La Reina de la Canción Tuesday 5/16/17 #17

Alejandra, in a very daring dress, announces that this is the last jornada (day, workday) in the house before we move on to live performances and I’m like “Wha?!!!” She gloats about the captains having to make the tough decisions.

Poncho explains the mechanics…tonight, everybody sings. The captains gave an automatic “Pass” to one person from each team for the live shows. Everyone else needs to give everything they’ve got tonight.

Alejandra says two people will be given passes, but one of them is leaving the competition.


I have a theory that because the last-minute schedule changes, they dropped the Monday and Tuesday editions that should have gone with this round of the competition and we’re jumping straight to what we’d normally get on Wednesay and Thursday. Now, I didn’t come to that conclusion right away…it hit me after watching Jazmin’s rehearsal with the two guys sitting in there, when I had no idea who they were. And the more I watched, the more obvious it became and it kind of explains why Alejandra’s talking about one person leaving like she knows this for a fact.

So, rather than put all the stuff we seem to have missed in with the performances, it’s all lumped together here.

Poncho brought in Mariachi Vargas de Tecatitlán to mentor his team.

The metroPCS challenge was a sort of scavenger hunt where they had to follow clues to get a coin, guess the weight of a luchador, and take a selfie with an angel. And Team Horóscopos won.

Mary and Carmen got into an argument before the challenge started about Carmen picking on her language skills again. Well…Mary knows “creída” (stuck-up). I’m gonna go with no, Carmen didn’t actually NEED to tell Mary that if she gets stuck on a word she can say it in English and let Olivia translate. Like, seriously, Mary’s been hanging out with y’all for how long now and you think she wouldn’t do that automatically? Has this been a problem in the past at a critical moment? What is the friggin deal?

Vicky and Marisol decided to swap Beatriz D and Sandra P. So Beatriz D is now #teamrecodo and Sandra P is #teamhoroscopos. They thought that Poncho would be able to give Beatriz D a change in her style.

Janine may have already left–sometimes she’s in the stands during the group shots, sometimes she’s not.

Part of this week’s elimination challenge is to include dedications.

Jazmin Lopez (#teamhoroscopos) – No Llega El Olvido

The song makes Jazmin think of her sister. You don’t forget people just because they’re out of your life. Her sister was her biggest fan. She’s going to give it her all and if she cries, she cries.

She is killing it! She sounds like she’s both emotional and completely in control, especially the longer she sings. That brought tears to my eyes.

Marisol got goosebumps. Marisol says she sounded great, even though she was sick today. Vicky’s sure her sister is proud of her. Poncho congratulates her on a good performance.

Beatriz Montes (#teamrecodo) – Lo Busqué

Beatriz was really excited to have Mariachi Vargas as mentors this week. She actually used to date Arturo Vargas, so it’s kind of like having a member of her family there. Talk about tremendo chisme at Casa Reina when she tells them she almost married him.

Her husband and her family showed up during the week for a visit.

She started out so sweetly, but I really liked it best when she got to the chorus the second time. Poncho was happy. Marisol and Vicky also thought it was sweet and she has so much charisma and I think Marisol said she’s got colmillo? Fangs?

Olivia Calderón (#teamhoroscopos) – A Quien Le Pregunto

This is a wordy song and Olivia was having trouble in rehearsal, which was worrying Vicky and Marisol. If you don’t have the words, then you don’t have the emotion, and you start to go out of tune. So says Vicky and I’ve grown to trust Vicky in all matters pertaining to intonation. She’s also having problems with fatigue and not getting enough breath support.

I love this silvery dress on her. She sounds really relaxed and she totally owned that last note. She’s happy with her performance and Vicky and Marisol are too. They said it’s her first time singing norteño. Vicky likes seeing her get more comfortable on stage–she always makes them proud. Poncho thinks it fit her perfectly and she did change one word…. (I’m going to start having nightmares about going on this show, forgetting the words, and being hopelessly out of tune and having Vicky and Poncho glaring at me like “You know what you did!”)

Deyra Barrera (#teamrecodo) – Entonces Que Somos

Deyra’s running with the Reinamobile clip was recycled from a previous episode. Don’t ask me why. And don’t ask me why there’s no clip of her during rehearsal.

In performance, she forgets a few words and goes a little out of tune. (Vicky was right!) I only know because I had to look them up to figure out what song this is. I’ve never heard it before, but just from listening to Deyra sing it, this is not an easy song rhythmically. It almost sounds like you can’t listen to the banda, you just having to stay in rhythm and not get sidetracked. Which she did (stayed in rhythm). And when she went into that chorus of “entonces que somos” that was like…whoa!

Poncho likes her and she knows it and he’s happy she felt relaxed and she was feeling the song. Vicky liked it more in the upper range, she noticed a pitch problem where maybe the words got swallowed up or maybe it was too low (Oh, Vicky, don’t pretend you don’t know–we all know you know).

Verónica Rosales (#teamrecodo) – Sabes Una Cosa

Verónica was nervous after getting saved last round and it’s really tripping her up in rehearsal.

I think maybe this was too low for her. I heard a lot of pitches that weren’t where they needed to be. I love the suit. And there were moments where she really let loose and it was so great in those moments.

Poncho’s happy. Marisol thought she did a great job–she can see why Poncho saved her.

Beatriz Delgado (#teamrecodo) – Que Te Ruegue Quien Te Quiera

I’m loving this dress. You know, I don’t feel like this song is so far out of Beatriz’s wheelhouse. I thought she did great.

But before I can find out what the captains thought, my recording shuts off.

Doing a little math here, if we heard six contestants tonight and Janine left, that leaves seven for tomorrow night. So when Ale said “one day left” I guess they’re all just dropping the conceit that what’s two days for us is also two days for them. Looking at my DVR guide, I think what’s happening at this point is that we’ll have an episode tomorrow, then we’re done for the week, and starting next week it’s just two episodes a week of live shows. And hopefully voting. You know I’m gonna be all over that. ¡Hasta mañana!

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Autora/ Author

Really… Thank you for researching and finding song titles. I know so little about this genre and I don’t know a lot of the songs…even the standards. Would it have killed them to give name, team AND song title?

Autora/ Author

Ooooh. Beatriz D nailed it.