and he’ll stay here and shag The Consul. He warns Oscar to be careful–Zuli’s still a bit green. (I’m hoping it’s Oscar’s face that ends up green.)

Oscar goes over and tells Zuli that her “friend” called. She’s at Aerotours and she needs help. What say they go help her? Zuli’s worried about John, but Oscar assures her John will be busy.

One of the local cops swings by Aerotours. He’s checking out the broken seal on the door (QR codes! Cool!) and calling Raúl when Yoli…well, she kidnaps a cop at gunpoint.

In the plane, Oscar’s giving Zuli flying tips and guiding her to fly the plane below the radar. That really doesn’t make me think very highly of her skills AT ALL! Yoli calls and says she’s got a cop in the bathroom and she doesn’t know if he had time to call anybody, but they probably saw her plane. Oscar says they’re on their way, just watch for the plane, come running, and they’ll split.

He tells Zuli they have to make this quick–she’ll land the plane and he’ll kill Yolanda, they’ll take off again. Oh Oscar! You’re such an optimist!

In the RV, Wilmer noticed that call–with one point at what Olivia identifies as Aerotours and the other moving around a bit…. Olivia asks if that could be coming from a plane. If they’re flying low? Yeah, it could be. They wait to see if there’s another call on the network.

Yoli hears a plane, but she hesitates before going out to meet Oscar. Cue gunfight.

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