Gonul Wednesday 5/17/17 #7

The cottage

Yusuf turns his head, but it’s not because he saw Gonul, he just seems to realize something and takes off in Mahmut’s car. Tekin gloats briefly and tells Gonul to go to the car.

Casa Kursat

Sermin bickers with Hilmi about whose fault it is that Gonul ran off, as they wait for a shot the doctor gave Kursat to take effect. All Kursat cares about is Gonul and Hilmi has to tell him that they still haven’t found her, but Yusuf and the ex-boyfriend are both gone too. He assumes she’s with them. They’re watching the house and the workshop and he’s trying to track her phone.


Ozlem’s feeling guilty about telling Tekin where to find Yusuf and the fact that Ridvan says he’s not at the workshop and doesn’t know where he is isn’t helping.

She tries calling Tekin, but he ignores the call as he drives Gonul who knows where. Gonul says she’ll never forgive him for this. She says she only left the house with him because she loves Yusuf. She tries to throw herself out of the moving car, but he pulls her back in and locks the doors.

Casa Mazhar

Lale talks business while Nese does a photo shoot with Lale’s shoe collection. It’s for her photography class. Lale sighs that Nese is so talented, smart, beautiful. She could do anything she wants, but sarcasm is the only thing she makes an effort at!

Tekin takes Gonul back to his dad’s house. She asks what he’s going to do–lock her in? She’ll burn the place down. He says all he wants to do is talk and she can go wherever she wants after that. (1. Yeah, right. 2. What would you like to talk about first? The psychological abuse? Physical abuse? Attempted rape? Kidnapping?)

Nese snaps a few pictures of Gonul as she comes in before realizing something is wrong, but her first guess is “car accident.” Gonul runs upstairs. Tekin just stares after her and won’t say anything to Nese or Lale.

In a guest bedroom upstairs, Tekin says she can go wherever she wants…but there will be consequences. “You already tried to rape me, what more are you going to do?” Outside the room, Nese and Lale both heard that and Nese takes off.

Tekin complains about how she took advantage of his “one” mistake to be with another man. Gonul says she loves that other man. So what more does he want from her?

He wants her to suffer like he suffered. (She can’t. She doesn’t think the world revolves around her.) She tells him to kill her, kill them both, but he thinks death is too easy. They’ll “solve their problems” first and then he’ll be happy to die. This sick creep seriously wants a frickin’ gold star for not killing her when he found her “with” Yusuf. How dare she not appreciate that! Death wouldn’t be enough for her.

So he opens the door and says that’s her price, and not being able to cross the threshold is her punishment. If she does, she’ll cause the death of the man she loves.

Tekin walks downstairs. Lale says he’d better have a good explanation for what’s going on. So he says Gonul will be staying for a while. Her life is in danger and she doesn’t have anywhere to go, not that that’s any of Lale’s concern. When things have settled down, he’ll take her to his house.

Yusuf searches

Yusuf drives back to town, thinking about Gonul the whole way. He heads straight for Ozlem’s and says he’s listening. She pretends she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The house in the forest? She hasn’t been there. She’s not even sure she remembers the way….

He basically dares her to lie looking him in the eyes and Ozlem whines that Gonul needs to be with her fiancé. Tekin told her everything–Gonul will get him killed. She was only trying to save him!

Yusuf says she wasn’t thinking about him, she was thinking about herself. Ozlem gets quietly upset, sits down, mutters “How can you say that?” and “I did everything only for you.” (Warning bells just went off in my head.) Yusuf screams at her that he never asked for anything and he told her he couldn’t accept her partnership offer if there was anything more to it. He tells her to stay out of his life.

“What’s so special about her?!” He says she’s Gonul. “She’s the daughter of Cem’s murderer!” He tells her never to talk about his son.

Yusuf tries Figen’s place, but the neighbor says she doesn’t know when Figen will be back. (I’m seeing the advantages of that doorbell. No matter how hard you hit it, it’s the same pretty bird song.)

Yusuf sits outside Figen’s until he sees a woman with shopping bags who even I can’t be sure is her. And then the light goes on in the apartment.

As soon as she answers her door he barges right in and asks where Tekin is. The short answer–not here, and she doesn’t know where. But she’ll give him some free advice: for the sake of his pretty eyes, he does not want to mess with Tekin. “We’ll see.”

As soon as Yusuf walks out, she tries calling Tekin.

Casa Mazhar

Gonul has been sitting at the window, crying for Yusuf. When Lale comes in to try to talk to her, she doesn’t answer. She gets up, very determined and starts looking for the phone downstairs. Lale hands it to her, but Gonul freezes. She remembers Tekin’s threat and says she can’t….

Lale asks about the dangerous situation Tekin mentioned. Gonul says no one can help, they can’t call anyone, it won’t do any good–she’s not the one in danger. “Then who is?” Lale begs her to explain. “If I call him, I’ll only cause his death.” Lale asks whose.

Gonul is back upstairs, lying in bed. She gets up suddenly and starts looking through the bathroom cabinet. Lale finds her pouring out pills and tells her to stop. They should talk. “There’s nothing to talk about. These aren’t things you can resolve by talking.”

Lale admits she heard the conversation. Gonul doesn’t have to tell her–she can tell from the bruises and her clothes. She asks if Tekin actually did what she said. Gonul says he tried, but he couldn’t. He ruined the best morning of her life and turned it into hell. He ruined her….

She reaches for the pills again, screaming that she doesn’t want to live. Again, Lale pries them away. This won’t make things any better. Lale tells her to calm down. She’s upset too because she doesn’t know what Gonul’s saying or thinking, but she’d do anything for her. She doesn’t care about Mazhar or Tekin or anybody else right now. She promises she’ll help, but she needs Gonul to promise she won’t kill herself.

She leads Gonul back out the bedroom and flushes every pill she can find down the toilet. (Good move!)


Nese marches into her dad’s office to tell him to act like a parent for once. Tekin tried to rape Gonul. Check out the excuses on this guy! “You must have misunderstood.” Nese asks why he’s acting like he doesn’t know Tekin. He’s lost control. “He hasn’t lost control, he just doesn’t know how to love without breaking anything, that’s all.” He seems to think that when Tekin realizes what he’s doing he’ll fix it.

“How is he supposed to fix something that serious? What if he raped her?”

This creep, from whom the apple does not fall far, says HIS son could never have done such a thing! It’s impossible.

“What kind of man are you. You and my brother are sick. I thought it was me, but now I can see it’s you.” (YES!)

Mazhar summons Tekin to his office. If you thought the convo with Nese was bad….

He demands Tekin tell him he didn’t sink so low. Tekin whines about what HE’S been through. Mazhar says this is his fault–he should have intervened earlier, when Tekin was a kid…when he threw his sister…when he beat that dog to death…when he pushed his mother down the stairs. He kept believing Tekin…he thought every time was the last time, but he can see that hasn’t been the case. “It’s such a disappointment, being your father.”

Tekin tells him not to play the hurt father. He never believed Tekin, never did anything for him or for anyone else–just himself. His mother was sick, staring at the walls, taking pills–he never did anything for her. “I did everything I could!”

“Seriously? You waited for my mother to kill herself in front of you. I was only five. You said my sister’s birth was the reason our mother died, didn’t you? You said it was because of Nese that she got depressed after. And now you say I threw her out of her crib?” Mazhar insists that’s exactly what happened–she had postpartum depression. He’s a doctor, he should know this.

“I’m a doctor now, but then I was a child.” But it’s not important. She’s gone and Mazhar was never really there….

“Gonul is the only one I can really call family.”

“Is that why you keep destroying her?”

Tekin insists he loves her. Mazhar says he lost her, accept it. “No. No I haven’t. She’s in that house because she wants to stay. She won’t go anywhere. She won’t leave. No one can take her from me. Not that man or her father.” Yeah, Mazhar’s a little behind on the news–he didn’t realize Gonul had a father.

Now Mazhar’s upset about Gonul’s father showing up, saying “This is the last thing we need!” Uh, why? Because it will be harder to cover things up? He’s already assuming her father will want money. Tekin says that’s not a problem–he has money. When Mazhar hears his name–Kursat Buyuksahin–he tells Tekin they are in way over their heads. He needs to get Gonul out of the house. Not them, not their contacts, not their money can get them out of this mess.

“I’m not afraid of them.” Mazhar tells him to cut all ties with her NOW. When that man finds out what Tekin did, nothing will be able to save them.

Tekin just thinks that makes for a better “game.” What “torments” his father “excites” him. He walks out of Mazhar’s office as Mazhar yells after him that this isn’t a game!

Casa Mazhar

Gonul goes out to the dock behind the house. Lale brings her a blanket. She says Tekin disobeyed his father for her. She doesn’t understand how he could do “something like this” (I think referring to the attempt to rape Gonul). Gonul says he’s sick and Mazhar knows it.

“If he knew, he would never have let this happen.”

“Are you sure?” Gonul knows Tekin and he isn’t going to stop, not until he kills her. Lale says he’s crazy in love with her–he wouldn’t be capable of something like that. (You’re slipping, Lale.) Gonul says he did it already.

Mazhar calls Lale. She’s been trying to call him and he hasn’t been answering. Yes, Gonul is still here and Lale doesn’t think she’s doing well at ALL and she doesn’t know what to do with her. Mazhar tells Lale to throw her out of the house. Lale snaps at him that she’s not well.

“I don’t care. Get rid of her…no…wait…if her father sees her like that we’ll be ruined.” Now it’s Lale’s turn for a “What father?” Mazhar tells her to just manage things until he gets home. She thinks he needs to talk to Tekin. If he gets home first and tries to do anything to her, Lale’s calling the cops. Mazhar says Tekin has a surgery–just wait for him.

My favorite couple

Hilmi’s chewing out the security team for not being able to find Gonul.

Nese calls. Hilmi says he’s right in the middle of a huge problem right now…. Well, she needs to tell him something that could be a bigger problem–she made a copy of his house key. He says she could have kept the originals.

She asks if she can spend the night. He thinks that’s strange. Uh, making a copy of his keys is normal, but asking permission to spend the night is strange? No, he thinks it’s strange because the girl he knows would have already been looking for evidence against him.

She says he doesn’t know what that woman’s like. She’ll see him at home. “I might not make it home. I have some things to do.” She tells him to hurry–he wouldn’t want to leave her waiting.

When he turns around, all the security guys are staring at him in shock.


Yusuf tries Mama Hatice’s, but not only does she not know where Gonul is, she’s tired of Yusuf and Tekin coming over looking for her. Oh, Tekin’s a dangerous man? Funny, he said the same thing about Yusuf. As far as she’s concerned, they BOTH need to leave Gonul alone.

Lale comes to tell Gonul not to worry–Tekin won’t be home tonight, he’s got a surgery. Whatever. He’ll come back in the morning. Lale begs her to try to relax–she asked the staff to draw her a bath and maybe they can have dinner after? Gonul just nods. (Sharp implements. Out of the bathroom. Please.)

In the scrub room Aylin asks Tekin if something’s wrong. He says he’s fine…he’ll be there in a minute. His hand is shaking. He says to an absent Gonul “What you want me to do won’t make my hands shake this time.” Whatever THAT means.

Gonul sits in the bath, Yusuf sits in his car, and they think about each other. Tekin is in surgery, imagining Gonul is there instead of Aylin.

Gonul is checking out her bruises in the mirror when Lale comes in with some clothes for her. She also brought her a sleeping pill, which Gonul refuses to take. Lale says tomorrow’s a new day and she needs to rest so she can make the right decision. Gonul takes it.

Hatice sees Yusuf sitting in Mahmut’s car outside her gate and tries to call Gonul. Then she leaves a message at the hospital for Tekin to call her. (I get that she’s sick of both guys, but calling one to get rid of the other sounds like a terrible idea.)

Hey, you married him

When Mazhar gets home, Lale hugs him gratefully. She explains she gave Gonul some sedatives–she didn’t know what else to do. They go upstairs to see her.

Gonul is dreaming about being a child, running through a big empty building, when a guy in a dark suit and white shirt with no tie grabs her and tells her to stop running. But she has to find her mother. He says her mother left her at the orphanage–if her mother ever comes looking for her this is where she’ll look, she won’t find her mother anywhere else.

Mazhar watches Gonul twitching in her sleep and sighs. He covers her with a blanket. (Do you get the feeling he’s never done anything like that for his own children?)

Lale warns Mazhar that if Gonul goes to the police to press charges, she’s going to testify for her. And she thinks Mazhar should too–he shouldn’t let his son get away with this. Mazhar almost laughs when he says if she goes to the police that’s going to be the least of their problems. Kursat Buyuksahin is her father. Lale only knows him as a businessman. Mazhar says he’s more than that. They have to take good care of Gonul, because if she goes back to him not fully recovered, he’ll destroy them.

Lale can’t believe that’s his biggest concern. Doesn’t he care about Gonul at all? Or what Tekin is doing? All he cares about is Gonul’s father?!

He says it’s too late for his son to change. “Not if he accepts that he’s lost Gonul.” Mazhar knocks back his drink and goes into the house without saying another word to her.

Morning at Hatice’s

There is a tiny kitten having breakfast on Hatice’s front porch.

Annnnnd Yusuf is sleeping on one of her patio chairs. He says he has to find Tekin right away and she has to help. She wants him to tell her “everything” first.

I guess Yusuf really did tell her everything. Hatice feels terrible for all of them and hugs him. She doesn’t know how he’s going to heal his pain. He says he did–they did. They were going to run away together…and then Tekin showed up.

“What kind of doctor is he?!” she snaps. How can he be saving lives while he’s destroying Gonul’s? But she won’t tell Yusuf where he works. All he’ll do is provoke him. She tells Yusuf to go to the police. He reminds her Gonul tried that and look where it got her–Tekin still got his way. They have to do something before it’s too late.


Ali wants to hear about how Tekin found Gonul, but a receptionist tells him Hatice called him. Aylin is walking down the hallway, but she stops when she hears them talking in Tekin’s office. Tekin says nothing matters but the fact that Gonul is with him now. Ali asks how he got Gonul to come back with him when she’d just left that morning. Why is she at his dad’s house? He forced her, didn’t he? Tekin says he has a headache and his patient will be here soon. They’ll talk later.

Alone in his office, Tekin ignores a call from Figen and takes a pill. She texts him “We have to talk,” and that gets him to call. She tells him about someone coming by to look for him. He mutters that Ozlem blabbed. Figen just wants to know if she’s going to have other unexpected visitors. She told him she didn’t know where Tekin was, which he praises her for. She asks if that’s the guy he saw was with Gonul, which he doesn’t think she should lose any sleep over. And he’ll pay for her inconvenience.

Figen angrily pulls out the earbud and says to herself that he’s the only one she can’t tell to go to hell. And he’s offering to pay her, as if he could make up for everything he’s done.


Yusuf’s dad and his guys show up at the workshop, not that Ridvan believes that’s his dad. He says it’s obvious Ridvan respects Yusuf. He’s only here because Yusuf is in trouble. He asks Ridvan to try to call Yusuf.

Quite childishly, even though Ridvan puts him on speaker, Yusuf tells Ridvan to tell that guy to go to hell. Ensar says he’s in hell already. Yusuf is in danger, he should come over so they can talk. Yusuf tells him to go home to his illicit businesses.

Ensar wanders the shop, finding a picture of Yusuf and Cem in one of Yusuf’s books.

Casa Mazhar

Aylin visits Gonul. She dissolves into tears at the sight of Aylin. Aylin looks at her bruises and asks if Tekin did all this. Gonul poetically says these aren’t the wounds Tekin opened. She tells Aylin about Tekin’s threat and Aylin doesn’t think Tekin would ever…. Besides, Yusuf’s not stupid. Gonul tries to explain how how dangerous Tekin is, that no tiene ningún límite.

She sobs that she’ll never see Yusuf again. She tells Aylin about their lovemaking, how he touched her like it was the first and the last time, and suddenly Aylin’s Team Yusuf and telling Gonul she can’t just leave Yusuf like that! There has to be a way! Gonul insists Tekin will kill him.

I’ll make you a deal

Hilmi gets home and kisses Nese to wake her up. “To what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you asleep in my bed?” (*sigh*) Nese says her sensual lawyer is here…too bad he’s leaving again. She knows he has to find his client’s daughter. Nese will tell him where to find her, but she wants something in exchange.

She wants to move in with him.

He gets very serious–dinner is exactly at 7, they’ll go to bed early but go to sleep late, she can’t go to bed before him or get out before him, he gets up at 6, he never goes away on weekends, he only takes vacations once a year and only for three days and they can go anywhere except Stockholm. Nese agrees. She’ll bring her stuff over on Monday.

As she goes off to take a shower, she tells him Gonul is at her house and gives him her address.

I believe this is called “drama”

Yusuf shows up at the hospital, demanding to know where Gonul is. Tekin takes him into some room full of flower arrangements and tells him Gonul is the one who came to him. He can prove it–they’ll just call her and ask.

Lale picks up the phone at the house and tells him Gonul’s not doing well and he shouldn’t say anything to make her feel worse. I don’t know why she believes him when he says he won’t.

When Lale brings the phone in, Aylin says she doesn’t have to take the call, but she does. “What do you want?” Tekin tells her Yusuf is here with him and there’s something he should probably hear directly from her…she’d better tell him.

Gonul gets choked up at the sound of Yusuf’s voice. He asks where she is, but she remembers Tekin’s threat. She begs him not to come, they can never see each other again. (Which, frankly, if the question is “Did you force her to go with you?” that isn’t an answer. I’m going to be very disappointed if Yusuf treats it like it is.)

Gonul starts crying, then abruptly stops and stares.

Tekin tells Yusuf she’s always a little confused, but she always comes back to him. She grew up alone and she’s unstable and gets easily scared…but then she recovers. She understood that he’s the only one who will never leave her alone and she came back to him. Yusuf doesn’t believe it. (YES!) He hit her. She hates him!

Tekin says hate is the other side of love. He gloats that Yusuf is on the other side now and he’ll never know what it is to love someone until death.

Ohhhh, he picked the wrong person to say that to! Yusuf starts throwing vases. Tekin says she was over him as soon as she slept with him. They start punching each other. And then security comes in to drag Yusuf out as he’s screaming “I’ll make you pay!”

They drag him right past Mazhar with his “Seriously? Again?” face and I’m thinking if he was freaked out finding out who Gonul’s father was, he reeeeeally needs to find out who Yusuf’s dad is, because he just might pack up the whole family and leave the country.

Mazhar asks Tekin what just happened. Was that one of Gonul’s father’s men. Tekin tells him to stay out of it and not cause any drama. (Um, ok.) Mazhar disgustedly says he’s incredible.

Yusuf goes back out to Mahmut’s car to sit there and wait for Tekin to come out.

Time to go

Gonul still isn’t speaking to Aylin or Lale. Lale’s blaming herself for bringing the phone. Gonul finally says she’s completely finished. Aylin wants to take her out. Lale gets a call from the staff that Gonul’s father’s lawyer is here. She’s not thinking of letting him in.

Aylin tries to convince Hilmi to leave, but he’s adamant the only one who can protect Gonul is her father. He’s not even going to answer Aylin’s accusation that he’s taking Gonul away from the man she loves. She tries to explain that Gonul is really not in any condition to talk to him right now…but that gives it away. Tekin hit her again, didn’t he? So she’s going to let Tekin hit her friend, but she’s not going to let her father protect her?

Aylin brings Hilmi inside and tells Gonul she can’t let her stay here. If Tekin hurts her, she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself. She’s sorry. Hilmi tells her to lean on him and he’ll get her out of here. Instead he picks her up. Aylin begs him not to let them hurt her anymore. He tells her not to worry.

Lale doesn’t think this was a good idea, but Aylin says it’s for the best. I don’t think anyone bothered telling Hilmi about Tekin’s threats.

In Tekin’s office, Mazhar is furious that while he was worrying about Gonul’s dad’s guys showing up this OTHER guy showed up. Tekin’s been complaining about “What I’ve been going through” and now it turns out is just…a fight over a woman? He tells Tekin to get out of town and get away from this.

Lale calls Mazhar to tell him about Gonul leaving. He tells Tekin Gonul’s father’s men came to get her. He’s furious that when they see her they’ll know what Tekin did. He grabs Tekin’s arm to stop him from leaving his office and asks where he’s going. Does he have a last request? Tekin ignores him and walks out.

Hilmi offers to take Gonul to a hospital first, if she wants. She just keeps staring out the front windshield.


Sermin tries to pretend she’s pleased when Kursat tells her they found Gonul and Hilmi went to go get her. She says the problem is resolved, then, but he says it isn’t–and he has to resolve it before he dies. He asks for his phone.

Ensar is at Cem’s grave while his guys mill about the cemetery. One dares to ask another how long they’ll be there. “Go ask him yourself.” Heh. It’s freaking the guy out that he’s just standing there, not praying, not crying. The other guy says he’s probably praying in silence.

Ensar answers his phone and it’s Kursat. “Hey! Not dead yet? Are you waiting for me?” Kursat starts trying to plead with him to keep Yusuf away from his daughter. “You can’t control your daughter?” Kursat says she’s on her way to him. But where’s Yusuf? He hears Yusuf won’t even take his calls. “Control him or it’ll be the end of him.”

Ensar says he’s not here just so Kursat can threaten his son. He’d better be careful because now he has something to lose. Kursat says now he has a reason to aguantar (endure) everything.

Ensar says this fight is between the two of them. He’s willing to negotiate. Kursat says he’ll wait for him.

Mahmut shows up and gets slapped for letting things get this bad. Ensar knows Mahmut is loyal, but this has gone too far. Now he’s crabby about what Kursat threw in his face–he doesn’t know where Yusuf is. He tells Mahmut about the call. While he goes and talks to Kursat, Mahmut needs to find Yusuf. Ensar goes back to Cem’s grave and stands there again.

Yusuf ignores a call from Mahmut, so Mahmut texts him–Gonul is with her father. Yusuf returns the call. If Mahmut is lying…. He hangs up the phone and starts driving.

Many mysteries

Ensar’s convoy arrives at Kursat’s house. Kursat’s men stop them on the path to the house and tell them they won’t allow guns past this point. Ensar’s guards object, but Ensar, being the tough old badass he is, leaves his gun and his coat and says he’s going in alone. (I’d like to suggest the guards play volleyball. I think there are enough of them for that. Probably not soccer. Just…no massive gunfight on the lawn, ‘k?)

Sermin gripes about him allowing Ensar in the house, but Kursat tells her life has many mysteries. It’ll all be fine.

Ensar walks in and silently takes in the room. Kursat dismisses everyone. Ensar thinks guys like them should die with bullets. Kursat says bullets aren’t enough to kill him. Ensar congratulates him on having a daughter. “If anything happens to my daughter, consider yourself six meters under ground before your weapon falls. You won’t have home or land. I would end you.” Ensar says it’s not that simple–he’s stuck in that bed.

Someone must have brought Ensar some coffee, but he’s too paranoid about Kursat poisoning him to drink it. Kursat says that Yusuf thinks he’s responsible for his son’s death. That’s why he thought Yusuf was with Gonul, but then he realized that wasn’t it. Destiny played with them, but the two of them know this game has no winners.

Eh, Ensar thinks that’s because Kursat doesn’t know how to play. Kursat’s an expert in making bets. Ensar has lost his grandson. He’s not going to lose his son. In that case, Kursat tells him to get his son out of here and they can “make exceptions.”

Hey, if it were up to Ensar, he would. “Then I won’t be responsible.” Ensar reminds him he has plenty of sins. “What about yours?” Kursat has thought about Ensar a lot. If Kursat didn’t send that man to his son’s house, then who did? Who else would dare? Who would send an armed man to the house of the only son of the great Ensar Ozkara?

He thinks Ensar did it.

Ensar scoots his chair over and kinks Kursat’s oxygen tube. “All I did was protect my son. I sent that man, it’s true, but they were only supposed to get scared and come back to the family. Instead my grandson died, my son went to prison. If I didn’t know you were going to do something to him, I wouldn’t have tried to do something to draw him closer to me. So that was your fault. Your existence killed my grandson.”

Kursat says that kind of logic only works for Ensar. Only he could kill his grandson and hide behind that stupid excuse. If he really believed it was Kursat, he would have come knocking on his door…but he knows his sins well. “We’re both evil men. We contaminate this world just by being alive. But your sin is worse than mine and it’s something you’re going to have to carry around for the rest of your life. I may be dying, but I know you’re already dead. You made your son suffer the loss of his son and now he’ll know you’re a killer.”

Ensar says Yusuf will never know. The only man who knew he did it is dead. End of discussion.

“But I’m not dead yet.”

Ensar says Kursat will never be able to tell him. He unkinks the tube.

“If my son finds out, then your daughter will also find out that her mother is alive.” Kursat and I are both surprised. And I think we’d both like an explanation.

Hilmi gets to the house with Gonul and asks what all Ensar’s men are doing there. Sabit explains there’s a high-level meeting going on inside. Hilmi says they need to get Gonul inside and Sabit tell him to go for it.

Ensar’s men look over curiously as Gonul gets out of the car and Hilmi walks her inside.

Kursat’s still having trouble breathing as Ensar says if Gonul finds her mother, they’ll talk, and she’ll found out the things Kursat did. He turns up the volume on Kursat’s machine and tells him to go on playing the suffering father. That’s as far as he can get, just threatening. He tells Kursat to stay away from his son and walks out the glass doors.

On the path, Ensar and Gonul stop about ten feet from each other and nobody knows what to do.

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Another excellent recap! Gracias! Hilmi nonchalantly turning around & facing the guards after ending the call with Nese was a chuckle moment for me…the guards were all like “WTF, buddy?”! Tekin is a maniac sociopath, surrounded by a bunch of enablers. His dad seems to have set the tone there. Sounds like maybe Tekin’s mom had some mental issues? That does not excuse Tekin for his malicious wrongdoings. When they were talking about some of the stuff Tekin did as a child I thought, “oh this character is not redeemable. He’s a sociopath from start to finish”. When Ensar pulled… Read more »

Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez
3 years ago

Seems like they speak “creep” fluently! LOL! Thanks for that, it made me laugh lots! Yeah, when I started watching & reading your recap for tomorrow, and I’m being cautious not to spoil for anyone, but you mentioned the prayer beads in the next recap and when I got there I had an “A-HA!” moment. Ensar’s beads looked more like a leather wrap bracelet with hanging bead charms. I wonder if that’s some kind of thing with mobsters in Turkey, to hold those in your hand is like a weird honor code thing, an agreement not to harm your enemy… Read more »

3 years ago

“…when Tekin was a kid…”




I had to stop my recording, turn captions on, rewind, rewatch with captions and then go to the recap just to make sure I was truly understanding the words. I can’t even right now. What do I even say to this??? At this point I’ll even root for Kursat and Yusuf’s daddy if it means they’ll beat Tekin to a bloody pulp.