La Piloto Friday 5/05/17 #44

Tres Fuegos

No que five minutes, Oscar? Now they’re playing hide and seek around the cabins. With the cops on the way, he and Zuli have to split.

It’s been quite a day for Yoli. First she kidnapped a police officer, now…nuns.

Oscar and Zuli give up on Yoli for the moment and head for Tijuana. I swear as Zuli changes course I heard Oscar groan. (Find that barf bag, Oscar.)


Santamaría calls home and finds out Lorena knows everything and she’s done with him. She’s especially pissed off about Yolanda and about the fact that he had cocaine and guns right there, in their house, in the cuarto de San Alejo (a room where you stash random junk). He’s never going to see her again.

Santamaría complains to Rubio that this is all Yolanda’s fault. (He should meet Estela. They can form a band.)

They head for the base, where Santamaría’s plan is to wait for everyone to go to sleep, sneak in, grab the stash from the hole in the wall, and get out. He’s annoyed that Rubio keeps asking completely reasonable questions.

Santamaría finally decides the time is right. He sneaks onto the base with Rubio, they start clearing out their stash, and they find themselves surrounded by soldiers. OK, NOW are we done with him?

Mexico City

Monica’s drunk. It’s like she took it on has her profession after leaving the police force. Dave shows up to try to get her to join his private Lucio investigation, but she laughs at him. The two of them are going to find the Lucios where Mexican police and the DEA failed? Dave tells her Yolanda’s still alive. If they find her, they can find the Lucios.

Raúl meets with the prison director to try to convince him to let Lizbeth make her court date. But no. The spineless twerp doesn’t want the prisoners thinking he’s a spineless twerp.

Suddenly, Raúl gets a call about Aerotours and tells the person on the other end to send him a picture.

Dave insists they can do this, but Monica’s the only person he trusts. He knows she only let the Lucios get away last time because of the thing with her sister. She has to let that go.

He starts sharing his suspicions about Montgomery. He took Dave’s job rather than replacing him, but it looks like the Lucio investigation has gone nowhere. As if the DEA and Mexican police just decided to ignore them. But they can’t just keep letting the narcos get away with everything.

Raúl calls. He talks a bit about Lizbeth’s case, but really he wanted to tell them what happened at Aerotours. He thought Monica might want to know, even if she’s not working with the police anymore. She puts him on speaker and he tells them a plane landed at Aerotours yesterday.

He sends Dave a picture and Dave recognizes the plane Yolanda flew out of Colombia. How convenient that they’re all in Mexico City right now. They agree to meet at a café in front of the police station. Monica gives Dave this funny little smile.

She’s baaaaack

Nothing’s happening in the RV. Olivia makes sammiches while Wilmer keeps watching the monitor. Impatient, she asks if he has one of those fancy international phones. Sure–all the engineers get them. She wants to try calling the numbers to see who answers. Uh, she knows what the Lucios sound like…?

Oli doesn’t answer, she says they should just try the number that was in Villa Antigua.

And on a bus on the way to Altamirano, Yolanda answers. It’s a weird little reunion. Olivia gives her the tl;dr on her situation while Yolanda asks about the others…and Zuli…and her aunt. Olivia says they need to meet, trade info, and figure out what to do next. She’ll call back in a few hours. And she’s really happy Yolanda’s ok. I wonder if Yolanda was thrown off by Olivia being so take-charge or if that look on her face is just because she really has no idea who she can trust.

Yoli calls Amparo from the bus to tell her she made it to Mexico. Amparo tells her Diego’s recovering–she assumes it was Santamaría who shot at them? And she talked to a …Dave Mejia? Was he able to help with anything? Yoli admits Dave’s the reason she and Diego are alive. She owes him one. Anyway, she’s gotta go. They renew their promises of friendship.

Dave, Raúl, and Monica plan their road trip to Altamirano. Over Raúl’s objections, Monica wants to bring her parents’ old guns. They can’t depend on just Raúl for protection.

Dave calls Rosalba before they leave to tell her they were wrong about Yolanda–she’s still alive, he saw her in Colombia, and he’s looking for her. Rosalba feels like her prayers have been answered.

Wilmer and Olivia visit mom’s house to tell her where they’re headed. She is really nervous about them driving the RV all that way, full of guns, but Wilmer says Olivia says they have to go armed. Olivia’s like “Duh! Security!” Anyway, Olivia wants Margot’s blessing and she gets it. Margot thanks Wilmer for continuing to help even after he found out the truth. She asks him to take care of Olivia and he says he won’t leave her alone for even half a second.

“Team” Lucio

Oscar calls John while Zuli’s dealing with loading/unloading in Tijuana. He claims they had some weather delays and John buys it. Plus The Consul showed up, so he’s kind of busy anticipating his “date.”

Zuli gets back to the car and complains about going back to Mexico rather than finding Yoli. Oscar says there’s no time, but he’ll take care of it. He calls somebody in Altamirano and tells them to go to Rosalba’s house, wait for a pretty girl to show up, grab her, and call Oscar. Zulima’s annoyed he didn’t tell the guy to just kill her, but Oscar’s not passing up the chance to do it himself.

This thing with The Consul is hilarious. It really is like a date, with wine and stuff. I think John’s under the impression he’s the one seducing her. Sucker! She even asks him, not IF he’s with anyone, but how many women he’s seeing. She’s got his number. And John feels the need to tell her “No one serious.” He makes a smarmy toast about “international relations.” Pathetic!

John and The Consul move the party upstairs, where she still seems rather bored. She gives his sexual performance an 8 and I don’t think she was kidding or trying to encourage him to try for two more points. Zuli walks in on them, back from her trip with Oscar, and John kicks her out, telling The Consul she’s just some chick who works for him. Nobody important. (Nope, not feeling sorry for Zuli. Feeling sorry for The Consul because she can do so much better than John’s cheesy lines and self-importance.)

When John walks The Consul out, they agree the rest of Team Evil can’t know about them.

Oscar joins John at the breakfast table after finishing up a call about their missing…plane. And BTW, Dave Mejia got fired from the DEA and he’s in Mexico as Alberto Diaz. John gets a kick out of that, and he’s sure they’ll find him and kill him before Dave gets to them.

Zuli sits down with her snotty attitude and John tells her it stops or she’s out. It’s not like they signed an exclusive contract. And as soon as they’re done with breakfast, they need to get down to the airstrip. There’s work to be done.

Oscar checks in with the guys in Altamirano. There are four of them now, two in Rosalba’s house and two in Estela’s, but no sign of Yoli. Oscar has estimated she’ll be arriving by land, so she should be there any time now.

Die already

Santamaría and Rubio are stuck in a cell. Santamaría blames Rubio. He wants to escape before the helicopter arrives because he thinks if Yolanda could escape, so can they. (Yeah, but Yolanda was smarter, more motivated, and could drive the getaway vehicle.)

Heading for Altamirano

Wilmer and Olivia meet the bus, but for a second it looks like Yoli wasn’t on it. She felt the need to check things out first and make sure it wasn’t one of Oscar’s tricks. Olivia introduces Yoli to Wilmer. All their questions to each other about what happened are answered with “Long story.” Yoli’s anxious to get to her aunt’s house and Olivia says the RV is parked nearby. “You live in an RV?” “Long story.”

Wilmer drives the RV while Olivia explained to Yolanda what happened that day in the woods. Yoli’s convinced that if she never saw bodies, then Amanda and Lizbeth are out there somewhere. And also, she’s sure John had nothing to do with this–it was all Oscar. He always wanted them dead and now Yoli’s not going to rest until she kills him.

Yoli tells Olivia about her five months in Colombia, but she doesn’t want to talk about what happened to Santamaría after (though it occurs to me that she has no way of knowing). Wilmer starts getting nervous when Yoli says they’re getting close and she’ll tell him where to park the RV so they can make sure Oscar’s guys aren’t around. (Show, do NOT kill off Wilmer!)

From inside the RV with the blinds drawn, nobody’s seeing any suspicious activity on the street. Yoli’s ready to go check it out, but Olivia pulls out a gun and tells her to stay here. Yoli’s thoroughly confused when she hears Olivia’s got an entire arsenal in the RV and she knows how to shoot. Oli refuses to let Yoli be the one to go check things out.

Dave, et al, are not nearly so cautious, pulling right up in front of Rosalba’s house and knocking on the door.

From inside the RV, Yoli hears Dave knocking and calling her name. “How does he always manage to show up where I am?” Olivia says he knows her and he cares about her. Oli recognizes Raúl. She’s starting to think Rosalba’s not in the house.

Dave calls out to “Yolanda” that her aunt isn’t here, but he can take her to Rosalba. He starts trying to force his way in while Oscar’s guys hide.

And then they hear a cell phone inside and Dave, Monica, and Raúl all grab their guns.

Well, that could get interesting! I vote someone pops popcorn in the RV.

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